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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 29, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaYear no. 302 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., thursday morning october 29, 1970 lot sunday inflation slowed policies working Nixon Longview Tex. A _ president Nixon pres ing his Campaign to elect Republican senators in Florida and Texas declared wednesday his is ration s economic policies Are working and inflation has been Wisti fur hand that strategy an Oil drum to Alki Iowa is j Edge the cheers of the crowd. Besides the Infra a Nixon spoke at St. Peters lion he said interest rate s Burg fla., earlier in the Day Are definitely on the Way Down drawing repeated applause and housing starts Are hmm 9 Nixon gave this assessment on the economic situation the1 chief target of democratic Campaign efforts across the nation in a statement As he arrived in p Nampa in for George Bush and Paul Eggers the re publican candidates for senator and governor in this heavily democratic state. A difficult Battle against big Nixon every from a crowd of about Many of them school children let out of classes for the Day. He Farmer the n j declared that the attainment of Bush s rival in the hotly Eon tested Texas senatorial race prime Campaign Issue. The crowd that greeted Nixon at Longview where he spoke to a rally in an Airport stadium was estimated by local police at and was the most enthusiastic the president has encountered on his current two Day four Stop swing. At one Point Nixon and Bush climbed Claude Kirk jr., trailing a i cording to polls in his race against Democrat Reubin As Kew. As at his other Florida stops the Tallahassee rally Drew a Small band of hecklers. For the first time on this trip Nixon acknowledged their presence pointing to them when he said his Vietnam policies Are de signed to assure that these men Don t have to go to Viet Nam or to fight in another War. Lyndon b. Johnson and added we in uie Republican party Are showing the former presi j Dent the respect. He deserves far More than members of his own mate in place of vice president Spiro t. Agnew. Democrats. Bill Cramer is the one who might be that majority of he said of rep. William c. Cra Mer the gop nominee who is believed to be in an Uphill fight against Democrat Lawton Chiles. Noted that his efforts for peace follow in the footsteps Nixon also boosted gov. I of a texan former president the close of the pres ident s remarks at least two protesters were arrested by police. A master of ceremonies at the Tallahassee rally which Drew several thousand was g. Har old Carswell the former judge Nixon tried unsuccessfully to put on the supreme court and j who then lost to Cramer in a bit 1 Ter gop senatorial primary. A top gop official mean while expressed concern about the Impact on the Texas Senate race of speculation that the president might be considering Bush As possible 1972 running i wish they d run that Story next Deputy gop National chairman Jim Allison told reporters. He added it does t help in the Texas race. The Story by the Washington Post s David s. Broder received prominent play in Ati least one Dallas paper. I it was Learned that Agnew. I Busy also campaigning for gop i candidates had telephoned the i White House after the Story appeared to express concern. President Nixon s position on i 1972 has been that it is Prema Ture to speculate at this time on the makeup of the Republican ticket but he has often praised Agnew s efforts. Everyone in the presidential i the president was asked by a party insisted there was no a reporter in Longview if Agnew Sis in fact for the Story. I would be on the 1971 ticket. Ill cover that is i get along during the Nixon i replied adding he Agnew is i one of the great campaigners of i All history Nad he is doing a wonderful Allison said Texas Indiana and Tennessee Are the lop three gop Hopes in Senate races next tuesday. Except for Texas where Allison said he expects j Bush to win he offered no pre 1 diction on outcomes. Macdonald cleared of slaying charges Jordan regime formed Amman Jordan a Jor Dan formed a new government wednesday night under an anti guerrilla prime minister. Authoritative sources in Cairo said the egyptian ambassador was called Home immediately for consultations on the grave political the naw jordanian prime minister was i Tell is a Veteran politician staunchly Loyal to King Hussein and strongly opposed to Active ties of palestinian guerrillas. He j Heads Jordan s third govern ment in six weeks Tell 50, is disliked by the guerrillas who fought an 11-Day War with. Hussein s army last month. His appointment is unlikely to promote More cordial relations Between them and the jordanian military. The authoritative Cairo news paper Al ashram said ambassador Osman Mori was ordered Home in response to Hussein s sudden decision to name a new government. It d d not comment directly on Tell but cited reports described him As an extreme rightist and a severe executor of internal pol j also in Cairo Brig. Mohamed served a Brief term j Morgan City la. Apas Premier of Jordan at the a shipwrecked Seaman who height of the civil crisis called spent 11 hours in a life raft in the for a civilian government rep g of of m f h resenting different actions Hospital bed wednesday How the 1 ship s Captain repeatedly blew he said in an interview this f Hom As fresh went would create an understanding i Between the palestinian move Fuh Ell attract ment and the Royal army thus j on an a Yards evading any possible Daoud 55 and a palestinian Bobby Burnette 37, of Mon was named Premier at the be-1 Terey was one of four men res it. Bragg doctor to seek hew Lite it. Bragg n. A Green Beret physician was cleared wednesday of charges that he murdered his wife and two daughters. He. Said he wants to get out of the army and Start a new life. I Don t h ate the army in spite of what has Hap said c let. Jeffrey r. Macdonald 27, i m proud of my Green Beret. But i be been through a Bac scene and the Best thing for me to do is get out now. In capt. Macdonald cleared of murder charges insufficient evidence cited by army commander 77 hours on raft survivor tells of Gulf ordeal Macdonald was cleared by his commanding officer maj. Gen. Edward m. Flanagan of three counts of premeditated murder. Flanagan said there was not enough evidence to sup port the charges. He based the ruling on a re port by col. Warren v. Bock who held five weeks of hearings into the charges this summer to determine whether Macdonald should be court Martiale. J the army had charged that the Young doctor from path Hogue n.y., killed his family in a rage because his 2-year-old daughter wet the bed. Macdonald s wife Colette and daughters Kimberly 6, and Kristen Jean 2, were found beaten and stabbed to death in the family s apartment. Mac Shal at it. Bragg. He added he could not comment on specific investigations a spokesman for the police department at nearby Faye Leville said the matter was entirely in the hands of the army and that civilian officers were not Active in the Case at present. The Federal Bureau of investigation which helped in the initial investigation would not comment. Macdonald who had been restricted to his quarters after he was formally charged May 1, resumed dirtiest As a special forces specialist in preventive president stops for injured president Richard m. Nixon top left leans Over to Check the condition of motorcycle patrolman Don j. Lead beater who suffered a broken leg Ond Arm wednesday while escorting the presi Dent s limousine to the St. Petersburg fla., Airport. Beside Nixon is William c. Cra Mer Republican nominee to the u. S. Senate. Leadbeater s motorcycle collided with a truck. A private negotiations Hanoi said serious about peace talks inn i f j t Lees and x can ginning of the jordanian crisis late in september but served Only 10 Days. Cued after the 100-foot maintenance ship the super suddenly went Down before wholesale prices decline slightly wholesale prices Are slightly lower but Industrial commodities Are higher. See Page 12-d. Government officials have decided to go ahead with the formation of a permanent group of sky marshals. See Page 11-a. As the lights Start glittering in tha gambling palaces classes begin at the Las vegas Urban High school. See Page 5-c. Index ask Andy 11d classified 8d comics 11d deaths 2a editorials 4a markets 7d sports us women 5a i Dawn wednesday about 50 Miles South of Here. Four unidentified men were missing. Survivors said they feared the missing men May have been caught in their bunks when the ship Sank. The coast guard picked up Burnette and two Mer Chapman 29, of Oberlin and Preston Eskine 19, of new Orleans they capsized their raft waving for help. The ship s Captain Arthur p. Landry of Biloxi was rescued Tom a wellhead where he had Clung 10 hours. The skipper climbed on top of the wheelhouse and started blowing the ship s Bur Nette said. But the ship was Al ready he said workmen on the Oil Rig operated by the Chevron Oil co., probably were asleep and did not hear the Horn. The ship owned by the land Marine applicators of Harvey a firm under contract to Chev Ron for maintenance work had been moored for the night. I Donald told investigators that a group of four a invaded the apart ment stabbed him and knocked him unconscious. He said when j he awoke he found the bodies. The army contended Mac Donald made up the Story of the intruders and stabbed himself to make the Story believable. A spokesman for the army maj. James Wilson said wednesday unless there is new evidence there is no possibility of further charges against for lawyers it the Case is still open said changed my whole Outlook col. H. E. Keator Provost mar Medicine after he was informed of Flanagan s decision. Although i knew i would be exonerated i still lived with the fear that i would have to go. Through the Nightmare of Ai court martial. I have staggering Washington a offi Are three options from Macdonald whose take Home pay is a month for his serv ice of nearly 1% years said the incident has changed my whole Outlook. I used to work hard helping people but i Don t Trust anyone anymore. It was bad enough to lose my family but then to be charged with it and have to go through a hearing and spend 20 grand just see m Donald Page 8a Cial . Sources say they Jive received hints from third Par ties that North Vietnam is seriously interested in private negotiations on president Nixon s peace proposal for Indochina in eluding a standstill cease fire. The third parties were not identified but the american officials said it is their belief that Hanoi has found the cease fire suggestion intriguing. Noting that the dry season is now beginning in Large areas of Vietnam Cambodia and Laos the american sources said there which that Between the Choice of pro Hanoi May choose traded War or negotiations a major military Effort in there is a significant possibility solving High risk operations. All supplies for such an operation would have to be sent Over the to Chi Minh Trail through South Ern Laos since the communist Supply route by sea through Cambodia has been closed. The opposite extreme negotiating an Indochina peace settlement at the Paris talks. Low Cost protracted guerrilla warfare of the kind advocated by communist China s Leader Mao tse Tung. The american officials said that negotiations would be the communist Choice. North Vietnam the Viet Cong and communist China All rejected Nixon s five Point peace initiative made on oct. 7, As a peace but there have been indications that the communist Side is interested in talk ing about the Nixon plan the sources said. Or maximum write in privileges court orc fers up names on ballot unless mechanically impossible Columbia judge Federal three panel ordered weather Cloudy and Cool with Chance of rain tonight and Friday. High today and Friday near 70 Low tonight in details Page 3a. I Sato elected Tokyo a prime minis Ter Eisaku Sato won an unprecedented fourth term As Japan s Leader thursday. He Defeated taken Miki 353 111 in an Clec Ilion for president of the ruling Liberal democratic party. Monday that unless it is mechanically the Sta of South Carolina has to place the names of two negro Candi dates for statewide offices on next tuesday s general election ballot. The court said if it is impossible the state is ordered to facilitate to the maximum the write in privileges on voting machines in any feasible Man the United citizens parly up brought the suit last week in an Effort to have placed on the ballots the names of gubernatorial candidate Thomas d. Broadwater a Black lawyer from Columbia and the name of the Rev. J. Mcteer of Ridge Ville candidate for lieutenant governor on the Black oriented party ticket. The state election commis Sion already has printed and sent to county election officials some ballots which do not include Broadwater and Mcteer s names. Broadwater and Mcter have been considered write in Candi dates. A spokesman for the stale election commission told the associated press an investigation is under Way to determine if it is humanly possible to get these names on the the spokesman said there is a tentative plan now to make up some Type of jammed labels to be pasted on paper ballots and possibly on voting machine bal lots. The spokesman said no decision could be reached until late wednesday night at the earliest. The court headed by judge Braxton Craven jr., of the 4lh . Circuit court of appeals ordered the slate to allow such labels to be pasted in the write in columns of the official bal lots if the up elected to print and distribute them at their own expense. Attorneys for the up argued that the requirements to get the names on the ballots for a minority party were Burden they asked the court to invoke a 1968 . Supreme court ruling which ordered the state of Ohio to put George Wal lace s american party slate of the ballot. South Carolina Law requires names of candidates to be submitted in april unless a primary is held in june. The Law also requires that ballots be printed and distributed to county officials at least 10 Days before the election. Airliner s Pilot Dies in flight san Francisco Pilot of a trans world airlines plane died in flight of an apparent heart attack wednesday but the Chicago to san Francisco flight landed safely in Cedar rapids Iowa with 54 persons aboard an airline spokesman Here said. The spokesman identified the dead Pilot As capt. Herbert 49, of Glen Elleri Iii he said Shively was taken to mercy Hospital in Cedar rapids is where he was pronounced dead. The spokesman said the first officer Edward w. Connely of Woodland Hills calif., took Over the controls and landed the plane safely in Cedar rapids. The plane was flight 273 out of Chicago

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