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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 18, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4-b the Florence morning news. Florence. S. Friday morning october 18, 1957 nearer to Earth red space rocket 23 minutes ahead by Gordon Brown Washington oct. 17 w Russia s space rocket was reported by observers today to be Whir ing along the some 2. Minutes ahead of the satellite i propelled into an orbit 13 Day ago. Three Moo matchers at the Harvard Observatory spotted tin satellite at . Est at i Point in the sky where the third stage rocket had passed at . Scientists have said this indicates the rocket itself is moving nearer and nearer the Earth in Ever smaller circles that its relative Speed increases As its orbit con tracts. There were differences of Opin Ion on How soon the rocket would move into Earth atmosphere heavy enough to Plugh it downward in flames. British astronomer . Lovell Laid in Manchester England he it convinced something Catas trophic will happen to the rocket very in a Day or two. But or. Fred l. Whipple head of the smithsonian Alro physical Observatory at Cambridge mass Laid the rocket will stay up for at least ten months. As for the satellite itself hurled aloft by the soviets oct. 4, whip pie said its life expectancy could now playing Clark Gable As the Man who look the of Tonga name of half set Bond Yvonne Decarlo Manty. The girl who thought the was Belle. Sidney Poitier m Warner color cartoon news Tea a Numi tort Alan freed Muht the shave cog1n play Lucky Gash prize 10 other valuable gifts fun while you win erect from Paris France Oane Russell to Jeanne min the 2nd feature robbers Roost in color starring George Montgomery not be forecast at this time. Presumably it is Conli Nuin along at an Pace in a track considerably of Ward of the rocket s orbit a russian scientist who Collar rated in launching the Sovie Moon said in Paris it would Sta in the heavens a very Long time. The scientist psf. Leonid Sedov also said he does not believe the satellite is equipped to Phol Grap the Earth. The rocket is due to make three More Early morning passes across . Skies Friday. It Wilf Ente . Territory at Erie pa., a . Est and leave at Cap n.c., three minutes Ater. On its second trip it Wil enter at about Eureka mont., pass Over Houston tex., Al n its third trip it so pass Over Ile Docino calif., some 550 Miles Lorth of los Angeles at . Scientists at Cambridge said the rocket soon could be seen in the evening As it moves northward on a other leg of its orbit. Or. Whipple said Florida Resi ends should be Able to sight in n the Southeast any evening now. N All evening sightings he said t will appear first in the South travelling North. In about 10 Days it May show up both morning and evening in jew England. Further information on russian plans for future rockets came rom Christian Clausen science editor for the los Angeles examiner. Clausen said the information came from a european scientist talked with rocket experts who had escaped from a missle base in East Germany. The russians Clausen wrote three rockets at the Moon from a Caspian sea base and if Al least one hits that target icy will announce their Success. They miss he wrote they will by three More and then three Nore. If these miss they will do Urther calculating. The first soviet Moon rockets be Clausen vote but if they arc successful Ith their first vehicles the rus ians plan to Send animals and Nen men to the rep. Patterson a Conn said esterday the soviets Are preparing to launch another 95 rockets a forc the end of 1958. Patterson also said the present soviet sputnik May not have been he first russian rocket to become n Earth satellite. Unofficial russian sources Laim he said that in 1953 the Oviet army launched a rocket that Nader gently became a satellite and circled the Earth for a few Days. No announcement Ever was made of the Experiment. Patterson now is returning Home after a visit to Moscow. Here in the United slates there was word that up to now about half the intermediate Range Ballis tic missiles which have been fired have been rated successful about half virtual failures. Monarch honors Canadian dead in Washington Queen Elizabeth Prince Philip places Wreath at cemetery a Pho Max Noah s Ark plans put to shame by capital s elaborate show Washington oct. 17 us the government May have been Licke n its planning for a sputnik by comes to planning a we orc fit for a Queen it s might lard to beat. It s not known Here Whethe Meen Elizabeth said As she accepted the invitation now Don of folks fix up anything extra or if she did nobody Paic by attention. For she and Prince Philip arved in the nation s capital to a and a Brief rundown of thes Dies will show that Noah Bull Leark and the crusaders Wen crusading with far Tess planning a. At Airport an hour and 40 minutes Early. I iary already on hand. Soldier everywhere and More Busload readily unloading. At platform when Elizabeth and president Eisen Ower would Exchange Folicia feelings. Ked carpet to protect Oyal tootsies already rolled out and since rain threatened Ion Ellow plastic on top of that to protect red carpet. Hustled by covered Ith ribbons. Went by too fast to determine if one had been Given r similar valiant service Ren ered during arrival of King Sand to find Airport on Crele Bard. Wished for a smal Ece of red carpet to stand on. Disowning us ? Brando Mother in Law cries for lost Anna Cardiff Wales oct. 17 us mrs. Melinda o Callaghan who says she is the Mother of the new mrs. Marlon Brando broke into ears tonight and said she still has lad no word from her daughter. The Bride married in the United states last Friday gave ice name As Anna Kashfi and said she is a full blooded native of Ndia. Mrs. O Callaghan said it Vas just a stage name and the Lark skinned Beauty who went off o Hollywood was really just Plain Oanna Mary o Callaghan. Is our daughter disowning mrs. O Callaghan asked alien a reporter told her mrs. Brando had reported her parents vere named Devi Kashfi and Selna Gulioso. I be never heard of those pc Ile at mrs. O Callaghan in isted. My name is Phoebe Melinda 3 Callaghan. My daughter was Horn in Cal utta on sept. 30, 1934 the Date and place mrs. Brando Why Don t they ask Anna to reduce her baptism certificate hat tells the truth of my Daugh r s parentage. It will show her names Jonna Mary o husband William Patrick Callaghan a factory worker lid he just could t figure it All i m Anna s Only father and my wife has never been married any one he said. I can t understand Why our daughter is saying All these things. I Hope this business will soon and. Our nerves Are All on but he shrugged philosophically and added the Only thing that matters is that our child is Happy n her marriage and her career. God bless get your Vita min s with of delicious Ham made vege table soup. Sanborn hotel cafeteria Good foods t popular prices free parking in rear of hotel spent time studying diagram o ceremonial area diagram of re viewing stand diagram of Parad route diagram of ceremony a unknown Soldier s Tomb diagram of show at the Canadian Cross. More evidence of the value of Advance planning. Yel Low air Force truck rolled up three men piled out and began t use enormous air Hose to dry of pavement where receiving Lin was to stand. Felt glow of Prid at thought if Elizabeth Ever visit Moscow russians will never thin of that. Now Arrivin in great numbers. Jousting for position is so great decide not t try to extract pocket watch an longer. Instead keep an Eye of Clement Conger of the state de Parment protocol outfit. Conger undoubtedly most important Man Here. He s in charge o sticking Down nameplates on pave ment and reviewing stand s each celebrity knows exactly where to stand. Careful Man con Ger. Uses steel tape to avoid errors. One miss and Woof diplomats now coming in clusters of Cadillac. Secretary o slate Dulles arrives wearing Brown Homburg. Diplomatically addressed press to say that his Green Necktie had flecks of Brown in it that went Well with hat. Nol Clear if this remark is on or of the record. If he objects be pre pared to Burn this. Diplomatic Winner by land slide was his excellency or. Is mail bin Dato Abdul Rahman the Malayan ambassador. No Dull Irown headgear for him. Had a Ancy Lavender Doodad on matched Kwh Lovely Lavender Robe. Wore an Ivory handled ceremonial Dagger at his Waist. Why Lon t All diplomats Wear daggers t might Settle arguments sooner and also take care of any surplus Supply of diplomats. Eisenhower arrives talks with Julles. And Here comes the plane exactly on schedule. And Here of. Was the first mix up. Somehow the nameplates went o the plane they were blot Friday Richard de Ryng and Beverly Garland in naked Paradise wide vision color beginning october 20th we will resume our special sunday dinners definitely a treat for the whole family at a reasonable Price Edwin Turner s Chicken Basket a at met to now 2 first run thrill hooked with Cathy Down s and cartoon Ted out by the ramp. Dulles diplomatically moved aside let Eisen Hower use his nameplate. Queen and Eisenhower off to in Down the ramp. Met Eisenhower took Flowers offered by mrs. Dulles. Eisenhower then got of the understatement of year. "1 he said they want some Queen and Eisenhower of to in Spect troops. Philip Waits behind. Not Clear Why he can t inspect troops. Maybe he does t have his Security clearance. They re Back now. Eisenhower says a few gracious words. Prob ably missed by Elizabeth who is fiddling unhappily with her flow ers. Dulles diplomatically rushes to her Rescue takes Flowers so Queen can get out copy of her speech. Queen thanks Eisenhower. Royal speech held together by Ordinary paper clip. Newsmen rushes Over to Hiss the desk wants to know what size Caliper those guns were that fired off the As world s greatest authority on planning literature was Able to say no men Tion was made of How big guns charges Hurley in spying trial new York oct. 17 to rein Hay Hanen s status As a onetime russian spy was questioned i Federal court today and his of words used in an Effort to picture him As a liar. At the same time he was depicted by the defense As a Biga Mist a wife beater and a Sot ii an attempt to destroy the credibility of his testimony again russian col. Rudoll i. Abel on trial for his life on spy charges Hay Hanen 37, the government Star witness against Abel had testified he came to this countr in 1952 to assist Abel in stealing american military and atomic secrets for the Kremlin. Defense attorney James b. Don Ovan introduced a 27-Page, hand written document in russian which Hay Hanen prepared for the government after he defected to the West last May three months before Abel s indictment. The government provided official translation of the Docu ment which read at one Point and worked in Fin land from july 1949, to october 1952. There i received my Amer ican passport and arrived to Isic new York in october 1952. I did not engage in espionage activity and did not receive any espionage information from anyone during my stay abroad neither in Fin land nor in the United states of the statement was a direct contradiction of Hay Hanen s witness stand testimony. With its Reading the defense completed its Cross examination of him. Asst. . Atty. William of Tompkins then asked Hay Hanen a single question before excusing Lim from the witness stand what were you sent to the United states i went to United slates to be mate s assistant in espionage Hay Hanen replied. He previously had said Abel operated under the code name of Hay Hanen testified that on March 29, 1955, he signed a three year lease on a four room apart ment and a store at 806 Bergen st., Newark . He lived there under the alias of Eugene Maki with a woman who he identified As Lis wife Hannah Maki. He said hey married in 1951. In t it a fact that at the time you said you married in 1951 you already had a wife and child Donovan asked. Yes that s Hay Hanen replied. In t it a fact that you had a life and son in it Hay Hanen said. Are they still in i Don t the witness re plied. You leased these premises to use As a cover for espionage yes it is Hay Hanen Aid. Hay Hanen testified his Newark landlord called an ambulance for in once when he slasher1 his leg while cutting some rope. I Bright i Elf Fri sat. 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Gospel Trail slim Mima Abc news Harvey top thirty Dob 1s Pete Thoreru Phillip s news bed White weather Burean to 30 Caro. A jews farm Caro. Newi pc m court last resort life it Riley voice of Clemson Swap a shop red 1 while tour music Lor heart Highway report visit a Ltd Star Abc news Jim Reeves red White club 970 sign off sport Scon Abc news 33 h. Cowell weather words and music Merv. Show pre football Meitl jackets is. Isrl. People in sews record room mild pm we my Newi alter hours 11.-j5 Abc kens words for _ years of Quality for 70 years the c f. Sauer company has manufactured food products of the highest Quality Thi c. F. 8auer company

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