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Florence Morning News Review Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 3

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Morning News Review, The (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Florence, South CarolinaAll the news Kuiaski Wiki Slik Vicnok the associated pki3ss the sunday advise your neighbor to read this paper 1iix in vim. No Tel Al lit in mesh inv iakuiis4 v01, i no. .j2.5 s 0, sunday , Fth Kunia 10, 1021 subscription1 a yeah in Advance pays to Trade at merchants Here Are leading in service of shows business places National and better equipped than Ever to look after your wants. Us co. Kick Roll j Rio once ii min the o i Liei ing cities As lie one cent i in tins Section o1 j feet eth Caiola tin Niobe thin Evet a clout title lion the Milf my tint Oil Incie soil the Advent of loads of Balsam unit Filoi stores tul stocks have been left the business houses Heie and Moie Anil Niobe Aie elicits being made to keep this Trade on uie tie Moid ans be paces Mare attractive Aie pulling in and even Moio up to Dau lines and Aielo inc Mileis service equated a foie a Suneva of the business places just made and Belovi Silious that in Nissl even Case lie Inie Ful Bavei has Lound that in inning m i Loic nce he is no Only getting things Loi the same Mono 01 less but it Tret 1 Mif the pc Sonal Enra to come i Eipitie Stock of 00 my o surplus of h the first hunk is Curc of in of the fun w tits of this tent or w Ith competent just in my. In can re of Thi Stutton ire is Vurta test treatment Protection the Peoples Anil Trust co toc Ltd in the Mic building with the tors to not tool Al my Pic j r Lent on deposits my Undt is 5 of the Kami person in i Rice tin 1 nation to stink no Mitter Deport d ii Ila tvs r n comply institution of i kind in j Liis Section of the state association win tin r your Menil both b is Ricc Courtis his Bien tin uts t h it to Tern k Honsl 1 i Nutini Ihus sin ind St h us total n j rounds of Ujj of the coi incr and h Ink ins on on Iti c to in in the men behind Tho ire Rumik j Dent h Mcleod m j Profir Chol. From Thi d in it fir t doors its business b bit tax i1 Troici store Cash m ims in Chi m left the than i in the to nines c o m p a n y Lincoln Ford and por Ckon sen ice Pii i Motlo Skou inc i t comp Citi to lit f one of the inn t it client Piid in arcs site Ord Tun ind s Ici Iti ors in 5outh Iro in uni Lect tin sup Crimo ind quid knee of a rps of ind Xcell trim re tin i their business h is 01 Der full i i i my Mikl Fred ii. Sexton Post no. 1, of the american legion to Start drive i Lor 1 Post it m suit i and no i i t Nauru m ii Ion Inch lit i cum i Ost oru d h Lizius to is Dou on Cut it it no n North in Uulu i Salt Wilid four rail i in Mil it Ion Florence ice and fuel co., us in summer in novel service. The Palmetto ice Cream co. In h Ltd Mirti for t1 Luck Piir i hid the w Jhc try ii Craft in hit nit lurch i Imi i fix Nientsu ire doll us i or Unk Virroni to t w i t r t of to t1 this Ore of is per some it or f us uni i i s us ii it re in. Portion 1 a ctr 1 m i i i to ii i kind 1 of Ali Jih Dit int Lut icon i Ottle i d my h milers i the hip of of in us no Irons to four tunes is or. Ilion mid us should imn Rini. For the so Rick m m h v int the. member e concern of its kind in the Caro Hnas Ici Chhum ii 1 i to for Thi spin my id elitist you d it i us i for ton of u la h to in uni . Of i to to be i thit t he Trul nine Iri us of our 1 upon the pm tvs in tin in our Hillh c u most fooi1 i Midi Tom tint Moro the Khaki his in to Joine up h n if Rich Mil in i i for i r in i of n in stir Orr Nui. I to to in or nil toll i . I inter it tint no Devi. Is cold to Tor it in t n ii lion Allut Box l of cannot a Ftp food Salt la in Ali r tin i of f Tusti i in or that h u much to life More f in the Cit i my or the t Irir in it h in join More to Mil word re lift nil i inc Home of goods fashions v real Shle Center tob1n and Barnwell inc. Ins Iranie. Real is Lac he tals Ca Pahlav . Zyllo c i in i inst Bill food cold is Hen food is Stanlo lit or tile Loo of int Rinilli mild old did atari a to to ill us Tinnil Isufi Init Al i not on it Iochi i Imd know the it the Ici Reim to concern of kind m the two Cirolini it in i Tun Opi i ions extend ill Oxer Ibi Tern Orv it is in Thi word .1 i Mcbirn n c 11 in us Thi i n i Tiff in turd to i to i Pitnu tto in i am o is he far the la it is mid. In the j it i us composed luit of More food Baltic snore butter lit than tint of Nix i t i n n my Iouci-1 in ton 1 c us i tits he crr in Corpin u s Home is to 1 on out Kirts of tin cite of Lorenci nun i constructed i Ruk Plant it Luigi id full wit i Nin Lern of in Chen i r used in Tho of Ucen in but nation is Tho ii rat my tin Hist Loii of Exir Thor t h Cottri with the hid vim Ejli to throw rain unto us Cromi co kno Virv. On id to 11 ill of your Roluti Nevis site of citation the ton Cirn in i i institutions will 1 r m i d it to Cipa eix of financial mine of in s it to Fri inform Ion conc the Hunt the t fair Insul Lsible Llev u ipod it omit u h x i it with it my i c m by r surer s will be him strict confiding till the combined Cupit in Stock 1 Banks is 000 00 w eth of n of 4 and f tin in or Xci pit x ice pro Mishur Iti Urix uni bins Jalc t ill limes u n it is t u h n the it Thi order i concern neb pit Lod i f i mix i Hytti Olizo v h l ii i i i Nix i hft3 been in business kinds of thu prism died my upon t i consider re life of j Mindi irs c in h of i f Kcf Utpal Johi 1 her or plus ind r Toti i resources of 41 Tbs Enin Tumu n m Thi i try is inn King institution in the Cit of i Lormor under one t Florence Candy kitchen1 Thi of Multi i u for Thun t in in Thi i edit tit i u h of the Immik h Macb firm lift More x Ortt Finier to Nusi crops it Liss exp tit my it the Ime to Jur my Lim to do w to much of of farm i ibor the com. P is m ill if inc fun mis l in world renewed rid truck the which ust is Usu Orval i its Ubu us Oil cd aug the Fhi it Nuto Obue i ,1 1 uti tinn of Stylc in Cantor 3 stun ins a Impf to not Only 11 my i ibid f but r i w. The in 1 n lid one did the extensive bum in it t n j hire Flutts position it Jold Imo Iier Rich store u a five Rita our ind tit Folk Ohko thu Low Buli built in Tho orld Tho i Loncoln i r t and Foremost us the hath 1" of Woods sold tin 1 diff Vinci will Zhuli ill arc to ibid b is Andrare Tore to the id Sil Nln i i Dirci idd upon u j it the j 1 item. It tie 1 Ricen consist it with of it an 1 i Pondol merc Untulis in in lumber co. Id f won melt Intro the a Titu be i duo Iricks e m to Lor four my their uni Iii extor been n to i Ine Reist. Vou in ill Fini ill is m this x if or Ous my j l Idle to Render my no their i Ower and u i in Imbi i n i to help of helmet your d Nix w nits Nam rement of Couf run tic whether the by i or so ill j off Ciri bosc Tolu Fhi Ami try i mint will u icvon1. Inn to sex cry what bar come in Pinion or both Forn count for their sound and ability to conduct an their Uncle in placed in k position to Ciro for the of Section Muir Chil in. N or ii Iki Luo Dehenes i ten a m ind one it Imam. Hit irix i c t in live Mats of this Hij is Thi Hor Iii Cand Kitchen crated i j Nir m n Man Tho i clix Unis of concern arc snort i thin the goner m Muf Leturc firn in Cilent i Indus thu of do t Loument to 1 or so ill no Lusi t x of import my d s thit of the build Pirt i four store is oper itt 1 upon Dull 1 Isis Lee it to stiti1 Thih within itself is a Unlusu 1 Success and i the the who Silc ind i nil do j in Tim torn thex Mvi in Loial Nuri Hants Here in us in the surtout Zilink is to to e Mth Rand tin ind list of nil Tel of Luble entire South ill Forth int of sooner the. Thu Soo Urr to will Blosiu with Prosperity is curing c full the of Rmer Jan i in not 11 to furnish Xou Vilh tin be t it ill times Hixi Dond checks inc just pm milled out to the Stock Heddi Raol this concern this is one Hornc Siiter Pusc that never fails to 11 t shove in i True f the of i of or Milioti merchants and the hat Box millinery collars Heads and Oren x mints of the latest design c i Kiel Loreice l Rijo can Florence Gas and fuel co. M importance to tin ictus i ton ire the tvs an 1 Roni whose Uil Dmit in i t i 1 urch ised a lumber ohm ind in is indeed Forslu. Crous a card is of the their ire a cry x co in miking the it adj j Ulm in of ill kinds and 2 Tatj Lan furn so the Dhoti Suonh Shine los a Lister i met ind re till with t mesh j other Mitch inns used in ill Thi Tiisik in both Mill in construction Are to be is their bulk lint Ftp Tylor Perwinc in Well prepared to take matter who or where Xou want to build hoax or How Small j the Okic i umber c to Jour w Meta the o hint. Lumber will Devenc then tue Cist strict to in and prompt my in x nent to their cd Etc their acc its ind the 0 emf lumber is one of the sul. J stunt i in Aid sit in f actor i i of n my com must dry ill it or ibid Silt by the in Najjar i1 11 known to cd cry one in Thi Orr unit he finer ill Condou re i the those Fine who make a non Nam Ioctl my resin 1 j his ind fellow Towie. Non he i new i s to Rex Pond to Effort tint tots to Mik i i r ill better in Ilu it try my pm re j to my one lit for thu i h .3 i Raicht to r thu cart i of the local Trade lion ii m inf i Turc Prumis ulv to the Zoreh it such i. J is in item these Cynd i Nek of inc n i san Liry 1 in i Kors in n i p to of will f by to Renee of u tin distinction to own Center of f Loi Illic the hit hot print cd by or ii Irrigon lore f Mclint of Florence nil n Preif in the Ninen Ide n lies for the la disc of this com Smuts who to eur the Nio it up to u it Thinh n is iter Ruic institution composed of local men. The ii a 1 in m of it Melro Enlil n a virus the by found noun he a Citron. In How Many and tit very doa igl Hbeo of Joe cuing your oct Bonnet the Box it will 300 Emit Harrison attic Sci in trading at Homo spa Perl 1 Lorenci c in to of i Mih Lomping that hut Utie Calom e to Thi Flor found a tho1 Oik co about v mrs Hir nor cime into Tho f or Orressie and efficient t inn time nun not Only t Sharpe Vith the in but with the re Nair uti it in the two Stirn Eli rebuilt from the n Ive ird 5 Milex of a xxx Nelns their new new House hic been mid and the Ltd up the famous Mem Cru f pm him nil nud Konkle or try More Una . From prepped on Duphy my Harrison Ciuc Ftp the Man i plaint had Buen Jor Goicoc on f put Oier Pinnt j to m to coir mall incr in if to Tbs. Of thin comm mtg Xou to on tend be i 0 per taunt Ston i depend n the it Lin mid the prices Are i to Tenishia Low firm in air of tin most popular ind Belt in a n throughout print old Horace county the men s shop for clothes that Are right. Court Imp or clothes 1 hat arc Complete men s tar of course the is no and i locked at nil times with a ouija their Ipp oin m in the hindu Mich me i l Dur Thi h ii found that this Shine c rat Pixtun the utmost satisfaction Vav in u hns Lee used and this1 fact justifies in Pivin it the kid Over Natur line m their efforts of t h ird keeps i Complete of Rock for build or i my Sacra ii k i Unis my Hen Ifni. I vat to f splendid firm ire Boih Well uni xxx it in i i Tsiftis and an inc to Exco Effort that is put Forth to better Horency the or men with whom it i Pic surr a they i til be read t their Plant i visit and a will lie More than id to Ren. A tar of und Buiwitt. T cling Are their Exner in Ihn Lim 15 ours Foi he a High men lie Partt til i both old r about i Wajs impresses half Burn who i u ii to str miss the x run to Lex run tin my no or h so in twin Thi m t to out of h an i lost n motor c in stir i old s n i i nit fir x in Llou will h the. Of hit Tox ired by ire Indurai Citi unit i bit of c irix my i Bronchi 1 ome i him Crux Lun Foi i him too inc re it Tho if kit Kunii Xou ire com red with in air m i missis tub in did 11 irn Well Bui Bun hire m my. And the miss that Rcpt Cut in t f our Hilt arc t in my. In Raj us Irh Tai i round 1 Hij Lon Sci pc and i my i coins b is Taki n it re 1111 ism t to int Ute i 01 Durt ice for till Lom Mumith the pit lure m of of tin finest in sic i Tion of inc h Nncy ice and rial c Ilao dials m Loii Whix 1 of uti Kil Ilia 1 he it the the split Man to id w us coir Siut. Co in to by Muf blurt in to Lite j it ton Lalu my Iti d my Iii Pretl the their i Inni Titi and ital stun will of Tomc t to f i 1 Lect him l -i1pst iou to cull b the i l ii113l3 it so m j o i of to j in i us the Tan in found Thi 11 St in 1 and Mai i it uni trial u the it to Luis Spenor in Ido by i motto of do not b m inf Atturo it i a Muile u Thi h split Idle fim this of the in tint flux ii the thu dial me known for tin of Nei and Loda and if it Surut i ill on Tibin a Bdl inc of c nest Thoai who liw it i i in Hornce an of lit t thai Tobin my inn dec Hilr property Fot them cd slut rent it Selling it or it will ii win s co Ornu with nov Lliott is m us to Floremce and to extend itt Huil dint if can Oflund nor narc for to s it n Nice piece of property it n it Price nil on the fms thit Are fitted to your o it Rittuc it i of or j i r Thi of or j i lob flu Kcal St Etc Dpn Ranii it is a Iii r i ii Hir mull nud Tho tenth v. is will in Mlod by m Hirlu Gorman in com Xou not us to Ink i Dan once of la lint this institution Offert it ill Xou to drop by Teluli Offero no to Shat to offer i the Florence Marble works for that is i of Hor. Wiful the Sill in 19j1 tin Init Plint pro d Ali in m he by lust ill in one up to Lite ind Lari to Cero for tin Leo Iii for the i Acx iral Jiu oat tin 1 Lori tic be o Unolt i uni iffy ii it ment of or a lowly Fred Germany and company j i x c j n n n Isons Xiv of should Specif Minutto Lei to unit is unit i Uri by Coral t n Loul lit u lion which in doing m m to idd to Tho of t Lovence m thu Niit of to n the Iti of Rione which but into lot. In i the in Dirler to the Sci Lars scr acc i i led before Thui it Lon and nine other Micun 1 he i Ali Unito k Cream co la a Der tin j i of in in Thibou ind m effluent Rotor Kari Ruosi this splint a d i Lorenn miss Scruggs millinery so Nanette and other of hats a vhf dig Spruil House it ranch of co coir Cim f Frt i g Imru i of m t o of Hon lie g of Houlih the 11, 101 i Hull f ally Uhi thu splendid Thih b Knirr i of business is built do on the Iduix is the a desire to in Exi r not on with their customer but Ilio huh Omi thus ure the i heir of poor once. Of the Host to Tojo Allf of in of Etc is St m Burrito re m Tho Vork tar 11 Jenc Anim unit it in not Exi re Toun the of More Nee hot h n Ess to up Tod it furnish my. E Kihli Ihm ent for no n such in it on ducted in shop the ii ont a a Runcel Rio thai r in Thi Ounla at As my h shop Cor Ines in 1 Inniss inn in Florenc Community i e to a Nin clothing ind it tie not r prices of w ill and in ply stocked ice hats c suit men arms hints ill of Enber in Horn Here Nurt Enro Ful r Vollic Puld to Rennke text miss Stori they for the Uel no per met. Of the Jour Sci of the conist Nix this in acid Lex by Tho fact tent to lick an . Of Hurt Schurt fun i my the tend mar cloth Foj Minnii inc tuna in the world the Ino feature Pooh s hits Force is thoroughly with his Hus Laese us is Eady at All to give you you might Neej installation of All kind Yin of experience in f by work there in no More suit Ible n was f our ii act on for our lax. A the Ftp Haxe Ducj or Tell thin b to thur ii dior in Upp iop. Ite Tat let or Monument v for Uci s indeed Furtun Iti in Miosik thriving Nidus Tiki the hoi once m Ubati 1 ins did firm h is i built up in in. Iblis put Ilion in Thi Mit Nufa Ture of Moh mints tin ii unlit of Stone in tin Nonu tents built 11 Tho u the the Mlinor Fords the on the inn Horo Hue fir thl Thi to de and the Xor Kmim. Hip on these monuments m Llu that Hun inn skill e m Rozlun pres Ink to tic St tic spam Rocter ind if of to i 1 -c1" z of d option love and affection a which he i oni Ted the erection in n woh Index Idu lit Tho not line wild built b Tai Florence mar blk this i Quisle Divi Dunt thai h a to Eft concern Mann Lynn a Irti and the newest beet styles in tin and Othor Hobor the for men of f i Nimmi Ilu sell to out Jinx in the a radius of about a amt in thu Inankur metro politic Tbondi Mumn tin i mils of i s Milan Ira is of lost 1-Xani by ibis tin on ducting thit sure cd t plea Tun in Nui uncut to the of he strut mid its a Virous thin Fia fun r hits i be found in Hiu Thui l Ulith if. No i be i Vij Slown to miss a Truro stalk if from the Lurk at and m of pins to be found in this shop Morr Llu i Nisor Tinct the p Itron will the Teal or Lett i i in Iii Linton i in Nous 1 , Annj Odds of Ottri tint spice will not 111 Mil a mention it Enid t nor Xiv p attorn hits they into in. L melt no of m Lonu for in Kane hats tin m 1 he Iro sex he Tir Tirol r line it the it Seru prs do Otil hats Betti r fits her in of the tridml., for in sex tit in f it that Uhn n n on one think the Cox Are i found to eve cell one arid interest is the of 13 the hit Trade it ladies shop Fine ladies Wear and pc Mcd by n local nun Pix Mil i tic Market Tecsi local Texca workmen Ard in Cir Enville in once Tho town therefore it the of the coming not buy from ending our you Joii Money out of town by patrol tone the Florence you Art helping to i ult up Rizir Fon Ijen 1 he Hixt. A Cin plot n i it to of i fun Niom into 1s n Jocil or us Ilion thur Xiv Eek p i Roll Thi it fort the 011 a chants f this n ure i Atli i Icille and Ilire Colv benefited b hit in Nairn for both the my employee a nerd thir Mone Uit the local Urcil 7crnnn and o do not it Wajs Sill for Price i it their Pecos it be it r r of Thi Hindle 1 he Index Xor in ill Trinci to h Mulc Only the 01 fruits my or Hen try sold b this s Liblich Mcnol therefore Thorn. R Ihunt h assure 1 that he eels glue net wed in trip my with them i Xerox bowl should and can i it Taliej Irr Nimit fill no Dici Iii i n j Ember Tho of Iti Apple n Duj keeps tin Tutor in i the red Oer Mim co Are sex Clu Aix in Florence and the surround ii to Cantor for Duke Myon Relnah an i Kues Laii Drust in which created i rink i Impre Monk they put Here k t r seasons arc Honick Miric t things if of Dastre n South Spott suit or Irolli "1 arc no frock mrs t Ink Sci pm Gnu for Wiviott Oinyer your wikis Ahe the Hui Host Urac bottled the it Ciu Sixo there sails season s smartest front to the much of this Community j boost the men s shop for for Cnoc in the entire United states service Courtesy ind in Guam Nicod at the find Cermane co Thov tha co your town operation and Businow they visit the Yore acc Marble to cooked from us a Ltd thex ind let or. A Courtney Tho had commercial of Over the r to Cercle that they w ill the my is of Florence xxx Hoij to feel proper la Are std for Strcic of i Snoor Ici my cd can not to 1 r Illi int the and is d b dirt hos l her Stock includes sex my tits. Chides and styles no duplication of ladies shop Buijs silk and arc to be found a Xvi dec in of these fashion latest do and mrs Fink Loa our fat explain f Jou Tho interesting of Ficler Patron to nog she n Boot tar for Trade Nio Tbod of building Mon Monu Urc by Home

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