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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 15

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaDiann to sat Day of Crew to Flintstones but All we re Askins the government to is clean up the a Pew tables and _ make a few other t improvements j Andy Capps i be got a aiw6 t1 Send Ner off As the game starts Dick Tracy she has not seen told but groovy 15 her hear very strange tories about that Little Vou mean and in her temporary cell the doll is All ears. Hile t1nky 15 storing records in an adjoining room. Little Abner Sho what Nero x Varsi to placed at the fiddle Burn Imp of Rome a pfc Hongg huh 6ameas Whethe 1 nth last in Samk Pitcher the Suesse Hatic ohm storm was found flood Hitler s Bunker blowing Dot Al vim in the air a know that this affy k you got cur Chi Kun with you. Lan Sakes Vou is ri6ht soap w6 run Ginejt gotta Kish vhf Ike myst we on your Way moms amshtop066na to Kagov. Hap a full. Pavo bin at a Vou have mansions and jewels and furs and yachts and servants galore you Are both married to fabulously generous millionaires i see this mss in the Tea leaves of your cups Mary Worth Fiordi you la get Luck a married folk5 Man you Don t usually have to worry that hell Upan Duduit i Hope. Your this i Promise. Are a5 pleased Ynn Darling mi55 m1lli5 just gave. Me a reason to ask for a raise. In wa6k, or. 6lake Ever turn against will lose a daughter. I ran in to see. If you d got Over your. Jick spell Ward and it looks like. You had we re going to be married beatle Bailey i took off Mutt Jeff i just saw v Chicken a a Chicken 1 with Snow-1 with Snow Here she comes mow i think going to Carroll right or i from the Carroll Righter Institute general tendencies favourable for seeking affection and the finer things of life. Adopt a plan of action which will enable you to gain them More easily in the future. Charm and magnetism will be increased and a new arrangement can be made with mate that will be successful. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 concentrating on sports and other physical outlets can make this a very enjoyable and profitable Day for you. A Little More meditation can get you pretty much what you want now. Drive with utmost care. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 showing particular thoughtfulness to one of whom you Are very fond can bring excellent results. Some new Deal with others can work out very successfully. Think in terms of greater happiness in the future. Gemini May 21 to june 21 Ideal Day to get things done for which there is Little time during work week particularly improving Home surroundings. Show fellow worker you like and Admire him by some overt act. Fairness is the keynote now. Moon children june 22 to july 21 Ideal Day and for Romance since you Are dynamic and charming. Show your finest talents to others and put that Hobby to work that you enjoy travel in the right circles. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 you have been so Busy with own affairs you were not aware of the needs of Kin but now you must do something about them. Encouraging others to argue is not Wise especially for you. Get out of this habit. Virgo aug. 22. To sept. 22 being More willing to shop and do errands for Good friends wins their Good graces. Get into the activities that make you happier. Shy away from gossip that could be very damaging. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22. Ideal Day to improve budget property and appearance. Listen to your hunches and follow them since they Lead you correctly. Avoid getting into any risky situations though. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 the planets Are most favourable now so be sure to do those things that Are important to your Progress and future. The personal and the social can be successful. Make sure to control your temper though. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 this can be a Happy Day for you provided you Are with congenial people or mate and not with persons who stir up trouble. Much careful planning is required if you Are to be More successful in business in the future. Avoid tricksters. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 confide in Good friends who Are in a position to give great assistance and you need not struggle so much in the Days ahead. Being with charming persons in . For social activities is Fine. Group affairs Are particularly Good. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 bringing your finest talents before bigwigs can easily gain you their support and backing. Any civic affairs you delve into can be most successful As Well. Keep Active and you find you keep Happy. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 excellent Day to cultivate persons you have Only met recently and who can be of tremendous interest and help to you in the future. Use that dynamism wisely. Out of towners should also be contacts of Worth now. If your child is born today. He or she will be one of those interesting persons who is Ever getting up some Campaign to promote personal business or political Aims. Ideal Chart for any profession requiring persistency and earnestness ability for dealing with All types of individuals without disturbing the equilibrium. There can be much Success Here whether the Field be politics banking work in institutions psychology or similar occupations. Mathematics a must. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for november is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and is to Carroll Righter forecast name of Box 629, Hollywood Calif. 90028. 197 0, Mcnaught Syndicate inc gear 21. Burros 23.carved Post ask got a question for Andy write it on a Post card and mail it to the Florence morning news p. 0. Box 911, Florence s. C. Andy crossword Puzzle 28. Musical comedy 32.0lfer 36. Corn cake a mss crystals 26. Burnish 6. Diagram ii. Thoroughfare 1 2. Cruise ship 13. Crowd together 37, criticize 14. Bird of prey 38. Disturb 40. Gypsy Book 16. Volcanic utopian 8. Deposit 43. Indian Pony 19.skin diver s 45. Chop Auh l3i1d hhql1 to Lucaa Claass 46. Vibration 47. Hard question 43.avenaceous Down 119 1. Atelier 2.intense for Lime 25 min. Ftp solution of yesterday s Puiul 3. Went first 4. Mention 5. Place 7. Hawk Parrot 8. Fish 9. Fresh Supply 10. Three spots 11. Redistribute 17. Promise 20. Hireling 22. Retain 24.scarf ?7. Jujube 29. Amount 30. Accord 31. Fisherman 32. Pretty up 33. Transistor set 34. Begins 35. Right hand Page "9.0 Sra Plantation 42.expert 44. Nonetheless contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker top Ricord Holder in Moi Liiv individual champions help play East dealer. Neither Side vulnerable. North v 762 k94 a10753 West 4q862 f a 10 8 54 j6 4.82 East vq3 4108753 4.k6 South f Kojl f kj9 qj94 the bidding Bast South West North pass int pass 3 it opening of hearts. Whenever you play a hand where the outcome is in doubt you must give thought to the Many ways the defenders cards can be divided that could place the contract in jeopardy. Once you Are aware of these Dan Gers it becomes far easier to combat them. Here is a. Typical Case. West leads a heart and East plays the Queen on it. Before deciding whether or not to win you should do some serious thinking. The first question to ask yourself is what can defeat obviously if West has the King of clubs you can make to 3sio. Kins feat the contract by winning1 the heart and finessing the Queen of clubs. However you Are of aware that this May not be your Lucky Day and that mfr my have been dealt the of clubs. In that Case you would be Defeated when he took the Queen returned a heart and West cashed four heart since the possibility of East 4. Having the King of clubs and West s having five hearts is Dei cidely real you resolutely Cline to play to uie first trick a before searching for a Way of overcoming that distribution it it exists. Sure enough a. Little thought convinces you that the a stirs situation cart be managed we the out running any risk. Accordingly you play the nine of hearts on East s Queen. Shefi he continues with a heart and. You play the Jack you no Longs or need worry whether West has the King of clubs or whether he started with five hearts. In either Case you Are sure of three no Trump since you plan to take a perfectly Safe club finesse later on. If it loses and East has no More hearts you Are entirely Safe. If it loses and. East does have another heart you Are equally Safe because in. That Case West cannot started with More than four hearts. 1 it pays to plan the play ires Syndicate inc 10-31-7fl Andy sends a Complete 20-Voiume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Gayle Rood age 14, of Genoa Illinois for her question How can two sets of Teeth grow from our Gums when you chop Down a healthy tree the remaining trunk May Surprise you by shooting Forth new foliage. This is possible because the roots living below the ground continue to Send up nourishment to build Leafy twigs. The human body of course does not belong to the Plant kingdom but Many Plant and animal operations Are somewhat similar. In a limited Way we can com pare the growth of our two sets of Teeth to that chopped Down tree. Inside our Jawbone deep Down below the Gums there Are Small pockets of very talented cells. They contain blueprints for growing the right Teeth in the proper places at the right time though unrelated to the Plant world they Are called either seeds or buds. The process of growth is always miraculous in any part of the body. However most of these growth processes create Only one item. If you lose an ear or an Arm it can not be duplicated. Only the centers that create hair and nails continue to grow replacements throughout life. The seed buds that grow our Teeth can perform their Miracle twice. What s More their second set of Teeth Are Superior Anc there Are More of them. They Are of course intended to last a lifetime. The first set Are the baby Teeth or milk Teeth. When a baby is about six months old his first tooth pokes through the soft Pink Gums. This eruption is painful and baby usually howl in protest. The painful process is repeated and at the age of to and a half years the Young person should have 10 Pearly milk Teeth in the upper jaw and 10 More in the lower jaw. However this Miracle actually starts six months before a baby is born. This is when the tooth making seed buds Are formed in the jaws. They work slowly very slowly to assemble the right tooth making materials and build them molecule by molecule into the Correct structures. A second set of Teeth is started while the milk Teeth Are still growing. Material in the roots of the milk Teeth May be used again to build the permanent second Teeth. When these Are ready to break through the milk Teeth May simply fall out because they have lost their roots. A 12 year old person should have 14 durable permanent Teeth in each jaw. Four so called Wisdom Teeth Are grown in later years. The growth of each tooth starts with the building of the Crown which is made of hard enamel. When this is done the seed Bud builds the roots that reach around the Jawbone like hard Little fingers. As the roots grow the Pearly Crown is pushed up and finally out through the Gums. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body and the dentine inside the tooth is harder than Bone. Teeth must be built from available materials in the body and these come from the foods we eat. Calcium and other Basic tooth building ingredients Are supplied will milk and Dairy products salads and vegetables. The seed buds Are All set to grow you two sets of Teeth but they depend on you to select the suitable menu. Andy sends a world Book Atlas to Steve Reed age 11, of Wichita Kansas for his question who invented the Generator his name was Michael Faraday his interest in science Drew him to the Royal Institute in London where he paid his tuition by cleaning up the labs. He was fascinated by the chemical Battery already invented by Volta and he pondered the possibility of generating electric current by mechanical Means. The Story goes that he attended classes with pockets stuffed with bolts magnets and bits of Copper. In 1831, at the age of 40, Kara Day discovered How to assemble similar items to build the first Dynamo for generating electricity. His fir Snodel was a Flat Horseshoe Magnet with an upright Copper disc s it to rotate Between its prongs. Tob he turned a youngsters like his bubblegum one kind of music you hear a lot about is bubblegum. So we popped the question to Bobby Sherman whose last five single record releases have sold More than a million copies each what is bubblegum music and does he sing it i think bubblegum is determined by the age audience that buys it the 6 to 14 or 16 year Olds. But oddly enough that age bracket also buys credence Cleat water revival which is a much heavier kind of material. Bubblegum music does t have very demanding lyrics. The message is so obvious and so simple that it does t take anything to think about it. And the arrangement is simple As for his own hits Sherman says i think the first three were bubblegum and the last two weren to those two had a simple message but their arrangements took them out of the bubblegum however Sherman adds he does t care if All five of his hits Are called bubblegum. At 24, his looks Are Shinin Gly Boyish and his shows would t distress a fond grandmother and her Small grandchildren if such a group were present. They Are cheerful and there i nothing approaching smut. The albums definitely Are designed for the idolizing fans. The new up with love Bobby the scrapbook out in october on metro Media has a scrapbook of pictures which can be taken out of the album and saved. The up before it Sherman s second up Here comes opened from both sides showing three Pic Tures of the Singer. There was another picture of him suitable for framing on the heavy paper which held the record in place. Sherman says it was the first self destruct record the singles All on metro Media Are hey Little million hey mister 1 la 1.3 million easy come easy 1.5 million and Julie do a love 1.5 million and expected t go to 2 million. Do a love went to no. 3 on the Best sell ing Chart on sept. 26 and then instead of dropping off the Chart almost immediately it fell slowly which meant it was still sell ing going from no. 3 to 5, then 11, then 22, then on oct. 32. Oct. 17 also was the first Chart Date after Sherman s new up came out. It entered the Best Selling list at no. 58. Sherman said there were Advance orders on it and the same number on the Christmas album hell have out this year. However he has t got another song ready to come out following1 finding a single to follow up a 2-million seller takes some time. It has got to be right. I can t think every record is going to turn Gold but still i like to make it respectable As far As the music is Sherman was the staff Singer for a couple of years on Shin dig on to and during that time was with two record companies but his records did t catch of. More recently lie has been on the to series Here come the where he did t sing he says this just proves there in t a magic formula and also that nowadays music listeners go for several types of pop music All at the same time. We re not in an Era where just one thing say hard Rock or country Rock or jazz Rock or bubblegum is the Only thing Selling. They All arc. His Ideal for his career Sherman says is to keep up both music and acting. It s a tremendous Challenge. Bull want to put them in their own separate places and not act on a to show in which i also sing hand Crank the Copper Cut through the invisible lines of magnetic Force generating an electric current that was led through a circuit of Copper wire. Our modern generators Are enormous and either the Copper or the Magnet May be made to spin. But they work on the same principle As the first Little Dynamo invented by Michael Faraday 139 Yean ago

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