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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 14, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaThe egg and i Jack John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor wednesday morning october 14, 1970 Strong political indicator findings of a recent Gallup poll May have More bearing upon the outcome of congressional races in november than political prognosticators Are now seeing in the Campaign signals. A government report last Friday showed National unemployment in september at 5.5 per cent the highest in nearly seven years. The Gallup Survey conducted just prior to publication of the government report showed that three times As Many americans expect unemployment to increase during the next six months As believe it will decrease. Among those who expect an in crease democratic candidates for Congress Are preferred Over Republican candidates by a two to one ratio. Among those who believe that it will not change or show a decrease the Edge favors Republican candidates. That three times As Many americans who believe that unemployment will increase and the two to one ratio favouring democratic candidates reflects the historic pattern of losses for the party in Power when economic conditions Are unfavourable. Business recessions and depressions have been a primary cause for major changes in political tides. With elections now less than a month away the state of the National Economy and its effect upon the pocketbooks of voters is a crucial matter for office seekers. Unlike violence and the Law and order Issue which Are More localized in their con sequences the effect of unemployment and a depressed Economy touches everybody. For that reason it is a potent political Factor without respect for person or Region. Cambodia a Success or failure campaigners Law scant notice 1970 la Angeles thaes synd Tail. Washington Spiro Agnew recently took his political sideshow to Las vegas the nation s dazzle dazzle capital where he delivered his familiar Republican pitch. He came out four Square of course for Law and order. His visit was advertised on the marquees of the resort hotels and tickets to the Agnew rally were sold in the hotel lobbies. This violates Federal Law which bans corporate contributions. Gop gov. Paul Laxalt also allowed state employees to leave their work to Welcome Agnew. This violates state regulations. At the rally Agnew dutifully plugged gop candidates William Raggio for the Senate and de Fink for governor. Like the vice president both candidates Are also for Law and order. Yet Fike apparently has engaged in some illegal behind the scenes real estate dealings during his four years a s lieutenant governor. This column will be Happy to furnish the Justice department with evidence of the 1 a w violations of Nevada s Law and order candidates. Special Booths for example were set up in Casino lobbies to pass out solicitations for the when the u. S. Invaded Cambodia to wipe out enemy sanctuaries with the expressed intent to withdraw with completion of the task the question then was what Long Range Benefit would be obtained since the history of communist activity in Southeast Asia is to rebuild its strength once the pressure is removed. A report from Cambodia now tells of North Vietnam Rushing reconstruction of a huge network of Border bases in Cambodia within the very area from which they were driven by u. S. And North vietnamese forces earlier. The communist command Structure sent fleeing by Allied incursions the report says has now returned to full operation with completely re established radio and even Telephone communication in some areas. This is the same pattern of unconventional warfare which has featured the fighting in Southeast Asia Ever since the u. S. Became involved. Washington both red China and the soviet Union have when president Nixon announced his five Point peace plan last week some credited the cambodian in Vasion with making it possible for the plan to be offered. But so far the plan has been rejected out of hand by Hanoi and the reported massive turned a cold buildup of new bases in Cambodia toward president Nixon s pro takes the claim out of How successful Powals for a cease fire in indo the cambodian venture was. China soon after u. S. Troops entered can hardly be expected. Cambodia Stewart Alsop interpreted the action As a screen for the most certainty indicates that there is massive u. S. Retreat in american Little concern in either capital history events since then have tend about the prolongation of the de to support that View with u. S Ivy is troops continuing to withdraw and being compel red by its own North vietnamese intransigence con Public opinion virtually to give tinting unabated. Up the struggle. The whole thing testifies to How difficult it is to get out of a War we should never have got into in the first place. And the Price we Are paying to some advisers save face is costing us More dearly at Home than in Vietnam. David Lawrence red capitals Coo iness no Surprise the president of course feels that the South Vienta inese the French had the right idea when they accepted failure and got out. The fair still works its magic someone remarked that there did t seem to be much enthusiasm for the fair. The reference was to the Eastern Carolina agricultural fair now under Way at Florence s Airport Fairgrounds. It May be that the dazzle dazzle of the fair does t generate the excitement that it once did. Fairs have a lot of dazzle dazzle to compete with nowadays the mass Media keeps everyone abreast of extraordinary happenings around the world movies once touted As better than Are in general More outlandish than Ever and hum drum dazzle dazzle is piped into almost every Home via the television set. But the fair has not yet lost its magic As anyone can plainly see by watching the faces in the Midway crowds particularly the faces of youngsters. And technicians even if nearly All the . Troops Are withdrawn. The red chinese and soviets evidently think otherwise and Are awaiting the Day in 1971 or 1972 when american forces Are out of Vietnam before giving the signal for the takeover of South Vietnam As a demonstration of communist Power in Southeast Asia. It is interesting to note that in the official newspaper commentaries coming out o f an Outing at the fair a memorable sex Moscow and Peing references Prience. Wilson Felt we could no longer stay out of the War. The Berlin government had inferred that american Public opinion would keep our armed forces Neutral. The same thing happened when an american president had won re election in 1940 on a slogan about keeping us out of the nazis were confident we would t go to Europe to help great Britain or France. To make sure of this they made a Deal with the militaristic japanese to atta6k our Fleet in Pearl Harbor and keep our Navy occupied in the Pacific. But the United states after declaring War concentrated first on help ing its european allies across the Atlantic to win the War. Today a third world War is certainly possible. The United states is the strongest military Power outside of Europe. If the soviet Union wants to extend its domination in Europe or Asia it May feel this can be attempted because american Public Opin Ion would not favor any involve ment of forces. This is How miscalculations Are made. Thus a divided Public Opin Ion has t helped to bring peace in Vietnam and those members of Congress who have been giving support to the anti War movement throughout t h e country May not realize any More than did those who argued for isolation in 1916 and 1940 that the factors which can bring on a world War Are in the Mak ing the sad truth today is that under existing circumstances president Nixon s peace proposal will fall of acceptance. He can Only achieve peace by getting a United country behind him with the Assurance that America will not pull All of its forces out of Vietnam until the danger of a communist takeover has been met by protective measures. It Means maintaining troops in the Southeast Asia area. This wis done for a Long time in the Case of South Korea and it helped to get respect for a cease fire. The United nations of course should assume responsibility for the Job with an International police Force. The u. N. Is holding a 25th anniversary meeting this week in new York and the organization would certainly get new life if it were to tackle the Vietnam War problem impose a cease fire and see that it is observed by both sides. True fairs Are mostly glitter but there Are nuggets of Gold that make Stanford president s View political apathy cited As a problem on Campus Are made to the division of the american people on the Vietnam War Ana to the alleged desire of the people of the United states to withdraw All the French Fries hotdogs and Cotton Candy somehow taste better when eaten against the backdrop of merry go round music the cries of the carnival Pitchman and occasional course has been Moos from the livestock barns. Derived from some speeches in Congress and Public comments often the performance of the by critics of the administration Barker in front of a sideshow is much but most significantly from the better than anything that will be seen War demonstrations inside. And despite their eagerness j for the Midway some City kids therefore the United states estranged As they Are from the Rural does take its military units out environment actually enjoy touring of Vietnam and the communists do grab the whole of indo the livestock barns. It Wil be an Otto Eon. Enthusiasm for the fair May Wane spi Culous example of the tragic consequences that have followed for some As they grow older. But it the pacifist still works its magic among the Young manifestations Here in and the Young at heart. Opposition policy. To a firm foreign uses fee for a bigger stadium after saturday s Gamecock Victory Over the University of North Carolina tar heels it s not easy for a Gamecock fan to hint of anything that might be detrimental to the University of South Carolina football program. But something does t seem quite right about a ruling by the state supreme court last week which upholds the University s plan to Levy a special fee on All students to pay for a expansion program at Carolina stadium. The court rejected a Challenge to the plan by l so student Benjamin r. Moye of Columbia. Moye argued that the special fee was unfair because athletics Are nor. An integral part of the University s educational function ail imposed on student ref whether they attend prior to our entry into world War i for instance the United states did t declare War when 134 americans abroad an unarmed passenger ship were sunk by a German submarine in there is certainly ample room in May 1915, but accepted instead the present stadium to seat the entire a pledge that there would be no us student body As Moye con tended. Being Able to boast of a winning football team is Fine but greatness on the football Field has Little to do with academics which Are supposed to be the real business of the University. Boosting the Price of tickets to athletic events would seem a sounder approach for financing a stadium enlargement. A special fee to build a new Library classroom building or even a dormitory would be More logical. To impose a special fee earmarked purely for stadium enlargement seems to lose sight of the real purpose of the University which is education in Case anyone needs re minding. Such attacks in the future. Then in february 1917, came an announcement of unrestricted submarine warfare by the imperialistic germans. President by Doug Willis associated press or Ter Stanford Calif. A Richard w. Lyman a 46-year old historian just named presi Dent of Stanford University thinks Campus violence will continue. But he says political Apa thy on Campus is also a serious problem. And the generation Gap is really a communications Gap which May be a bigger problem Between universities and their alumni and communities than Between College presidents and students Lyman said. Lyman is easily the most accessible to students of any president in Stanford s 72-year history and he already has made one move to increase communications a weekly news conference with student report live on a student radio station. Nevertheless he May have his hands full. Violence has steadily escalated on the student Campus 30 Miles South of san Francisco. Police Haye been called on Campus 14 times in the past 18 months to quell disorders. Glass breakage alone topped last Spring and arson has done another Quarter million dollars damage the past two years. Here Are excerpts of an associated press interview with Stanford s new president violence something that is inevitable on the Campus the next few years is no reason to think that violence As practice by individuals and very Small groups of terrorists will Stop very Sud Denly now. I think it is very Likely that in the next few years there will be further violence on campuses. How things develop on specific campuses is in the Lap of the gods. You saying there is a Campus terrorist movement to Day there is a terrorist movement that has operated on campuses but i m disinclined to Call it a Campus terrorist movement. The lines Between students who Aren t spending much time studying and sex students Are much More blurred than they used to be and near Many of the Large University complexes of this country today there Are Small colonies of disaffected All of whom Are prepared to be terrorists by any Means but some Are. There anything a College president can do to curb this kind of violence very hard to say. The relationship Between terrorism and anything a University presi Dent might do is certainly less than the relationship was a year or so ago with the More massive movements of Campus protest. Terrorists operate in secret in Small groups and necessarily with some tight discipline. If a person is resorting to that the chances Are he is beyond the reach of anything that can be called communication. One thing that protects Terri ism today is there Are a great Many people who while they would not resort to it them selves Are not entirely sure that it s that much More wrong than the establish ment to play a part in turning a terrorist in. So i think there is some kind of a Chain a connection Between a considerable number of people who Are turned off and terrorism. Preserving peace on Campus your Foremost worry very concerned about the polarization Between almost the whole Campus population and a very Large part of the general Public. It s not just the Small minority of hard Core revolutionaries who Are under at tack. Universities Are under at tack. There s also evidence that Young people not in College Don t share the views of the col lege generation. A what role is there for Stu dents in the running of a univer sity is obvious students ought to have a bigger role in decisions of How the dormitories Are organized How student services Are organized than in deciding questions of academic appointments. In the latter Case there is room for an advisory role but i Don t think it makes much sense to have the decision making in the hands of students. Billy Graham says i am just an Ordinary person without any talents or special gifts. What can Christ do for me r. W. Christ s ministry on the Earth for the most part was to Ordinary men. The Bible says the common people heard him he must have had a cheering challenging word for them else they would t have been so glad to listen. What word did he have for them he offered them forgiveness. A sense of inner guilt possess All of us because we have All sinned nothing so robs a Man of the zest of life like a guilty conscience. No one can be completely Happy until this Burden of sin is relieved. Christ offers forgiveness of sin. Next he offers inner peace. He does t leave our lives a vacuum. He said my peace i give unto he can make us at peace with others and at peace with ourselves. He resolves the inner conflict within us. Then he gives our lives purpose. He gives life meaning and significance. He takes away and the or Sirc for artificial thrills and stimulants. In their place he gives you Joy and serenity. Then last he lifts us out of ourselves our selfishness and helps us to help others. And he can do All this for an Ordinary Man like yourself for he has done it for me. Agnew gala. The sheets Stati clearly that contributors make out checks to Nevada gaming control Frank Johnson a a appointee acknowledged tha Fie probably called eight or nine " casinos to suggest that they advertise the Agnew arrival on their marquees and provide information Booths in their lobbies for the rallies Johnson s Mere suggestion is divine the hotel men Over who he has economic life and death Power. He did t consider his re. Quest an impropriety he told us. But Justice department attorneys consider the free advertising and ticket sales a. Federal violation. They Arent Likely however to do anything about it. For their attorney general John Mitchell has himself journeyed to Nevada. To Campaign for Raggio. The dismissal of state employees to Greet stale. Violation has been scrupulously banned in past campaigns. Gov. Laxalt also intervened personally with school authorities so school children could be bussed to the Airport to. Bolster Agnew s Airport the gop candidates have out against bussing to achieve racial balance in the but they apparently Aren t opposed to using school buses for Cal purposes. Fike s real estate which have earned him a tidy. Profit appear to violate the. State conflict of interest Laws. Five months after he was., sworn in As lieutenant governor officials of a Eor oration called Colorado Raver properties inc.-, quietly negotiated the of acres of valuable Public land from Nevada s colorado7 River commission. A year later after the Pany had failed to meet its corf-1 Tactual obligations a new con tract was written giving the firm More time to come up with1 needed funds. From july 1, 1960 to july 1, 19g8 period of negotiation Purchase of the Public property Fike was listed on company s official Rolls As president and director. Nevada s conflict of Laws specifically prohibit state officer from being in and manner interested in any con tract authorized by or for to punishment incl Obj forfeiture fines and imprisonment a five years. The land in question now Iier the preliminary stages of development will become a Ury gambling resort which expected to earn profits Foj. Fike s company in excess of million. J generally Public lands Ritj Nevada must be sold at auction or by bid. Lands sold the Colorado River however Are exempted from this Law. The commission the property to Fike s Compa Najj for the unbelievably Low Price an acre. When the failed to make the Down payment within the required Days the commission did to default the company but gave another More lenient to to raise the Money. Colorado River subsequently contracted with Atje Arizona firm for the development advertising and marketing of the _ under the terms of this tract the title to the land is Tot be held in Trust by the lawyers title insurance co. Of vegas. De Fike is president and major stockholder of this Pany. An unusual provision gives lawyers title and de Fike the right to a Provo the final Selling Price of All lots. 3 reached by this column find denied any conflict of his investment of two or three thousand he told my associate Joe Spear w a so actually make Back in 1958 oif through lawyers title insurance. Homing Florence morning news t published Dolly my sunday 141 s. Irby St. Fiorina . Of the associated press Bureau of circulation Southern news-4 paper publishers association. The asm elated press is entitled exclusively to use for publication of All local news la this newspaper. 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