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Florence Morning News Review Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 1

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Morning News Review, The (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Florence, South Carolina I i i i i Good moriun6 . Full associated press newspaper of the a world on your Doorstep the to u can t Kuy it in year Herat town m vol. Xxxi. No. 270. Florence s. C., sunday morning january 31, 1926. Did you Ever Stop t0 think j. A. Ze1gleb radio heralded As the greatest Boon of All Modem inventions for the Farmer is finding its Way into few farm Homes in this stats. There Are farms and Only 867 of them have a Cess to the music and news in the air. Aviator Macready proved yesterday thai Man can soar to new Heights in heavier than air machines. This daring flyer flew eight Miles High into the heavens and although to encountered temperature of 80 degrees below Zero he Down in a from his plane with a smile on his lips. It s much safer above the Earth than far underground in mines. Nine More ships reported in distress in storm area terrific gales delay ship Ping and cause much damage to vessels Many tales Leal heroism Drift in new York fan. The Paw of the Atlantic s week Ong Gale hns tapped at nine More ships sending them reeling and calling for help. One a sailing ship was being towed to port tonight with sails Ono. And her sides battered. Two other sailing ships Hove to until the storm let them alone. Agio ichor Wen Drifting with the wind a fifth a Gorman tug was being sought in reply to her s. O. S. Still another had patched her injuries mul was limping nto poll. The Crew of still another a Littler Schooner had been transferred to another ship. A Schoon j r and a tug were wrecked near Palm Beach. Florida Ami part of the Crew of the Echo on was Drift it though dip toll of the storm today did pot compare with its j of Ali freighters flu Stan and anti Noe earlier in i Tho week reports from the ships 1 n Dib Tiess said the Hurricane i had i it Hittle its ferocity. I the president Roosevelt with i the rescued Crew of 25 men from i Normal state and he ipod Tho anti Noe aboard was nearing Queenstown tonight where re ports said a tremendous ovation Auau ing them. Two ships put out to sea again from new York the Cun ii her Aquitania and the French liner i Vance. Both Aro going Back into the storm through which they battled Only a few i fits fils m fide fears Felt for her life for awhile face severely burned mrs. S. Griffin of this City at Side of miss Alma Griffin of Lakeland fla., formerly of Florence will regret to learn that she has been in a serious from Burns which she offered when she fell Tito the ire Pifrce a her Home there. Miss Griffin had fainted while she was standing before the fire. She severely burned fib out the face head neck and shoulders. For a time no Hope Vas held for her recovery but it s now reported that she has Rai led from the Shock and will re mrs. S. Griffin of this ii has gone to Lakeland to be Vith her daughter. Local capitalists Purchase Florence Agency for Fords David l. Marshall chiropractor confessed dismembering the body of miss Dietrich whom he claims took Poison be cause of a masted died in he office. Through fright he says he tried to do away with the body. He now states he choked her to death. Will face Coroner s jury monday. Assets lost Fletcher of Florida would like to gee the government spend 9 billion instead of 90 million for hard surface roads. He knows what Good roads have done for his state he said. Hard roads Are the forerunners of development and carriers of Prosperity and tin Torch hearers of j clays ago. Half a dozen in bound ships reported they would . Five naval sub t-3 sends out sos key West fla., Jan United states naval us Bay Springs hurried from the tonight to the Relief of under the the give radio concert music lovers of Florence will moved several years ago to the new n avy building and never and been studied until a few Xiv Cess ago As it was thought they contained papers pertaining to financial matters which were of Little naval interest. In All the years they had been awaiting the time when some one would find Opportunity to examine them. They now being filed a the Navy archives where they will be available for students the papers have been found to consist of. Financial accounts such As authorisations for the Purchase of supplies for the con federate Navy As Well As for travel and pay Rolls of ships and stations. R c o cock. Or. Lee is it 1 six " concert who prof doas station Aba Baltimore. Program i concert ovoid j Piet from or. Lee is for win Wal. Wolfram will an Fino one. The Nieter length u 246. The same week made a Case of violation of tic prohibition Law Suganat Char icy Harrison coloured. forecast South of i tar sunday fitter Famh a Thutt Spanish plane ends 1400 mile trip Pernambuco by Anil. Jan. Spanish Landing on Fernando do Noronha 8 o clock tonight ended itt flight from the Cape verde w ands and covering1 a do trance of than physicians hold some Hope for o Neale s recovery Spartanburg s. C., Jan. Reported that if Charles l. O Neale jr., son of a prominent broker who was discovered in a Crit ical condition last night from the apparent effects of Bavin eat up or Drunken some poisonous substance can have the Romfh the no Erht he will have a Chance to re cover. Joe b. Mcgee son of a prominent was found dead in the residence at 12 men afloat in life boat on angry sea West Palm Beach fin., Jan. Vessels were wrecked near Palm Beach by the sales that swept the Atlantic during Friday night according o radio messages picked up at Rainbow pier this afternoon. Efforts were being made to Ros be part of a Crew left adrift in lifeboats of Here the messages were received by the Palm Beach radio company. The steamship Amoric i picked up the Captain and three of tin Crew of the ill fated Tifton. Of Hostyn n four masted Scho tipi which turned Over in the Ojalo he master of the America n norwegian vessel to said the remainder of Trio Werc left in a Lifeboat. Ater message said he will land the rescued at Havana. His message gave Hope that Tho drifting1 Crew May be saved. The tugboat endurance was Miles out according to a radio message f j of the America. All of Trio up were saved he said. The tug left with All lights showing. Purchase the Ford Agency hero from b. J. Williams by the Standard motor company which is composed of j. I Aiken pics Klynt or. Ii. Smith vice pres ident and a. M Mecall Secretary and was announcer yesterday. Tho Transfer of the Agency 14 completed last Nigon. Wolfi Cera of the Standard motor com Pany stated that in changes would to made in the personnel of the organization set up y i or. Williams except the probable addition of n manager to take his lip Agency not made Public. Announcement of Tho business change will be of great interest in Florence and Vicinity. Friends of or. Williams will regret to see him leave Florence. Coming hero less than two years ago he hns established himself As one of the most progressive and font Ned looking citizens and his depart no will be n loss to the business interests. He is a member of the Board of directors and treasurer of the Khvan it club mul n ii Niber of the Board of directors of the chamber of com Nyrl a in both of which organizations As Well Ai in others he hns been must or. Will Ami leases Florence for Wilson n. C., where he has been offered by the Ford company in Agency Unich larger than that in operation Here and it was Only because of i larger Opportunity that he con dented to sever his connect inns and his associations Here. In discussing the Purchase of the Ford Agency j. 13. Nikon president of the new company lust night in considering Tho Purchase the Ford contract for Flor there was Only one thing that gave us any concern and that was in losing to our com Iii floes Drift aeroplane drops food to starving seamen who refuse to leave ship grand Haven Jan. Grand trunk car Erry grand Haven left her Dock Here late today in number Effort to teach the tug1 Indian whose exact location is not known but whose whistle penetrates the Mist that settled Over Lake Michigan today. Meanwhile Tho Helen a caught disabled to great ice flee is Hoins carried steadily northward the last report riving its location As North White Michigan. No word has been received from the Speed Jolt in which rescuers were at to Roach the Helen a the speedboat is equipped with Iee runners. Five men Are aboard the tug three on the Helen n and two on Indian choosing to re main with their Craft subject the tugs to seizure first boat that might get a line to them. Food and fuel were drop pred to the men yesterday by an a air plane from Solfrid Cre -9, the supplies fire to no moult exhausted. Temperatures Xhaj c but prospects of More Snow and colder have Spur 2 big electric units blow up at Chester Chester Jan. Textile manufacturing plants in Chester were a s and still while today due from an exploit Ion or blow up of two big trans former at the Southern f Public Nui nity such a citizen a a b. J. Ngor Anil owner. To a nov that in Tho two yearn has operated the that to had not Only Nina p Splon Jeri nirl progressive Citison luit that to had Acom Plis limit much in pricing like Ford in Florence on n piano in keeping Tho Ford Pou pics. When Loar cd that had a much larger opportune if for Ilio present in Tho now Field to to is going we him. In taking we find it glad Over Tho for a Day of funerals in Alabama town 27 miners to be buried this sunday no other services . Loimil min Rump will on Ziy sub hath nay thy last Murk of respect to 11 of number we cd gave their lives in Thi service of the Loal Industry yesterday just is the Day s Woik had end it to to f l Iii la con u Ilia of fun prols in u our Hiroso to Tho Little to Caird in in is carry out Tho present policies and whenever possible to enlarge to service by denied and i Ostive Steps. We consider the Ford Plant Luis i passt d in tins Section it present and find to have this additional to Odd to our ios t of Public our of Deri Onro hns luit if Lakim the proper Type of Palilio i i on the part of hip business u of the Community to recognized by i lie outside world in i extraordinary Way. The strive in this Duc Clinn n play our pan. Our sales Rice will Iniko no pro Muon font vill not be Cru i loudly Iii Rod out and they will have the in cooperation of Neh of the owners in this Endeavor. We Are u pledging anew to the citizenry f i Lorence the Bu-4 Tyml can be and in the Ford Sinf a his Aie f like full cooperation of the cl1. Rentt Brunch factory. In fun trip we out a detailed statement of the Standard motor company will be capitalized for the thai ice has been applied for Liy corp orators. Greenville Piedmont is sold by j. Rion Mckissick Greenville Tan. V that to. R Tii Mck a suck a i it in lie Gre i r Piffl Nikont sold his b. R. Grunor who later sold p of i rom my j. R. Of Greenville of Cunik a of forgive to div new owner and publisher id of tin Piedmont Chandler will Liere after or. Mckisick for no most 1ms Bacn Etli or of Tho and of Tho Piedmont com nov non who pre f taif Richmond cd n d editor of t to or Ponville retires today from the in Trio Field of the of Softli Pirn inn with Hope that it inv Ink some to the by Perkins is enjoying visit to the Gate City my if to i Erl he l Erest in recent o t 1 of the Tonkon in lit1 larger Amer for special for in historic no work hut lie inn o to Greenville is Homo. Lex Kluttz will make two talks in Florence today Lex Kiuttu the near state director of Relief will in the City today and will fill sever Al . This morning lie will spank at St. John s Epis Copal Church and tonight he will address the Young people s Gath ering at the presbyterian re Orch. The Sei virus at both churches will he bold lit the Simial hours. At the morning service it the presbyterian Church Raymond Wood of Columbia National Golden Rule representative of the Young people of America will make an address these meet Ings Are or elixir Inary to the Cele bration of Golden Rulo week in Florence. Ten per cent of Cottom crop is sold by co Ops Washington. Jan. Ton per cent of Tho Cotton crop of he unite.1 states is now marketed through f Toen state wide or in Iriona co operative Cotton marketing As said the of in n report today Irving the to no membership in ions As More than 280 000. Said minus to a trim for thamm Irrma of Erdne and mint i Insl Man cup f. R Myers to join Lli-1 the e irs it or Artirp fun Royice is n Bonu Laiful Little City 1 line to be Bililc memo Ami stax inner Rev or Pelcin i " Lingo men Here for n Wink More Iii nig n Tho Homo of or. A mend mrs mend Lien n Sis f my. Perkins. Most of lie noted bal in Bill p acis time has a Pipit on Ali links m the country c us. Or. And Parkin have in unit n i Al n Len oils inc they arrive Cal Tho cite. Or. Perkins h the olt lit Mann Point of lie ath Irving Lifen with the Chili nine with nil he liar Elj 2fl a cuts old. Tic Wim it f t Lien he begun i lift brim for Atlanta s team in the league and Jim r w in Hriso Buff win rapid. 1 or kiwis Arconi led one of in baseball. Viii he fro lost he of the 1ki to athletics ii main Tiiu d his record n the 300 hitting or. Of of , the athletics find who did Fuu i Fine work behind the Init last Benson and for do plop Mont or. Was into Ely Rocy in looking for t birr so Viviin ear. The to win the Pennant if Imnel work an i Intel Section in one of Arba ii Many Mineral Hills. In Olnee of the regular services in Trio various due chos of the com minty in ring rite will be held. Then fresh Mounds of on Rah will Dot t he county grave Yards where in some comrades who met n like Fate take their rest in sleep. Rescue crows at a or Cylc to Day bad i moved the last of Tho 11 unite and i negroes. I or Wenry Houri the Crews worked in Waist deep water amongst i tet l and heaps of fallen Stone in t it Richite some of the Formi terrible mangled by the concussion which resulted from n a Imit seventeen of not disturbed. Skill Means aria thiner Florence sect. To speak twice in Timmonsville Orme Bop. Sorrel try of the Florence h Tabor of for nil rce the Shirlay school of the hip Church at h o Quick Liis morning. Ii will Al .11 ii Iko the principal in Lri a lie i mooting of Tho lurch 11 Youngr Man captured after shooting at Kin i d mo., Jan to. Clinton Sioui Raworth 21, 1 fun North n the organization and opera i who Len North run Nee Tion of this of of sri in afield tonight when Sam Lar is sort said that to he barricaded Hii self in Tho port is Ono. Of Tho most inter utilities company s substation Esting of a Ohieno hero Attrel butt to the bursting of Monts in the history of Tho co that mme that a water pipe but keeps the operative marketing movement trial Cool. In american barges sink off Carolina coast four Are missing s. C., Jan. Nip fro mint to it if following tie sinking of two barges which away he tug a to i in off j c South Carolina const flatly a hernday morning Accuri Jirik to attain c. 13. Linker of the Tuff i Vrljich arrived into Friday night. The Mattiko sailed from South Poi to n. C., tuesday with her n a both Bitros empty tid each having n Crew two Pii. After battling the storm through the night after Barge a tit Down Early thurs Jay morning and thy Puljer i arty five inter said banker. Efforts a Rescue were Irr. Possible said the master of Tho Mattick. The Gale was so Strong that it was possible1 to up the tug Heidi on and a turn n Bont he said would Honvo re in hit1 swamping of Tho Mattick. Captain Jan apr said the storm which truck his Craft off Fry ing 1 in Shoals was Onn of the worst in hi1 on hence. The entire View of lie lug was with out food for 4k hours As she fought the Gale. When the s lit sided sufficiently the mat tick beaded for Georgetown in riving in the Bay into Friday night. Muscle shoal1 question Bob up Injen Ati Norm will urge speck action at this session of Congress Washington Jan. Muscle Shoals question which has been bobbing1 up Ami Down in Congress for the last ten years will hip a voyage monday Over the Tempee thous Senate course. Three the House has taken action to Settle the Issue by each time if foundered on the rocks in the Senate. From pres ent indication the going1 will be rough at this session. With the opening of the sen ate committee hearings the Samo interests Are found lined up in Battle array. There h one major change in the situation however by the announcement of chair Man Morris that he will urge def Nite action it this session. Previously to has stood out against the final vote because the sen Uto would not accept n govern ment operation proposal it appears that the main Issue it this session will be Between the group wishing to utilize mus tie Shoals for Power development primarily and the group that h tying to Advance nitrate pro audion As the principal use of he property. Senator Porge Democrat Capo rain has notified the Senati committee that to wishes to appear in support j us amendment providing for the Youso Resolution which would i Date a joint Concession Al com Miattio to negotiate bids for the. Property. The committee has allotted monday and tuesday for the hearings and night sessions or no Minort if Noffs time "13. Be Educ a vote will be taken on to Rioual Resolution wednesday. Representatives of Severi organizations have ask d for time to testify. Amon hem Are the Tennessee mum Tom prs association and to rain Rute chamber of com m l cd. A number of ind technical experts Are also sex inc cd to appear. Iipp Ortink the i Looker White at Erbil by proposal to Oporto mus shonts in partnership will the Fiovo rement. A Nalor Smith Democrat Smith Carolina will offer High next to turn Musca Shoals over1 to the govern men1 for n Larisc info for piaclucing1 in Trofin a id other chemicals in to distribute the remaining pow r t also has h Vor n m edit " opera to n Power will Hui of list it be known int n Oppolo the Smith store of j. D. Coleman entered by robbers the store of .1. U. Coleman n t m i Orner of Smith i d streets was Isnor d in Rev vote ii to morning and Abbod of merchandise amount pm to about the robber in robboij., broker through a the Lattero ? Xvi once of Thyl manner of their d Tico. Or. Coleman report the robbery to the police de n to int As soon to d Scover 1 i and an investigation is he Fig made. Res. Roosevelt greeted with cheers at Dock his parents Here after hooting at Moth prs of Tho Efflin by was captured shortly before j 0 o clock tonight when police stormed the place. A Thorntown United in in pro Aidyn t Roosevelt he rescued men liter Antiono of night. She was greeted Mithu spastic colonel Mitchell on lecture Tou new York Tan. William who Ripsik Wintion from the army w. Accepted Yeste Nlay will preset a views on aviation in a Koctur tour to Start Here february and Lulko across the country James b. Pond a incl of the Pond if Ture Burnu said tonight. No Goti Tinni Civ completed today Allendale Kinsmen in shooting affray Allen ii ale Jan. J. Faust and Arthur Williams both of in Eldon Are in hospitals in the result of a double shoot ing Ulriich occurred Friday. Faust is Uncle. There is of title to have been bad blood Between tin two men w. J. Faust f Var is considered the More Seri misty injured the Bullet having of penetrated the Lui Lff. Williams n slight injury on his left hand and n More Hovious one ii his Abdomen. Judge Cochran says govt. Due from Bank of Williamsburg newspapers jew spa per Charleston Jan. States. District f. Cochran today hat Tho hah n priority Jan deposits of Jin of at k ree which closed i a year in Tho state s agent irume court of Fuei in similar co

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