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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 18, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year _ no. 291 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence 5. C., sunday morning october 16, 1970 daily it sunday 15 Maryland s. Carolina Wake Forest Clemson Riga 37 Debili go of 27 sports Section 36 Tennessee 20 Alabama 24. Wot Ford 0 Newberry 31 Duke 14 n. State 22 w. Carolina 6 presbyterian 28 we. Mary 24 21 10 giant c5, ripped by explosions lies on flight line at Marietta Georgia plane the world s largest was b built by Lockheed Georgia at a Cost of million Mechanic killed explosions destroy first c5 Ever built base a. A three expo. Sions and fire killed a flight me chanic and destroyed the first c5 transport Ever built just after it was def eled saturday and its tanks purged of fumes. The Lockheed Georgia co. Said the cause of the explosions was determined but the destruction prompted a Call from sen. William Proxmire a wis. That the air Force ground Al c5s until the cause is deter mined. He said the plane was Safe and at million a copy was taxpayers too much costing Money. Lockheed said sabotage can be discounted but there Are no indications that this is what Lockheed said there were three Quick explosions at Sion Friday and the Crew re . Followed by a fire that engulfed a the plane. Phillip l. Smith 31, of Ros a suburb of Atlanta was killed. Another Mechanic was hospitalized with Shock. Ellis Stafford Lockheed s spokesman said a preliminary investigation revealed the explosion occurred immediately after the of 81 being Bull for the air def elec and purged of fumes and the mechanics were still beneath a Wing. The c5 had flown Over 701 Tours since the air Force and Lockheed began using it As a test plane in june 1968, said Stafford. It a mis u. S. Enters new phase in withdrawal program Saigon a the Ameri Herod encounters. Headquarters can withdrawal from Vietnam entered its fifth phase saturday with men said 62 North vietnamese and Viet Cong were killed in the five actions and described govern ment casualties As Light. My in government Washington As a result of the destruction of the c5 plane i Call upon the air Force to ground All c5s until he cause of the explosion is de Ermine. The responsibility for he safety of the plane should be Aken out of the hands of the air the planes should Fly again until the Faa certifies to he safety and airworthiness of he c5s. The lives of those who by the plane must have first priority. I this action for two reasons. First there is the. Long i Story of technical and Engi Neering problems associated Vith the lost wheels and downgraded stand secondly the planes should in grounded because of their fantastic Cost. At Over Mil Ion a copy the destruction of be c5 is the same As the Striction of 12 to 13 modern f4 fighter planes. After paying through the nose for the c5s, the taxpayers cannot afford their continued As air Force and Lockheed officials probed the burned out the objective is to wreck a plies to their units in Cambodia Hulk other c5s were taking off North vietnamese buildup in and South Vietnam. From nearby runways. Cambodia during the dry just beginning. By preventing the North namese from moving into the Interior of South Vietnam the . Withdrawal can be carried Forward in an of do Rev Way and with minimum casualties. Some Amer an Simon it. In the form of tactical bombers will be 7ivcn the son h namese in the new offensives military sources said. Across South Vietnam ground fighting continued Light and scattered. . Headquarters reported two Small skirmishes in which enemy losses were listed As three killed and american casualties were Given As three killed and four wounded. South vietnamese Headquarters reported five widely scat three combat units strength of nearly 2.000 were pulled out of combat As the first step to Cle activation in i for the ninth straight Day the near future. B52 bombers concentrated on the to Chi Minh Trail in tvs nerve launched another Fiew no mrs sons Over withdrawal round which will Cut Cambodia or South Vietnam. . Trunp s by men by the Christmas season. Once again about 30 of the bombers virtually All the it 1-Nye anti operational Fleet in the War zone cans in South Vietnam at the tons of explosives on Siart of new the lowest the Trail in sustained Effort to level in almost five years. Up the Kopfh vietnamese from As the ame cans s Leer moving War supplies through reduction rate the South Viet the Laos Panhandle namese male pm is for of a . Intelligence reports Indi Fen Sives in Cambodia that would North vietnamese have help insure that the a the Awal started their annual dry sea can be carried out effectively. Push in Laos to it ported it was in Fine said Stafford. From this we was a structural or design prob Lem that caused the explosion he said he thought the explosion would slow the. C5 construction program which a. Been under fire from Soia members of Congress As too expensive. The c5 is twice the size of any other air Force transport. Proxmire chairman of the Senate subcommittee on econ said in Threadie economic document United nations a the As the Way. Satur Day for unanimous adoption later by its 25th anniversary sum Mit session of a document set Ting economic targets for the next 10 years. The 26-Page document is called the International devel . Development decade Ozment strategy for lie second it establishes these Canadian police Hunt kidnappers 1971-80. Goals annual growth rates for developing nations of at least 6 per cent in Gross product Over All and 3.5 per cent in Gross product per person. Economically advanced country to devote Al East 1 per cent of its Gross a ional product to Loans Grants or other investments in develop no countries with at least seven tenths of 1 per cent of its Gross National product taking he form of Aid. The 127-nation Assembly held to extraordinary weekend meeting so delegations could Tate positions and any Reserva ions about the document As rec amended Friday by the As Embly s economic committee. The purpose was to get any objections to the strategy on ecord and out of the Way so Eads of state and government Ould adopt it unanimously by acclamation at the closing meeting of the commemorative next saturday. That is in 25th anniversary of the . Barter s effective Date. The economic strategy took to years to prepare. The final ext was the result of Compro Mises reached in the last month i the 127-nation Ommittee which approved the document without a vote on the understanding that All Reserva on would go into the . Re ords along with it. Intensive search ranges Over Quebec Montreal a thousands of police and soldiers ranged across Quebec province saturday in a Hunt for French Canadian separatists and the kid Napers of two officials. The number arrested in two Days Rose to 255. Two cells of the Quebec liberation front have said if police raid their hideouts they will shoot the two hostages they seized James Richard Cross British Trade commissioner in Montreal and Pierre Laporte the province s labor minister. Invoking the War measures act Friday to Deal with the crisis prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau warned the terrorists of an unceasing Pursuit of those responsible if the hostages Are harmed. Trudean told the House commons in Otaway saturday that i have no information it Index 6b 6a 2a 4a id it All started with a Little store in Kemmerer Wyo. Now there Are More than j. Penney stores and the nation s merchant Prince is 95. See Page 6-a. The Florence Little theater opens it season thursday with see Page 1-d. Hamilton tex., has a youth prob Lem but the Type publicized the Sec Days. It s youth is leaving and the town is dying. See Page 5-a. Weather fair arid Cool today and tonight. Scattered Frost tonight. Partly Cloudy and warmer Mon Day. High today Low 60s. Low tonight mid-30. High monday around 70. Details Page 3-a. Arts business deaths editorials features Gallup polls Horoscope 9a sports in women 1c a this time i Fate of the can give two men. On the the House was in a rare Sal session debating for the second Day a government motion to apis Rove the in Yostin g of the War measures unused the , or Fly. The act provides for a vote on the motion within five Days aft r it is invoked. To answer a question Las to whether the government was negotiating with the terrorists. No Public word has come rom the Fly since wednesday when renewed its threat against the hostages unless 23 jailed terrorists were released. With tight Security in effect the Fly May have found it difficult to get to the Public one of to communiques issued almost daily since Cross was abducted oct. 5 and Laporte oct. 10. The Fly had been dropping its communiques at Montreal radio Sta ions. The two Are 20 or in have boasted of having plenty of dynamite he implication was that the hideouts might be blown up if Lolice find them. A Quebec provincial police spokesman reporting the latest arrest figures said 153 were detained in Montreal and 57 in Quebec the provincial capital. Caught in the police Roundup were Many students including 10 leaders of a teach in at que Bec s Laval University. The teach in to support the Fly fizzled. Rene Levesque Leader of the Hussein forces open fire on palestinian guerrillas separatist which has parti 7 seats quebecois in the 108 member Quebec legislature told reporters an unknown num Ber of party members had been arrested in Montreal and 36 oth ers elsewhere in the province. Levesque urged the Fly to see Quebec Page 10a Beirut Lebanon a tanks and artillery of King Hus Sein s army opened fire on palestinian guerrillas at fou places in Jordan. Saturday guerrilla broadcast claimed. There was no report of fight ing from radio Amman Joi Dan s official broadcast outlet. The claim of renewed fight Rig just four Days after Hussein and Yasir Arafat the guerrilla chief signed a truce agreement was broadcast by the voice o he Central this is he chief committee of the Palestine liberation Organiza Ion which Arafat Heads along with his own Al Fatah guerrilla group. According to the broadcast the army used tanks and heavy artillery and had begun the fighting with an artillery bar rage on guerrilla positions. The radio listed the scenes of action As Balunas belial Al Meg heir and Al Hajara. They Are Small villages around Ham tha near the syrian Border in Northern Jordan. The guerrilla broadcast charged that the army had decided to attack after receiving fresh supplies of arms from the United states and Britain. Jordanian officials have acknowledged the arrival of arms airlifted into Jordan by the . Air Force. But they said the weapons were needed to replace equip ment lost while fighting off an armoured thrust into Jordan from Syria last month for renewed fighting with the guerrillas. The e american planes c141 Lixon stumps for gop in Green Bay wis. A president Nixon called on the silent majority saturday to cast its votes for Republican candidates in the nov. 3 election so his administration can gain the strength it needs in Congress. Nixon brought his plea for silent majority votes during a 15-hour whirlwind Barnst Oln ing Campaign Lour into Vermont new Jersey Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in Hopes his personal appearances would help gop candidates get elected to Congress and statehouse. The president brought tip the silent majority that served him successfully in the 1968 election after Antiwar demonstrators interrupted his speeches in Burlington vi., and in new Jersey. They completely drowned him out when he arrived in Wisconsin. An estimated persons turned out at Austin Straubel Field in Green Bay when the president stepped Down the stairs from his plane and walked to a microphone loud chants containing obscenities bellowed from the crowd. Cven the loudspeakers could carry the president s words to the spectators. Nixon who had stepped Down from the plane to Greet local politicians took them Back into the plane with him. He returned moments later with Wisconsin s top gop candidates flank Iii him. All during Nixon s four Stop tour saturday he had been plugging local Republican office seekers and decrying dissenters. He delivered the same talk in Wisconsin. He travelled to Green Bay to Honor Green Bay Packer quarterback Bart a testimonial pro Starr at Gram. I respect their right to he heard even if they Don t respect he said of the demonstrators from the Steps of the air plane. He again told the audience that the demonstrators were a loud minority in the country but they Are a Minori he said. It s time for the majority to stand up and be Nixon told them As he did at other stops that they could hear by aping t h e demonstrators but by voting in the nov. 3 election for Republican candidates. Nixon received perhaps his Best reception of the Day As he Rode from the Airport to the Arena. The Highway was lined with people along the entire route Many of them especially the children carried candles or flashlights. He had planned to discuss the dissenters but added them to his remarks after the disturbances. He continued on the topic at Teterboro and Ocean Grove . And Green Bay. See Nixon Page 10a jets capable of carrying Ai Mored vehicles and tanks hav been Landing at revolution 45 Miles Northeast c Amman. It is the same desert Airstrip to which palestinian guerrilla hijacked three airliners in sep tember and helped precipitate Jordan s civil War. The guerrilla radio did nol mention casualties in the fight no. the report of he fighting with an attack on jordanian prune minister Ahmed Toukan a palestinian t also attacked Field marshal Labes maj Ali removed As Jor an s military governor by King Hussein Friday but still com Mander of toe armed forces. There was no personal condemnation of the King who said he had every Intel Ion of implementing the peace v agreement to the letter. A report Frem bag dad a Sib earlier saturday said one saudi arabian officer attached to pfc 100-Man Arab peacekeeping Force was wounded in a shooting inf Dent in Irbid Northern Jordan. There no indication whether it was the same fight ing. Travellers arriving in Beirut rom Amman said tanks moved in to a Cluster of villages West f the Border checkpoint of in Northern Jordan. Guerrillas entrenched there to defend the villages and in army opened up with Artil Ery the travellers said. The guerrilla radio said the my had moved after receiving assurances from Imperial m and from the zionist enemy lat they would intervene in ase the balance turns against Power struggle forces president out Beirut Lebanon a r. Noureddin Atassi has reigned As president and Premier f Syria in a fresh struggle for Ower within the ruling socialist path party according to re Orts from Damascus saturday. Travellers capita say from the syrian the defense minis or Gen. Hafez Al Assad of their Force has again rebelled against the party s marxist i Ilian command and placed Iree of its members under ouse arrest. The three Are sex Premier Youssef Zaymen former for in minister Abrahaim Mak Ous and former Interior minis t Mohammed Ashawa Accord in to the travellers who include i Arab official of the United actions. The Liberal minded air Gener has Long been at Odds with woman kidnapped Hull que. A a group of at least four persons abducted a 27-year-old woman carved the letters Fly on her stomach and then released her Hull police reported. Fly arc the initials of the Quebec liberation front a French Canadian separatist group whose members claim responsibility for kidnapping Brit ish Diplomat James Richard Cross and 1 Pierre Laporte the Quebec labor minister. The party s extremists headed by a retired major general Salah Jadid the party s assistant Secretary general. The travellers said whereabouts were a mystery. A presidential guard Post at Atassi s mansion was removed and the travellers said people in Damascus took this As evidence supporting unofficial reports of his resignation. Sky Jack victim now Hus hepatitis Orlando Fla. A a Young Floridi an who contracted infectious hepatitis while held hostage by Arab air plane hijackers is recovering but his physician said saturday he May have exposed Scopes if persons to the disease. Mitchell Meltzer 19, was aboard one of two airliners hijacked on sept. I by Arab guerrillas. He was held captive in Jordan for three weeks. Meltzer returned to Orlando sept. 30 after Public welcomes in Rome where he was greeted by president Nixon and in new York. He began showing symptoms of hepatitis an acute inflammation of the liver Early this month

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