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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 25, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 298 w the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. A sunday morning october 25, 1970 daily lot sunday Duke Clemson South Carolina Florida state Virginia William Mary Richmond f. Carolina Wake Forest North Carolina n. C. State Maryland sports Section pages in 5b 21 Citadel 56 10 Vii 9 13 Tennessee 38 21 Florida 7 33 leu 17 Auburn 9 38 Mars Hill 17 12 Newberry 15 14 Alabama 30 13 Houston 21 6 presbyterian 28 0 Guilford 7 reaffirms charter campaigns among Mary Landers Dundalk my. A president campaigning in a rented Union Hall asked Maryland voters saturday to give me some soldiers in the Senate to help fight the Battle against inflation. So Long As i am in the White House there will be no relaxation of the National Effort to control and eliminate smut from our National Nixon said. He said pornographic material world body Marks 25th anniversary United nations n y a with presidents and prime ministers on hand the general Assembly unanimously adopted saturday a declaration re dedicating . Members to the charter and calling for peace Freedom and an end of the arms race. That was the final Day Summit commemorative sessions of the 127 nation body ending 25 years to the Day after the . Charter came into effect. The declaration said we the representatives of the member states of the United nations solemnly observing the 25th anniversary of the United nations reaffirm our determination to do our utmost to ensure a lasting peace on Earth and to observe the purposes and principles embodied in the charter and express full con should be outlawed in every Tidence that the actions of the urging the election of rep. To. State of the Union. J United nations will be con Glenn Beall jr., Jjo is Chal _. A ductile to the advancement of lending democratic sen. Joseph Tydings issued a statement in d. Tydings Nixon said give which he said Nixon s visit was Mankind along the Road to peace Justice and us a senator who will support a desperate attempt to revive rut Tho ass Melv the president in trying to Cut j Beall s Campaign. Assembly president the Federal budget so you can balance the family budget. J the president today made Clear Nis Hope that Maryland if we continue to have Runa would Send a Republican rubber Way spending in the next con Gress your prices Are going to continue to go Nixon said. We can win the Battle against higher prices. I will fight thai Battle. But i need some soldiers to fight it with me. Give me some give me Glenn Nixon made his Quick Heli water borne Campaign trip to he Blue Collar outskirts of Balti Nore to urge votes for Beall and for c. Stanley Blair who is run Ning for governor. But outside the United steel workers Union Hall where he spoke was festooned with signs and banners backing Tydings and gov. Marvin Mandel a Democrat. The. Biggest of the lot Over the front door read hard hats for Mandel and Tyd inside a crowd of to people which did not fill the Hall cheered what has be come Nixon s Standard Campaign speech concentrating on an Appeal for Republican sup port for his policy in Southeast Asia his welfare Reform pro Gram his economic course and his Law and order proposals. Union officials said the Hall rents for Nixon drove along Dundalk Avenue standing to wave b people who lined the curb usually in a single rank. As if to underscore the Law and order theme the White House released in Dundalk a Nixon statement rejecting As morally bankrupt the recommendations of the National commission on obscenity and pornography which advocated repeal of Laws controlling what adults can buy and read. Stamp to the Tydings said. As the president Well knows when he has been right have backed him to the limit As in the Case of the administration s crime recalling president Franklin d. Roosevelt s attempt of defeat the late democratic sen. Mil lard Tydings Tydings said thirty years ago another National administration sent its biggest guns into Maryland to purge my inde pendent Maryland senator who refused o dance blindly to the administration tune. Marylan Ders rejected that White House purge then. I Hape no doubt they will reject it in the Home county of Spiro t. Agnew Nixon praised his vice president As the Champion campaigner of ambassador Edward Hombre of Norway later told the delegates even the Best of declarations Are not enough if we do not act on the inspiration we have derived from Secretary general u Thant said we must move from Power politics to collective responsibility from n a r r o National or commercial interests to a sense of Earth patriotism and global Solidarity. In the United nations we must achieve so that All Peoples on Earth Are represented and have a voice concluding he said the alter natives before the world organization were either to Ollow outmoded procedures and policies and become in did you turn Back the clock remember that hour of sleep you lost last Spring when Daylight saving time went into effect and you ran the clock up an hour today you re getting it Back. So if you forgot to s it your clock Back an hour last night at 2 . The bewitching hour for the time change then you can relax this morning. Snooze for another hour or leisurely enjoy your sunday breakfast and your sunday newspaper. Those who Haven t gotten the word about setting their clocks Back will be an hour ahead for everything. In fact some May show up at Church and wonder where everybody is because they will be an hour Early. In Case you forgot to adjust your clock last night the procedure is easy. Simply turn it Back one hour. That is if it s 8 . Now turn it Back to 7. Next april the procedure will be reversed and you la lose an hour again. But Why worry about that now All states except Ari Zona Hawaii and Michi Gan which maintain Stan Dard time All year Are affected by today a time change. Allende scores impressive win irrelevant to increase Cre singly elsewhere strength and effectiveness to wild a just peaceful and Hosp Erous human Russia s Zond 8 loops the Moon Moscow a _ the soviet Union s unmanned Zond 8 spacecraft loaded with Camer As and other equipment rounded the Moon saturday and shipped Back on an earthbound the instrument capsule is expected to plunge into the Earth s atmosphere and make a Para Chute Landing tuesday carrying an unspectacular but valuable cargo of pictures of the Earth timely reminder Florence Soo wide High school senior Sandra Caudle 17, offers la gentle reminder of a Little chore that should have been taken care of last night at 2 the setting Back of the clock by one hour so As to be in step with Standard time which becomes effective today. The old Ford Well it makes a Nice backdrop for a timely picture. Staff photo by Johnnie Ellis new fugitives top Fri wanted list and both sides of the Moon. Row Zond 8 Mission is further evidence of the soviet prefer ence for unmanned space mis Sions. Soviet cosmonauts still have not ventured out of Earth orbit. Channel beaches threatened after Oil Tanker collision Isle of Wight England a tugs failed to pull the fire swept Oil Tanker Pacific glory off a mud Bank saturday Jas the vessel blazed fiercely a mile off this Island on England s South coast. Island fire officials voiced fears the Tanker might explode Sas its tons of crude Oil the current round the Moon seeped from split cargo tanks for the first time in its history half of the Fri s list of 10 most wanted fugitives comprise a Roll Call of self styled political revolutionaries. See Page 5-a. Susan Mintz s thing is aircraft mechanics. She s the Only girl among 22 male student mechanics at Flor ence Darlington Tec. See Page 1-d. A world War i flier remembers that fateful Day when the red bar Germany s air Ace went Down. See Page 8-d. Index Abby 3-c arts 6-b business 6-a deaths 2-a editorials 4-a features 1-d Gallup poll 5-a Cloudy with Chance of rain today. Partly Cloudy and cooler tonight. Partly Cloudy and a Little warmer monday. High today and monday mid 705. Low tonight mid sos. Details Page 2-a. Flight path. Zones 5, 6 and 7, launched periodically Over the past two years All looped the Moon and returned safely. A Brief official announcement saturday said Zond 8 entered lunar Gravity and was pulled to a Point within 696 Miles of the Moon s surface before it made the natural curve and headed earthward. It photographed the Earth and the Moon in Black and White and color the announcement added and also carried out some unspecified studies of space near the Moon. No Oil reached nearby beaches but Gallons of deter gent were kept on hand for Dis Persing any Oil Slicks that hit the coast. Tugs grounded the vessel on a Shoal after a collision Friday night with another Tanker. Five sailors were killed in explosions that ripped the Hull and eight More of the Crew of 42 were missing and feared dead. If tile wind changes and have National said organizers of a local Antip Ollu Tion group. Rear . Arthur Power naval chief heading a Rescue Force warned that if the Tanker Breaks up the escaping Oil could contaminate beaches along the entire 350-Rnile South Ern coastline from Penzance to the other liberian registered Tanker the Allegro escaped serious damage in the collision four Miles off the Isle of Wight Friday night. The disaster revived bitter memories of the Torrey Canyon disaster three years ago when Oil from that wrecked Tanker contaminated beaches on the English and French coasts for months. Any major leak from the Pacific glory could hit French beaches this time too. Power said an Oil Slick already was said it was too Early to Tell whether the weight of water in the holds and the Strain of the grounding would crack the ves Sel s Hull. Both ships were heading in the same direction when the col Wisori occurred. Each took Eva Sive action to avoid an oncoming vessel and then they hit. Three hours later came the explosions. We had no time to Send a distress said the Pacific glory s dutch Pilot capt. Jan Frudiger. The ship went some of the chinese crewmen raped Over the Side into the making sea without waiting for orders to abandon ship he add d. A 10-hour fight against the Laze appeared to have succeeded late in the Day. Then As the soldering Hull grounded Oil Lowed Back through damaged compartments and the Tanker there is More spillage we could forming around the ship. But he burst into flames again. Chilean Security tightened Santiago Chile a the chilean Congress elected marxist Salvador Allende president Satur Day by an impressive 153 to 35 margin. A Short time the Mili tary command ordered All Pri vate aircraft flights suspended and All Landing Sites closed in Santiago province until further notice. A spokesman said the Emer gency measures were tightened to prevent anyone from fleeing the country who might have been involved in thursday s assassination attempt against Gen. Rene Schneider com Mander in chief of the army. In 57, Lay near death Hospital he was times in the Ami neck and Chest by assailants who stopped his car at a Busy Santiago intersection. Three men one a prominent lawyer with conservative views were apprehended saturday afternoon in an apparent attempt to flee to Argentina in a Small plane. The lawyer carried a loaded Piso when he was picked up authorities reported. The 62-year-old Allende an admirer of Fidel Castro won Over the runner up in the presidential election last sept. 4, Jorge Alessandri a conserva Tive former president who ran As an Independent. Allende failed to get the required major Ity vote in september throwing the ballot to Congress. The head of the roman Catholic Church in Chile Raul Cardinal Silva Henriquez later offered Allende the Church s help in carrying out his government s pro trams. There were seven Blank bal lots in the presidential voting five of the 150 House members and 50 senators were absent including Allende. Confident of Victory he sat at Home watch ing on television. The four oth ers were ill. It was a democratic Ges Allende said of the elec Tion while talking with reporters outside his Home before going to Call on Schneider. We have to create a new society and a new conscience. This is a Victory for the while Many in the military re see Allende Page 10-a Canadian National life deeply stained by crisis Montreal a there is blood on the Maple Leaf and the stain has soaked deep into can Ada s Flag and her Don t think people know what to said a Canadian of the two kidnappings and the murder of a Quebec political Leader by terrorists. Canada is a land born in peace and ripened with Pride and integrity to one of the most stable democracies in the world. But now watches her soldiers who kept the peace for the United nations in Cyprus and Gaza coldly eying their own country men Over the muzzles of their weapons. Sees her prime minis Ter a Man devoted to Liberty who walked freely among his people and ski cd Canada s mountains and canned her great Rivers unguarded fenced by steel in his residence in Ottawa. Within sight of the Island where she gayly welcomed the world to expo 67 three years ago canadians have Learned one of her leaders was choked to death by a Chain that held a medal of his Faith. Nation that fought Hitler now has seen police that come in the night and the families left behind can Only suspect where their loved ones have been taken. How has it come to this in Canada in 1970? there Are Many threads Back through the centuries but they Ravel around the province of la Belle people within a people a culture within a culture. Perhaps it began in 1759 on the Plains of Abraham in que Bec City where Gen. James Wolfe Defeated the French and decided that Canada should be English. But it also decided that Quebec would become a pocket of French catholicism sur rounded by a different Tongue and a different people. There was a medieval Charm to the old society the Church the said Frank Scott a Law professor at Mcgill University. But the whole problem goes Back to the ancient concept of a cleric ally conceived society attempting to protect itself by resisting inva Sion of material whole Industrial revolution really. The Church Felt it had a great civilizing Mission to sus Tain French catholicism in this Heathen North the clergy the educated elite of the province Rose to Domi Nance and the Church became the Center of education society life itself. But they taught that life was a struggle that Reward Lay in another says an English Canadian who grew up among the French. Cut off by ideology from the booming technology of English Canada and the United states Quebec concentrated on educating an lawyers writers. No Engineer graduated from a French University in Quebec until the 1940s. As late As 1967 when they wanted to change the charter of the University of Montreal they i had to get papal said Scott. Language too was an invisible Moat Between the two peo Ples. It remains so today. After the kidnapping earlier this month of James Richard Cross the British Trade com missioner in Quebec and Pierre Lapole the provincial labor minister murdered oct. 17, sol Diers were assigned As body guards to wading politicians. One party Leader asked that a French guard be substituted for his English one. His wife does t understand English. This Speaks much of the Canadian dilemma. Proud of her Faith and her Tongue Quebec has found her self with too few tools to work her Way to the top of Canada s wealthy economic Structure. Of Lam senior management jobs in the province English canadians hold 83 per cent while the French comprise More than 75 per cent of Quebec s six million people. The average English worker has two years More education than his French counterpart he earns 35 per cent More income. A recent commission of inquiry found that even a French Cana Dian in Quebec with a College degree will earn Only More because of his degree. For the English graduate it is there is resentment to be sure but the French and eng Lish have Long been neighbors. They have Learned to sort their prejudices said one Cana Dian. But the disparities remain and they ankle despite efforts by prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau himself half French to bring his countrymen closer. The radicals of the Quebec liberation group that kidnapped the two men Call the Quebec cers the White negroes of the analogy May Appeal to the poor of the province but it is not without fallacy. Quebec has been Able to make its own Laws for 100 said an English Cana Dian. They have their own newspapers. They Are free to ride anywhere on a said Scott where have the american negroes control of Square Miles delegations to nations around the world Freedom to spend Bil lion As they the fact is that for the last 10 years Quebec has been under see Canada pages a t

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