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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 12, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaMorning it s Friday october our both year no. 285 Florence s. C. Daily 10sunday 15c Mirror Mirror on the Wall Laird Scot Rogers Connally Reagan Rockefeller Ford Goldwate who will succeed Spiro Agnew As vice president Washington Al l the in real of i bitter congressional fight Over and possible rejection of Kiihn com Biilly illustrates the problem president Nixon faces in nominating a new via president. Nixon s criteria arc a person , someone who shares his foreign policy views and a nominee who Wiki the approval of lie democratic controlled House and Senate. The Job description closely fits conic Billy. Hie. Center of speculation litre find there Liao been Virther White House hints Tyml the former Texas governor and Treasury Secre Loiry. A Nixon favorite is a front runner. Leading democrats Are firm. By opposed to Connally Anil some lieu Lilleane that his selection would split both parties and precipitate a bitter and Prole Acter struggle. Asked thursday if lie though Liepitz Blicaus would make this Clear in submitting their three recommendations both Posi Tive and negative to the president one 001 senator said if he does t know it. By now. Then it s at the White House. Press Secretary Ronald i. Ziegler Slid Nix in Wauls to naive As and rapidly As possible in sending Ifie name of his Choice As Cessor to Congress. Ziegler said he i resident has made Clear he wants i he direct views of congressional and Republican leaders governors and 10p stale chairmen. Musically. Appears to have three choices selection of one of he major figures in the giving one of i he party s presidential Bope Luls a leg up on the nomination lie sides Connally. This list is headed by new York Nelson a. Irix Kepeller who has passed the word tie has an Active and California Lov. Lionald Reagan. Of 11 respected senior statesman a person of impeccable credentials with a less Pai Titan tinge in a hid in restore National Unity. Kortner Secretary of stale William Rogers Appeal s to Bead this list along with retired Sens. John Sherman Cooper of Kentucky and John j. Williams of Delaware sen. Liary Gold water of and the two lop iop congressional leaders. Sen. Hugh Scott Ami Kep. Aid it. I Ord. Dark horse a younger less mentioned injure in the Way that Spiro t. was selected by in mentioned in this context were for Mer Kep. Donald Plum sled. The . Ambassador to the North Atlantic treaty organization former California . Rob Ert Finch and former Pennsyl Vania Cotov. William w. Scran ton whose presence in Washington on an apparently unrelated matter sparked consider Able speculation. I Hal he Romes up Wilh a Surprise lie likes to do said sen. Kew arc w. Brooke. See Success of. Page5a israelis claim forces on Road to Damascus Sumpter 13 caught Myrtle Beach Sophomore Levon simpler is caught by a Mcclenaghan defender in thursday night s Homecoming game at memorial stadium. Ronnie Johnson 88, comes up to assist for the Jack ets. Myrtle Beach won 14-6. See Story on Page 1c. Photo by Sonny by i kiss the israeli military com Mand claimed ils tanks blasted their Way through syrian de lenses thursday and were rumbling along the Road to Damascus. Defense minister Mosbe Dayan predicted lighting Victory bin did not say in the syrian capital was the objective. I think that by tonight or overnight ibis Iron will he Lin shed of in our Day Ait told Liis soldiers in i broadcast Over israeli Tele vision. Syria ignored the claim of a breakthrough on the inlaid Leigh is and said ils foil is their Uherc holding Linn. In other developments at the i filed Nal tuns in new York Loreign minister a Harned ii. Of a Gyp said a to him Irimie Cairo Lold of Sill persons being killed in air attacks on i Uii said. Cairo suburbs and a Gyp s nor Lej i Della pc Lagan sources said the t Niter states was preparing thursday to Rush ions of am Mun Ilioiu Israel. Radio said key plan punched car liver into the Sinai Peninsula to out a la being column of israeli Armor. Hie naval War. Syria and Israel reported conflicting ver Sions of a Battle Oil the syrian Reck merchant Marine ministry said an israeli Sank one of ils ships. Luo crewmen. Pic air Ivair. Syrian and k g y a n communiques Cla Mcd More Tjian 100 israeli planes shot do Mai thursday and a Tel Aviv communique said Israel bagged a lol Alof i Arab planes. Pentagon observers to Liec both sides have exaggerated their Aerial kill re ports. A Gyp s Middle fast news Agency in a report Mcdial by described by he stale Depar Lenl As an said Western diplomatic sources in Cairo claimed that to counter soviet supplies to arabs . Israeli Aid reported ready Washington he United slates was reported ire paring thursday to Rush inns of artillery shells and int Plank ammunition to Israel to Avert threatened shortages Aller less Ilian it week of intense Batik s Between Israel and syrian and pkg Volian forces. Meat Lule. Pentagon sources said soviet planes have been carrying Laplacc meals Lor Anri Ammie Nitro to Syria Ami Kripl. At least to soviet an Cut Ira Sporl planes Weie said id re inched Syria Willun Hie Jials Day loaded Wilh surface to air missiles antitank rockets and other car material. The Pentagon so arcs said hurried . Shipments would ix1 an my insure. There were indications the shipments probably in israeli planes would depart from re mole melds ill the i filed Stales. Decisions on replacing is act s significant aircraft and Lank losses Here discussed by inc Wenle House. Is ale and de sense departments officials said. Deputy White House press Secretary Cerald i. Warren re fused to answer resin applying Israel. Meanwhile. Inc press of the Middle Kasl situation was re Poi Tadly forcing Secretary of slate la Emiry a. Kissinger to cancel a weekend Tup to Lon Don. Lle sources of the to s. Army and air forces would he tapped in inc decides to Send major military hardware to Israel one proposal under Shady would Transfer to the israeli s a l phantom jets from . Air Force squadrons in Europe. The planes would he replaced in the . Air Force inc glory by aircraft being produced in the unil de slates Lor Israel. According to Lalosh in Lelli Kunce. Is Iid lost close o till Lanks and near Fisher planes in the Lisl live1 Days of the new War Alaux okie third of i he Lanks and Al nil Lourah of the Jel lighters Isreal owned before ihc1 Fig filing erupted saturday. Israel appealed to have the upper hand on the Ovnan Tiona Israel laces Fin Ihrer Sigi Vilii Tinl loss s in Ibe Sinai Uberte main Lank and infantry Bill Les remain to in fought Wilh some . Lii vials think Llie urgency would go oui of any need for replacing israeli Lial Lle losses if ttic1 Sinai bal Les ire Short. The re placements could i Fien Fie made Over it Long term. The uni cd Siales a child like to avoid Siuy major i Leplae Emend of is Ieli and Aimar during Ifie Lig Liling because such a move Oulch he to bring Rel Dialion irom governments. . Secretary general pleads for end to War list cd nations. . Api scr Elnory Kurt Waldhein appealed in the1 Security Council thursday night in try to Slop the Middle War he do cd anal that he deeply concerned at the Niiler Lineal to International peace the Council also he Aid charges by Syria Ilia Israel had used napalm bombs by 1-Igypl that is ii a Hail dropped Booby i raps from planes Inlo the densely Popup led Nile Delia and by Israel thai he arabs bad launched missiles against israeli towns and villages. Mim scr to lined of cd Kayyal of Kim t claimed 5nn Gyp Tisins have Licon killed in israeli an the coi Ineil met with no in of ii break in the dead lock Between Llie uni Ltd sales on Mil one hand Ami the Soviel Union and China Only Elberon How to end Ibe War. The slant is Lor a relink to Hie cease flip lines ill eff Sci before the new car started Sal urday. The soviets and chinese1 claim lie1 arabs air fight ing a to trillion taken by Israel in Allie More .in live Days of he Ivy lighting which Al Reidy a rinsed tinman losses. I feel obliged to speak Mil As secret wild Leim said in a letter to the Council. The . Chillier gives the Secretary general the Light to Ibe allo Linn of die Council in situations he considers i , ii in e. Xay wiil Lold be Council Hii tuesday ibid israeli had raided Cairo i Spital. Lie said thai later Iron his government Spca Ift d that the 1s Lii i attacks were on imports near the of six million people. In Bis speech Linn Day night. Xavy Al Nii Iru of fir persons he reported killed were innocent fieojilc1 from Village s of tin Delta Pii i t u p b o o b radios. And pens. Did not explain How Ibe items strewn into the area smashing on Impact Syria s Deputy minis Ler. Charged Luiere wins a ecu ele ment 111 Israel s use of . I Jemc ii gasoline. He said ill least three such attacks Hail irn report cd in h. . Thanksgiving turkeys double in Price Vokk Al i got More bad on thursday. Food experts said Dairy and bread prices would keep of Tom lip ill coining Mon Lis and predicted thai ibis j ear s i in key will Cost in ice As much in Smisl Emir s the news came ill a briefing sponsor d by Ilii super Market inst late. A nonprofit irad Assoc i Ilion. Piini bsds included in rec Meliron. A former assistant Relar of Agrimi Ollnie now Heads associated milk i Mync ers inc. Inc Dair Larm Cooperii live ill inc a Oiin Liy. Hob Crl uni Merle. Director of economic i Escaich of the nil Lional broiler Council. Pic Liana . Anellier former assistant so or Clinin of i Cullie Wiio is presiden of the american meal Institute Ami William chairman of Campbell Tagg ii xxv. Abating company. A Liren Siirid milk in inc United slates has been declining for i months and is now Arioul 1 pc acc ii below Levels lie predict led Luiere would in1 a per cent my Riise in Ibe Price of Hud or drinking milk in Lucca now i. A Chron also snid that Hec ans of dec leased milk supplies Luiere May Seall ered Sam images of some items i him very Llull the Assik Ted milk producers will have hitter Losell in he said Moshe Dayan finished of . Carrier based warplanes had attacked key plan Xii Lions. The israeli command said in broke through the syrians go Lan i Leig Lils defense alter an All Day Lank and infantry Offen Sive backed by massive air support. The command said israeli forces were six Miles inside the cease Eire line along the Leigh is. A Hilly area Rich with farmlands from Syria in the wi7 War. The israeli stale radio quoted Dayan As telling a newsman to Hie israelis bad decided Lei each Syria a severe Wesson. The male radio said Lanks leading Ibe offensive into Syria ice Llie chalked slogan non Slop to a wifi Cial Lold newsmen thursday night the Road to Damascus is open to hut the official indicated israeli forces would Slop Short of entering Hie syrian capital because International Piol ests would text Strong in Dii m a Sens were1 Lakin. At the United nations the pkg Volian foreign minister did nol make Clear if the 500 per sons be said were killed in israeli air raids had been killed thursday. A Cairo War said pkg Volian fighters intercepted israeli planes Over shot nine of them Down and forced some to drop their bombs and flee. Some of the bombs fell on villages the com said. Casualties Neve nol listed. Israeli planes attacked i Orl said since begun bin no Tel Aviv car thursday mentioned attacks on pkg Volian car a Washington. I i Flagon sources said soviet resin apply of syrian and pkg Volian forces continues and that the i filed Stales was preparing o Rush tons of artillery shells and anti tank ammunition in Israel. The sources said ill Leas Al l soviet an 12 cub trans put planes loaded Wilh surface to Sce Mideast pagc5a amazing mets to face athletics in series athletics defeat orioles 3-0 to win american league Pennant j and Chance for second straight world championship. Page 1c. Former White of House Slamer and . Gop chairman Harry Dent is among choices Cong. De. Young offered As vice presidential possibilities. Page 1d. Dent j weather partly Cloudy and continued warm Friday and saturday. Highs lower 80s. Lows mid 30s. Details Page 3a. Goldwater As veep because i Mokma. My advice will have any Impact rep. Sam Sleiger. Said asked his Jet Sonal. Thursday he will nol submit a Choice would be. Lie i phed list of vice presidential Nomi i Vanl marry Nadu Alcorso i Neslo president Nixon can have n free inn Al his san i m not Goine to miss Ere ale Seal. Besides. He d be sent to my constituents that . Attorney Speaks mind on Agnew Chicago api-. Attorney lamps k. Thompson who was to defend Hie Justice department in a suit brought by Spiro t. Agnew. Says the for Mer vice president is a the country is Well rid of said Thompson. Man is a Thompson spoke at a news conference wednesday evening. He had to defend the Justice department in

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