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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 13, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOr 47th year no. 286 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., tuesday morning october 13, 1970 dash flt sunday u. S. To Speed troop pull out seeks to end Dmit by 73 Laird Washington a presi services have been ordered to Phasis on military recruiting Laird said Early Capi of Hill a Dent Nixon announced an a prepare for ending lie draft celebrated rate of withdrawal of . Troops from Vietnam Mon Day and the Pentagon ordered an immediate Start on All out other supports May be required asked whether the announce additional enlistments in ments were aimed at helping i both the Active forces and the republicans in the coming i Reserve and National guard is needed on legislation to a 20 per cent the base Low ranked enlisted i preparations to end the draft fied with mid-1973. Congressional elections Laird i Don t know How Nixon said during a trip to Connecticut that the authorized ceiling on american troops in Vietnam be reduced by men through the Christ Mas season. This will bring the figure Down to As of dec. 31. Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird forecast Nixon san nou Cement at a news Confer ence at which he said the armed you came to that the defense chief who previously has set a 1973 goal for ending Reliance on the draft told reporters we re going to go All out in the department of defense to reach the goal and that adm. Thomas h. Moorer chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to Spur. Actions that should be taken now to move toward the Zero draft goal. In addition to stepped up pm components Laird s memorandum said. He requested top service officials to review recommendations of a project Volunteer committee within the Penta gon for various ways to improve the attractiveness of military careers. And he asked his senior subordinates to identify priority Steps that will be required to meet the Zero draft objective. With an Eye toward Congress Campaign planned president gets rousing reception in Hartford the Secretary s statement and memorandum appeared to be the opening of a Campaign pointed toward the Public to demonstrate the administration s intent to reach an All Volunteer Force. Gen. William c. Westmore land army chief of staff is billed to make a major speech n the subject before the army association tuesday and asst. Secretary of defense Roger Kel Ley is due to discuss project Volunteer recommendations Ater in the week. By shooting for achievement of an All Volunteer Force in mid 1973, the Nixon administration Akes itself from under any self imposed requirement to Ful ill this pledge before the 1972 election. Heavy Security police were in Force around the Montreal police Headquarters building monday keeping traffic p passersby and newsmen on the other Side of barricades that sealed off streets for a Block around the building. The newsmen were waiting for the possible re lease of lawyer Robert Lemieux who was arrested Sun Day. Hartford Conn. A president Nixon got a rousing reception from thousands who crowded around his motorcade through Hartford s main streets monday and he shared it with three top Republican Candi dates. Bands blared people craned from office windows some waved balloons with peace printed on them hundreds of welcoming signs were visible and a few in the crowd demonstrated against the Vietnam War and unemployment. After a. Briefing of northeastern news Media executives on foreign affairs Nixon went by helicopter to Stamford to Dedi Cate an italian Community Cen Ter. The chopper landed on a parking lot next to the Center at about p.m., and the presi Dent was greeted by a crowd of several thousand. Nixon announced in Hartford that the authorized ceiling on . Troops in Vietnam will be reduced by men by the end of the year. He said the maximum number of men authorized for duty in Vietnam will fall to As of dec. 31. He also declared puerto Rico a major disaster area and Eligi ble for Federal funds to repair damage from excessive rainfall and serious flooding that began oct. 3. The president and his aides maintained this visit was not political but gop Senate Candi Date Lowell p. Weicker or. Said it would help his Campaign tre aides announced that Nixon will launch a Campaign swing into four Stales in one Day Long tour saturday. It will take him to Vermont new Jersey Penn Sylvania and Wisconsin to Bol Ster gop candidates and Nixon said hell get to Florida califor Nia and a few other states be challenging Weicker in the Senate race Are incumbent Thomas j. Dodd a Democrat running As an Independent and Josepn Duffey a congregation-1 Al minister who is National i chairman of americans for democratic action. Mil ainu a Tow vol ii t tween now and the nov. 3 elec in Oklahoma City last week Tion. His Welcome on Columbus Day Drew a turnout officials estimated at about police had a hard time keeping them from Nixon s slow paced motor Cade As they waved signs pro claiming such sentiments As we love you. We Are Nixon Nixon stood on the Back of his limousine arms around the two t o p republicans-39-year-old, one term congressman Weicker who is in a three Way race for the Senate seat and the re publican gubernatorial Candi Date rep. Thomas j. Meskill 42-year-old conservative. Vice president Spiro t. Agnew attacked Duffey and the Ada Agnew speaking at a gop fund raising luncheon called the Ada a nest of Radical liberals and Duffey a self styled revisionist Duffey denied Agnew s charge calling it a vicious deliberate mrs. Nixon an open i Cream coloured Cadillac convert Ible with Hartford mayor Ann Uccello who is running for con Gress from Connecticut s 1st District. The italian Flag flew Over the Entrance to City Hall in Honor of Day. United fund agencies. Florence county Council on aging the purpose of t h is Agency is to promote the mental spiritual physical emotional and economic needs of the aging. We serve As a family to those without families to offer them transportation to and from doctors dentists Church services Etc. To our knowledge no other Agency offers a Telephone reassurance pro Gram plus the various services listed hereafter to create and maintain within each of our aging citizens a sense of self respect Security and Confidence. To care for the needs physical emotional mental on a Day by a basis thus relieving anxiety and fear. To recreate by teaching hobbies or crafts in order to combat two of the chief problems of aging boredom and loneliness. Saturation bombings continued Saigon a the . Strategic air command sent its full Pacific Fleet of ,b52 bombers Over Laos monday for a fourth straight Day of saturation raids against the to Chi Minh Trail. About 30 of the Mammoth bombers unloaded 30 tons each of explosives on North Viet namese Supply depots Transfer Points and infiltration r o u t is running southward in the Jun Gles of Eastern Laos. The sustained bombing Campaign was limed for the Onset of the dry season in Laos As the Monsoon Rains depart. In this period the North vietnamese regularly step up the movement of reinforcements and supplies toward their hideout bases at j the Trail s terminals in cambo Dia and South Vietnam. As on the three previous Days the strategic air command concentrated All or nearly All its Thailand based b52s on Laos guiding the High flying bombers to targets with radar signals from the ground. Once again there were no b52 raids on Cambodia or South Vietnam. Only one b52 strike has been flown since Friday Over South Vietnam and none in Cambodia. There was no announced assessment on results of the latest bombing assault on Laos. In South Vietnam ground fighting continued in a now familiar pattern of Small actions while in Cambodia the foe kept up the pressure on government positions close to phenom penh. President gets Bio Welcome from hard hats Steps from Auto in Hartford to meet workmen 1. Kidnappers offer 3 life death options Montreal a terrorist kidnappers holding As Host Ages a British envoy and a que Bec Cabinet minister gave authorities three chilling life and death options monday. The Federal government fear ing More political abductions moved troops into Ottawa to bolster police Security for officials and foreign diplomats. The Canadian French separatists who seized the two Host Ages last week gave provincial authorities these choices All six Ransom demands Are British Trade commissioner James Richard Cross and Quebec labor minis Ter Pierre Laporte will be killed. Two demands Are the release of. 23 political prisoners and a halt to the police will be freed but Laporte will St la be held under threat of death. If All demands Are met both men will be released. One of several common ques received from two cells of the Radical Quebec liberation Frint Fly said we Are setting no deadlines. However if you show evident bad Faith we will return to the higher Price for Laporte s Freedom included these de mands payment of in Gold bars no action to be taken against the kidnappers the name and photograph of the person who gave information leading to the arrest of several Fly Mem Bers full publication of the front s demands and political manifesto and reinstatement of All Montreal truck Drivers who lost . When ment atty eries the front wants the political prisoners to be flown to either Cuba or Algeria. Cross 49 was taken from his Home oct.1 5.and Laporte was kidnapped saturday minutes after the provincial government refused the Ransom demands for Cross. The kidnappers threatened to execute the two hostages at 10 i. Sunday but apparently changed their minds after que Bec Premier Robert Bourassa broadcast an Appeal for Neotia conspiracy seen in Rochester blasts tons a few minutes before the deadline fell there were contradictory notes from the abductors How Ever on How negotiations might be conducted. Communiques from the Fly s Chen ire cell that is holding Laporte and the liberation cell that seized Cross suggested that a lawyer Robert Lemieux act As a mediator. But a later communique from the Chen ire cell found in a Tele phone Booth said any request for Means of communiques or be considered a refusal of. The do mands. Lemieux who had dec Alec some of the prisoners whose Freedom is sought by the Fly was picked up by police sunday they said they would charge him with obstructing Justice. The lawyer was not held How Ever. Notes from the kids Ayers said both hostages were alive and Well. A letter purportedly from the Laporte asked the govern ment to accept the word of the abductors and recommended that the 23 prisoners be released monday night or tuesday. Canada s Federal government has supported Quebec in its of 5 position to the kidnappers de mands and it ordered troops into Ottawa monday to increase Security in the capital. Choice proposal Defeated Washington a South Ern led senators were Defeated monday in an Effort to fuse the school desegregation Issue with equal rights for women. The Senate rejected 57 to 17 a constitutional amendment that would have Given states an absolute right to Sanction the Teedom of Choice dese Grega ions plans that the supreme court has found to be largely unworkable. The amendment was offered to a pending constitutional amendment by sen. James b. Allen d-ala., who said it would simply extend to Southern states the same privileges and immunities enjoyed by states in other parts Amfie Sens. Robert p. Griffin of Michigan the assistant Kepueli can Leader and Birch Bayh of Indiana democratic chief Spon Sor of the equal Rigits for women amendment agreed with Al in that the issues he raised were valid. But they both said the matter needed More study and debate. Until this amendment was it before the Senate i had never known or heard of any also Ute Griffin said. The Issue of whether or not to override the supreme court s on Freedom of Choice comes up in one form or another almost every other month in he Senate and is voted Down y increasing margins. Police say conspirators Are responsible for bombings of several build Ings in Rochester . See Page 14. Sen. Ernest mailings and mrs. Holl Ings have been divorced after 24 years of marriage. See Page 5. All was Hustle and Bustle As the Eastern Carolina agricultural fair got under Way monday. See Page 3. Index ask Andy 13 classified 11 comics deaths editorials markets sports women new women Power 13 2 4 10 8 episcopalians end lengthy tradition weather partly Cloudy and warm through wednesday with Chance of showers wednesday. Highs in Middle 80s Low in 60s. Details Page 3. Houston Tex. A the episcopal Church after wrestling with the Issue More than a Quarter Century admitted women to its top governing body monday. The step was part of a spread Leader shop failures cited commission reports breakdown in enforcement of rights Laws Washington a the civil rights commission reported monday a major breakdown in government enforcement of civil rights Laws and Laid part of the blame on a failure of leadership from the presidential level on Down there has been a failure of leadership a failure of the bureaucracy and a failure of the american said the Rev. Theodore m. Hosburgh commission chairman and pres ident of notre Dame University at a news conference. The government s failure to practice what its Laws preach has seriously undermined the credibility of the govern ment s total civil rights he said adding those who look to the Law As an impartial arbiter or right and wrong and find that some Laws Are implemented while others Are not despair of the fairness of the unless we get serious about this the country is on a collision course with everything the opposite of what the Constitution stands he said agencies must be told that this is a first priority in the govern sued the commission said minority groups still get second class treatment from the Feder Al government on a variety of Levels despite existing Laws that cover almost every aspect of discrimination. The great Promise of the Civ rights Laws executive orders and judicial decisions of the 1950 s and 1960 s has not been it said. Part of the trouble the com Mission said was Low priority or civil rights and a govern ment wide failure to give civil rights enforcement programs in a 1 us Page study it called enough Money staff and muscle the most important it has is-1 to get done. It said the chief civil rights enforce ment officer in every Federal department should be upgraded to the same level As officials in charge of programs and should get enough resources to do his Job. It listed As the most serious flaw a failure to provide Overall coordination and direction to the entire Federal civil rights enforcement As remedies the commission asked president Nixon to set up a special civil right subcommittee of the White House coun cil on Domestic affairs to spot civil rights problems and move to eliminate them. Ing surge of women Power in legislative councils of Christian Ity. A natural thing to commented or. Charity Way Mouth of bar Harbor Maine. It could t be otherwise in the kind of society in which we she was one of 29 women elected this year in anticipation of the change to the House of deputies the 722-member Lay clergy Branch of the Church s bicameral governing Conven Tion. Another proposal before the 3.4-million member Church s 63rd general convention would initiate procedures to permit ordination of women a prerogative expanding in protestantism and now widely discussed in roman catholicism. As the 10-Day convention got under Way it also agreed to give a voice but no vote to oth ers traditionally denied proportionate representation youths Blacks and other minority ele ments. At the same time the 170 member House of Bishops which along with the 722-Mem Ber House of Bishops which along with the 722-member House of deputies makes up the Church s bicameral legislature gave a unanimous vote of Confidence to presiding Bishop John e. Nines

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