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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 11, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaFriday morning october 11, 1957 the Florence morning news Florence 8. A Page 18 to your Good health or. Joseph g. Molner m. 0. Dear or. Molner what about Bony like part of the Interior of Post nasal drip this is something i just got and Don t understand. Begging your Pardon but it s More Likely that this is not some thing you just got but some thing you have just noticed. How Ever i Grant it is possible to develop rather suddenly in some was Post nasal drip is simply mucus moving from the upper part of the nose into the Throat. It slides or rather than drip but Post nasal drip is a passably Good term and in very common use. You can equally As Well Call it or phlegm or mucus in the causes Many. To list the pm Ciple ones just about All of them boil Down to irritation of the Naso Pharynx or that part of the air passageway which you can t quite decide whether to Call part of the nose of part if the Throat. The Point of juncture in other words. I in children look for adenoids Large infected tonsils chronic sinus disease or that troublesome form of irritation allergy which will irritate the tis sues and result in heavy production of mucus to sooth the irritated with this mucus descend ing into the Throat. In adults the biggest single cause is smoking. Bombardment All Day with smoke irritates the membrane. It tries to protect itself by putting out a protective mucus. This mucus production continues through the night since the irritated condition does not end the moment you Stop smoking and by morning the smoker wakes up to indulge in that common custom of smokers hacking hawking and Clearing the accumulated mucus from the Throat. A Dusty atmosphere at work or working in fumes clearly car irritate too. The irritation is what counts not he variety of. Irritant likewise adults May find the cause races to chronic infection of tonsils and adenoids or chronic sinus disease or chronic pharyngitis. Consider also that the Mere size i of tonsils and adenoids if enlarged but not infected can obstruct the nasal passages. A deviated sep Tum that is the partition Between the two nostrils is beat or forced out of shape or some similar cause May be sufficient obstruction to prevent drainage Down through the nose. So drainage has to be Hito the Throat. Polyps a form of growth or Large turbinates a the nose can cause the trouble. When Post nasal drip developed suddenly then unless there has been some recent injury we Logi Cally should look for an abrupt source of irritation pc like allergy. Is it pollen or dust the common custom of blaming Jost nasal drip on sinus is not usually Correct although chronic Simus May As i Laid be fac Tor. The hardest cases to treat Are usually those resulting from excessive smoking because so often patients Are unwilling to concede that such is the cause and they Don t want to quit or Cut Down. Dear or. Molner i have rheumatoid a the Lii ind would like a copy of your leaflet. I am in coming a stamped Elf Irreas de envelope and 5 Centi in Coin to cover handling. Doet Tea or Coffee have any effect on Arthuri not if taken in any reasonable amount. And while excess amounts might add to your discomfort i Don t think they would actually increase the degree of arthritis. Dear or. Molner when you shave your legs fit hair grow in thicker and Darker it was before no not any More than hair gets thicker or Darker from having a haircut. Worried wife cancer in t caused by a germ hence it can not be transmitted from one per son to another. Why Buffer from simis Trou ble much can be done to help you and it is explained in my Booklet you can Stop stuns to receive your copy write to me la care of this a womb grow 4. Cubic meter dinner 14. Mournful 12. Alaskan i. 35. At any curtain material 30. Title 32. Took 13. Wild animal 14. Not professional 15. Tenpin 17. Coune of travel 19. Cabbage 20. Musical instrument 11. Mountain mint 13. Search for food Mulberry it. Cotton fabric time . Sandpiper 99. A Farai 40. One who Ducus Sef formally 42. Capital of Oregon 44. Culture medium 45. Chemical vessel 46. Fit together at an Angle 48. Left out 51. Poem 52. Eur. Finch Anna Ana mag Nar Jagu Alana anon asap aah snob Ana Azaan quo Anam non Aaan Kaaa Azaan a Elojia Aaan lbs Nnaya Naan Aan of Ytit Triy t Puli night 55. Existed 58. Greyish 57. Uncooked Down 2. Bustle 3. Stupid persons 4. Quieted prong product 7. Note of the Icale 8. Mistake 9. Leaps headlong 10. Corrode 11. Affirm Titt 16. Put Down 18. Spoken 20. Greek poet 21. Established 22. Living 23. More exquisite 24. Growing out 25. Biblical Day 28. Saltpetre 31. Discounts 33. Fate 36. Fury 38. German philosopher 41. Small 43. Tardier 45. Send out 46. Cut Down 47. Mrs. Cantor 48. Eary eng Lish Money 49. Uncle Tom i pet 50. Condensed 53. Aerial railway time a min. Friend office politics what s the answer newspaper enclosing a Large self addressed stamped envelope and 20 cents in Coin it cover hand Ling. Or. Molner welcomes All Reader by Al plunger. Washington Agency q. 1 work in a Nice office and have a Good paying Job. But there is a lot of office politics which i Don t like. Are All offices like this and How do i stay out of this kind of situation or. B. H. Pujji if Quiej an i Cauca mail but regrets that due to the Sef tremendous volume received Manv he is unable to answer individual tics is a nuisance. But As a Pratti letters. Readers questions Are i Corpora fed in his column of Chenev you it user possible. I necessity and your Only course is to adopt a sane attitude toward it and act accordingly. Here Are six Good rules to come straight from some very Success Ful businessmen Don let politics gel you Down. To detect the political Reali a ties around you and then accept i them As you do the climate. You Jdc t have to condone to climate i but you must live with it. Don t play poll Lios Blind. The they la do it every time by Jimmy Hado of of something tells me Comrade ui5hweu. Did not quite or. Leave us bew4re of us Barracuda Al away we so of most frequent casualty in office j politics is the Man who thinks Jaq there in t any such animal. Serve the successful operators around you and see How they get things done. And Don t be sur prised if the seat of Power is not where the organization Chart says it should be. Don l blame politic for All your politics has a bad name because it frequently is a scape every Bungler misfit and incompetent is Quick to excuse his shortcomings by blaming poli Don t be an Angler or a fixer. This May look profitable. For the Long haul though it is not. Angle players and fixers usually Are suspected of making their gains by Back stabbing and hence arc thought untrustworthy. Don t lose sight of the Ball. Good workmanship and Good poli tics have the same objective Suc Cess of the business. Any Maneu vers directed at other goals Are dirty politics Likely to Hurt Busi Ness and you too. Don t buy a raw Deal. A few organizations have no politics but i dirty politics. In such a situation if you Are sure you Are appraising it family you face a practical and ethical decision. You can refuse to play and go under. Or you can Bow to the ground rules get into the game and play rough. Since neither alternative is Satis factory your Best answer to a Messy political setup is to gel out. These warnings should steer you away from common errors and thus indirectly help you become a successful though unwilling of fice politician. Monday what s poisonous in your Home put your Best foot Forward when changing your Job. Write to the family Friend in care of this newspaper for a free copy of looking for a Job How to write yourself rip Van Winkle would t sleep for 20 years nowadays. He would be interested in securing the pol Len count. Nothing As Plain As the am wat Ehu thing Only 18 calories per Teaspoon. A Laguick Energy which is less attending sugar solved ill see Domino Saflar gives Vou Evhen i diet to hold Down in weigh just ii Avn tank vi3u Carmed abour Domino sugar 54 calories 75 calories if youve counting Coloniel Thero i no lop Tugal 3 liar Point of Domino Cone sugar contain a Lorum than Many reducing foods. Free reducing Doltl Wilt Oil Toni i so Jupo fax fits. So you see it s a 1 matter of Fin pins a k6x to a Man s mine and removing an unreasonable hate. Add i think Jane Sanders hips that key Clu Tuu changing mind in the facts justify it. Or Saxon. 5he asked me never to Berfal where she mrs. Impf it Way cant you thu Iff whew Jane Sanders 15 f i have a sincere Saxon. I believe where she is a estimate reason i 8ut it stopped. It was a k it mama. I am Mourne one Rybat timeshare a no Totts upon tue. Calf will not be Daw. Is far ave 50 Brave if want Hale comes Back with 3eo i Che Back Smith amp the trappers i Little Rabbit 6 -1 Little very foolish pie Harp of a Mutt Oidne mean want Voutos Carw his newspaper in our does he always get rid of that stupid drooling Mongrel or out so she s makes her More ran6erous with a6un.rvegottotryto get it away i must risk into questions just get me there. A quickly the City Airport happens to be on my to you want to 60 smile. Dear so the neighbors will think we re just playing a husband has to be As Sharp Asa 6010 knife i Dill soft a with husband like Robert Montero milk j Beoh Saim of a thrower Vou sub Bovian Vou redo Siderto to Dill Jhen husband roars so dont pan no she s Sittin touch about her age since she passed Bol and then is fined yes i and it was embarrassing to have to admit i m 39 and that rude judge made me Tell my i still think we should try High Nevada Morris Charlie insists 5henevep ake5 Small clients darn it a Channel swimmer in t exactly a has Charlie Calud aunt Mary about a new publicity agent for me

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