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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 17, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaThursday morning. October the Florence morning s. C. Page potatoes Are Good with everything ii6n.n a Mana Farina sausage head with potato Tofts bake pork a oven in on open pan for about 16 or 30 Tum to Browa. Mako your own laterite Corn bread recipe or use a Toady prepared mix it will bake a approximately the Lime Linke. Rosaio Huff a ii Pulli i cup embed toll 1 egg 3 Lable iphone hour 1 Lea Peon double acting i Teai Pool onion juice optional Battag powder shortening Lor Hying mix All Ingr Edineu together thoroughly. Shape info Finger arts by Teaspoon Fuu into Iber Tenini boated to deep iat iry i will Golden Brown. 3 10 s minutes. Serve immediately. Veal fricassee m potato wests Fry 2 ounces of Tell pork Cut in email pieces n deep Ziying pan until1 Crisio and brawn. Remove item pan. Flour pounds cubed veal breast shoulder and Brown in sail pork fat. Add browned Salt pork. 1 Teaspoon Salt and 2 Cupi Waler. Cover and simmer Lor hours. Thicken with 2 Mablei proot flour mixed Wilh a Little cold Waler to make a to moot paste. Servo in a till of mashed potatoes. Ham and potato casserole 1 cup p i Teaspoon Teaspoon 2% Tupi mashed East Poon 2 Cut cubed Ham 1 can condensed Mushro Ooi cup milk cup chopped Combine soup milk to make a thick sauce. Add meat Green Pepper peas and seasoning i. Place in greased 2 Quail Cave role i inroad top with mashed potatoes. Bake in moderate oven for 25 w we lightly when Bay firm and hard and Hart Rtula firmly to month avoid them h Mem to turning be to to Bur in Bagi with a window much As Thote by Union bag Childs the Olalo How Light which co Orlaf it window you to their color and Quality. Unique decor food will perk up party night around the Corner Are Hose Nippy autumn saturdays when Argay group of teen agers or College Young Folk May shout themselves hoarse Over a thrilling football lira return to someone s Home All set Lor Post game refreshments. Don t be caught napping. Ii you Are willing to receive them plan Well in Advance and let your daughter or know in and Vance How Many Mouths you la Volunteer to feed. Another Point you can decorate a party room easily and give it lots of color by using Flameproof crepe paper no cups _ grilled cheese slice of cheese for Gridiron sandwiches Lay Flat on slice of White bread place under broiler. Fry Bacon separately. When cheese appears bub Bly place three strips of Bacon on lop in shape to resemble goal posts. Other recipes hoi spiced Victory punch 2. Cans 02. Each condensed beef Broth broiled cheese Melet makes Dandy cheap meal try Olden Melet with a Broil 2 Tablespoons butter or Marga butter or Margarine Brown. Beat 2 soup cans water 1 pint Cranberry juice cocktail 14 cup Orange juice i Teaspoon ground cloves Combine All ingredients and heat a Baloon or two and similar Han either in the chafing dish you re by items. Going to serve the punch in or in a Saucepan for Transfer into a a cute Centrepiece rep i prey bowl it you like resenting a cheerleader or the Garnish the punch with thin Orange Tea Captain can be made using Cut Inlo quarters and stud f in inflated balloon for the head. Did with Nolc this makes draw facial features on with water i about two quarts on enough for olos or lipstick. For generous Mug Fuls. But a it a circular shape of crepe a 0 he Wise have More on Ler gather and fit on a Liv o Rufin the punch bowl or head then remove Cut dish he area where you want the face and place on balloon. J touchdown molasses Don t forget those wonderful de cookies coating stand Bys crepe Strea-1 1 cup shortening butter or mar mers Flameproof for safety s Caririe k cup Brown sugar cup granulated sugar. 1 cup molasses 4 4 cups sifted flour 1 Teaspoon cinnamon 2 Teaspoons Ginger 2 Teaspoons baking soda i Teaspoon Salt White frosting mix Cream shortening and sugar until Fluffy. Stir in molasses. Sift dry ingredients together. Add cry mix Ture to molasses mixture a few spoonfuls at a time mixing Well. Chill dough for i Hiir. Divide dough info 2 or 3 portions and Roll out 1 portion at a time on a flour Cleveland Ohio with theh Kitchen or nearby Utility Roomi dough in this Way helps also becoming the laundry Center prevent stickiness and picking up Zassa a Zixt six. In the school colors. These can be criss crossed overhead Over he Buffet table. When it comes to i Are three creations Rich both in nourishment and in football nomenclature Gridiron grilled cheese sandwiches. Hot spiced Victory punch and touchdown molasses cookies. Or crowned cheese Topping. It s ii Ned in a bubbly hot mushroom in acc Here s a real different idea for using eggs in a Low Low Cost main dish beaten eggs Are poured into a hot Skillet and cooked Rice spread Over the top. This is really just a Skillet Melet. The Melet is turned out on a Large oven proof Platter or shallow baking dish. 6 eggs beaten 2 Teaspoon Salt Salt dash of Black Pepper 1-3 cup milk 1, 10 i of. Can condensed Cream of mushroom soup h cup milk 1 cup grated american cheese together the eggs Salt Pepper and 1-3 cup milk. Pour into the hot fat. Save bowl for mixing soup turn the heat up High for just a moment then turn it Down Low. Push some of the cooked egg away from the Bottom of the Skillet with s spoon so uncooked egg can Cook. As egg begins to set spoon the cooked Rice Over it so Sharp cheese or Swiss cheese i the Rice will mix with the uncool tie top is sprinkled with cheese j finely chopped Parsley Green red egg. Cook and canned mushroom soup is onions or paprika optional and Light Brov spooned around the Melet. The method if left Over cooked spooned around the Melet. The dish is put under the broiler to melt and Brofton the cheese and heat the sauce. A crinkling of finely chopped Parsley Green on Ion or paprika adds extra color. Menu mushroom sauce broiled cheese Melet with buttered Green Brans Rosy Pear salad on lettuce buttered Breen beam applesauce cake ice Cream broiled cheese Melet with mushroom sauce 2 cups cooked White Rice left Over cooked come ,0 until egg is firm Brown underneath. Grease a Large oven proof plat room temperature. Or put 2-3 Jupiter or shallow baking dish Abou uncooked White Rice 1 Teaspoon 1 12" x 7 slip the Melet onto Salt and 1 1-3 cups water in a dish or Platter foiling one half quart Saucepan. Bring to a vigor Over the other. Mix together the oils boil. Turn the heat Down and i cup milk. Pour around cover with a lid and simmer the Melet. Sprinkle the cheese Over this Low heat 14 minutes. Re Lover the top of the Melet. Place move the Saucepan from the heat under the broker until the cheese but leave the lid on 10 minutes. Heat the butter or mar Gairoe in a Large Skillet about 10 melts and lightly Browns and the sauce is hot. Serve immediately sprinkled with Parsley onions or paprika if desired. Inches in diameter. Do not let the Ings. This recipe makes 6 to 8 serv new Cream puff mix Boon to Busy Mot Liers introduction of a Cream puff mix which can assure the Home maker Success even baking has been Marie possible by food re search and is now available Nalion v Ide. Many homemakers tanned to shy away from Troani puffs made from hat puff or a Hole Jin the Bottom was enough to Dis courage them forever. But with this new a failure in making puffs from a recipe Choux paste the French name for the Basic baiter must be cooked to destroy enzymes and Gela Inize the starch of the flour. This cooking period is quite critical since under cooking May pro Duce a Batter thinned by enzyme Aci holes in the Bot Tom of the puffs. Overcooking May break the emulsion and cause fat to ooze from the Batter. But in new Cream puff mix a special blend of starches Means no simply add boil ing water and egg. Know what makes a puff. Puff the liquid turns to steam at. The. High . There s no Leavening agent in Cream puffs. P Ach Box of Cream puff mix contains two 4vi of. Sticks and will make 12 Large 16 medium or 80 bite size puffs or 20 the mix which contains starch shortening and Salt is actually less expensive than homemade puffs. With one Basic mix it s Possi ble to form Large medium size and bile size puffs the popular chocolate eclairs and a Beautiful pm Shell the product is Light Lender and delirious and the but tar triples its size luring baking. By Mise one stick will make i id Jie or Al medium puffs the Small family need t prepare More than it needs. The other a tick con stored in the cupboard. Leftover Cream puffs should be stored in a loosely covered Container. Cream put mix has undergone thorough testing in Homes across the country. Variations have been developed never dreamed of by the French who made Cream puffs so popular As a pastry. Puffs Are most often thought of As delicious i As tre Basic of main Cream or custards. But they work equally Well land taste equally As delicious As the Basic to main dishes or salads. Shrimp Curry in a Large pull 25 a main course. Chicken Salat in a medium puff for a luncheon melted cheese with Bacon in bite size pulls As hours d oeuvres ice Cream with fresh Straw berries in a Cream puff pie feel for dessert. The Cream puff easily adapts itself As the foundation of Many of your favorite dishes the Cream puff mix package offers serving ideas and recipes for Many variations. Steel hamper new on Market was Day has become a problem. One answer is a new feel Cabi net hamper available in various sizes to fit every family. Behind the ventilated door is a slide out plastic covered wire Basket which is rust stain and Odo proof. De signed to harmonize with steel Ritchen cabinets and the modern Washer and dryer the hamper Cabinet provides attractive convenient and efficient laundry Stor age. Deg. Of about 8 minutes. Deco rate with football lacing with White frosting mix. Makes about 5 dozen 6-Inch cookies. Bake in a cookie moderate Sheet oven and 350 for the Bride s punch bowl freeze water and Maraschino Cher Ries in Small ring holds. Untold the ice rings and float on top of the punch with notched slices of Orange and Lemon and Lime Spir smiling cheerleader Centrepiece this Centrepiece will enliven o teenager s snack fsr after the football game. The Ace actually is an inflated balloon with features sketched in water colors or lipstick. Brown crepe paper makes the hair or helmet. You could also make this character the team Captain spelling his name in gummed letters on a crept Pennant. Stand him on a Cone of heavy White paper decked out with additional pennants. The nut cup place cards Are no problem Cut football shapes from Brown paper and write guests names on them with White Ink or Crayon. Arms and legs Are made from gummed crepe glue strips of two different colors Back to Back then fold and Doodle with them As you would with a used soda Straw. For a note of humor give the cheerleader a frown if the team has been Defeated. If you use. A baking pan that is i Shire pudding you la need about torn of the pan before the Batter about 11 by 7 inches for York Vuk cup beef drippings for the added. New idea fresh from the Foremost Dairy kitchens milk dogs something new you can do with Foremost homogenized milk How to get More meals from meat instead of beef round Steak for ground meat save Money by using Boneless beef Stew imm Ittoli tilt we inv Otto ired met i Light Eye opener milk nog. Good Good morning Ideal stir a beaten egg one Tablespoon sugar Imd dash of into Foremon homogenized milk. Try this an Nereau got Breek Fasi in a bowl i after school milk nog. So Nice to coma Home to fill a with creamy Foremost homogenized milk in a big spoonful of Strawberry Jam and plunk a frosty scoop of Strawberry ice exam on top. Night Cap milk nog. Such a soothing Way to end the Day Gouy Immor Foremost Homon Mowl milk add instant Cocoa. Air in oar or five mints. Got a Yuan Gustei who balks a bit at milk a grown up who needs a nudge to drink 3 glasses n Day now s the time for something different something fun. Something like Foremost milk dogs they re the new Way to enjoy All the Rich flavor All the body builder uppers in Foremost Vitamin d milk. Wonderfully easy. Wonderfully nourishing. And Best of wonderfully Good. Sip one and Sec . Forer nost s pretty wonderful by your family gets Thi most from Foremost

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