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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 18, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaThe family circus Blondie Florence morning news thursday october when i get big will you buy me some kids so i can play Mommy peanuts i have to a site a report on Rivers and it s de next week amp iju5t know l la 6et a failing 6rape1 that occurred to me. Andy Capp Carroll Righter s contract Horoscope from Carroll rights int Itutti North an t x n 4 .5 East 493 v102 10 9 7 3 2 South Van j 5 aka 6 k3 could t interest me people who know nothin1 Are the apples mate an1 the unhappiest a9e those who ave to listen to pm Mary Worth we Are Man you Are going to have a baby it what Etc Levou must have been startling but from your it we our doctor on line. Mrs. Worth can t believe the ne.w5ww it was the most Al wonderful news a Dick Tracy smelt look me in the 1 Eye and Sav that. D o you think i m Blind i saw that s2iopoo Check by molding the envelope against a Light bulb. A Crook the insurance Check r the last fire loss finally your Beetle Bailey i 6oj a top on p1ctation, Heyy since Are we Patel on walking thie Flintstones but re the ones scream1mg for equal what s the idea of holding gain Oral tendency and kinds of Surprise annoyances can come into being Lilay East dealer. So go along Wilh whatever arises and attend to it in a North South vulnerable. Conscientious manner. Remember problems can be opportunities. Maintain self control and keep Calm. A Kijus mar. 21 to apr. 19 you want to Start a new uptrend in All of your affairs bul this is not the right time t for such. Study the situation at Home in Taurus apr 20 to May 20 much care has to be s 1 exercised in travel and in handling any tasks at hand. Make sure you count your change when out shopping. 10 8 g 5 2 Oij mini May 21 to june 20 go to experts for ideas on y 8 7 g 4 3 How to add to your present income. Not a Good Day for in Akinje repairs to property. Be logical. Moon n june 22 to july 21 Don t worry if things Are not going right for you bul calmly find the right solution. Look for helpful ideas. Uio july 22 to aug. 21 you feel frustrated. You can gel rid of this feeling by getting Busy with the work that needs doing. Do nothing Radical. Virgo aug. 11 to sept. 22 take care you Don t berate any allies or you could regret it later. Personally go after Aims Wilhour expecting outside help. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 keep Busy at your work and Don l it a higher up. Paying Bills prompt is important now. Take care of civic duties. Score 10 oct. 23 to nov. 21 make certain you have All your facts and figures straight before engaging in advanced to count out a hand but anyone work. Co to the right sources. Willing to try eventually finds Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 take time for that the difficulty is More meditation. Avoid a situation that could Lead to trouble imaginary than real. The Only explore whatever is of a scientific nature skill required is the ability to Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 try not to get into count to 13 and apply it to the any arguments with an associate who is in an irate mood problem at hand. A Way to come to a better understanding. Consider this Deal where West aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 instead of seeking fun leads a heart. Declarer has get Busy at All that work ahead of you. Don l permit twelve sure tricks and. Is a another to take advantage of you at this Lime. Heavy favorite to make the Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 keep All promises you have thirteenth. The Only real danger Diamond to the a a and con made instead of going off on recreational sprees. Show is an unfavourable club division fid entry plays his King knowing and South should therefore take full Well that the King will catch Steps to combat a 4-1 break. The Queen. 1173 Kief future Syndicate in the bidding East South pass 3 it West pass North 7 it opening Lead eight of hearts. Many players find in difficult work accordingly he does not tackle the clubs at but postpones playing them until he learns As much As he possibly can about the unseen hands. He. Begins by cashing four hearts and three Spades discovering in the process that East started with a do Weton in those suits and simultaneously learning that West started with two five card after then cashing the Ace of diamonds he plays the a a of clubs West showing out and proving that East started with four clubs. The count of he hand is now Complete. East had precisely two Spades two hearts four clubs and hence five diamonds of which he has Only one double checking this West had precisely five Spades five hearts one club and hence two diamonds of which he also has Only one this knowledge is highly South might otherwise be tempted to take a Diamond finesse for his thirteenth trick a move that would be a colossal Blunder and at variance Wilh the known facts. After cashing the Queen of clubs and discarding a Diamond South leads a gratitude to those who have helped you if your child is born today he or she will be one of those Young people who would do Well in trouble shooting professions. Give As Good an education As you can. Teach the importance of Good manners Early in life. The religious Side of life should not be neglected. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for november is now ready. For your copy Send your birth Date and is to Carroll Rig liter forecast Loren cd morning news. Box 619, Hollywood Calif. 90028 1973, Mcnaught Syndicate inc bidding quit. Crossword Puzzle across i. Chatter ask Al question Lor Andy while in on 1 Poil Ord and mail Illo Florence morning news. P. O. Box 9u, Foliente 5. C. 21m1. Andy Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students Ellaflo Amanda tally age 12, of Winston Salem no. Carolina for her question when Nas Aget started 7. Iri s lather 11 flightless Bird 12. Coffee maker 13. Muddy 14.taro 16. The Orient 17. Pike 18. Division of a poem 19. Color Blue 21. Korean Soldier 22. Lampblack 23. Dessert 27. Bobbin lace lit Abner May the Mam f Evev Rassler. Leaves i town after. I in tangles with unbearable. Melvin my Daw of a loves you octopus so you air t running Ign out Oki her. You s 1 Willim k to 29. Disrespectful 30. Umpire s decision 31.1-Rencli Painter 32. Cant 35. Game of Clrance 36. Rodent 37. Magic spell 40. British Princess 41. Mel 42. Philippine native 43. Swie animal 44. July solution of yesterday s Puzzle Down 2. Chalice person 5. Importune lunar Woji Lucr satellites to Oiler . Super surveys of Iho Earth new systems of communications a nun polluting Auto engine plus Fox cons of everyday inventions these arc just some of Nasa s accomplishments f you had to Yuss you might say that it took years to introduce the world to All these wonders. Not at All. Nasa is Only 15 years old. The spin Cage Success Story Beyan will he first Man Marie satellite in 1957. This proved it is possible to escape Earth s Gravity and explore the vast regions beyond. Everybody was eager to go to go Anil no time was wasted in Selling no a workable system to usher in the new Era. In 1958. The year after the first satellite the u. S. Congress established a Well organized Federal and civilian Agency for the purpose of peaceful research and Rivelo Pimont in space Light. The stupendous undertaking was called the n no Iona and space administration Nasa. Almost at once it became a Busy hive with thousands of Topnotch scientists and researchers engineers and technicians. Some of the teams worked in universities some in civilian industries and some in a dozen or so major Nasa centers set up in various slates to Cope with special aspects of the enormous project. For example As we All know Moon missions Are launched from the Nasa space Center at Cape Kennedy and Nasa s manned spacecraft Conte is at Houston. Lac corded history began when Mankind invented writing an Dallof it is crowded into about 6.000 years. Without a doubt history s most important scientific Evanl is the Conquest of space that began less than 20 years ago. The organization of Nasa made it possible for his stupendous adventure to Progress with Speed and accuracy. Certain experts suggest Why this is so. And also Why the beneficial by products have been so much greater than any tidy expected. The problem of coping with space travel is naturally on of this world. Systems that work on Earth had to be forgo i in and new ones devised to work in space. Had to come up with new substances and materials new instruments of All kinds. And Many of these space age items proved Superior to plastics gang cos and of everyday objects we had been using on Earth. Have the Benefit of these space acc improvements. Another surprising Reward sprang from Nasa s trisic never i Foro had so Many teams of top Scien lists been Able to put their Licaus together in solve different aspects of a major problem. This organisation of multiple teamwork is the big Success Story behind the scene. Among Oiler wonders it made the first lunar landings which happened when Nasa was Only 11 years old. Andy sends a seven volume set of t1ik Nahn a n Cynthia Divino age 11, of is. Louis Missouri for her question what m a Kos a Tail the starry sky is a wondrous to behold. Sooner or later you recover your curiosity and Login to notice a few questionable details. Tor example the Bright stars appear to shoot off shafts of Light. They twinkle with winks and blinks. This is because the Slars Are millions and millions of Miles away and from such distances we could not possibly see such details. Actually. Though. The Light comes from die Distant Slars and the twinkles Are added by lie Earlb atmosphere. In our enormous atmosphere. Iacre Are layers of dense and Light air. Cool and warm air Damp and dry air. These airy assortments Are in constant turmoil. And Starlight must pass through hundreds of Miles of this airy mishmash to reach us. On the Way its rays Are ibis Way and that Way. By masses of different air layers. The Light rays and the Slars seem to Wink and blink with merry i Winkles Par Jirau 27 my. 6. Fuggian Indian 7. High Bookcase 8. Amoral 3.inventory 10. Countertenor 15. Piciw Cisale manager cons Lem action s Mam Star 19. Rowan tree 20. Card game 21. Hurried 23. Kitty 24.01 the Dawn 25. Artificial language 26. Asian Holiday 28. Pull 31. Coins 32. Food fish 33. Byway 34. British composer 35. One of lira Smiths 37. Timid -38. Eskimo 39. Peace Newi features 10-18 j everyday i Counselor by or. Herbert Spaugh Why do 1 so frequently write about Domestic cases and matrimonial difficulties have often been asked ibis. The answer is easy because i have first and almost invariably indulge in alcohol. Without he restraining hand of conscience men and women become Little taller than High class animals. So Many of these cases or Csc and often they Arent even High led Tome either in person or by class they Are class. A letter another one is before me drunk Man or woman often now. The pattern is familiar behaves far worse than an the letter is written by a Mother of several children whose husband is always drinking and running after women. Is it because he does t care Anvil Ninfi me and his animal. This wife asks whether her husband loves her if he ads As a docs. Apparently he does t care for her very much if at All. He probably did care for children i try to be a Good her very much when he mar Inife and Mother hut in seems Rich her but the marriage has like the harder i by the worse he acts. I have talked to him about it hut he Only gels angry and we have a quarrel. I Don t believe he loves me or he would t treat me As lie does. Am i doing wrong by talking to him about the Way he fallen into a stale of poor re pair. She May be Able to win him Back to her but she won t. Do it by lecturing to him. The fact that he becomes angry when she docs indicates that he at least has a guilty con science. There Are iwo things thai she should do. First she should put her life com lately in her lord s Hiinds and Pray earnestly to him to Reform her Home guide her in her dealings Wilh her husband ind children find women also net in the same bring her husband Back into the manner but not in such great Home Circle of love and of acc members. Many men seem Lobo lion. Then she should in sure naturally promiscuous and that she is doing part to can t seem o to willing to try make herself and the Home to limit themselves to one attractive. Wilh n situation such woman the wife old hem gel As she has Noah Iii Bill prayer under the influence of and the Power of god will Nils what makes a Man annl to run around with Oiler women when Helms a Good Wical this wife raises several quest inns. Why do men acl his Way ii is not limited to men. But and they arc Many limes worse. Aifoi Ini in Ner Vous system and Deaden con science whips up sex desire. Consult police records and you clamped envelope for bulletins will find this to be True. When a no. 169, 0 i i circe Noiin or woman toys Wilh the no. 170 Art of gel idea of Sci. Irregularities they Ting along find no. In. Change it. While the Kavc Sydny Counse Lor in cars of this newspaper enclosing 20 a cols for cad i Luclin and a self addressed

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