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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 28, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s sunday october our 50th year no. 301 football Auguat is Olhow scores Page Wake Dame 1 Oklahoma Maryland East 27 arabs israelis ready to talk things Over Wanna Black cat with halloween Only a few Days away the Florence animal shelter has several Black Kittens available for adoption. These two Are really witches in disguise. The one of the left is Hazel and the other Way. Photo by Johnny Ellis by the associated press Egypt and Israel have agreed to a meeting Between their Mil itary representatives to discuss the Middle East cease fire announcements from Washington Tel Aviv and Cairo said saturday. At the United nations these purity Council approved a proposal for a . Cease fire Force of men for six months at a Cost of million. The approval came after Vanguard units of peacekeepers began to arrive where the Egypt Jin Jurd Arr Ray is reported penned up v without in the sweltering Siriani Peninsula. There were indications from . And israeli spokesman that efforts would be made to get nonmilitary supplies to he estimated egyptian sol Diers. Cairo s official Middle East news Agency said the proposed meeting of egyptian and israeli military representatives would take place saturday night somewhere along the front under the United nations lag. The Tel Aviv and Washington announcements did not indicate where or when the meeting would be held and by Early sunday morning Middle East time there was still no word from Cairo that the meeting had taken place. The announcements were accompanied by other develop ments that appeared to ease the crisis 22 Days after the fourth Arab israeli War exploded along the Suez canal and in Golan Heights. A Tel Aviv Mii Ilary spokes Man. Col. Nahman Kami re ported Calm on both Iho syrian and egyptian fronts. This is ihefirsldaysince0cl.6thatno l one shot was fired in the last 24 he said. A contingent of the . Peacekeeping Force was allowed a pass through israeli lines in Egypt and a Vanguard Force of the peacekeepers arrived in the City of Suez. Israeli officers Here say the City which is situated at the Southern end and West Hank of the canal has been occupied by israeli forces since the first cease fire was declared last monday. In Washington the Pentagon said it has relieved most of the 1.7 million servicemen in the United states and in he Pacific from an emergency Alert. Key units in Europe were left on Lert. The Pentagon said. Mansfield rejects Nixon proffer Washington map sen ale majority Mike Mansfield said no and other democrats joined him saturday in pronouncing presi Dent Nixon s plans for a new watergate prosecutor unacceptable. Sen. Sam j. Ervin d-n.c., chairman of the Senate water Gate committee said he did t see much to be gained by the president appointing another prosecutor who would not be in rep. Thomas p. O Neill of Massachusetts the House democratic Leader Siirid i do not believe the new prosecutor will be acceptable to the con Gress and the american Public tinder the terms the president outlined. His action of firing Archibald Cox was an act of obstructing Justice and the House must continue with its impeachment the White House reported receiving thousands of Telephone Calls and telegrams overwhelmingly in favor of the president. Sen. Kstrom Thurmond is. C. Said the president s explanation of watergate should be satisfactory to any fair minded in his news conference Fri Day night the president said acting atty. Gen. Robert h. Hork will select a successor to Cox who was discharged for refusing to accept a presiden tial Compromise on the White House tape recordings. Nixon said the new prosecutor will be Independent and will receive full cooperation from the White House. But the president did not answer directly new Man would have authority to press his demands in court As Cox did. "1 do not anticipate that we will come to the Lime when he would consider it necessary to take the president to Nixon said. I think our cooperation will be Bork said saturday he will consult with House about the appointment this week. But he assorted nobody at the White House is going to dictate any names to i Don t anticipate a con Bork Siirid. He declined to elaborate on How the prosecutor will be inc sen and left open the possibility Hal his Choice might be submitted in some Way to con Gress. Mansfield said he will support legislation introduced Friday by sen. Birch backed by 53 Oiler senators that would direct chief . District court judge John j. Sirica to name a prosecutor. It has to be a special prosecutor who had the same kind of authority that Cox mans Field said. He must have inde pendent authority so that he could not be removed except for the gravest sen. Robert c. Byrd do. Va., the Senate majority whip said this proposal is nothing that would indicate the investigation is going to be Independent thorough or rep. John Culver a Lowa the chief sponsor of a House Bill giving Sirica authority to name a prosecutor also said that one picked by the administration would have no Independence. Saudi Arabia a act concludes Florence conference a act state convention ends with politics economics and elections. Page 2a. Index building business cutbacks in Arab Oil deliveries plus increases in the Price of " totals venezuelan Oil aggravate Oil pets crisis. Page 18b. 7a 6a 4a 17a 1b the Pentagon relaxes the Alert spotlight 5a status of most military units at theater 10b Home and abroad. Page 18a. Women 5b weather partly Cloudy and warm sunday with decreasing cloudiness and cooler sunday night. Highs Low 80s. Lows mid 40s. Details Page 3a. Nixon s isolation adds to problems Washington ident Nixon s life style in he while House has brought him c r i i i c i s m nil misunderstanding. His isolation and his constant travels from inc presidential Home to another across lie country have added to his in ago problems. A continuing feud with inc nation s news Media has t helped him either. Bui basically resident Nix on is a conservative shy Man ill at East in social situations. He is a Man who never works in shirtsleeves even in private. Pcs pile his four president in i Homes on which the govern ment has lavished millions of dollars Nixon is hardly what anyone would Call fun Loving. He works Long hours has unending Slacks of required rending Ami has never acknowledged inking a real Vaca Tion in 414 years. He hns n few close personal friends or advisers and the in Ner Circle Lias been drastically diminished by the Wal Cranto scandals. Now even his closes Friend can rfcs lice he How has conic under attack for his Florida banking and financial dealings. The Nixon rarely entertain outside of their formal official while House functions and the president hns Only danced publicly twice in his years Al the while House. Few guests arc Ever even in Vil cd to conic for informal fam ily dinners. Though world War h Navy buddies recall How Nixon once bluffed to win a poker hand he has never Licon known to relax Al a card game in the while House. The president is not a Man who enjoys gourmet food either. In fact he main loins a constant Low int diet. During tire recent Middle Enst crisis Julie Eisenhower talked about her fall or de scribing him As very Dis she said he always starts his Day running in place for iwo minutes for exercise. Nixon is usually in his office by 8 and generally works there until . He likes to Start out in the formal Oval office try the White St Nixon Isa zip is gone in Washington Washington a the is gone even out of the Washington party circuit. The capital has lost its humor. At the Small Candle lit dinner parties once he Trade Center for political gossip secrets and intrigue conversation is often As heavy As left Over dump Lings. Guests of opposing political persuasions usually mellowed by old whisky and Vintage wines rarely Pokego Nolc Lun at each other these Days. Laugh Ter like iranian caviar is rare. And woe be the i Stess who does t turn on the television set for the latest news broadcast even if it Means ignoring the souffle or postponing the a Brandy. The mood asked Cleve land department store heiress Kay italic Dame of Washington life. A Shock and dismay More than anything. People Are bewildered. Thye Don t smile the past three weeks have been tormented in Washington a City Lorn apart by suspicion corruption confusion and doubt. Less than 10 Days after vice president Spiro f. Agnew re signed and pleaded no contest loan income lax evasion charge. President Nixon precipitated a new crisis by attempting to dictate a solution to the see capital Page 12a trapped army suffers Sinai desert api trapped in that inferno of ing Sun and blowing Sand East of Suez the egyptian 3rd army needs desperately the water that flows through a pipeline now in israeli hands. Even without a Shol being fired it would be difficult to imagine a More hostile Environ ment for a Cut off army. By Day. Temperatures Rise to 120 and the heat can actually be seen More visible than a Mirage shimmering in Waves off the rolling dunes and yellow Rock outcroppings. Flies swarm Over the wounded and cover the dead like a Black Blanket. Buz Zards Circle ominously in the cloudless sky or sit in a silent Row on the Ridge line of the wadis the Rocky Beds of Rivers that went dry millions of years ago. Now that israeli jets and artillery have blasted away the Bridges so brilliantly Laid across the canal in the opening Days of the War the egyptians com no longer reach the Sweet water piped from the Cairo re Gion to the West Bank of the Ca Nal. The Eastern Bank has no fresh water and the nearest Oasis is 100 Miles further cast at Nakhli. Hut even for a tank the trip is see desert Page 16a year of Europe has t worked out swinging in the rain two Young a Donkey i Matilon and an umbrella Protection against new during the Rainy Maton in Bogota Cotom a. A London a president Nixon s plan to make 1073 the year of Europe has run aground partly because of the Strain the Middle East War put on the Atlantic Alliance Diplo Matic sources said saturday. An associated press Survey showed thai european govern ments now generally doubt that the president will visit them to revitalize the Alliance until Well into 1974. Some Stales Are already seek ing clarifications of suggestions that the european allies id the United Stales Down during the critical dealings with the so Viet Union on the Middle East War. Stale department spokesman Hohertz Mccloskey said the West europeans went Loume lengths to separate them selves publicly from us during the Mideast crisis. On the american Side there was annoyance i hat among inc european allies Only Portugal allowed . Planes to land Ami refuel before flying arms to is Rael. In Europe there was anger at . Support for Israel even Al he risk of an Arab Oil cutoff. Diplomats say there was also frustration at not being consulted. Or even informed on inc .-Soviel negotiations to find a peace formula and con Cern Over inc . Military Alert affecting bases in Europe. There have Long been differences splitting the Atlantic Al Liance on such key issues is Trade monetary Reform and de sense Burden snaring. This prompted Nixon to say the United Stales should turn its at Len lion from Vietnam and make 1973 the year of the president was expected in Europe around october to put the Seal on a newly Redd scaled Alliance. Afler months of fool dragging two key documents were pre pared for the Nixon trip Hul six months later neither is ready. One covers relations Between the United Stales and the expanded european common

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