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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 29, 1970, Florence, South Carolina2-c thursday oct our 29, 1970 Jolarr nth 40raulf High water this was Kent at a major last Char is la., intersection tuesday when seven inches of win fall in the area. Auto to Bini it a want temporary boat. Tight Money bringing Boom in Low Cost housing for poor Miami Beach Fla. A Light Money May Lead to a minor Boom in the construction of Jow Cost housing for the poor. With Money to finance Ordi nary housing difficult to obtain private builders Are taking advantage of a government subs housing program they died would were plentiful Industry experts said in interviews tuesday. Low income housing starts under this program Are expected to increase ten fold this year. Some sources attending the convention of the mortgage Bankers association said the government subsidy plan would ers however said Only Uncle Sam could solve the problem o housing the nation s poor. Historically american bulk ers have shied away from Feder Al programs because they Foum they could make a better prof working said Milton a Abrams senior vice presiden have scorned if Money i ultimately prove too costly. Oth of associated mortgage Compa these prices Good All week we Are authorized to take food Stamps we Reserve the right to limit quantities Frozen foods dutch Ann 2 per pan pie shells 3s Garden delite baby Lima meats rib brisket Stew la. 45 Bone 17 spare ribs 35 Economy Cut pork chop sub 39c Mai halloween special red delicious Appie borne Beauty peck69c oranges 29 Grapefruit a. Bananas la. 10 potatoes 10lbs. 39c it Ceres Armour s Vienna sausage Dole pineapple juice 46 02. Can 33 Charmin toilet tissue 39 Marcal tray pack Franks 79 Brown link smoke sausage 79 fag Rice 3lb. Bag 39 Ritz 12 of. Stack pack Chuck Steak la. 59 Chuck roast la 59 Vaughan s Home made pork sausage 59 crackers 37c Mother s bread unto buy a a act 10 Spaghetti meat balls 35 Dreher la. Pail c Azalea half or whole Kur Edham 49 pure lard 49 with 5 00 or More order. South Carolina Grade a Large eggsd0239c Nies inc. Of Washington. . The nation s third largest Mort Gage banking firm. But with tight Money and soaring interest rates builders have lost some of the qualms about working with Uncle he said. For the first time in several years Abrams continued there is a vast Supply of mortgage Money available to these build via government sponsored or owned agencies. These mortgage Loans Are insured by the Federal housing authority. And under the housing act of 1968, the government will subsidize a major portion of a builder s interest charge on Money borrowed to construct housing or the poor. By taking advantage of these programs a builder can get me sums of Money at a mini Mal Cost while putting up Vir rally no Cash of his own Abrams said. Although the maximum profi Developer can earn is limited to 6 per cent recent tax Legisla Tion permits him to write off virtually the whole Cost of the project As a tax deduction Abrams said. This is not possible with conventional real estate holdings he pointed out. The added tax sweetener has made these projects excellent siness investments for High come bracket individuals said another mortgage banker Sam Uel t. Isaac vice president of he Lexington based Kentucky mortgage inc. Isaac estimated that in re ent months nearly 100 Wai Street syndicates have sprung up clamouring to buy these federally supported this becomes so Sweet after he said it becomes better than under this program Low Cost housing units were started 1969, and in. The first six months of 1970, approximately were started an. Cha spokesman said. Industry Esti mates for the year Range As duh As during fiscal 1969, some million was spent by the Cha interest subsidies while sex and itunes for fiscal 1970 mounted to million the spokesman said. Everett c. Spelman newly elected mba president ques one How Long Congress and be taxpayer would support Uch subsidy programs. The magnitude of the subs ies As they develop year after ear will induce Congress to try to solve the housing problem some other he said. Irving Rose president of and Vance mortgage. Corp. Of de troit said to build a decent Home in a decent environment for every american would re quire subsidies in the trillions of however Claude e. Pope ecu Tive vice president of Camer on Brown of Raleigh n.c., said government involvement is Here to stay. It would be impossible for private Enterprise to build the Homes needed without govern ment he said. Texas irishmen traitors heroes Mexico City a a Small plaque in a tiny Mexico City Plaza lists the Reilly o Connor Appleby no Lan Sheehan me Elroy Fitzpa trick Daly Murphy and those of 62 other irishmen. Mexico Calls them heroes. The . Army Calls them traitors. To themselves they were merely common men who Felt they were being asked to fight an unjust War. But instead of re fusing to fight they simply switched sides. What made this group of men one country s heroes and the other s villains is a Little known historical incident of the meal co-. War of 1847. The names Are those of most of the members of the St. Patrick battalion a group of Tex As irishmen who fought on mex Ico s Side after deserting in Masse from the . Army. The plaque says with mexi co s gratitude to the Irish sol Diers of the heroic St. Patrick battalion who gave their lives for the cause of Mexico during the unjust North american Sion. Most of the members of the battalion were executed by Gen Ial Winfield Scott s army after the last big Battle of the War on the outskirts of Mexico City. Why did this group desert the United states victorious forces and join Mexico s lost cause mexican historians have tried to find the reason in the Irish sense of other rians explain it by referring to the living conditions of the Irish in the United states at a time when Irish settlers were still looked Down on by protestants. A mexican novelist historian Patricia Cox states a similar argument in a novel about the battalion based on the life of John o Reilly an irishman who according to mrs. Cox went to Texas from an Ireland under English domination. Historical fact is were Given 50 lashes in Public most of the members of the Bat and branded on the forehead Talion came from san Patricio with a St country of Texas the mexican government the and were recruited at a time Church and the asked the army to spa e the uves when the memory of the Alamo and the Battles for Texas inde Shu Luc a Vatu 4nw Pendency was very much alive were n Emma Elij Kir it in her Scotts san Patricio was founded by a san Rai Riclo was Luw Meu by a group of Irish settlers in the late damned men were taken to a 1820s when Texas was part of Public Plaza placed on carts in a. . Mexico. But the Irish of Texas at that time had Little against Mexico. We had the same religion and Texas Independence was Al ready recognized by Mexico. After they were recruited they realized that they were wanted for an invasion of Mexico not to defend says chronicler Salvador novo other historians speculate that the Irish catholics came to Texas when the Spanish Catho Lic population was suffering some persecution from the dominant protestant settlers in the aftermath of Texas secession from Mexico. The battalion under o Reilly joined army. The Northern mexican it participated in some Battles by the North before reaching Mexico City where it joined other mexican forces for the last stand against the advancing . Forces. The battalion s colors were a White Flag with an Irish Harp and the words St. Patrick Bat the battalion fought its last Battle late in August in Molino key and Churubusco then outside Mexico City. At Churubusco a group of irishmen fell into the hands of the . Army. The defenders had spent All their ammunition. On sept. 8 1847 a . Army the irishmen but the appeals under Scotts orders the con Der the Gallows facing a. Flag and then executed. The War ended a few weeks later. Mexico lost much of its Northern and Western territory and the . Troops left. . Reviews population explosion United nations . Both the world s birth rate and death rate Are Down but the population explosion is such that there will be twice As Many people on Earth by the year 2006, the latest . Demo graphic yearbook says. The annual statistical review reports that global population reached 3.552 billion by july 1969. It will increase to a figure in excess of seven billion in just Over 30 years if the current growth rate is maintained year Book estimates just published disclose. More than half the world s inhabitants numbering 1.988 Bil lion or 56 per cent live1 in Asia including communist China. The next highest total is for Europe where 460 million re Side. In descending order 345 Mil Viii Cpl. O it tit a . Nim court martial in Tacu Baya sen lion live in Africa 276 million in fenced All 51 prisoners to the latin America and the can Gallows but Gen. Scott commit bean 240 million in the soviet de the sentence of nine of them Union and 224 million in North including o Reilly. The nine bandits flee Montreal a two bandits posing As Airport freight handlers fled from Montreal International Airport on saturday night with in Canadian banknotes that had just arrived on an overseas flight from London. Police said the men armed with pistols and dressed in coveralls worn by employees of general aviation services ltd., walked into the cargo terminal and forced employees to open the vault. South Carolina Grade a Small eggs value Brand sliced Bacon .49 Jordan prices Good thru food mkt. 610 e. Pine sat. Fresh shrimp 99c Brooks chunk Bologna la. 49 Hormel fully cooked hams whole or Shank half la. 49 fresh pork whole Oft half loins la. 49 Bolero whole pealed tomatoes 300 Doc 37 can i Honey Hill Franks la. Cliff House sliced pineapple no. 2 size orc can us a Choice Chuck Steak la. 59 Luzianne White Label Coffee fresh Large hens la. 29 Sweet sue Chicken and a dumplings 591 fresh pork spare ribs 3 la. Average 49 5lb.up lettuce 19c a. Plantation pure pork sausage 39 la. Jack marshmallow pies 3 boxes for smoke slab sliced la. Bacon u. Dryer pure lard 4 59 mixes -1 pc Frozen foods pet Ritz Apple Cherry peach pies 3 banquet meat

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