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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 28, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaDangerous erosion John 970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager sunday october 28, 1973 the press conference president Nixon s press con Ference Friday night portrayed an embattled Man whose second term in the White House has Iaci no parallel in american his tory. It came at the conclusion of a week of Domestic and inter National drama which demonstrated the resilience of the american people when confronted by crises. The National outcry against the president s firing of special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox and the subsequent dismissal of his attorney general and Deputy attorney general had deepened the crisis of Confidence and led to cries for impeach ment. It was a nation standing by seeming great majority against the president. But in the midst of that crisis the situation in the Middle East threatened to blow up into a nuclear confrontation Between the . And the soviet Union. The president acted firmly and effectively and by overwhelm ing majority the nation stood with him. Predictably All questions put to him at the Friday night press conference except those relating to his Sharp criticism of the elec tronic Media pertained to Middle East and watergate related matters. Predictably also he skilfully sought to keep his Domestic difficulties within the happier context of his foreign policy successes. It was a stratagem that would have proved More successful had he not Side tracked in a bitter attack against the Media. The. President s announced intention to name a new special prosecutor to succeed Archibald Cox was obviously in response to nationwide criticism of the Cox firing and or. Nixon s earlier stated intention of placing the watergate investigation under the department of Justice. But his declared intention to stand on presidential confidentiality in respect to documents that May be needed to expose fully the watergate affair creates doubt about How far his new special prosecutor can go without suffer ing the same Fate As or. Cox. It is doubtful that the con Gress will accept the president s plan As its own unless the credibility and known integrity of the person selected Are irreproachable and Congress is persuaded he will be Given full Freedom to operate. In the meantime cries for impeachment will Likely diminish at least temporarily. Whether they orchestra again depends upon How successfully the presi Dent can be in persuading con Gress and the american Public that he is withholding nothing essential to full disclosure concerning the scandals that have rocked his administration. An unwarranted cynicism we Are attempting to con duct the foreign policy of the United states with regard for future generations. It is a symptom of what is happening in this country that it could be even suggested that the United states would Alert its forces for Domestic that was Secretary of state Henry Kissinger s response to a news conference question on thursday. The question had wondered whether the presi Dent s worldwide troop Alert had not been designed to de tract from his watergate re lated problems. Or. Kissinger s reply was deliberate and prop Erly testy. At another Point he said there has to be a minimum of Confidence that the senior officials of the american govern ment Are not playing with the lives of the american that the soviet Union May have sought to convert to its own advantage a . Crisis of Confidence in Domestic matters is one thing. Rut that any sub Stantial body of american Opin Ion would suspect so serious a move As a worldwide troop Alert to be a diversionary move to turn National attention from Domestic events Bele Anguring the president must be labelled As cruel and unwarranted cynicism. Whether the administration Over reacted is a valid question. Given a Confidence crisis uni lateral action on. Such a scale by the president alone could have raised another valid ques Tion. Apparently taking this into consideration Nixon according to Kissinger did not enter the discussions until the National Security Council and bipartisan congressional leadership had unanimously recommended a troop Alert the magnitude of the action apparently stemmed from the ambiguity of soviet intentions. Under such circumstances National Security requires that the nature of the response be Able to counter the possibilities. One has to ask whether the very magnitude of the response May not have quickly dissuaded the soviet Union from uni lateral introduction of troops into the Middle East. In any event in a crisis situation Over reaction for Security reasons is preferable to a response that is not enough. Lobbyist claims loan to Ford never repaid Washington a former lobbyist has sworn to the Senate rules committee that he loaned vice presidential nominee Gerald Ford to cover urgent personal needs. The loan said lobbyist Robert Winter Berger was never repaid. By Jack Anderson in addition said Winter Berger at Ford s request he arranged contributions totalling More than to various Republican Campaign committees. The sex lobbyist author of a Book called the Washington went Well beyond his literary recollections in a four Page affidavit which he has Given to the committee and to us. Winter Berger said he will sub Mit to a Detector test if necessary. Ford categorically denied the charges. As Winter merger put it in his affidavit Between 1966 and september of 1960, i personally loaned Gerald Ford in the neighbourhood of this Money was Given to Ford in Cash to cover an illness and Tion of his wife at other times he complained that to was Short of Winter Herger swore that the Loans were made in amounts of ?50 to about Over the three year period. He did not ask repayment and Ford never offered it he said. The Dapper balding former Man about Capitol Hill said he also arranged for Francis Kellogg now a special assistant to Secretary of state Henry Kissinger to contribute to various Republican causes at the request of Ford. I arranged for Kellogg to meet at least twice with Gerald Ford at Kellogg s attested Winter Berger. Ford agreed to help Kellogg get a government Post. I have Cor Respondence in Rny Possession which proves that Kellogg was in touch with Herbert Kalmbach Nix on s personal lawyer in reference to fortunes of War changed swiftly two columns ago we told of Gen eral Francis Marlon s defeat of British John Watson at the lower Bridge on Black River some six mites be Low Kingstree. By James a. Rogers Elliis desired Winter Berger says Kellogg wanted to become ambassador to Kenya. In Stead he wound up dealing with refugee affairs As a top official in Washington at the state department. When we reached Kellogg head fitted that Winter Berger had set up appointments with Ford and that he had been in Contact with Kalm Bach about a diplomatic Job. But he denied he contributed he told us the total was Only and that it was not Given at either win or Ford s request. The sex Wheeler dealer swore Itiat at the 1969 inaugural Ford supplied an official sticker for the private limousine of a big gop contributor return for a contribution to the Republican congressional boosters and for another to the same committee Winter Berger said Ford got die contributor s grand Nephew a Job As a congressional in in the affidavit Winter Berger also dealt ully for the first time with his recollection of Ford s visit to new York psychotherapist or. Arnold hut Schnecker for Only 15 minutes and never visited with him again. But Winter Berger s affidavit lakes Issue i went into or. Hutschnecker s of fice and introduced him to Gerald the affidavit said. Winter merger maintained he walked a half Block to his own Home and prepared my own lunch which consisted of hamburger which was broiled in a preheated oven. This took me approximately 40 Watson s Campaign was one part of a Amiblo movement by which lard brands Law Iii told commander of urls Ash forces in South Carolina in tended to crush Marlon. In Pursuit of this plan was ordered to move from fort wills ii on the Sintee and front Billy nil pick Marlon then marching up the in Nice haul to join to ten. Thomas Sumter. But Marion outfoxed Ami out fought him it the lower Bridge and chased him across the Sample River swamp and into Georgetown. Hie other part of Rawdon s two prong plan was for it. Col. Welborn Doyle to move eastward across Lynch is River and Down the pee Dee to Cut off Marion s Retreat. The month was March of 1v81 and All Winter Marion s Headquarters on Snow s Island had been both Refuge and Supply base. It would not be so for Long. Too occupied with defeat ing Watson Marion had failed to learn of Doyle s approach. He had anticipated no attack from the rear _ his scouts had been inactive and strategic ferries were left unguarded. It was to Cost him Snow s Island and its storehouse of supplies. No sooner had Marion pursued wat son into Georgetown and encamped on the Sam pit than he was informed by a messenger from Kingstree that col. Doyle had crossed lynches River at Witherspoon s ferry and was mov ing toward Snow s Island. It would be the next Day before Marion could begin the Day s ride Between him and his Island Rendez Vous. Knowing his advantage to be. Only temporary Doyle moved swiftly to the Island and attacked col. Hugh Ervin s defenders. Victory was Swift Complete and without the loss of a Man. Henceforth Snow s Island would no longer serve As a Rendez Vous for concealing resting and re supplying Marion s men. Under Date of april 4, 1781, the Royal Gazette of Charleston reported Marion s repository of stores and plunder on Snow s Island was a few Days since destroyed by a detachment of his majesty s forces under i. Col from he bivouac on the Sample Marion left at Daybreak the morning after he received the message concerning Doyle and galloped across lower will Ramsburg to Indiantown. As they had done on other occasions after Riding with Marion into Battle Many of his militiamen dropped out As they Rode through Williamsburg. This was Home country and there were cattle to tend families to Sec and land to be prepared for Spring i Marion reached Indian-1 town the proud brigade which he had commanded for less than a year and with which he had just Defeated one of the Best fighting units in the British army numbered a Mere Sev Enty men. In the meantime Doyle knowing Snow s Island to be a Deathtrap if Marion were suddenly to appear left immediately after his Victory Over col. Ervin re crossing lynches River he went into Camp above Wither spoon s ferry the ferry was approximately where the River Road Bridge now spans lynches River from there he sent his foragers to obtain supplies from whig plantations below lynches River. Marion dispatched col. Hugh Horry to drive away the foraging parties. In a Sharp clash. Horry drove them Back across Witherspoon s ferry and Doyle outgunned struck Camp and headed up the River Road yet for Marion the prospects were not Bright. Watson would not Tarry Long in Georgetown before trying to join Doyle. Up in the tory Region Between Mars Bluff and Catfish Creek tories under Micajah Ganey were mustering. And Snow s Island with its military supplies had fallen be fore Doyle s lightning stroke. It was brooding and discouraged Marion who contemplated the plight of his Little army. But the fortunes of War change swiftly. Encouraged by his men Marion set off up the River Road in Pursuit of Doyle. In the Hope Welt Community they Learned from an old whig named Burch that Dur ing the evening before Doyle in response to a messenger from Rawdon had moved swiftly toward Camden. Marion was Quick to size up the situation. Upon his arrival in Cam Den Doyle would be 60 Miles to the West. Seventy Miles Down. The pee Dee Watson was still in Georgetown. Across the River from him were Ganey s tories. This was the time to strike at them. From Burch s he sent put a Call for his absent militia men to join him there. Upon their arrival Back in Camp he pushed on up the River Road swung East across the pee Dee at Mars Bluff and went into Camp near Ganey s tories. What followed is another Story. Public forum former police chief Speaks your executive that s a new one to the editor 1 have read with increasing dismay the letters appearing in your paper Over the last several weeks and with reference to our City councilmen and the rumours of the firing of chief Cycle of the police department. It is my considered opinion which must be shared by the Many others who elected him that or. A. P. Skin Ner is a dedicated Public servant with the Best interests of the citizens of Florence at heart. I also feel since we recently elected or. Chase and or. Ham that we have that opinion of them too. They Are being unduly criticized and harassed by Well meaning Citi Zens and some who Are not even lax payers in their attempt to do the Job hey were cd cycled to do. We be had letters from people of All walks of life Church men some doctors sixth sense1 tells Secretary Kissinger when to move Washington the Kissinger touch. The Man who did the most o end the War in Vietnam is proving to be the Man who is doing much to end the fighting in the Middle Kast. By Roscoe drum Monck Secretary of slave Henry Kissinger is More than a resourceful negotiator. He knows where he is going he appreciates what the other Side needs in order to Compromise. He does t try to make peace out of Straw but has the capacity to seize events Etc they Are Frozen. Arabs Radii Trace a Nixon dividend. The ability of the United Stales and the soviets to work together closely to promote a Middle East truce is a Clear consequence of the policy of detente which president Nixon initiated with both Moscow and peking. It should be noted that at the United nations China which rarely supports any soviet move purposefully look no part in the voting on the Security Council Resolution so it could be unanimous. This is another example of Nixon foreign policy at work seeking to Lay the building blocks of a better peace. More open diplomacy under Kis Singer. Both the president and Secretary Kissinger expect to work closely with the Senate foreign relations committee and Congress As a whole. Evolving policy will no be so Secrel As in the past. Kissinger put it eloquently in these words no foreign policy no matter How ingenious has any Chance of Success if it is Horn in the minds of a few and carried in the hearts of keeping the vice residency a can. That s what Many Senate democrats Are proposing in their plan to delay indefinitely voting on vice i res Jenl tic signal Lerald Ford. They seem to be blandly ignoring that this is a violation of the 25th amendment. This amendment re quires that the vice presidency be filled in the even of the death or disability or resignation of the incumbent vice president. It also pro Vides inc procedure for doing so. The 25th amendment is nol per missive it is mandatory. Did t Onnolly make a political mis take some lop republicans who Are not unfriendly to the Texas demo Cral turned Republican think he jumped too soon to the top Side too soon for his own Good. They think this More than Ever now that inc Republican cause is further depressed by the firing of Archibald Cox the resignations of Elliot l. Richardson and William Kuck Clashaus and the polls showing Nixon support plunging to an All time Low. Their View is that Connolly would have his Best Chance of gelling a presidential nomination by remaining a Democrat. They believe he could have won Early primaries and gone on of win the democratic nomination which at this Point looks More appealing than Ever. Another sign of Campus Juiel. Stu Dent protests against. Roth Are dwindling to near Zero. Sixty eight new Roth units from All three Mali Lary branches have been established at to schools and colleges in the Pinsl few years and local enrolment is slowing going up. It was a sign of the limes when Vietnam fighting was at its Peak thai the student activists nol Only rejected hot for them selves but wanted to deny in to other students. And now More student Anil free Lime at Harvard where pressure from the Black Law students association has forced the Law school forum Loback Down and to cancel a debate Between Roy Innis and or. . Innis is the National director of the Congress of racial lie would her acceptable. Or. Shockley is inc Nobel laureate who has produced Evi Dence bearing on the genetic theory thai intelligence is related to race. He was not acceptable. Apparently Iacre is nothing to Jimile As combo Lable is listening to Only one Side of controversial opinions. And business men and now i think it s time to hear from the so called silent Njma Dorily. Those who go about their every Day business hard work ing people taxpayers of this City who make themselves heard loudest at the polls on Elc Elion Day. This is where the opponents of chief Chete arc i card. Florence is an old Lown an historic town and above All a proud Lown. Who is chief Chele to come into our midst from another stale and get up be fore a gathering in Public to pronounce us a hotbed of organized crime and vice and admittedly without fact or evidence with which to Back it up never in my recollection of the past forty years have we had a cily official who went Home in the eve Ning and hid behind an unlisted Tele phone number. Try and gel him even if you desperately need him. You can l do in. Ocl s face it. We will never have an effective police department until we find somewhere a Man who can pull the Dupar Lenl together com Mand the respect of the Public and his men make himself available on a 24-hour basis no matter what the inconvenience and gel out and Meel the Public confidently and pleasantly. Florence a. Price the writer is former chief of police of the Florence police depart Florence a Ofenito Newi omit Sunder his. Irby i. R of associated p eur. Bureau of publishers Aviv excl i i locally of for frs in arty Scull in i Elf Lilloo. Fac Allock Altaj Rollin ui6 for pull cell in Ihk 1ha plur dts ret to of ill run orly fhe Horence will nor to Ripon far Advance payments to car Krs of Tel Lar jurors a Lati Pao Ulm Eclov la the of Uhli newspaper. till Mistri but Hor Independent pal of boys. We. To. To. My tar0 is m skin Pipione Tommy ice Sec Ortclan rail Are Rwy a of i c

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