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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 22, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaThe family circus Blondie Florence morning news monday october to Zzz i did the whole project Ayseh my dad is just Helpin me carry peanuts before i go whisper those three Sweet Little m words in my far of As e1? never used 15 Ead for Mary Worth i Don t is x consider the news nece6sariln 600p, Marv j that was the tenant in new Vork apartment Dick Tracy dont feed me that hashish Pike. Aren t 2-ways hat Are you hiding Carroll Righter s t Horoscope rom Croll Ritter Institute a n until Sundown you have to con incl with some or cloy annoying conditions but by doing your Job Well you find conditions improve later and you can arrive at Correct answers to whatever investigations you then put in motion. All through he night interesting dials can be held if you wish. Akins mar 21 to apr 19 get at All those duties staring you in the face und they arc soon Over. Do nothing to undermine your health. He Happy with loved one in . Taurus apr. 20 in May 20 if you give More attention to your appearance you can gel ahead faster and be happier Willii close tics lie practical and control your temper. Think. It Rimini May 21 to june 21 do something constructive about the situation at Home. Improve surroundings so you can entertain More. Avoid one who does not appreciate you in . 1 Moon june 22 to july 21 shop Early and keep important appointments so the evening will be free to spend Wilh the one you love Jet routines belter organised. Expand. July 22 to aug. 21 gel Bills and statements out of the Early and do something about adding to present income. Get advice from financial experts. Dine out in . Virgo aug 22 to sept. 22 get at All that work and Complete it so that tonight you can enjoy some Hobby with another. Avoid a situation Ilia could Lead you into trouble. Libra sell. 23 to oct. 22 handle personal tasks cleverly Early then the evening can be a very Happy one that monetary problem can be solved . Use your head. Scor1mo oct 23 to nov. 21 organize personal Aims better to reach them easier More effectively likening Fine for social pleasure. State fondest aim to a Good Friend who can help you attain it. Sagittarius nov 22 to dec 21 Cain the help and respect of higher ups and your life easier pleasanter. Labor in a More exact and Houghl Ful Way. Help a bigwig do philanthropic work in . Capricorn dec 22 to Jan 20 have All the right fads and figures to gel Bat new a Lively working successfully show a bigwig your finest talents in . This can Lead to something excellent. Aquarius Jan. 21 to 19 make arrangements to pay any debts cipher on time or Wilh a loan. Some government bigwig can help you be More serviceable within your Community. 1 Sciss feb. 20 to mar. 20 talk Over differences Wilh an associate for More successful operations plan How to put your finest la Lents across with the Public in general. Be Active if your child is born today he or she will he one of those charming Young children Wilh plenty of ability at detail bul is Apt to not understand or to forget the real goal or purpose behind hem so teach Early to focus on such Ihen the eff oils will pay off handsomely. A Good education could bring Forth a very successful person Here. Give As much Aff Calion As you can to your intelligent youngster who will need it More than most. Both precision and poise Here. The stars impel they do not whal you make of your life is largely up to you Carrol Righter s individual forecast for your sign for november is now ready. For your copy Send your Birl Date and silo Carroll Righter forecast Florence morning news Hollywood Calif. 90028. 1973, Mcnaught Syndicate inc crossword Puzzle across covenant 8. Sij Nollac i unite 13. Apollo s son 14. Firmness 15. Shu loved theseus 17. Inscription 19. Wilile Frost 20. Surmise 24. French Friend 26. Turmeric w 28. 29. Loving 31. Insecticide 33. Ail or music 34. Tarly roman garments 36. Apiece 33. Bell invention meantime 45. Russian Inland sea 46. Lieb 47. Victory sign 48.endanger 49. Mis Saiy 50. Lineman nes edging solution of saturday s Puzzle Down 1. Boy s nickname 2. Swiss River 3. A pail 4.loneftangei s Lii end n a twite Clutts 5. Boxed 6. Persian Lairy 7. Growing old 3. Cover 9. Time period 10. Peison 16. Huge Load 13. Attention 21. Bliss 22. Jim Kcal window sign 23. Irenn 25. Low 27.revoked a legacy 30. Occasion 32. Spigot 35.suilice 37. Graph 39. Claim on properly 40. Political cartoonist 41. Wens club 42. Provisions 43. Frost 4 i. Attempt contract Bridge b. Jay Becker Fer famous hand East dealer. North South vulnerable. North 4 10 8 6 2 v 107 5 3 102 West j 95 vk94 8 5 3 k j 4 East a k4 a a j 862 a q7 4 43 South 3 _ k j 9 6 a q 10 9 6 2 the bidding ask tuition for Andy write it on a Post card and it the f Ore Nee morning Newi. P. O. Box Florence 5. C. Andy s pass pass Dale North pass Beetle Bailey that s Locking up traae to lock flintston6s Rue world will Little note Hok Long what is stated slam mondays i come Only when a Kraut scrim milk with footsteps is coming the i wonder. Who Kraut is Happy Vou know some body nearly i can t of Andy sends a Complete 20 volume set of the Mukit students encyclopedia to Joanna Patterson age 12, of Lemon Grove California other ski talks link with the dinosaurs we lend to think hat to fantastic dinosaurs had he whole world to themselves. Actually hey shared in with Many other real ills some of which survived to modern limes. The snakes did not arrive until much Lucr. But in the Days of the dinosaurs there were ancestral turtles lizards and crocodiles. There were weird flying reptiles and an Assort ment of reptiles in Hie seas. There also were mammal like reptiles and Bird Type reptiles. The age of re piles daled Back More than 300 million years and the dinosaurs existed through less than half of this period. The Story Bogn in the carboniferous period when the world was mild and moist. Scorpions and a few insects were at Home in the ferny Coal making forests and huge salamanders wallowed in the soggy swamps. There wore no Birds and no mammals no Flowers and no modern Trees. During his strange scene of Long ago the first reptilian ancestors left the ancient seas and established their future on the land. Later some of hem returned to the sea. Some of he Early land real ills of about 280 million years ago resembled Large squat lizards Wilh or without fantastic or cols Down their spines. The most remarkable re pile of the permian period was Coll osirus n squat round nosed lion Rel Lype. He is called the Stem reptile because some of the world s most fantastic creatures stemmed from his line. One Branch of his clan led to ancestral turtles another to lizards which eventually led to the snakes. Rut the most original offshoots of the Stem reptile family tree were the condones. These Fellows were shaped like chickens and ostriches. They appeared in or Cal numbers when the warm humid triassic period began about 230 million years ago. The Iheson Riols inc Psi lives survived a relatively Short time hut their descendants branched out Inlo the most fantastic Assort ment of animals hint Ever appeared on this in Rah. One Brunch of this clan gave birth to n weird assortment of flying reptiles another to ancestral crocodiles. Two main branches became Hie let groups of fantastic dinosaurs that Dominii Ilid life on Earth for More Linn 100 million years. All the dinosaurs Large my Small were either Sajiu Richins with weak Lypp Hill Xmas or with stronger belter developed Hipbone. In Inch group there were carnivores and herbivores four footed dinosaurs. Through the Jurassic and cretaceous periods. In Easlon Ding dinosaurs shared the world Wilh reptilian turtles crocodiles and lizards Wilh strange flying reptiles mammal like reptiles and an assortment of lumbering sea going rep tiles. Their most astonishing Story ended Wilh life s most astonishing mystery. The sen going real ills and the flying re piles disappeared nil the last of Amiul 63 million years ago. And nobody has the int test Idun Why Nufler so Many noes of Success All these reptilian creatures perished from Hen Rah. Andy sends a seven volume Sci of the chronicles of narnia to Mike Levine age 9, of Sioux City Iowa for his question Why Don t whirlpools form in lakes and seas ii is Rue most whirlpools Are in fast flowing Rivers. Rut the wildest ones form in the sen and sometimes smallish form in a Lake. All of them form when something forces a lot of water to turn and swirl around a spiralling Cir Cle. The something May be a mass of stubborn rocks the wind or the mighty lilies of Lite oceans. A Swift River is a Strong streaming current. A lion rocks stand in its path they Force the current to sweep around in swirling whirlpools. Opening Lead eight of i the canape method of bidding has Many advantages but As with any style of bidding it also has its disadvantages. In canape holding a two suited hand it is customary to bid the Short suit ahead of the Long suit. It follows from this that when the second suit is named later the partner of the opening bidder learns that that is the opener s longer suit. However things sometimes go wrong when the canape user runs into an uncharted situation. Consider this Deal from the match Between Venezuela and Italy in the 1967. World championship. Consistent with the canape style Belladonna the italian East opened the bidding with a Diamond Rossignol playing with Berah Over called with two clubs. This posed a difficult problem for avarello who lacked the values for two no Trump could not afford to bid two diamonds with such weak Trump support and had much too much in High cards 10 Points to risk a pass. Faced with this avarello chose to Compromise with a double. Belladonna had not reason to yank the and he passed. This did hot turn out Well when Rossignol made eight tricks for a score of Points. At the other table with a Venezuela pair East West the bidding went South Wesl North 2v pass East in 4v no canape no double Rio problems. East got to four hearts made the contract easily losing a heart a i Diamond and a club and the Venezuela pair produced a net gain to the team of 600 Points. 1073 King features Syndicate inc tomorrow difficult decision. Everyday Counselor by or. Herbert Spaugh is there any limit to Pur forgiven hut the Petitioner can prayer requests the. Bible not forget himself. It can he says no. St. Paul wrote in anything that is evil and philippians in everything by negative prayer and supplication with my prayer motto always con thanksgiving Lei your requests gains three words be made known unto Lod. And patience persistence the peace of god which pass eth if the Case is Domestic As the All understanding shall keep one before me now is where your hearts and minds through husband left Home Early in he Chrisl marriage in arc must he Pray Jie forc me arc iwo prayer or patience and persistence. Request letters. One for n there must to watching for broken marriage and the other Opportunity to Light again he for economic needs and Guir fim spare of love. Above nil if cd. Holh of these cases ask to be there is any Contact in must not enrolled on the Kerr Day Conn tic of a quarrelsome Selor prayer list. There needs to be some of the we have .1 responsibility with kind of love which Drew them Rchard in the manner in which together into marriage. We Pray. Kirst there must be in this other Case there is a the surrendered heart and life need for employment. Lileree our lives must be so yielded to again Here Musl he the prayer god thai me knows will for suitable employment. I did on the spot. Then 1 Lold him to 1 go out and Kurp up he search. Within two weeks he had a . In All prayer cases i mind a trusted prayer partner or even a prayer group. In the Case of .1 prayer group not All the details of me request need to he Given. Hut there is Power in t United prayer. I have seen and experienced too much of it for i . While Lac Tkv tryday Counselor in care ref this newspaper closing 20 cent and a self addressed slammed i envelope for bulletin prayer Changus provide for our needs. There must be Faith Strong expectant Faith that cod will answer our prayers. The answer May not be just As we want bul it will be the Way god it lobe. Finally Here must be no jealousy resentment or selfishness in our hearts. The Bible says if i regard iniquity in my heart the will not Hoar this regard Ini ii by is a Hond irm. In can be some res colment or unforgiving spirit which we hold to wards another. In can be some Unco fessed sin dial holds on to us. It can be a sin which god Hiis

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