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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 14, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Monday morning october 14, 1957 of Ning Drew Pearson published by the Florence printing company John m. O Down pay menu unless nude the Ollice of reappraisal of our foreign policy i week City delivery by mail p. 0. Box Section Florence by Carrier delivery elsewhere 1 month 1.75 j 55 1.55 Monti. S5.20 5.20 4.55 4.55 i a Sakti i our 10.40 20.80 9.10 18.20 9.10 18.20 Rao Turp on Rural routes sunday six Days by mall Are same mall in Bural area. _ _ in t by the Rev Urban r Pattillo prayer for today Tim Moville Baptist Church we realize that Only through prayer can stay in touch with thee and do thy will. Therefore we Pray As the disciples of old lord teach us to then As we do Pray May we be conscious of being heard and believe that our petitions will receive an answer. We beg this in our redeemer s rime. Amen. There s at least a Silver lining to the launching of soviet Moon if the soviet Union had to win the race to launch the first satellite it is a Good thing they put it into outer space at this time. For this is a turning Point in our own defense establishment which can and should mean a revolution in our defense preparations and strategy. Charles e. Wilson whose Resigna Tion As Secretary of defense took effect last week after two months of the most Savage cuts in manpower and material to bring spending for the armed forces within the budget has been succeeded by Neil h. My Elroy another proven top Industrial is. Mcelroy will not have any inhibitions about correcting mistakes should he reverse the economies that put us so far behind in the Field of satellites missiles and rockets. Two american generals represent ing the United states at the eighth International astronautical federation Congress in Barcelona Spain flatly declared that the United states could have had a missile in space two years ago if the army s program had not been halted. They Are maj. Gen. Holgar Nelson Toftoy commander of the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville ala., and Brig Gen. John , Deputy commander of the army bal Listic missile Agency. They forecast the United states will launch a six Pound satellite in november and a Twenty Pound visible satellite in the Spring that the uni Ted states has probably theoretically the. Problem of getting a Satel Lite or missile Back to Earth without disintegrating on the Way Down that the United states should be Able to produce manned rockets for transportation and supplies in about seven years bit that the soviet Union is winning the race to the Moon and May make it in a Short time. With Mcelroy s coming and the Public disappointment and clamor Over the soviet s first satellite launch ing the president can be sure of the widest support for pulling out All the stops to recover the lost ground in this desperate race. The Eisenhower administration came into office its new Secretary of state John Foster Dulles announced that the american policy of foreign Aid must undergo an agonizing he made the statement in connection with u. S. Aid to France and he made it from the Vantage Point of a pow Erful nation withdrawing largess irom a weaker one. Five years have passed since then and there has been no real change of american foreign policy. There has been fumbling and vacillation but no Basic change. Today however following sensational russian triumphs Over the United states in science and Mili tary might the time has definitely arrived for that reappraisal. It must be thorough and genuine no Mailer How agonizing. Reasons for that reappraisal Are obvious. In ease they Are not Here Are a few indications of How disturbing thet concussions from rus Sian scientific triumphs have been. Concussion no. John Foster Dulles invited foreign min ister Gromyko to Washington to warn him against russian encroachment in the near East Gromyko later joked about it in new York. He told friends that question what Are you Reading in a recent speech Fri director j. Hoover said. Not until Long Edgar Hoover declared that an aroused Public opinion is needed to combat muck who peddle obscenity to children As Well As adults. Speaking at the closing session of the recent american legion Conven Tion in Atlantic City or. Hoover launched an All out attack on off col or photographs and publications after calling for More United family life to curb delinquency. He echoed to sentiments of a Maryland Law enforce ment official who stated that the tripe available As Reading matter on Newsstands today is responsible for the record High number of rape molesting and assault cases in his particular area. Both officials agree that the Ped Dler of obscene pictures and writing trash have so flooded the Market within the last few years that to find a news rack without samples of it is the rare exception. And to the men tally weak individual this Type of Reading merely serves to whet his appetite for sexual excitement All the stiffer Legal penalties particularly in local and state courts Are needed to replace the frequent wrist slap Given those convicted of this vile or sentences and heavier fines re move the financial advantages of this traffic will the producers distributors dealers of filth be driven out of this sickening or. Hoover pointed out that a sin Gle smut dealer can produce for a Small initial Cost obscene photographs or publications which can then be copied by thousands. Unlike the Nar Cotic cigarette which is reduced to ashes after degrading one unfortunate victim the obscene photo film or Book can be transmitted on an Al most endless round of moral destruct continuing he the activities of the muck merchants Are National in scope and Are closely organized. These moral degenerates draw no line or age distinction when it comes to customers. Your child can easily become one of their victims. An aroused Public is that will not countenance the placing of this trash on Public agreeing with All that the Fri director has said we would ask the Reader what Are you Reading and probably even More important what Are your children Reading More needed for medical research the United states is expected to spend this year on de sense. This does not include some additional expenditures which Are de signed to provide military Aid to our allies. By contrast the government is spending less than on medical research. Yet it is a Well known fact that if the government could spend several billion dollars on research in attempting to solve the mysteries which surround some diseases and which prevent the Dis covery of a cure great Progress could be made. In fact it is thought that the cure to several of the major diseases could be found if several Bil lion dollars were allotted to research on them. Some May think that the Money we Are spending on National defense is in about the proper ratio since wars exact a heavy toll in human life and since National defense is designed to prevent another War. While the Money we Are now spending on de sense May prevent a War the facts Are that the discovery of a cure for several of the major diseases would prevent More deaths and suffering than the prevention of another War on the scale of the korean War. Wars Are terrible and we Are not trying to belittle even one death caused by a War. However when we realize that we kill As Ninny people on our highways every year As were killed in Korea we realize that Dis covering a cure to some incurable disease or finding a Way to reduce accidents on the highways is a highly worthwhile Effort and one which would justify the expenditure of Sev eral billions of dollars. About sitting on a fat hog it s More comfortable than you la admit to sit on a fat hog after the United states department of Agri culture processes the hog fat into the attractive upholstery that covers the new Davenport you May be draping yourself on As you read this. Since research has become front Page 8-column. Streamer news one Field in which the soviet Union sends experts to this country to learn from us is our Progress in agriculture. Our banners grow so much the farm sur plus is coming out of our cars or More accurately in the Case of the hog fat it is being turned into Gar Den Hose floor tile raincoats As Well upholstery. How fat is used Here in cd ample Whit research has done for Ameri can farm products in the last Twenty years since the farm surplus became one of our biggest Domestic head aches. Between the two world wars animal fat made soap. During world War ii it became a base for ammunition. Detergents having taken Over the soap Market the fat threatened to pile up again until research found it made plastic and then began to turn out the plastic products enumerated above. The breeders Are developing a hog so lean the fat problem will just about take care of itself. In a peace Ful world these expanded services of the hog to Mankind would to. More important than n new Earth satellite. this is not yet a world full of men of Goodwill. Russia not the United. States was now the nation which could speak from strength. Concussion no. Rome the conservative italian newspaper Candido carried a cartoon show ing an italian sex communist at communist Headquarters asking for the return of his parly card. Why do you want it he was asked. Because Russia has the was the reply. Concussion no. Athens the greek government Long time Friend and ally of the United states has Given special Landing Privi Leges to the Soviel airline Aeroflot in Athens in route to Cairo. Simultaneously Greece protested against letting u. S. Air Force planes carrying arms to Jordan land in Athens even though the u. S. Air Force is training the greek air Force. Concussion no. I asked Mariano humor vice Secre Lary of the italian Christian democratic party what americans could do to help defeat communism at the next italian elections he replied win Back from Russia the Lead she now has with the icbms and the new Moon. When the italian people look up at the sky they want to see an american Moon not a russian Moon. If Russia is going to dominate the universe they 11 be Lebpw to vote com the temptation to team up with the Strong rather than the weak is a human one which has been True Ever since the world began and makes this the Grea Lesl psychological Selback the United slates has experienced since we first won admission to the Council tables of the Powers. Unfortunately we have experienced not one but a series of setbacks. They began with our first defeat by Russia at the olympic games one year ago. This had nothing to do with icbms or Satel Lites though it May have had something to do with schools health and youth s modern ten Dency toward indoor television and easy living. In the year thai followed we saw Indonesia slip alarmingly to Ward communism s a the Mal ays become shaky watched an anti american dictator take Over in the Seato nation of Thailand caused Japan to seethe Over the Girard Case and witnessed the world s first Jet transport Bear ing the Hammer and sickle land near new York. Finally we took a Back seat regarding the icbms and the Earth satellite. Where does this leave american foreign policy that s the agonizing re appraising we have to make. That s also Why Gromyko laughed. A Short time ago he did t laugh because the United states operated from a position of strength. Last Spring in Kansas City i asked Harry Truman what he would do today to Stop Russia from sending arms to Syria and Egypt. His reply As usual was direct. I would use the Smith he said. When Truman was in the White House he could have used the sixth Fleet because he operated from a position of strength. Today he could t. Because quietly both before and after he left the White House Russia has built her own Fleet in the Black sea Ihrcke limes the size of the sixth Fleet. That s Why Nikita Khrushchev was t kidding when he told Scotty Reston of the new York times thai Russia would attack Turkey if Turkey started War in the near East. If War Breaks we Are near this happened without any violence at All Victor Riesel Hoffa rocket May be Dud it is quite possible that the third stage of Jim Hoffa s rocket May prove a Dud and not catapult him into the teamsters presidency. The Odds Are greater however that he will take office but not As soon As lie expects. Well know in 10 Days. Within a few Days Hoffa s As tendency again will be in the hands of the Federal courts. New York Al Lorincy Godfrey Schmidt once More is on his Way to Washington. Speaking for a band of working Joes. Schmidt will action from Federal court judge f. Dickinson Letts on three counts. Schmidt the Counselor who at tempted to Stop the teamster balloting will charge that the teams violated tire Federal court order for a democratic and Legal Conven Tion and election. Schmidt s group will try to prove that the recent Parley did not satisfy the directive of chief Justice Earl Warren and the court of appeals which conditionally permit Ted the election of Hoffa and his colleagues. The court of appeals backed up by Justice Warren said the elec Tion could be held. But it provided that All delegates recognized or seated by the credentials commit tee shall be selected in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution of the Union and that a quorum of the convention shall con Sist Only of Dele Les so Schmidt and his group of rank and file teamsters will argue shortly int the delegates were seated illegally. He will Call for n new convention. He will Sny that the illegal sealing of the delegates to the Iveene convention constitutes contempt of the Federal court of appeals. He will argue for n trial of the newly elected officers and the old ones trial for contempt. He ask that pending such trial. The cd Oral court oust the new officers including Hoffa. This would of course in pc Dvo Beck in the presidency for he hns not yet Given a definite Date for his resignation. This would create the Only unanimity this crisis has yet seen. Everybody will be unhappy except Dave Beck. Therefore or. Schmidt s group will ask the fed eral court in the person of judge Letts to appoint a trustee Over the entire Union. Irony comes in strange ways. This trustee would have control of the teamsters millions and their records. All this has been the Conversa Tion piece among a lot of Legal eagles in this business which has quieted All else for the moment on the labor front. That russian Moon and its two fellow travellers got but passing notice from the la Bor lawyers reason is that a lot of them scoffed at Schmidt before he went into court last month. But those who came to scoff remained open mouthed when Schmidt almost stopped the convention. It is True that Many delegates began packing their bags in Miami Beach until they heard that chief Justice Warren had ruled that the Tea rho election could be held. What is not generally known is that Justice Warren did just that and no More. He did not throw out Schmidt s More of de Clare the convention void. The chief Justice simply said that the convention had gone on too far and the action was brought too late to Stop the teamster election at that time. Justice Warren did nol throw out judge Lett s ruling Attiat the convention had illegal delegates and he election therefore would he illegal. Thiol Ortler must now be argued again. Schmidt Musl bring into court however evidence hint number of Dele Gates were illegally chosen by Hoffa s Force. Schmidt Musl show that there wore enough illegal Dele Gates voting to of Eccl the chances of Llota s opposition. This Schmidt says he can do. Bui he May nol have to. He can claim that it i now impossible to. Prove who voted illegally. He can say that enough records were destroyed by the late maid of that Miami Beach hotel or others to prevent proving any thing. And Ihen he will act on the Rule of Federal Law which says that when an advisory destroys the Evi Dence against himself every in Ference and charge by the opposition which depends on those rec ords can automatically be used against the accused. There May yet be another team Ster convention. Whether that Means a new teamster president no one will Wager. Turkey and you Are he warned. Turkey would t last 24 on three different occasions tru Man acted boldly courageously and successfully to Stop russian aggression. On one other occasion he acted boldly and courageously but not successfully. The occasions were the threat against Iran in 1946, when soviet troops mobilized on Iran s Border Truman warned Stalin that an attack meant War. Stalin backtracked. The Berlin Airlift in 1948, when Russia started pulling the squeeze on West Germany tru Man threw All the air resources of the Usa into the Berlin Airlift. Russia moved out. Greece Turkey when in 1947, communist guerrilla fighters threatened to disrupt Greece Truman rushed to the Rescue with the Truman doctrine. The move where he was bold bul not successful was in Korea. But by Hal time Russia had begun to build a Strong air Force while his Secretary of defense Louey John son had begun. Cutting our de sense budget. A similar situation exists under Eisenhower s today. Interpreting the news russian satellite Success May be hopeful peace sign _ of. By William l. Ryan a foreign Newt analyst Belgrade oct. 13 a soviet successes with the Earth satellite and the ballistic missile could in the Long run be hopeful signs Lor the future of world peace. That s the considered opinion of experienced Western diplomats in this part of the world. Their think ing goes this Way soviet policy Long has been in the rigid grip of stalinism. Even under Stalin s successors much of the old dictator s methods notions and fears remain. The rus sians suspect everything foreign. Their inferiority Complex is expressed in a belligerent front to the outside world. Today the russians can afford to relax a bit and release themselves to some degree from the straitjacket of fear and suspicion which has inspired much of their cold War attitudes. Russian leaders must be aware what cultured Europe is saying about they can make ballistic missiles and Earth Satel Lites but cannot seem to make de cent nothing or provide the Ordi nary amenities of life for their people. The russians social Structure is changing All the time and with the scientific advances comes a sense of Pride which demands that the russians present a More civilized appearance to the outside world. The soviet regime cannot Long hold Back this tide. A change from rigidity to flexibility already has been noticeable but it has been one of strategy and tactics. It has been making significant gains for the russians particularly in underdeveloped areas such As the Middle East. What the Western world is hoping for is a different sort of which May permit a soviet regime to approach the problems of peace preservation with less truculent suspicion. Such a change if it comes will be slow and gradual it is unlikely it can come into full Flower in the lifetime of the present top rulers of the soviet Union. In the meanwhile Western civilization has Little Choice but to remain Alert. Billy Graham Corey Witt oms my answer paragraphs question i am a member a Union. U i leave the Union i will lose my Job and yet i object to their unethical and Dis honest methods. What should i do 8.c. Answer there is nothing unchristian Aboul a Union but certainly we have been made aware of unchristian practices in Many unions. If there Are such things taking place in the Union of which you Are a member then you should certainly use All of your influence to eliminate such objectionable aspects. It would be Well if unions were not needed but see ing that they Are apparently needed in our Industrial age it be comes the responsibility of the Christian to exert his influence in the policies and practices of the Union. Unions Are Here and the worker must accept their pres ence. Today when the unions Are on the spot because of mismanagement you have your Best of porn Unity to let your influence be Felt. Styles change. Children now get a tanning in a different place. There s a Type of Man that will take everything except a hint. Truman suggests a switch in the Corner of the room to combat juvenile delinquency. That will be some switch. Or. Gallup says in the United states can t swim. But the country is full of floaters. One of the hardest things now Adays to lift is a heavy Mort Gage. The worst thing that can happen to our Limner resources is for some one to set the Woods on fire instead of the world. Dangerous age Stamford Conn. W Junior causing you Gray hairs take a look at the emergency room record at Stamford Hospital for one recent Day a 4-year-old girl injured in the ear by a toothpick wielding play mate. An a year old girl struck in the Eye by in umbrella rib thrown by a playmate. A 5-year-old boy who caught his head in the swinging doors of a store. A 10-year-old boy hit on the head by a in can. An in a car old Hoy who broke his Arm playing soccer. A 4-Ycnr-old girl and an 8-Ycnr old boy bitten by dogs. A 0-Ycnr-old boy stung by a Hee. A 3-year-old girl poisoned by a ones look. A 3-Ycnr-old boy and in 8-year old girl who sprained their wrists falling from Trees. A 2-Ycar-old boy who slashed his leg on a Rusty Mil English lesson by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say he is the one whom i think was say he is the one who i think was often mispronounced photogravure. Pronounce Foh Toh Grah yur principal accent on last syllable. Often misspelled fuchsia observe the pronounced flu Sha. Synonyms virtue morality rectitude integrity uprightness probity. Word study use a w 0 r d three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. To Day s word dudgeon ill humor. Pronounce duh Junn accent first the family had to lol Crnic the dudgeon of the a polka Dot paint has made it s appearance. But we already see spots before our eyes. A work and play vacation is one where the government employee plays More than he works. No longer does the College boy write Home for Money. He Tele phones for it. A woman does t mind wast ing time if she can do it by talk ing Over the Telephone. Utopia must be the place where no one Ever passes a worthless Check. Old Dobbin could t last. He could t furnish that Low Slung look in transportation. A Singapore Man is to marry for the 70lh time. If marriages Are made in heaven he keeps them Busy there. A civilized country is one where a worker is too old and no one will hire him after he is 45. Many a Man is More interested in dodging his obligations than he is in meeting them. Some Drivers seem to like to set to their Accident in a hurry. Thorp is a woman behind every successful Man. She Musl slay behind give him in occasion Al push. I the depression was Hinl period when a Handy Man was always Handy. Another Groat trouble Ullh the human race is that it is so slow to improve. A Man is getting old when he no longer who Stet at a pretty furl. A Man begins to talk about ethics when a competitor pulls a fast one on him. It Wold be Fine if youngsters would spare the hot Rod. When an old Man feels his oals he usually looks or other pastures. We arc glad there is some Sec lion of the world whore Ono can Rock and rest a Nova Scolia woman claims to have set a world rocking chair Mccond. Arc now ceding inn jul la scr pills to hens. Happiness Pulli Iho Tild keep the lock cackling

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