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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaFlintstones Jln new Hunting monday october 19, 1970 la Andy Capps even if its on Dick Tracy and diamonds plan to you re marked Okay now that i know How the land lies i m i says groovy. Then the infiltrate the police for sudden Sonal revenge same team Little Abner a of Schluga it try c am drap 7-pfschlmgg.1. Okie pre dict Edah d taw6levjifa think of that out blow Blaw Thau Winter Tho Nape not so a Rikand As Man s ingratitude. And oust today a fellow asked my in i was married Mary Worth we re both delighted 3ttm7 i i a Vic. Bow i i with Ward Irwim Honey footer parents from Western cd .6ut5incethings could get 5eriou5 Between you we d like to know More about hi5 family and disturbing question from her beatle Bailey when we set Camp i have Mutt Jeff what kind of fertilizer have you been using inthe Al Carroll Richter s from the ctr Roll Righter Institute general tendencies some of your friends Are Apt to be Over emotional and get their feelings too easily injured. You would be Wise to watch this closely in yourself so that you handle it in an objective rather than a subjective manner. No one will like a cry baby not you or any of your friends so steer Clear of this behaviour. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 you can do Little along career lines today so help family members with theirs since they need assistance. Don t be tempted into an argument at Home. Institute Harmony that has been sadly needed. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 attend to your own business and Stop giving others advice they Don t want or need. Save time make Money. You May not agree with others but this is not the time to get into arguments with anyone. Gemini May 21 to june 21 you feel you have to appease another by spending More Money than your share. But Don t. Being firm is Wise. Go Over your financial position carefully and see where to make Wise investments. Moon children june 22 to july 21 if you feel the world is against you and making your life miserable just Analyse what you Are doing wrong and Correct. Stop brooding. Seek out persons with Fine ideas. Listen and then put in operation. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 if there Are conditions that do not please get them changed yourself instead of relying on others. Come to right decisions quickly. Assist those who need your help very badly this evening. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 if you make it your business to criticize others for their mistakes you could invite trouble. Let them tend to their own knitting. Just make sure you Don t unravel any of your own Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 making sure to do your work Well is important or you could jeopardize your position. Handle credit affair without delay and avoid further trouble in the Days ahead. Save Money. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 Many conditions need action. First study every phase of the situations so that you can later act intelligently. Steer Clear of a dynamic person who eyes your assets. Don t be taken in. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec 21 your intuition is not working properly now so use your logic. Otherwise you could get into trouble. Control your temper with an ally who is feeling out of sorts. Provoking others could bring dire results now. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 if you smile at associate s complaints you save the situation. Otherwise there could be trouble. Wait for a better Day to come to new agreements with others. The planets Are not with you. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 you have Many duties to attend to and do not get much cooperation from fellow workers but persevere on your own and All is Fine. Taking health treatments will help you greatly. Relax in the evening Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 Don t rely on friends to accompany you for a Good time since they Are otherwise preoccupied today but carry on yourself quietly. Your Busy mate could be quite demanding. Try to be of assistance. If your child is born Tod or she will be one of those Young people who will feel Hurt at every Little slight because of a sensitive nature. Teach Early the need to be understanding of other people s problems and then you make a Fine individual of your progeny. Ideal Chart for catering to the Public Selling the department store owner or worker the nurse the doctor Etc. Give As much education As you can afford. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for november is now ready. For a copy Send your birthrate and to Carroll Righter forecast name of Box 629, Hollywood Calif. 90028. 1970, Mcnaught Syndicate inc ask got a question for Andy write it on a Post card and mail it to the Florence morning news p. 0. Box 911, Florence 5. C. 2w01. Andy Andy Senes a Complete 20-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Sherwin Dueck age 11, of Janow Manitoba Canada for his question does an insect have a brain every insect has a trigger Sharp brain though it is not the right kind of brain for thinking. The Bitsy creature does not have to solve problems As we do. His actions and reactions Are governed by built in instructions inherited from his ancestors his fairy like body is a living Miracle and his tiny brain is designed to guide him through his pre arranged life Cycle usually at top Speed. In All animals the brain is the Headquarters of the nervous system. It receives multitudes of messages from the sense organs sifts them and flashes Back instructions for suitable action. A brain even the Bitsy brain of a tiny insect is a com plex biochemical switchboard. It is his vital control Center and it is Well protected. An insect has no internal Skeleton so his brain is not encased in a Bony Skull. However he is encased in chitin a Tough shielding that serves his Small body belter than Bones. His brain is shielded in a snug helmet of chitin. It is a mass of soft nerve cells linked to ganglia and nerves that Branch through his body. A ganglion is a bundle of nerves somewhat like a truck line the average insect has two main ganglia running Lengthwise along his body somewhat similar to the human spinal column. Streams of nerve impulses Flash to his brain. Some Are prompted by internal needs such As hunger others relay external news via his sense organs. An insect s eyes never close and the sensory nerves on his antennae never rest. Chances Are he has Small sensory pegs and bristles on his Mouth parts. As a Rule he can detect the tiniest traces of odor and taste touch and often vibrations. Some insects have hearing organs in the Abdomen feet or legs. None have ears in their Heads and apparently Many of them Are Stone deaf. An insect s brain copes with this data in a Flash. It is programmed to respond to each situation in a set pattern. The blueprint is in the Dan inherited from his ancestors. His brain is not built to consider the facts and decide what to do. Each Uit of information triggers a certain course of action and the insect must obey. Suppose a Fly is quietly primping when she senses an approaching swatter. Sensory i pluses Flash this news to her Bitsy brain which orders a fast take off up and away. This sudden take off is a highly Complex Man Euver involving the coordinated action of Many Muscles. It is possible because her simplified brain is programmed to trigger a set reaction to the situation. The Fly has no Choice. Her survival depends on in and accurate obedience. The senses of insects Are very different from ours and there Are surprising variations in different species. This Calls for variations in their brains and sensory nervous systems. Probably no two species Are exactly alike. But basically the brains of All insects work on the same simplified trigger system. Andy sends a world Book Globe to Vanessa Peterson age 10, of new Brunswick new Jersey for her question How Long does sunlight take to reach the Earth the Light from our starry Sun whips through space at about Miles per second. It races across 93 million Miles of space to reach our borne planet this fantastically fast trip takes crossword Puzzle i 6. Noise 12. Revere 13. Antiseptic 14. Informed 15. Unfolded 16. Congeal across 29. Girl s name 30. Sol 32. Postal code 33. Hastens 35. Hide 37. Shirr a Rara Amanca h Asa o3 18. Slender finial 39. Digit 19. Tuneful 40. Ranges 23. Self satisfied 43. Mist 26.worldwarll 47. Grapefruit area 43. Musical study 27. The 49. Catkins ten maker 50. Honey Badger 3s3siis3 hi33c Bah Hal san solution of saturday s Puzzle Down 1. Rolled Tea 2. In what Way 3. Memorabilia 39 Par time 23 min. A 4. Pass up 5. Independence 6. Labor Union 7. Canter 8. Animal fat 9. Belittle 10. Single Bill 11. Communistic 17. Beans 19. Netting 20. Reticule 21. Forlorn 22.younger son 24. Marine detachment 25. Stare 28. Get Well 34. Lucky n umber 36. Lariat 38. Stripe 40. Spring 41. Male Turkey. 42. Mayday 44. Place 45.sonnet 46. Unit of reluctance contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker top record Holder in maims individual Chomio Nihil play famous East dealer. East West vulnerable. North 4 a9 vs54 a2 a k q j 10 3 West East j 8 5 2 4 94 8654 South 4 k q 10 7 6 4 3 k 8 7 6 5 3 _ the bidding East South West North pass 4 4 pass 4 it pass pass 64 opening Lead Ace of hearts Here is a. Dramatic hand played by France and Italy in the european championships. When the French were North South Bour cutoff opened four Spades and Szwarc responded four no Trump Szwarc then jumped to six Spades after Bour cutoff had shown he had no aces. There was very Little to the play. Bour cutoff ruffed Thi heart Lead played a Spade t the Ace cashed the a a of Dia a Ponds and ruffed a Diamond eventually making six for a score of 980 Points. There were unexpected Pyro Technics when the italians Heli k 3970. King Catl tomorrow hand lie North South cards. Their idding inexplicably wont South West North 4 4 pass 4 it g pass g 74 Dale 7 it Dale Jais. For France started the All rolling with a heart bid. Lorquet bid four Spades and after Tretzel passed Siniscalco responded four no Trump not Forquet jumped to in diamonds then boldly Iii retook a grand slam when Siniscalco corrected to six Pades. Rightly or wrongly Tretzel doubled seven Spades a. Proce Dure that might very Well have induced Declarer to take a first Spade finesse and so land Lis contract. However the Dou Ile had an unexpected outcome when. It convinced Siniscalco hat Tretzel had a sure Trump trick and that a grand slam could not be made in Spades. Accordingly Siniscalco ran seven no Trump. It is True that he had no heart stopper but he calculated incorrectly that Forquet would not have bid seven Spades without the Ace hearts and he thought that seven no Trump might be made without bringing Home Oil the Spades. The outcome proved disastrous when the defense quickly peeled off six heart tricks to set the contract Points. Italy lost Points on the Deal ures Syndicate inc 0-19-70 temptation. By or. Herbert Spaugh s How can so Many professing christians and Church members be so unloving in their attitude awards other queries i correspondent. This is the asic question he asks throughout a rather Long and in letter. I m afraid his claim is sometimes True As All professing christians Are not practising christians. My correspondent Points to the fact the pharisees n the time of Christ were very strict interpreters of the religious Law but were not very Oving. That s True but one of hem Joseph of arimathea loved the Lood Jesus enough to pro Ide a Tomb for him after he removed from the Cross. My correspondent refers to Vangelist Dwight l. Moody who As quite popular some generations ago. He preached be baptism of the spirit As a scriptural necessity after experiencing the new birth. Yet he As so Loving in his presentation hat he was widely received Ven in roman Catholic Ireland. My correspondent puts his Nger on that vital necessity of a professing Christian receiving he baptism of the holy spirit Ith the gifts of the spirit and suits of the spirit. He Points to Wight l. Moody who preached and practice this so effectively. These Basic fundamentals to he Christian gospel Are egletes today. Many do not now that they exist. 1. Jesus revised that the holy spirit would come to dwell with his followers after he completed his ministry on Earth. John 14 and in his parting words to his disciples before his ascension in to heaven he said be shall receive Power after that the holy spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me. Receiving the baptism of the holy spirit is a separate experience from conversion and baptism by water. As a this baptism of the spirit certain gifts come to the believer. St. Paul 1 corinthians 12 lists the nine of them Wisdom knowledge Faith gifts of heal ing miracles prophecy discernment of spirits speaking in tongues interpretation of tongues. Following the reception of one or More of these gifts the fruits of the spirit become evident. St. Paul lists nine of these in galatians the 5th chapter the fruit of the spirit is love Joy peace Long suffering gentleness goodness Faith meekness Jesus said by their fruits be shall know a True Christian believer is known by witness of his fruits. Physician governor Frankfort by. A the Only physician Ever to become governor of Kentucky was or. Luke p. Blackburn who served from 1879-83. Bout eight minutes and 20 seconds. So the Sunbeam that just added on your nose started out from the Sun about 81-3 minutes go. It travelled at its usual Speed across the vast space Between and the Sun. The air above the Earth slowed it Down very nightly though not enough to make a second s Worth of difference. The size of the Sun is stupendous and its blazing Light pours out n All directions. Only a tiny portion comes in our direction and alls on the Earth. Our share amounts to about two parts in a illion parts of the total output but it provides an enormous mount of Energy. In one minute it Sheds on the Earth enough Energy to provide All the Power we need in a year. Someday we May get our Power from this free solar Energy

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