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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - September 1, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather mostly fair and hot today and tonight. High 97, Low 73. On 2-a. Wader s Tif greek s Region 5 Ball Champion defeat two sch. 5-4. Billings Mont. Mkt Dtta Ili Page 6-a. Vol. 162 Florence s. C., sunday morning september daily 5c sunday u. S. Missile said i 2400 Miles Over by James a. Rogers Sean Blossom Lake revived at City East of Florence is Polk swamp. Nobody was conscious of Polk swamp until a Florence doctor began to picture it As the Basin for a Lake. The idea was t hard to promote. From individual to civic club to government Agency he began to talk about what is now generally referred to As Lake Florence. Lake Florence does t exist except in the mind of the doctor and just about everybody else in Florence and this surrounding the enthusiasm of Ken Law rence the doctor swept til be fore because enthusiasm is contagious and second be cause Ken Lawrence was promoting an idea that was t hard to Tell. In less than a year Lake Flor ence has moved from the stage of talk to the stage of advanced action. Now when a lot of people Cross Polk swamp along Highway 301 they picture it As the Basin of a Lake of come five to six thous and acre spread. The current Issue of sat urday evening Post tells the Story of another Jake which Long was a dream and of a Man and a City whose efforts converted a Creek called bean Blossom into a Lake called by the same name. The City Bloomington lad. Was a City of approximately just about the size of Florence Racell that of the City s 30.000 population were students of Indiana state University. It was located in America s thirsty Inland with no Rivers or lakes within reach and the creeks running dry in times of drought. The Post article tells of what happened under the energetic leadership inspiration of Bloomington s mayor. After surmounting difficulties which would discourage the average person of any average City nearby bean Blossom Creek became bean Blossom Lake. But that s just the begin Ning of the Story. What happened to Bloomington As a result of the Lake is the thing of real import Ance. Here s the Way the Post article puts it town was dwindling to the status of an outpost its principal activity a state us Versy. The new Lake saved Bloomington s life As a first rate City. It created smart new residential District a recreation area of state wide Fame a year business in boats and enough water to quench the City s thirst for 100 years. It has also attracted one Large new factory it dangles prettily As a lure for oth ers and is indirectly responsible for the biggest building Boom the town has even a Lucky City is the Way the Post describes Bloomington s present status. What bean Blossom Lake brought to Bloomington is documentary evidence that Advance Billing on the benefits of Lake Florence to this area is no Fig ment of the imagination. When he first began to pro Mote the idea of converting Polk swamp into a Lake or. Lawrence appeared before civic groups with at illustrated talk of that could be expected from the completion of such a project. What he said would happen Here has happened at Bloomington. Water for Industry water for municipal consumption water for recreation for wildlife conserva Tion for irrigatior., for fishing for smart Lakeside Park and residential developments water water water and All that it offers for practical usage and enjoyments. Bloomington nursed the dream for a Good Many years before it become a reality. There were problems of great magnitude. Unlike the Universal enthusiasm for Lake Lake miss Southern 500 smiles under new Crown Martha Brannon reigning miss Bishopville Bishopville girl frowned As Tiew miss Southern 500 photos of festival Parade Page 9-a Darlington aug. 31 a pert and pretty 18-year-old Brunette neatly pack aged in a jewelled White bathing suit was crowned miss Southern 500 of 1958" Ere tonight. The new racing Queen is Martha Brannon Bishopville who also holds he state peach Queen Crown and the miss Bishopville titles. First runner up was Barbara Hill miss Florence of 1957, and second runner up Patricia Thigpen Andrews. Florence bean Blossom had to overcome the re Allence of people that Comben with geological and Fin Ancla problems which at times appeared . But today the Antei a of bean Blossom Creek impounded with i the shores of Bloomington s Home made Inke is a tribute to those Perser cd to make x dream come True. It is also timely reminder that Block Creek do Crl i into the Polk swamp a run Wotier Jive to Florence a Lake greater y a two mile Long Parade through downtown Darlington this after noon led by or. J. M. Willcox Parade marshal and Martha Rae Williams 1956 miss Southern 500, n a horse drawn Surrey. Lining the route were an Esti mated persons gathered for series of events during labor Day weekend. Many earlier at ended qualifying runs at the Sou Thern 500 raceway. More than Are expected o gather monday at the Oval rack to see the South s biggest Stock car race. Units in the Parade included _ color guard from Shaw air base a jeep carrying chief of police Peele Privette dressed his Confederate colonel s uni orm and Darlington sheriff Grover Bryant. J about a Hundred units were in he Parade including cars on which the 52 contestants in the Beauty pageant Rode. Three bands marched from Shaw fab Bishopville High school and St. John s High school. The Bishopville unit wore con federate uniforms and was the first musical group in the Parade followed by a group of marching majorettes from Hartsville. Miss Darlington Rode on _ convertible followed immediately by Carolyn Willis of Chester Field miss majorette of America in 1956. Two most applauded nails Ware the float sponsored by the Dar Lington county sheriffs depart ment and the car bearing miss mud decorated As a deep Woods scene with a real Copper distillery unit As used by bootleggers the sheriff s department had some men acting As if in the process of firing up a boiler and drink 4 fans pour in for 500 hotels and motels for Miles around were filling up last night As spectators for the eighth an Nual Southern 500" Auto race in Darlington monday arrived in Force. The Florence chamber of com Merce will be open from 11 a. In to 8 p. M. Today to help find room accommodations for racing fans expected to gobble up quickly any remaining space in regular hostelries. Harry w. Hiott jr., the Cham Ber s executive vice president said that by yesterday about 150 listings had been made with the chamber of private accommodations. He expected that the chamber would be Able to find rooms for about people. Hiott added that the Cham Ber s regular staff would be on duty. He said room seekers May also secure help by calling the chamber at 2-2483. Because labor Day is a Legal Holiday liquor stores Banks insurance companies most food stores and the county courthouse closed. Downtown retail merchants plan to keep their stores open on labor Day however. A spot Check last night revealed Roost hotels had a few rooms left. The Sanborn said it expected to be full by this morn ing. Motels were already jammed although one Motel in Effing Ham the Pueblo said it had quite a few left. Time of firing said Early june Miami .fla., aug. 31 up the Miami daily news said today a . Intercontinental ballistic missile was fired about Miles out Over the Atlantic probably two months before Russia claimed that it had developed such a weapon the firing was from the air Force missile test Center on Flor Ida s Cape canaveral. News reporter Milt Sosin said in a copyright Story the missile probably was fired in Early june. He described it con Vair at Las. He reported it reached a Point in the South Atlantic about Miles from the Florida coast be tween the British Island of St. Lucia and the Equator. The Only previous report of an Atlas test came Early this sum Mer. A missile of that class was launched successfully but was Des troyed at an Altitude of feet when a valve failure made it wobble. Sosin quoted a key civilian on a major 1cbm As say ing i m not claiming we have fired an icbms and i m not denying it either. But i sure wish washing ton would hurry up and make an announcement that would allay fears of the people of the United states. We re not permitted to make any statements Here and there Are some people in this country who Are getting a panic and a lot More who Are mighty uneasy Over the most advanced the known to be the farthest Advance of the air Force s two separate intercontinental ballistic missile develop ments. The other is the Titan. Work on it started considerably later than on the Atlas and it is about a year away from the flight testing stage. Two missiles were fired from Here this week. An army Jupiter was fired on wednesday. It soared Over 400 Miles High and landed in the Atlantic Miles from Here. The second missile fired Fri. Day was believed to be the air Force Thor. No official report on its performance has been released but watching newsmen said it appeared to fall into the sea while it was still in sight. Both the Thor and the Jupiter Are intermediate Range missiles designed to travel Miles. A full Range Atlas would Tiivel for Miles after reaching an Altitude of More than Miles. Sosin said the Atlas already believed to have attained a height of 600 to 709 Miles Anc to have reached a velocity of about Miles an hour. As a two or three stage projectile. The Ful Range missile would have at least five stages each constituting a separate Power Plant. These stages detach themselves from tile missile in succession after imparting their thrusts to it. Official comment is lacking. Possible missile Range with Vladivostok a As simulated launching Point the dotted line represents Range of about Miles which russian missiles Are believed to have attained. Such a Range would include a Good part of Canada and part of Northwestern Corner of the United states. Soviets Are using an area b East of the Caspian sea and North of Iran to try out their lesser missiles. Officials in Washington question whether russians have yet developed on acceptable degree of accuracy and dependability in their Long Range missiles. A photo fax area deaths Claude Simms Dillon. Marlon Foston infant Salis Bury n. Mrs. Annie scarce Mells Champ Atlanta a. Doc Richardson a Ciullini. Mrs. Cecil Tadlock Darlington. Details Page 2-a. Ing the miss mud puddle Man dressed As a Beauty Queen jumped from the car and ran alongside from Lime to time and would Shako hands along the. Parade route. She slopped Long enough Midtown at the Square to Plant n kiss on a unsuspecting i Ruffic policemen which Drew a burst of Yelling from the crowd the followed three mile Routt Highway deaths Rise above 100 violent deaths on the nation s Roadway moved past the 100 Mark saturday in the first full Day of the labor Day rate higher than anticipated by safety officials. Motorists were turning to the highways by the millions to enjoy the last Holiday end of the summer. They were cautioned by one safety expert to slam on the weekend i the National safety Council estimated last week that traffic Accident would Cost 420 lives Dur ing the 78-hour Holiday period from 6 p.m., Friday to Midnight monday. Red 11. Dearborn Council pres ident said we Are concerned Over the Pace of the Early toll which will exceed our estimate unless the Drivers Alam on the the Council s estimate of 420 was Well under the All time labor Day weekend traffic record of 461 deaths in 1951, As Well As lust your s ichor Day traffic death count of for Ilie three Day period. Lust labor Day the Over nil loll from accidental death was sob. Resides the 435 traffic victims there were person drowned Box score int press traffic drowning miscellaneous i. H totai.125 witnesses said the automobile travelling at High Speed passed a red traffic signal. The Driver s last moments were occupied with a frantic attempt to avoid Impact. The car went into a Long screech ing skid before the crash. U. S. Bases around world in Range of soviet missiles Moscow aug. 31 w a leading soviet army scientist said today Russia i new intercontinental ballistics missile alters completely the military planning of United states and its Western allies. Maj. Gen. G. I. Pokrovsky of the soviet army engineers said u. S. Bases anywhere on the Globe lose their importance because they Are within Range of the soviet weapon. Gen. Lauris Norstad said in Paris Friday that despite the so Viet weapon the military advantage still rests and will continue to rest with nato because of its Clear superiority of manned air Craft. The supreme Allied com Mander said the West is develop ing Long Range missiles and in failure Mars Thor missile Ocean flight Washington aug. 31 officials proper time they will join the de writing in the soviet govern ment newspaper Izvestia Pok Rovsky asserted the military specialists in tie had presumed bait in a War in Europe or Asia areas and military centers the United states would be untouched. Now not a single aggressor anywhere on the Globe will be ble to evade retaliation by mis ills carrying nuclear e said. The system said today a missile was Thor ballistic successfully launched from Patrick air Force base fla., yesterday but the test was marred by a failure that Cut the flight far Short of its planned goal. Although military officers Are forbidden by the defense depart ment to comment on the perform Ance of new missiles or even to identify officially those that Are launched it was Learned that the missile fired yesterday was the Thor. This is the air Force candidate for selection As America s intermediate Range ballistic mis Sile. The missile was seen by civilian observers when it ascended from the launching platform at Cape canaveral. Observers reported that the missile could be seen for about four minutes and that be fore disappearing from sight it appeared to be veering Seaward in arcs. It was Learned in Washington that the Thor left its launching platform according to plan but that shortly after getting into the air it started turning and seemed to be describing a wide sweep that might have brought it Back toward the Mainland. The missile never returned because it was destroyed at sea. It was not immediately known whether the ground control officer at Patrick air Force base acted to prevent the missile s return by sending an electronic signal to the missile or whether the self destruction device built into the weapon was set off by the unplanned turning motion of the vehicle. Oses its former importance and lie distribution of forces and a lilies among these bases be omes not military and political strength but Pokrovsky s comments came in an article in which he described in intercontinental missile so fast hat radar is practically useless and so accurate its greatest miss is by Only 12 Miles. It was another in a series of soviet press portrayals of the Lear indication the weapon being discussed is the one the soviets Lave tested. The accounts have been appear ing since the soviet announce ment monday of the successful est of an intercontinental Ballis is missile. Soviet aviation in a separate from i p.m., Friday aug. 1c, to Midnight monday. Aug. This year counted x7 Accident a ruths in traffic 82 from drowning and 87 in miscellaneous accidents. The deadliest labor pay week. End in history in terms of All one sorts of accidents was that in1 if in when Ilie toll one of the worst Ira flip crushes reported during Ine first any of the current weekend was an Nulo collision no n neg pm by inter 7 die violently in state and 72 killed in nil other types of Scullon near Lima Eccl Lens. Which by the associate press violent Lias already brought dealt to at least seven persons in South Carolina so far this labor Day weekend with traffic mishaps accounting for six fatalities. One Man was incidentally ill Ncneil while swimming at dents Villa. He was identified As Herman Ard 21. Of Chi main. . Whitlock n 69-Yenr-. Old vol Nln Salesman was Slick and in Lilly injured by a car Chesnee. Twenty four year old Norman Blusson of Marietta was killed i mile North of Pickens when he lost control of his motorcycle. James Wilson 50, of Bishop Al Lar was Srnek limn and kill no by n Var Nfn Home. Three year old Horace Chest nut of Columbia fell from a inv ing truck and was killed a car the sink1 in Altol year old negro was kill n a Btl Accident near my a King Toul Manl no m la Mich. Ii it i killed four youths in Hie car and i mrs. Marri Irette Carol n. Hur Man sent. The victim was Monti non Holiday lest Survey Cov-1 sent the irm a ver to hospital1, net i 25. Died in an automobile j Fieri As Daniel Mcmall of Charles v i a 78-hour weekend period i with wreck near up Runburg. Ion. Of u. S. Bases smuggler appeals Cairo Estt aug. 31 i Charles muses Colorado Archaeol Ogist who was convicted Here on charge of smuggling antiquities flew to the United states today it said he will return in october when an Appeal on his convict Ion is heard. Muses was convicted of the smuggling charge and of currency Frenses by an egyptian court aug. 13. He was fined and a 15-months sentence was sus Pended. Article claimed that the Misi would be about 12 Miles for missile fired at a Range Pokrovsky said radar detection of the speedy be 4d a. If a missile or More exactly its at a Speed of six Kilometres 3.8 Miles per second and is detected by Radai at a distance 300 Kil Meteri about 187 Miles from the target Only 50 seconds remain before moment of he said. This time is insufficient even for sounding the usual air raid alarm. Therefore the blow struck by the explosion of the missile if practically sudden and the effectiveness of Inch a blow increase Pokrovsky ridiculed what at1 called Western dependence on pilotless air plane Type missiles. They Are slow can be Des troyed by modern antiaircraft Means and for combat qualities cannot be compared with inter Continental he said. Asserting that some foreign newspapers expressed amazement that the soviet Union succeeded so quickly in the creation of tin icbms he space Long Novelty to the soviet the famous russian scientist . To Wolkovsky As far Back u the beginning of the Century popularized the problem and correctly showed the Way to the Solu Tion by advancing the idea of the multistage system with consecutively dropping off of engines which has been splendidly realized in the soviet s at the same time the foreign office press department refused to comment on reports i washing ton that the soviet Union had fired five or six missiles since june. Said that cosmic Range flight is no

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