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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 13, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaIlner Ortw tuesday a comr 13, Flintstones Dino How p you like some Nice Brontosaurus Steak for supper e really Pipho t this if Iri Larff Andy Capps that two Bob borrowed week Flo Dick Tracy thanks pet in forgotten All about it he s Potto a professional hired killer he is not i m sure diamonds is or. I cant prove a thing underworld biggies and dolls go together let s Little Abner v Cool Leader Abbie now Tell us How to crush the Shmin Fant menace of Pogo musical instrument so a you Purav that sous 0? yours 1 so with the 7fte akan autumn Stow glory up the file. Ten minutes i Hope the world is read 1 it s the mos wow revolution Arv like what v move of the a brain Sims s a of Simauc y Blondie 1 must gained s6veha pounds i can set this Zipper u anymore to have to aug a. New dresses come of Puu in your stomach we can make it Mary Worth i la try to do you understand 1 5e.th? if Ward 1rwin our. Daughter a a will eel and at Lime 32 min. A Nice Oluremi 10-13 4. Manata 5.twitching. 6.ahead 7. Fancies 8. Waylay 9. Counterpart 10. Town near Liege 12.s-Shapsd molding 16. Additional 18. Boor 19.ardor 20. Corrective 21. Famous tug 24. Olivine 27. Deep affection 28.elk 30. Devilfish 31. Mountain Lake 33. Let it stand 34. Enemy 35. Mister 36. Truck 37. Antlered animal 40. Artificial language contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker top Rte Ord Holder in individual Champion Muhip ploy South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. Noeth 4kj87 vaq532 96 West East 4js" 1087532 South 4aq109g5 East pass kq9532 Kyj the bidding Symth West North 14 2 34 opening King of Dia monds. A Fine Declarer will some times go to exceptional lengths to Stop the dangerous opponent from taking the Lead. Here is an example of the Art. West leads the King of Dia monds and if South is not extremely careful he will go Down against proper defense. The first critical move comes at trick one when he should allow West to win the King of Dia monds in order to Squash any possibility of him later under leading the Queen to get a Cru Cial club return from East. Let s assume West leads an other Diamond. Declarer wins cashes the a a of Trumps and plays a heart. If West goes up with the King Declarer ducks and is safely Home. But let s say West plays the nine in Stead in which Case Dummy wins with the Queen. Now South must again be careful. If he makes the mis take of continuing with the. Ace and another heart East winds up on Lead and returns a club to put the quietus on South s Mission. Declarer obviously must try to establish Dummy s hearts for discards but he cannot afford to permit East the dangerous opponent to take the Lead while the hearts Are being established. To accomplish this he should return to his hand with a Trump and Lead a heart again towards Dummy. In the actual Case West produces the my West is then kaput. As a matter of fact if West does not Cash his Ace of clubs now he loses it. If West does not produce the King on the second heart Lead because he started with either three or four hearts to the South still has the con tract in Tow. He goes up with the Ace leads another heart and again West finds himself at the end of his rope. O 1370. Kine features Syndicate inc tomorrow suspicion. 10-13-79 Don t make a Promise unless you expect to live up to it. Sometime ago i read of a Sailor who tossed a bottle into the Ocean while his ship was five Days out of Liverpool. He enclosed a note giving his name and address promising to Send to the finder. Some two years later the bottle was picked up in Stor Liness jord in the Bay of alias Jorden Tim Marte Norway. The finder wrote to the Sailor telling that he had found the bottle and claimed fulfilment of the pro Mise. If we make a Promise we should be prepared to live up to it. Some of us Are rather careless in the Way we make promises. I be heard Many parents make All sorts of pro rises to their children which hey Don t fulfil. Mothers and Are often too careless about this and As a result their children fail to learn a lesson of obedience. Mothers of Small children Are particularly prone o do this. They Are Busy with household duties. For example. Child misbehaves and the Mother tells him to Stop it and threatens to spank him. Then he Loes it again but the spanking s not forthcoming. Soon the child learns that the Mother does t mean what she says. Pro noises of other kinds Are made and then forgotten. Then he parents wonder Why the children Are disobedient. When a Man and woman marry they make certain solemn promises in the marriage ceremony. They pro Mise to live together for better r for worse for Richer or poorer in sickness and in health till death us do or. Herbert Spaugh then when differences arise and quarrelling commences they forget about these promises and All too often take the courts and of ten into divorce. Sometimes we Are careless with our financial obligations. Purchases Are made with a pro Mise to pay for them. Then Money becomes scarce and the debt is neglected sometimes even ignored. I have in stances where credit has Beeri _ extended to a customer and the debt piles up. Then acknowledging the debt and making even Small payments the customer turns his Back on his obligation and purchases elsewhere for Cash. Many of us Are too free with our promises. A Promise should be made thoughtfully and carefully. Then they should be kept. Promotes Union Johannesburg South Africa a churches of different denominations should Pool their facilities and manpower for greater effectiveness South Africa s Church Unity commission said in its news bulletin in the commission which promotes or Ganic Union among anglican congregational presbyterian and methodist churches said the churches Are wasting enormous amounts of Money Effort and resources in a time of chronic manpower shortage in Alt churches. Features. The shores of the continents slope gently downward under the Vater then plunge Over Steep Cliffs to the floors of the of eat basins. Many of these submerged Cliffs Are Cut with Steep canyons deeper and even wider than grand Canyon. In Many. Laces farther out to sea the floor of the Ocean is sliced with leap ditches. In the Pacific one of these trenches dips almost rec Miles below the solid sea bed and six and a half Miles below the surface Waves. It May be the world s Champion. But in any Case the world s deepest Canyon certainly is under the sea

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