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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 292 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., monday morning october 19, 1970 daily lot sunday California race Clear test of gop strategy editor s note the Rise of Black militants determined to elect their own to Congress is shattering voting patterns that have existed for years the following report first of a five part series on key House races examines the Impact of Black ballot Power on California s 7th District. By John Beckler associated press writer Oakland calf. A the Republican Campaign strategy of picturing the nation in the grip of fear and blaming it on democrats is getting its clearest test in California s 7th congressional District. An overwhelmingly democratic District in which the republicans Haven t seriously campaigned for years it is now listed As a prize target and is getting the gop s full attention. What made the difference was the Victory in the democratic primary last june of Ronald v. Dellums 34, a negro an avowed Radical and a political hero of Berkeley s leftist student groups and Oakland s Black ghettos. His defeat of a six term Liber Al Democrat rep. Jeffrey Coke Ian brought instant status in the Republican party to j-c., Healy a 25-year-old sex Obi who had been assigned the supposedly sacrificial role of Cohelan s opponent. I would t even have campaigned if Cohelan had said Healy. Now he think he is going to win. Vice president Spiro t. Agnew has called for Dellums defeat. So has Republican National committee chairman Rogers c. B. Morton who singled out Dellums at a Washington news conference last month As an example of who he had in mind when he said we live to Day in a fearful atmosphere created by the permissiveness and even encouraging attitude of Arch Liberal democrats toward extreme another Washington gop Campaign officials scenting a Chance to pick up the seat said Well go in there and polarize the District if we the daily news provides the most effective Republican Campaign material the courtroom shootout across san Francisco Bay in san Rafael that left a judge two convicts and their accomplice dead the murder of a Berkeley policeman by a Black youth the flight and capture of Angela Davis former University of California at los Angeles teacher of 11 o w i n g charges she was involved in the san Rafael affair. What gives such news a heavier Impact among the White voters of the 7th District is that Oakland is the Birthplace of the Black panthers and the Home of its co founder Huey Newton. The funeral for Young Jonathan Jackson the accomplice who brought the guns into the san Rafael courtroom was held in Oakland and Newton delivering the Eulogy hailed the bloody event As a Milestone in the coming revolution. Jackson he said was the first of a new Breed of Freedom republicans Don t try to connect Dellums directly to such events. They Don t have to. Although most impartial observers agree Wollums is no militant and Berkeley s radicals Don t regard him As one of their own he Rose to political prominence As a Berkeley City councilman with the support of radicals and militants and it has fixed his image in the mind of the average voter White and Black. My whole credibility is to keep coming from the place f he says. If i Compromise on that there is no reason for me to be running for Congress. Ail i m saying is there is nothing so great about system that produces 60 million poor people. It has to be see militants Page 3 Turkey fighting cholera Istanbul Turkey a prime minister s u 1 e y m a n Demirel appealed sunday for Calm in the face of a cholera epidemic in Istanbul and surrounding areas. Doctors and hospitals Are making superhuman efforts to combat the disease Demirel said. Health minister Vedat All Ozkan declared the disease is being brought under con and that there was no need for a quarantine of the infected slum areas. Press reports however said residents of the areas worst affected were fleeing to the Countryside some perhaps carrying the disease with them perhaps half a million persons most of them landless peasant emigrants eke out a living in the shanty towns around Istanbul Many of which Are without sewage systems or adequate water Supply. Canada Steps up anti terror drive canadians express outrage Ottawa a Canadian leaders expressed outrage and sorrow sunday at the killing of Quebec s labor minister by members of the Quebec libera Tion front. It s with Shock and conster nation i believe that canadians have Learned of the death of or. Pierre Laporte who was so co Wardly assassinated by a band of prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau said in a special television broadcast. Former prime minister John Diefenbaker a member of the opposition conservative part in parliament said the killing shows How desperate members of the front Are and How feel Ings All of us have namely been Bur Justice minister John Turner expressed regret that Laporte and James Richard Cross Brit Ain s Trade commissioner kid naked oct. 5, had to be the first victims of the savagery we can t allow to a Laporte was kidnapped five Days after Cross. Marcel prud homme a Liber Al member of parliament choked up As he called for Calm in the country and voiced fears that Many canadians would equate the Quebec liberation front with those who honestly seek Quebec s separation Byj Law. I know Many honorable separatists in Quebec As shocked and dismayed at this act As we i he said. Word of Laporte s slaying As the House of commons j debated whether Trudeau was justified on Friday when he imposed the War measures act against the front known As the Fly from the first letters of its name in French. J conservative Robert Thomp son appealed for the nation Tonj remain Calm. _ i Canadian police seek two men Montreal api Quebec provincial police late sunday issued an All Points bulletin naming two men wanted for the kidnapping of British Trade com missioner James Richard Cross and Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte who was found shot to death earlier in the Day. A police spokesman said War rants have been issued charging Marc Carbonneau 37, and Paul Rose 27, with kidnapping in both cases. Communiques from the kidnapper s were operating independently in the kidnappings and there was no immediate explanation Why the two men were charged together with both abductions. Quebec minister murdered briton still held alive Canadian prime minister leaves parliament for Montreal Pierre Trudeau worked sunday in heavily guarded government building Montreal a spurred by the killing of kidnapped Pierre Laporte the Canadian govern ment moved with fresh determination sunday to suppress the terrorist Quebec liberation front and save the life of a Brit ish Diplomat still held captive. Prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau said the shooting of la Porte the 49-year-old minister of Quebec province was conceived in cold blood and executed in. Like he expressed a deep sense o shame that the killing had take place in Canada. Police released sunday nigh the text of a letter they said was written by the briton James r. Cross also 49. It was found in a Montreal Church sunday with a communique from the front a known by the initials of its French name Fly. Only danger for my life is the police find out where i am and want to intervene. The Fly vill not give up and i will be the first dead. The authorities will never ind the place where i am held n Captivity. I am a prisoner Ike the Fly members and prisoners in Cross said he saw his death announced on television Early sunday morning and this was he said he wrote a letter t his wife saturday which a placed in a Church. He Sak front members called two Radii stations but in spite of this let Ter it was announced that i was dead and that my body had been found. This must have been terribly distressing for my the Cabinet meeting lasted to hours 20 minutes. Foreign Secretary Mitchell Sharp a american bombers extend air raids into Cambodia lbs deceived Senate sen. Fulbright says Saigon a american b52 bombers extended their raids on North vietnamese sup ply routes from Laos into Cam Bodia for the first time in More than a week the . Command announced sunday. Enemy forces concentrated on the Al lies pacification and Vietnam nation programs in South Viet Nam. Communiques covering a 24 hour period reported at least four americans and eight South vietnamese killed and 25 Ameri cans and s6 vietnamese wounded in an ambush a terrorist at tack and 14 rocket and mortar attacks. Fourteen enemy were reported killed. The american casualties in i eluded troops of the 2nd Bri Jade 4th infantry division j which is being deactivated As part of president Nixon s cutback to be com on Supply lines jordanian troops Battle guerrillas am Rawa Jordan a palestinian guerrillas battled. Tank brigade Sun Day for control of a Cluster of. Northern villages that protect guerrilla Supply routes from Syria. A Force of 10 tanks shelled four villages Between Ramatha and Irbid 50 Miles North of Amman the guerrillas said and they replied with mortars machine guns and rockets. Newsmen two Miles away heard Ticay gunfire and the rattle of machine guns Lor More than three hours. Guerrillas at am Rawa prevented correspondents from going to the scene of the fighting. The guerrillas said they suffered no casualties in the fighting that began saturday morning when they claimed the jordanians attacked Meg Neir South of Ramatha. They took the Village at Nightfall. The enemy is fighting for these villages because they sit astride our Supply routes from said Abu Fedia a Captain of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine which has a base in am Rawa. They arc trying to prevent us from moving Back and Forth with arms and supplies to our bases in this area and farther South in he added. Fedia said trouble began Friday when jordanian troops Cut the Road from Ramatha to Irbid in violation of the peace agreement one Fula Leader. Yasler Arafat signed with King Huwen last tuesday. Plated by the Christmas season. The american infantrymen came under a mortar attack in the Central Highlands 14 Miles Northeast of an Khe. A . Command communique said the b52 Stratfor tresses America s largest War planes hit in Laos and cambo Dia saturday. They were joined by smaller tactical fighter bombers. A spokesman said the cambo Dian raids were the first there since oct. 8. There is no change in poli the spokesman said. The missions Are being flown where we have the targets informants said the raids across Laos and Cambodia were against land and water routes connecting North vietnamese and Viet Cong bases add along which supplies and reinforce ments move for operations in Cambodia and South Vietnam. As Many As 30 b52s, flying from Thailand and scores of Fighte Tombers from bases in Thailand and South Vietnam and from 7th Fleet carriers in the Tonkin Gulf took part. The bulk if the Effort was re ported along the to Chi Minh Trail in Southern Laos where intelligence has detected an in crease in North vietnamese activity to push massive supplies southward during the current dry season. For More than a week virtually the entire american bombing Effort has been directed against the he Toile Supply route in Laos no b52 missions have been flown in South Viet Nam since oct. 10. The . Command also re ported that Viet Cong gunners shot Down an army uh1 Heli cipher along South Vietnam s Central coast 241 Miles North East of Saigon killing two american crewmen and wound ing two. The loss raised to the number of . Helicopters and fixed Wing aircraft reported lost to All causes in Indochina during a decade of fighting. Index classified 11 comics 13 farm 5 president Johnson deliberately deceived the u. S. Senate during the Early stages of the Vietnam War sen. William Fulbright claims. Page 3. Animals get a much better level of medical treatment now. And the veterinary department at Clemson reflects the development. Page 5. The bombing pause in the Vietnam War was a result of a Spur of the moment decision a former insider s Book says. Page 2. Weather monday through tuesday mostly Cloudy and a Little warmer with Chance of rain tuesday. High 70s. Low upper 40s. Details Page 2. Service men sports women 14 8 6 policy Honor body in guard carries Laporte coffin Senotie night in Montreal court House pounced afterwards that the cab net decided to make no state sent on the terrorist situation until after Laporte s funeral the government is acting uner a revival of the War Meas ures act providing Tor holding of suspects without bail but invoking of this measure on Fri Day was not enough to save la Porte. Shot through the head the body was found in the trunk of a car in a Montreal suburb just after Midnight. It was just Short of a week from the time he was kidnapped at his Home by the Quebec liberation front most Radical of the groups seeking to make Quebec a separate nation. Shortly before the body was found the government offered kidnappers Safe passage to Uba if they freed Laporte and Ames r. Cross chief British Trade Delegate in Montreal. A government spokesman said the offer remained in Force for criss abductors. He was kidnapped oct. 5 and Laporte five Days later. The kidnappers demanded the release of 23 men convicted of or awaiting trial on charges related to terrorism. The demand was repeatedly re fused by Trudeau s government and the province of Quebec. The spokesman said two Dif Ferent cells of the liberation front kidnapped the two men. Different cells May have reached different he added. It s our Only real the Trudeau government has in effect outlawed the libera Tion front known As Fly for its French initials. The killing rein forced its goal of putting the organization s activists behind sars. Nearly 300 persons have Deen seized in the province mostly in the Montreal area since the War measures act went into effect Early Friday. Trudeau said at that time this acting to make Clear to kidnappers revolutionaries and assassins that in this country Laws Are made and changed by the elected representatives of All canadians not by a handful of self selected Dic an Fly communique said la Porte s execution was prompted by the government s refusal to comply with the group s demands. The events that led up to the discovery of the body started with an Anonymous Telephone Call to radio station Cikac at 7 . Saturday that a package could be found at St. Hubert near the air base. In a second Call at the caller asked Why nothing had been done about the package. This time a station employee went to the area and found a hand printed note in place pcs arts. The note and a rough map Quebec Page 2 i

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