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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 10, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaBusbee describes Tough policy on title 1 r i w n Sli Ilc a Par Moitt of cd Calion is in o a lung policy for monitoring till i Truk Ruikis in Carolina schools. Unshon said male procedures for monitoring Uil federally supported programs for children Tirc designed Jvon fam to Lac half Ami Federal 01 Ament la Iii program operations Are being conducted Iasi rid accordance Wilh the approval project a clean Bill of health is i be Besl Yushe Lold i conference of Federal project coordinators trip review process provides Iho Ine Hod for insuring it Busboo repealed inc monitoring Picc Durics lie lipid detailed fit a Simitar conference one year earlier and said Hie Sale de Iii in enl kudu cation conducted Fri Silc reviews of Tifilo i programs in Iii school disc Ricks last year. Lie said slate review of title i programs in school disc Ricks is a continuing process Wilh 10 More districts scheduled for review his year. We accept and implement All legally based governing tide i Busbee added. We do nol accede to Federal demands when those a emails Foo beyond established Law or in Nobce Noettl the stale department of Ducati Jii two years ago publicly rejected a Federal audit which the use of certain till i funds by several Smith Carolina school districts. Negotiations concerning Tille i Dill Crecos have been in put Gross since Ili Isnec declared. We have recently requested a final determination i my Hie s. Of fico of Ducal Iii. We feel that our Xis Ilion is a s Linzil and i assure you that when South Carolina is in the right to will stand by our i Isawo also pointed to till i coordinators in school District is As bearing a major responsibility Lor Ibe soundness of the project. Tor ils implementation and for the operation of a program which is in Accord with activities approved in the lie said the title i coordinator in a school District should the expert in Tille i Ami Ihu approved project Sig Ned by inc coordinator is a contract. Lourie backing reforms Conway kiwanis hears senator Conway state sen. Isadore 10. . A i Chlam. Slid tuesday substantial reforms to expedite the legislative process and shorten legislative sessions Are needed. Speaking to the Conway kiwanis club. Lourie. Outlined several reforms which he held he first priority reforms Ile said the process of joint com Mittee hearings a legislative Fie search com Mittee and the need for an animal legislative audit and accounting office Are of prime importance. Senator Lourie told the Kiwan ians Hal people in the stale seem to have Little Faith in regulatory commissions such As Hose regulating insurance milk and Public utilities. The Public. Irani Tage mint has lost Confidence in the . Although lie defended he integrity of Liliose who serve on the regulatory commissions. Lourie regretted that there is nobody Here at us hearings whose sole responsibility is to represent the Public and who can do in with the exp Klise to match private Industry s highly financed Lourie proposes inc creation of a Public Agency with full mall to represent and inter Vene Lor the Public before these commissions. Sort i Carolina. Florida and Alabama Are considering similar proposals. Luvirie maintained. A Rurh. Who represents the Sale Senate on the commission on aging called for he him Nalion of the sales on purchases of goods cuffs by federally funded senior citizen s nutrition programs. Ii simply makes no sense to level a slate sales lax on Ibe expenditures for sorely needed Tito programs Lor our Lourie also called for Rio cent reduction of Utility rates for senior citizens with proper safeguards against abuse. Greenwood Girlie shows closed go Ken Wood. Cir can Wood to Clicc have closed Down the so called Girlie shows at the circe Wood Connly fair. Kimbl were arrested and charged Wilh in decent exposure disorderly con incl. And aiding and abet Ting an obscene show. Officers said three men and Eigil women were arrested. City police Slid they had received several reports that the shows were too obscene for Citi Groenow Nril. Two influenza shots recommended Columbia slate epidemiologist said tuesday Smith carolinians Wilh chronic illnesses and the elderly should gel to kinds of anti influenza Shols this year. Or. William Gamble Siirid hey should Udd the new to novel Tel vaccine recently developed Ngn Insl n new Type in influenza that showed up in Hong Kong last year. Ile snid Virl Nelly no Ameri cans arc immune o he new Type ii. Gamble a bks he chronically ill and inc elderly arc especially susceptible to info Nenon. He advised them o Ltd the new vaccine to inc bivalent inc clone int protects both the London Type a virus and the old Type it virus he sold physicians and health Clink s in the is Iii have been notified and that Here is no Scarcity of he new Vic clone i Isicc also urged Federal project coordinators to establish meaningful programs of parental involvement. Mutual Irusle and understanding on the pail of educators and heir Community must lie based on an end continuing i Low of in on lie reasoned. I am advocating Hie fullest use of a representative fully lunch lining parental advisory Council fur title i Hiis Bousaid the stale education also reported the National Council of chief slate school officers. Wilb other education organizations is supporting a live year Extension of he Klc Mellary and secondary a duration Al. Wilh provisions for advanced limping and an equitable inn Ding rising to occasion a seemingly endless Supply of windows seems to confront these two window washers. They Are suspended on the Side of Art office building in downtown Columbia. A Bob Jones tax ruling set Washington Lap agreed tuesday to Rule on the lax exempt status of mob Jones University a fundamentalist institution in Greenville. S a. Which the internal lie venue service has accused of excluding Blacks. In the ius moved to revoke the lax exemption of the school As Well As the Assurance Hal contributions toil Mould not tax deductible by i to donor tile University sought an injunction against termination of ils lax Chen ill status and i1 s. District judge Charles k Simons granted one. Rejecting a claim by he Justice Duarl in enl that he lacked jurisdiction. Later the u. S. Lib circuit court of appeals in Kic hmm ordered dismissal of the Hob Jones suit. The appeals court did nol Rule on the merits of the suit but said the University had not exhausted All administrative remedies and that therefore the Federal courts Ilid not have jurisdiction. The University and Lormer solicitor general Irwin n. Gris old joined in asking the supreme court to review Ibe Case. The dispute Diros not Solcyk involve the Issue of racial discrimination. Also involved is what Protection Hub Jones University should have in maintaining its tax exempt status ii ending a final determination of inc Case. Charleston area Waters see experimental Clam plantings c1iaiilkston the first of three plantings of sea clams designed to Lesl growth Anil survival rates of clams in South Carolina Waters took place recently in the Clark s sound area near Here i biologists irom Ibe South Carolina wildlife Anil s department s Marine division planted Over i7.imx of the Liny hat Chery raised clams in the polluted Waters of Clark s sound. One of the additional plantings will be in water and inc i Bird plan Ting in another polluted shellfish Hio Lugisk Holu i t c. Gracy. Project loader for the inc Neal Clam plantings said that previous studios from other areas of the country indicate that clams May grow faster in polluted maters this is precisely Ibe Type of information to Hope to gain by Phil Iii sea clams and Moni Lorini their m null and survival explained Irav. Three lots of 5.000 ctn is each were planted in inc intertidal one in mud. One on a prepared Shell base and the third under a protective wire mesh screen. The remaining sea clams were planted in enclosed wire screen irays. Clams particularly Young clams have a variety of enemies including Blue crabs Stone and the cown Osc said Graev. We need to know if the additional Lime and espouse required to protect the clams will Pav off in increased survival the information gained from growth and survival studies of seed clams combined Wilh a Survey of naturally existing Clam re sources within the coastal Waters of the state will be used by biologists in of Stablish management recommendations for the slate selam fishing Industry. Clam Mai i culture appears very nned tie Lecann Loisy of raising clams in a hatchery is Well established la Alchera raised sea clams Are readily available in number s. C. Senate resumes remapping debate new plan scheduled for debate Columbia api the South Camilla Senate will re sume ils House Cap Purlin in enl debate wednesday con fronting an explosive proposal to split the House into 12 single member districts. I. Cov. Earle Morris tues Day ordered the Senate Back in session at noon wednesday after receiving word that a learn of mapmakers in the log isl alive Council would be ready by then with a plan breaking Ibe stale Down into 124 single Merlier districts. Meanwhile. Hip House apparently will remain in recess until the Senate sends Back across the corridor ils version of Bow the 124 House scats should lie redistributed. Tile Senate had also recessed. Friday after tentatively approving a single member plan in by a Surprise vote of 22-11. The Senate gave second Reading approval loan amendment Hal would form single member House districts from within about 2b master disc Ricks. Thus avoiding the wholesale erosion of county lines. Then however the Senate instructed director Henry Lake of the leg Lalive Council to draw up a pure single Mem Ber plan. County lines would be maintained insofar As is feasible. Hut. The prime consideration would 124 districts that each contain approximately the mathematical Ideal of about 21.000 persons. The senators will gel a look Al such a plan Many of them Are not exp Eclid to like what they see. Despite that. Most observers think a single member plan has a Good Chance of passing Ibe Senate. They View such action As an Effort to pressure the House into accepting a less drastic plan of House apportionment once the Bill gets to a House Senate Conler nce committee for com Promise efforts. A special study count Lee beaded by sen. L. Marion cos Selte. Had originally recommended group the ii counties into Mulli Menix i1 House districts. The Lour larg est counties of i Renville. Charleston Liidi land and spar Lai Iburg would be Sulu divided into disc Ricks served by three or four House members instead of All representatives being elected Vole. Flo Fonfe if of Mug local state area wednesday october 10, 1973 Board hears prisons request m Bia Al l South Carolina s chief prisons officer said tuesday Wilh Over crowded prisons exploding All Over Lac country we arc vey that we get per cent of the funds sought for fiscal 137-1-75. William Locke Lold budget and control Board hearings on proposed stale spending Hal expansion of pie release centers is a major goal along with phasing out the Central correctional institution at Columbia. He said the live pre Rel Masc centers now operating throughout the stale handle 2ou in mates and if the funds Are made available his can be doubled Itell year. Lie reported More than prisoners have gone through the centers where they Jive while holding jobs in the Community. Lie sad Only or percent have been returned to prison whereas the return Rale among those nol going i Brugli pre release has. Been i per cent. Locke also said pre Rel Cascas Pav room and Board and Are assets each to the Stair whereas fully imprisoned inmates Cost the Slali each. The total Rei Tusl for the department corrections came to million up in Mil lion Iron current sending. The local includes million expected in Federal funds. The department of social services Oul lined a million budget calling for so million More in stale funds. The Lormor Wol Taro department proposal Calls Lor Sli i. 1 million Iron slide copters. Commissioner i. Archie Ellis of the depart Mem snid the Overall budget represents a s57 million Dollar increase. Stemming primarily from a change in Federal regulations. He c hears fac request Marion College of Florence asks for a half million Dollar increase in a funding presented in Ibe higher education com Mission. The i Lorence Insl Hulion asked for for fiscal last year i my had a in budget. The higher a Deucalion commission Beard requests tues Day trom nine slate schools and live regional campuses Lor budgets Hotalings into Encl year. The requests were about s28.2 million More than current appropriations College and University of Licals Are for the Lisl time using formula devised by the Cummis Sivin. In Linn will budget press Nealions fur the schools Lolic Sale Hudgel and control Hoard. The formula is Mac Cicil to base Irile Lundeg on the num Ber of fill Lynnr students in rolled m an institution so i Bat stale funds expended it slip Deal is roughly equal tile medical i Nivea Sil v is c pc Rya the Luimula. The l Niv Cisily of Smith Carolinas Ali 7 million tin its main Campus an increase of almost million. Clems in is seeking t million. A inert Kisool sea clams planted in Clarks sound near Charleston Marine biologist Mike Bailey left or. Peler j. Eldridge a Matec enrolment hits record Cheka enrolment Al Chesterfield Marlboro technical education enter Tecl has broken Lor the first time in the school s live year history it was announced at a meeting of to Marlboro area commission Tor technical and comprehensive a Deucalion. Dean of student Allah s curl Tucker told the commission members that w students arc currently enrolled in Lull tiny Day courses at tic. This figure represents a Lio per cent increase in Over one year he said our big Job now is in retain these Slu Denn or. khmers. Alki Innabi of continuing education ill Community services Al tic. Added that Chili students Are my enrolled in evening Al tic. Making a total i Fth 1 Soris enrolled in tic Fin ses. Of Ihor enrolled in evening co discs. Or. Killers -171 arc full Lime evening Send cols. A 201 per rent increase in evening enrolment Over one year ago. Tins is Uhal we be been looking for live said Miller s. Ingram. Chairman of the area commission. We Ean l say enough in appreciation in Olber Lenorls. Otis i Al ton. In director of planning and told can Mission members that More in Grants and other Lun is bar been acquired Lor tic us far ibis in addition lie said More than so huh in additional funds Are Cint a milk i Iii ii tic business manager Herald Din All Intro Luceil a budget of i whirly Al Friday s commission inert ing. These funds Riboul Hill come irom stale support Wilh the remainder coming from tuition and local support

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