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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 19, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaHe s the Only predictable thing around these Days Dowd 1ss7-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager Friday october 19, 1973 Many shaded conflict the territory where syrian iraqi and jordanian armies Are fighting the 1staelis is a sparsely settled Region of gentle Brown Hills and Stone Walls. The lat Ter appear to be but Are not Al ways ancient. The Central Sinai is rugged wilderness flattening out into arid and Sandy desert land where it Borders on sea and Gulf. It that for such lands in Syria and the Sinai Battles now wage in the Middle East that threaten a painfully Sculp tured detente Between East and West. For Long centuries past they have lain scorched under the Middle East Sun a wandering land for nomads a staging ground for armies or a corridor for military machines Bent on Conquest. Located outside Oil Rich Arab Ian regions their value Poten tial As it May be in Mineral wealth or for irrigated production consists As far As arabs go largely in emotional attach ment to the land itself. As is Rael sees it it is a Buffer against the very kind of attack launched in the current fighting. The supreme irony would come should this struggle for. So Small and Barren a portion of the Earth s surface Lead to an uncontrollable confrontation Between the great Powers of the world. It is of course an Over simplification to say that this is struggle for Only. There Are forces involved Between and. Beyond the immediate combat ants. National Pride the Humilia Tion of successive losses in Mili tary combat the plight of palestinians fear of zionist expansions islamic Fervour that is easily whipped into a holy War Complex these Combine in the Arab mind and find a sym Mboi in israeli occupied syrian and egyptian land now in con test. For Israel it is a matter of survival behind secure Borders and in recognition of her right to exist As a Sovereign state. Unlike her surrounding ene my Arab neighbors and Given the situation As it now exists the first War Israel loses will be its last. Beyond the interests of the immediate combatants Are those related to russian political economic and military ambitions in the Middle East and ., european and japanese depend ence on an uninterrupted flow of Arab Oil to keep their Indus trial economies in full opera Tion. Similarly Western oriented Israel is important to the United states in the ideological conflict Between East and West. What now goes on in Syria and the Sinai cannot then be viewed in isolation. It has links with the rest of the world vastly out of proportion to the Worth of the land where the Battles Are being fought. This has been the place where the destinies of civilizations have been determined before. One wonders if it May be so yet again. Hello ufos whoever you Are Normal Lisman curiosity can hardly help but be intrigued by the rash of flying Saucer re ports lately. One of the More intriguing comes from an old fishing Hole Down at Pascagoula miss. Two workers fishing just after Sunset claim to have been hustled aboard a fish shaped Craft by three strange creatures who released them after giving them the once Over with an Eye like scanning device. The local Folk say these two Are not the kind that go about spreading wild tales and several expert interrogators Are con Vinced that the men Are con Vinced that what they say happened did happen. Or. Allen Hynick a Northwestern univer sity astronomer says flatly the men were taken aboard a Craft from another planet. Meanwhile russian scientists report picking up radio signals from space of a Type never heard before. They come in pulses that last several min utes and the russians say in is quite possible the signals Are coming from intelligent beings somewhere out there in space. If we really Are being visited and signalled to by beings from somewhere out there it would be Nice if they somehow let us know who they Are and where they come from. It would be interesting to find out where the space Folk go in the Day time since they invariably seem to be sighted Only at night. It would also be interesting even though it might be embarrassing to get an outsider s View of Mark Twain s observation that the Earth functions As the insane Asylum for the universe. Made i am innocent vulgar investigative press has its limitations Washington the Agnew affair Points up the limitations of investigative reporting. The blood hounds of the press Are expected to sniff out scandal in High places with Little More to guide them than their nose for news. By Jack Anderson two years ago for example we investigated whispers that Spiro Agnew had pocketed bribes from Maryland contractors. We went into Maryland armed Only with a notebook and a Pencil. Bui a notebook is no substitute for a subpoena and a Pencil is a poor prod compared to the Justice department s Power to Grant witnesses immunity. We were told about the pattern of payoffs. We even dug out two witnesses who admitted to us they had slipped Cash payments to Agnew. Hut in each Case no one else saw the Money passed and the Cash could t be traced. Eventually we Laid our findings be fore Agnew but he categorically de Nied everything. The evidence simply was t sufficient to accuse the vice president of the United states of a crime. It took the Justice department to do Hal two years later. In contrast with Agnew his designated successor Gerald Ford has a reputation for openness and honesty. Sources close to him say he won t accept Cash contributions although he has a politician s constant need for Campaign funds. F3ut we have never heard the slight est suggestion that he has Ever diverted a dime to his own personal use. The closest to a political Skeleton we have found in his closet was a be spectacled lobbyist named Robert Winier Berger who had been associated with fixer Nathan Voloshen and convicted House aide Martin Sweig. We reported on Jan. 27, 1970, that Winter Burger operated occasionally of Ford s we stressed no one who knows Jerry Ford be eaves he would allow his name to be by an influence peddling ring. But in the scratching favor swapping environment on Capitol Hill it is easy for a con Man to take advantage of a congressman s potent two years later Winter Berger gave up lobbying and published his Confes Sions in a Book washing ton he boasted of his Deal Ings with Ford. The vice presidential nominee has now made his files on Winter Berger available to us. These show the lobbyist gained Access to Ford. On the recommendation of a trusted Friend. The congressman s late administrative assistant Frank Meyer arranged some routine political favors for win Fer Berger s clients such As writing a Ford endorsement for an organization seeking to standardize the world Calendar and recommending. International mining president Frank Kellog for a diplomatic appointment. At Winter Berger s Behest Ford also arranged an immigration Exten Sion for a dutch psychiatrist or. Albert a. Bulyc Dorp to continue his research work in the In a thank you letter Winter Berger wrote Ford How wonderful it is to Deal with your office. Everyone is also so eager to please so Correct and so in return for these political favors the lobbyist made a few nominal contributions to various gop Campaign chests. These donations ranged from to Ford thanked him for them in letters addressed dear Bob and signed it would appear that Ford s relationship with the lobbyist although indiscreet was not a serious scandal. Footnote Spiro Agnew once de scribed Washington b.c., As a Jun and declared fiercely in was t his Jungle. He had just been elected governor of Maryland. I knew him Well enough in those Days to Call him Ted. We talked As friends about his political future. Risked whether he might be looking beyond the state House in Annapolis to Washington 50 Miles away. No he said he intended to slay Oul of that Jungle. But the lure of Power Drew him into the for Bidden Jungle. Washington Lii to Man of wills involving the investigation m Spiro t. Agnew his guilt ills and replacement 1ms Boon Liml decl wisely and courageously. By Roscoe Drummond there is no extenuation for or. Agnew s conduct. He has grievously Dis served his country and he Lias in tolerably let Down the millions of americans who believed Hal lie believed what he had been telling them. He turned i am innocent Inlo a vulgar phrase mid added to the Bur Den of cynicism and distrust of poli tics and politicians from this precious democracy of ours must earn its Freedom. It is earning its Freedom. Hie Evi Dence is considerable. Tie former vice president s concealment of his crime was penetrated by a courageous attorney Gen eral Elliot Richardson and his unstoppable assistant Henry . Their perseverance was supported by the president who gave both a free hand to get the facts what Ever the consequences. Or. Nixon s Choice of rep. Gerald Ford a Mich was an act of wis Dom and except from those who like to suggest that the president can do no right this nomination is welcomed by most democrats and republicans. Or. Agnew has tragically made his contribution to poisoning the political process and in his Rise nearly to the top through concealment increased distrust of politics and politicians. But the very government which the former vice president so abused proved ready Able and will ing to expose the crime and punish its perpetrator. These actions Merit a renewal of Trust. There Are numerous reasons Why the nomination of Gerald Ford is a Good one is a politician with a Good record. We need More such not fewer in High places. He is a capable experienced Man. Than anyone else Gerald Ford can bring to reality a crucially needed partnership Between the presi Dent and Congress. A new political climate in the relations Between the two branches is imperative if we Are going to transact the Public Busi Ness in the Wake of watergate. This is what Congress says it wants. This is what or. Nixon says he wants mk6 a Cost of Ford has the markings of Nixon s kind of vice president Washington every vice presi Dent can be graded in three ways As the occupant of that office As a potential contender for president and As a potential president. How does Gerald Ford rate by David s. Broder he seems a perfect Choice for the kind of no. 2 Man president Nixon wants not a Paruir in policy Mak ing or an apprentice president but someone to fill the podium at re publican fund raising dinners for the next three years. Ford has vast experience in the work and has shown a willingness to go Inlo any District for any Brand of Republican from Pete Mccloskey to ii. N. Gross he will raise funds and raise Republican spirits and do so in a less prickly than his predecessor s. The White House also claims he will be a great help to or. Nixon with Congress bul that s a More dubious proposition. Ford is Well liked on Capitol Hill but popularity is not Power. As the Range rider who consistently Coral cd enough Republican votes to make the president s vetoes stick Ford was far More potent at the House Leader s desk than he can be As vice president. His locus now moves to the Senate Side of the Capitol and senators Lake unkindly to lobbying by their presid ing officer whether he happens to be an old Leader like Lyndon Johnson a former colleague like Hubert Humphrey or a stranger like Spiro Agnew. Ford can serve As a listening Post for the White House on Capitol Hill but it s doubtful he can do much More. What about his second role As potential presidential Candida is Al can probably be safely ignored despite the frenetic of forms of some while House aides to make Ford seem something other than the care Laker vice president he is his protestations of non candidacy in 1976 deserve to he taken at face value. The height of his ambition has been to he speaker of the House bul despairing of Hal he told political chums that he would run once More for the House and then retire in 1976. Fate has now arranged for him to retire As vice president which is a far grander title than minority Leader. It is not impossible for the flames of ambition to consume the 60-year old Ford suddenly at this late stage of his career but those who know him Best arc convinced he will happily yield the presidential primary Trail to More eager aspirants when the Spring of is76 arrives. What Ihen of Ford As a Man who might become president at some Point in the next three years he is obviously not the most distinguished Choice or. Nixon could have made and the president can fairly be faulted by Hose who thought the situation of the country required that kind of Choice. As Ford himself would agree there Are dozens of republicans including some in the House who have quicker minds Heller grasp of issues and More polished speaking styles. But Ford has compensating Virtues As a potential fill in president which should not be overlooked particularly by those who have been vocally worrying about the abuse of presidential Powers. His style of politics is open Frank and direct. It is keyed to consultation and negotiation not confrontation. The very fact Hal he is a plodder Means he docs not Cut Corners be moral or political the Way those hell Benl on advancement or i cloy at any Cost arc wont to do. As Charles i. Clapp has written congressional leadership relies on persuasion and personal Appeal to effectuate programs rather than on discipline sanctions mid ii is thai style of leadership Ford Niht my in has turned Promise into vol run or. Is tic chosen irs tru Moi find to is Well qualified to do it. Or i Ord s nomination wisely de Fults untimely unwanted Contro verse Nui Mik do morals and Uusi Lilleniit Over the political con Iii once of the Choice of he vice president. The democrats did nol want or. Nixon to hive my one of the leading Republican contenders or 1376 a Mas Sive boost toward the a Cal presiden line nomination. Null her did the re pull tonns. They annl it Contes cd on Reid Sembly cd Una terms. Or. Nixon met of these be Kili mate do minds without conceding or for must forego seeking the nomination inter if he sees reason to do so. Finally or. Lord s selection proves thai or. Nixon was responsive to the advice of parly leaders. Some headlines reported that while the president was appearing Lowuna suggestions he had already made up his mind. Gerald Ford was the nearly unanimous recommendation. The presi Dent accepted it. There arc undoubtedly some who honestly believe that Spiro Agnew has been let off too easily Hal other criminal charges should be pressed Hal a jail sentence would be in order. It seems to me that personal Dis Grace forced resignation and the local destruction of a political career is ample Penally and that the welfare 1 of the nation is better served by this decisive surgery rather than by months of divisive uncertainty. No one is being let off lightly and should t be. But the greatest need is to discern the offences of politics As usual and apply the lessons radically. Only Ihen can gov eminent re earn Public Trust. Would bring to the presidency should the occasion arise. In Liis role As a publican Leader Ford has compensated for his own acknowledged shortcomings As a policy innovator by encouraging a club lican legislators Liberal is Well As conservative to pursue and develop i hair own plans. A president Ford would Likely give he same free rein to his Cabinet As the critics of the Over centralized presidency have been urging. Some who have studied his record particularly in the fear that Bis approach to foreign policy would he belligerent perhaps Overly reliant on military solutions. Bul As political scientist Kobert Peabody has noted if one May fault congressional leaders for any single consistent weakness in would be their hesitancy to Lake risks their Lack of should circumstance Makr him pres ident Ford s caution might ims a com fort to the country he is clearly nil the Best Choice or. Nixon Hud Avail Able but lid is far from the worst. Answer by Billy Graham my work is the Field of statistics and i bring assignments Home almost every evening. Right in the Middle of a report someone in the family is bound to interrupt and it makes me furious. What can i do . First of All if you Are obliged to take that much work Home you Are either a poor manager of your time or you have foolishly let the Boss Saddle you Wilh the work of two men. With few exceptions a person s work ought to be completed in the hours allocated. When it spills Over Inlo private life your own disposition is soured and you cheat the family of your services As father husband and Counselor to which of course they Are rightfully entitled. You evidently think that family life is expendable. Ii is not it is an essential that reflects the god Given nature of this unil in society. Your wife and children must have great patience to endure your preoccupation with the Job in addition to your Uller childishness in losing your temper. The god fearing Man seeks to control his Tongue psalms and to he an example to his family Kph Sinns if you Don t soon acquire these traits and Liscome a contributing member of your household some statistics i know predict you won t have the Chance very Long. Nial ii dry onion

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