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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 30, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaHigher yield overcomes lower prices the general average Price for South Carolina and Border North Carolina tobacco for the 1970 season failed to reach the record level set last year according to the Federal state Market news service. However a substantial in crease in volume of sales was largely responsible for a value which was the greatest since the 1962 crop. Prices on a Grade basis were unchanged to a Little higher for most grades a though sizeable losses occurred for some offerings. Quality of marketing was poorer. A larger proportion of sales was placed under govern ment loan than during last season. Gross sales includes resales totalled pounds for million averaging per Hundred. This average was 84 cents under the 1969 level halting the upward trend of the three years. The volume topped last season s by 28.7 million pounds and tie value went up million. Gross sales this year in pounds of resales. Marketing in tied form were negligible. Grade prices averaged higher most grades except variegated unripe and immature tobaccos which were Down. Gains amounted to chiefly to per Hundred pounds. In Many cases these increases occurred for grades on which the government loan rates had been set above the 1969 Levels. Losses were in the to Range Tor the most part offerings contained smaller percentages of smoking Leaf cutters and lugs with a larger proportion of lower Leaf and priming. Also from a maturity and color standpoint the crop was less desirable. There was a much larger pro portion of unripe and variegated sold and less Lemon and Orange grades. Principal marketing were Low and fair Leaf fair lugs Low priming and nondescript. Jln smrt Jun Ritting Friday october 30, to Morris raps school critics Rev. Billy Graham right rep. L. Mendal Rivers at ceremony pair lend procession for dedication of Baptist College of Charleston Library Hope i justify if says Rivers food Stamps Pilot program is announced Columbia a a two year federally funded Pilot pro Gram to get More food Stamps to More of South Carolina s poor election have promised to do people was announced jointly something for South Carolina thursday by two state officia., they have promised to raise or. R. Archie Ellis director pay but they have no of the state welfare depart Lyman a state democratic candidate for lieutenant governor thursday denounced critics of the South Carolina Public school system. Many people throughout this suggested a plan for doing Morris said. Morris said it is ludicrous to me How Many self styled experts we have been confronted with in this Campaign. Ment and j. Lee Spratt director of the South Carolina office of economic Opportunity told a state House news conference the program would utilize Van they have promised a decreased Stu Dent teacher ration but they have not provided the programs or suggestions As to How to build More classrooms they have j Carolina but they have not welfare Heckl denies charge Columbia head of the South Carolina Public welfare department thursday emphatically denied charges of racism and discrimination in food stamp recipients. The program will be funded for two years with some in Federal Money through the Leo and then presumably. Ellis department will take Over the Job. The Money will pay for six vans and the personnel needed to Woric them in 11 South Caro Lina counties. The counties to be served Are Greenville Charleston Berke this department s hiring prac Ley Colleton Dorchester Hamp ton Allendale Bamberg. Barn Well Horry and Georgetown. Charleston a i Trust that i will live Long enough of justify rep. L. Mendel Rivers is. C., said thursday of the Baptist College at Harleston s new Library being dedicated and named for him. Billy Graham was the main speaker at the dedication Cere Mony in front of the million Structure. An estimated persons sat and stood through a Brief rain Shower to hear the speak ers and new Orleans jazz Trum Peter Al Hirt. Rivers after a citation Hon Oring him was read by Baptist College president or John a. Hamrick said for these words who would t be hum bled whose shoulders would t be Rivers said he is deter mined to keep my people free so institutions such As the Baptist College can exist. One child can gain some thing from this he my efforts whatever they have been or will be will be Graham who interrupted a crusade in Portugal to speak at the dedication compared t h e Baptist College with Harvard Yale Columbia and other Vener Able american universities. All he said started just like the Baptist College with a faculty that believed in god and students who studied to be min Hirt whose appearance at the dedication had brought a pro test from a Baptist Church in the Charleston area played solos of the Star spangled just a closer walk with thee and the Battle hymn of the j Rivers noted that Hirt Hadi volunteered to appear at no Cost to the College and said if there is any person you want to criticize then criticize men Del the Hev. Everette e. Talbert pastor of the Midland Park Baptist Church bought Adver Tising space in local newspapers to criticize Hirt s endorsement of alcoholic beverages in advertisements. Hirt said Rivers is Here As a favor to me and he is a great Hirt cancelled engagement in Michigan to play at the dedication Rivers said. Speaker describes Epworth childrens Home Myrtle Beach a close look at Epworth children s in Columbia today would reveal a Broad program of services for the needy dependent child and his family. It is More than a children s said Rev. D. Allen r. Broome superintendent o f Epworth children s Home country diner serving cafeteria 11 . P. M. Boxes to go no waiting Choice of 3 meats and 6 vegetables just pay for what you gel try our saturday and sunday special open 6 . To . 30 n. Across from Hwy. Dept. 669-9209 Columbia guest speaker tues Day night at the monthly supper meeting of the men of the Church conference first United methodist Church. He said that spreading All the Way from infancy to adult life the services Are designed to minister to As Many needs of these children and youth As can be brought into one family Home p Cement is provided for the very Young and for those who have special need for this More intimate relationship. Temporary care is now available for those who must immediately or until plans can be worked for longer care. A program for the retarded includes special education and special training. Treatment or therapy is provided for those who Are emotionally disturbed. Higher education and vocational training carry the youth on beyond High school until they Are settled on their own the speaker pointed out. Cont suing or. Broome said a recently developed counselling program is available to family members of All Ages. A Solidarity of the family is and must be the concern of every Effort of Epworth. Even though children must be separated from other family members to live at Epworth or to enter some other Type of care rehabilitation is sought As soon As possible. T this process All members of the family both youth and Case work. Other income is adults Are provided Case work services designed to identify and derived from miscellaneous personal and contributions overcome _ whatever problems j in Jan Are All applied to the Cost of group care As provided on the Divide the family. This Broad program of service is made possible by three financial resources. Several years ago the farming assets of Epworth were transferred by the Sale of the farm property and the purchasing of income producing securities. This additional income has made possible the off Campus services of family Home place ment care counselling temporary some of the special services and More adequate Epworth Campus. The real key Cess Ful operation still rests Ellis said the of the pro Gram is to reach the Many poor people in the state who presently find it not feasible to travel Many Miles to a Center to buy food Stamps. The two men said in Many counties there is Only one Center to handle thousands of families and that the centers Are some times located As far away As times. There is no discrimination in any form or fashion in the employment practices of the department of said or. R. Archie Ellis at a state House news conference. We have 182 Blacks working with us Ellis added. In fact we be added about 60 since april 1. When i came into the Ellis said the Agency employs More than persons. These political Good at election cd months later have no programs to pay. The Bills and to bail their own inept programs out of the Pickens banker added. Is time that the taxpayer of South Carolina be considered when promises Are made and one As who has always Lead the fight for better Educa Tion in South Carolina i have supported every proposal for teacher benefits and teacher salary increases which has come to the floor of the sen said Morris. Morris said he also supported proposals to pay the Cutty people know the charge of racism was Miles from the outer fringes by the South Carolina the county. of the u. S. Cry l of said Ellis that rights commission. The report to of however the Suc Epworth with the methodist Church of the South Carolina d r. Broome pointed out. Epworth must still look to these friends for three dollars out of every four for the operation of the traditional group care program entered on the Columbia Cam pus. Wait be sure and shop with us tonight from . Til . Used to specials color priced at up Broadway s t. V. I563 662-7089 j Watson pledges to Stop disruptions in education Columbia Cap Republican Albert Watson Campaign ing for governor in Columbia and Charleston said thursday he would utilize the full Fiatt hot Coal Hearth restaurant Holiday inn downtown smorgasbord also serving nightly 6 pm children see hear John West candidate for governor discuss the issues of vital interest to the pee Dee area tonight p. M. A Bow Channel 13 pm. Pol. And. Or. Howard Stokes John Scott co chairman weight of the governor s office to Stop those who would harm or disrupt our system of Public the 2nd District congressman said he would intervene regardless of whether those inter Fering with education Are in Washington the courtroom or South Carol a concentrating on what he says is a breakdown of discipline in schools. Watson declared in the past few years there has generally been a conspicuous absence of stale officials will to Challenge illegal court edicts and unconstitutional leg Watson continued. This situation will never exist while i am the governor of South Watson declared. The Republican candidate a d if elected he would end the epidemic disruptions which have plagued our Public schools in recent i would defend with the full Legal a i Hority of the state South Caro Lina s control of its own schools. As i have made Clear repeatedly in this Campaign As hardly makes it Worth the Effort if they have to pay five dollars or so to make the trip each the vans will operate Asmo bile distribution centers. Spratt whose Leo Agency received the Money and is working with the welfare department said the vans will Stop on a schedule in Rural towns and communities throughout the counties Ellis said Well be taking the food stamp program to the Pool people rather than having the poor people come to the foot stamp the two men also announced a second program expending some in Federal Money in the first two years which will train disadvantaged and minor Ity group persons As Para professional workers for the department of welfare. Ellis said the Hope of his Wel fare department is that during the two years the Leo pro Gram can gradually be brought into the welfare depart Ellis would not comment re Garding How much the program could Cost the state to operate i if it is continued after two years. Summing up the major Points of the program Ellis said it would enlarge the distribution of food Stamps and Cre ate new jobs for disadvantaged persons. The whole thing is loaded with Ellis said. Said there were glaring in oui ties at All Levels of the Wel fare adar nitration in tar county and other areas of the state. From South Carolina appearing in behalf of the state on mat ters before Congress and the courts affecting the right of a slate to control its own system of Public education. The we be run courts logic seems stymied some Public officials in the state and As a result the impression unfortunately has been made that we have lost our governor i will insure that discipline and safety return to Public education. I will not stand idly by in the face of a breakdown in school discipline nor will i with out from the people the scale have of the discipline problem. What i do is to take what Ever Steps Are necessary to re store to our schools the safety our children the local office of a leading Southeastern financial services company is seeking a qualified sales representative for the Florence area. Unlimited income great benefits and professional training go to the Man who can qualify for this rewarding and challenging position. Call Tommy 662-6931 Clemson head eyes forests Columbia a Clemson University s president Robert c. Edwards said thursday for Esters and Forest landowners Are going to be under continue cd pressure for better housekeeping in the next decade. Speaking at the closing ses Sion of the annual meeting of the South Carolina forestry association. Edwards said t h e state s Forest industries will have to make better use of their resources if they Are to meet the demands of the future. By the end of the year 2000, half of the nation s Forest production will have to come from he Edwards said. South Carolina is going to have o use better management procedures to produce its col. Felix a tree Armer from Mcconnells. Was named South Carolina tree Armer of the year. Carpet and upholstery cleaning master carpet cleaning service 662-4152 662-3557 America s scotch a re elect m. Lynch or. Florence county Council seat number 2 District 2 prior experience 16 years As a member of county Council 14 years As Secretary presently serving As Secretary Farmer All of his life f. M. Lynch or. Has worked hard As a member of county Council to see that All sections of Florence county Are equally and fairly represented. He has worked for Progress in All areas of the county and has always fought to keep its financial affairs on a sound basis. He has welcomed suggestions from any citizen concerning county business and will always do so. He asks for your vote and support on november 3 and pledges that when he is re elected he will continue to Render honest fair and progressive service to All citizens of Florence county. A vote for Lynch is a vote for continued Good government a Man who understands your problems pm. Pol. Adv

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