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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1973, Page 4

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 17, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaJohn a o Dowd 1ss7-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager wednesday october conciliatory movements the Christian science Monitor called it a week As dramatic As in Washington with each Branch of the United states government making the kind of gesture that could reduce friction and Lead to More work ing the vice president resigned and the president announced his Choice of successor. Congress ional reaction appeared generally favourable to the president s Choice. While not a Man who had been considered presiden tial Timber Gerald Ford s Nomi nation could be seen As a politics ally acceptable complimented to the Congress in which he had Long been held in High esteem. The third Branch of the government the judiciary handed Down a ruling which placed no Man above the Law. The . Court of appeals upheld with appropriate moderation judge Sirica s ruling that he should examine the presidential tapes in private to determine which parts May be relevant to the grand jury. It was a moderate ruling suggesting in effect that both sides should seek a Middle Way. It offered the president opportunities for More particular claims of privilege once his All embracing claim of prerogative is rejected. The president would be Wise to show the same conciliatory attitude towards the courts thai he has shown toward Congress. That he will Appeal the ruling to the supreme court seems certain. But another Long ordeal damaging to the National interest could be Cut Short if the presi Dent were to respond without delay to the judiciary s moderation on the tapes. A hairy Issue in Anderson three firemen in Anderson have been fired because their locks Are too Long to suit the tastes of the City fathers. The firings came Days after the City Council passed an ordinance re Quiring firemen s hair be Short enough so there is one and one half inches Between the hair and shirt Collar. Other firemen have been told to either get a suitable hair Cut or they too will join the ranks of the unemployed. One would think reasonably intelligent people the Type that would be elected to a City Council would have More important things to do than worry about hair lengths. Hairstyles being what they Are these Days and the courts having made it rather Plain that the Way an individual wears his hair is of Little or no concern to the state it s incredible that there Are those in positions of Public responsibility who still attempt to dictate hair lengths. The length of hair tells no thing about either competence or character. Hair length is no indication or How Well an individual will perform As a fire fighter. It is no barometer of inner goodness or badness. It might be Worth noting that to a Man those implicated in the watergate mess and the sorry adventures in Maryland which figured in former vice presi Dent Agnew s resignation Are close cropped clean shaven All american types. The dismissed firemen in an Derson Are trying to get coun cil to reconsider. If that fails they say they will take the mat Ter to the courts. To drum up Community support they Are circulating a petition which reads in part we understand How a Young Man feels when he is around his friends and is dressed in the style of today and has an army world War ii too bad the City fathers can t understand that. It would be poetic Justice if sometime a court somewhere came along and or dered those who try to impose Short hair on others to them selves Wear their tresses Long for a season. A notional Day of prayer by presidential proclamation today is set aside As a National Day of prayer. The National concerns this october Are such that special emphasis on prayer is especially needed and appropriate. The nation has known bad times before. National Days of prayer have been proclaimed in times of War when economic depression haunted the land and when other types of crises and National disaster made people More conscious of their need for divine direction and favor in their affairs. The trouble that now impale the nation Are in Many ways More languishing. They Are afflictions that involve the National character and its values. Matters of conscience and morality which reach into the High est Levels of the National Politi Cal leadership Are involved. The events of recent months suggest things about the nation Al character that arc not easy to accept. Expediency has be come far too important to some that hold Public trusts. Consciences have become dulled and in some instances inoperative to use a word in Vogue in some circles. There have been fest times when the need for redemptive prayer was greater. Americans need to reaffirm traditional values and the callouses need to be scraped away from the National conscience. A properly observed National Day of prayer is a Good beginning toward shoring up the nation s moral character. A reminder some luxuries and privileges Are appropriate and even Nec Essary trappings of office. But there is also much waste and there arc customs that Are unjustified. Sen. Marlow w. Cook r-ky., said he was tired of seeing bureaucrats earning be ing driven Home by chauffeurs in government limousines. So he got the Senate to refuse to Okay a i9-billion Dollar appropriation Bill for nine government agencies unless the House agrees to Cut out chauffeured limousines for 16 officials. That in t much. But it s a Start. More important than the dollars saved May be the Prin Ciple involved. We Haven t established government officials As a privileged and need to remind some of them from time to time. Chulla Pooyu Tenn news free press "7 n Titi Huj by i a. I a taxes Are no Burden for president Nixon Washington As a Young at Torney in the late 1930s, Richard Nixon specialized in Federal tax Law which made him an expert in How legally to avoid paying taxes. By Jock Anderson it was a specially that served him Well after he became president and acquired a million Dollar estate at san Clemente Calif. A Providence r.i., reporter named Jack White has dug out the fact that the president paid an income tax of Only in 1970 and in 1971, although he collected a yearly salary. We have now confirmed White s figures from our own confidential sources. Like everyone else the president s faxes Are withheld from his salary. He is also required to pay quarterly estimated taxes on additional income. In 1970, he received a whopping 61c.43 tax refund in 1971, his refund was in other words the president with his huge salary his kingly estates at san Clemente and key Biscayne his government limousines helicopters planes and boats paid less taxes than a family of three earning Only a year. The president got away with this giant tax break apparently by claim ing deductions for mortgage interest payments real estate faxes and the gift of his vice presidential papers to the National archives. The internal Revenue service no doubt with some trepidation audited the president s lax returns for 1971 and 1972. The while House has refused further comment except to say that the irs accepted his returns without change. Presumably therefore the irs accepted the deductions Nixon claimed for the interest payments on the Loans he received to finance the san Cle Mente Purchase. He borrowed 000 from his Rich Friend Robert Abplanalp to meet the Down payment and renovation costs., most of the renovations however were paid by the taxpayers subsequently the Abplanalp cancel de the debt in Velum for the deed to the outer Circle of the san Clem crts property. Nixon kept Lilly to the heart of the estate and continued to use the property belonging to Abplanalp. The financial details ire complicated. But they boil Down to Abplanalp put up most of the Money for the san Clemente Pur Chase but the president wound up with the most valuable portion of the estate. Under these circumstances fax sex Peris have told us Nixon should count the cancelled debt or at least most of it As income. The tax regulations of course Are subject id different interpretations. They arc indeed almost beyond human comprehension. The volumes of regulations and interpretations would fill a Small Library. The table of con tents alone runs pages. Bui we have talked to experts who strongly disagree with the irs and believe the president has not paid his fair share of the taxes. California s gov. Ronald Reagan an acknowledged millionaire with a an Nual state salary has also admitted that he paid no. Federal or state taxes whatever two years ago. Yet both Nixon and Reagan have opposed tax reforms that would Light in the Burden for the Small taxpayers. Footnote it was the acceptance of financial favors ironically that got Spiro Agnew in trouble for tax evas i answer by lev Graham 1 am g3 years of age in Good health and have a Job teaching mentally Retar ded children. I was 44 before i received my master s dog acc. A problem has Arisen that 1 Cannel Cope with. It s prejudice against older people. Even though i m and confident As was nil years ago employment people arc treating me As a can t you use your influence in help the nver 10" group own birthdays Hare accumulated so thai i can Well identify . I share your concern of course for har Nessing flu capability of America s history on your Side affirming the Ami the of people Over life Many of the grail scientists. Artists and inventors have been older people some of them even octogenarians Amoni Ilic Fli rows and orientals. Generally old age was held in Honor and respect was required Leviticus if fact a Mark of Llu Low stale of a Malinn was Hal taif facts of Llic ciders were Mil honoured the scripture reveals that Superior Wisdom belongs generally to the Agneil lob 12 20 1. And Lien fore positions of guidance Ami authority were Given them. Hul now. Even it Mph the Structure of society and he channels of employment Imide Yon out Al inc ii5. Your usefulness need riot i Over f appreciated a suggestion made in Portland recently. Where retired business executive Owen Cix Iper was re elected president of the Southern Fia Lisl convention lit Shaf retired people be used in voluntary Mission service on a wholesale basis. That s Good a whole Reservoir of Talent will be uncovered. Your example of Israel s Premier Golda Cir is a Good one. Like her i m confident you Loo will find rewarding places to serve your follow men at any age. If business Ami the professions Don t provide such opportunities you sound ingenious enough to Nia Keymar own dial ii Devotion 669-3273 Public forum Why Are opponents of Chete silent to the editor regarding Hie current by City Council of the future of police chief Arthur Chete i would like to offer tie following observe Lions for Public consideration 1. City Council Lias for ils consideration a Resolution requesting the county delegation to ask the next session of the legislature to change the City s Charier to place the office of police chief under the jurisdiction of the City manager where the other department Heads Are already located and to Honor the intent of that request As a matter of policy in the interim until the charter is changed. 2. Chief Chete and the above Resolution have received the Public support of a. The acting City manager and the City personnel director b. A Large number of policemen themselves As expressed by them to at least two of the and c. A vast number of responsible citizens and Community groups. 3. The support of the above groups and individuals is based on documented fact carefully reasoned conclusions and testimony of character witnesses on behalf of chief Chete. 4. In contrast o this vocal and Public support of chief Chete his opponents have offered no facts to support their position nor have they had the courage to use the Public forum of City Council meetings to identify themselves and their positions. 5. In View of these observations it is curious Why certain members of City Council give greater credence to Anonymous and inarticulate opposition to chief Chete than to his significant Public support. 6. A question that might then be raised is does the Lack of support by some councilmen indicate prior private commitments to remove the police chief to serve the vested interests of some unknown groups and individuals and that this is their continued Intel 7. The answer to the above question May be at least partially deduced from the statement made to this writer that a prominent individual outside of City government stated last monday morn ing that chief Chete would be gone within 48 to 60 this individual could have made such a statement Only if he had inside information nil or commitments by some members of City Council. 8. There Are some fears thai the opponents of chief Chete on City coun cil intend to prolong their consideration in the Hopes that conditions in the police department will open dissension and disruption. This would then be used As evidence of chief Chete s i abilities to serve adequately As police chief. It seems reasonable to conclude however that should such disruption occur it is More clearly evidence that n professional police department cannot function under the political situation imposed upon it by these councilmen. 9. Finally it seems reasonable to conclude that these Council members continued opposition to chief Climete and the proposed Resolution in the face of Broad based Public support indicates their desire to retain a politically oriented police department subject to political pressures by special interest groups it this is so it is indeed regret table. Ii. Davis Byrd Florence Public deserves answers on Chete to the editor i have been living in Florence for four and one half years. Until a year ago when chief Arthur Chete came to crime and prostitution was running freely in town. And you could always hear people say they could get tickets fixed. Why is it when we get someone in office who will do the Job everyone is keep . Two Council men say he can t handle the men. Lie could handle the men if they cooperated for the Good of the City. I think chief Cycle has done an excellent Job in try ing to clean up Florence. The Public deserves some Good answers As to Why he is being consid ered for removal when he is apparently doing his Best to make Florence really the All american Elizabeth i Florence so often our eyes. To the editor f agree with your editorial on oct. 12 stating those who have considered Small time to big Lime grafting us Par for the course from the local to the highest level should take notice of this new awareness among citizens to wrong doing. We. Sense a healthy revival of citizens concern for the qual Ity of government they i have been apathetic in recent years almost to the Point of not voting t have lost respect for Law the politicians the lawyers and dumped them All in one big bag. I feel that i am reviving and realize hat it is my Christian duty to be More concerned in selecting and supporting individuals in government that Are guided by Christian principles. Florence is a great City with Many Many wonderful christians. 1 owe so much to so Many in Florence Ami to so Many institutions in Florence. So often we close our eyes to the bad Are grate Ful to the Good and go along our merry Way. I feel that this is the Way it has been for so Many florentine. At age 16 i came to infirmary As a student nurse. Very shortly after arriving a senior student nurse with local political connections convinced us that we were registered to Vole and that someone was coming to pick us up and carry us o the polls. A group of us was carried to the Florence Myca o vote. We marched in and voted Al m sure he Mcleod infirmary nursing administrator knew nothing of this Hie one we Voled for won the elec Tion. The Defeated individual a very Fine person became my neighbor in later years and this stupid action of mine haunted me until 1 told him what i had been a part of. He was very kind and understanding of my apology hut needless to say this apology could not erase this terrible injustice. Houses of prostitution have existed in Florence As common knowledge As Long As i have been Here. Ifni could these conditions have existed in Florence so Many years Wilhour pay offs somewhere the movie walking tall demonstrated what the no voc conditions and Pulitic indifference from the Law can bring about. F have been impressed with the Many Fine things Hal have been going on under the administration of mayor Tedder and since chief Chelc has come to office there have been efforts to clean up some of these conditions. I know that we have had Many Fine individuals elected to serve in govern ment and there Are Many Fine individuals on the Florence police . There is also a need for the leadership1 that can be Given by or. Chete. He cannot do his Job effectively Wilhour firm backing from City Council and citizens of Florence. Alma Conner Timmonsville Accident victim thanks passersby to the editor i was involved recently in an Accident on Highway 301 South Al Effingham. I was l Able to gel any names but the people from Effingham and passer Bys helped so much. I wish to thank each of la Csc people for the kindness they bestowed to me. Trudy Carter Florence. Florence morning news published Billy sunday his. Rift Psi. Member of a ill Flur Rau of pub Tisi Cut Clyl Liefl. The i ill leu Erc Lut icly to the uie pub Kairon of

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