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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1973, Page 4

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 10, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaWhat we need is a smaller John m. O Zowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers Edilda Joe a Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James editor Richard g. Moisio general manager renewed Mideast War the Middle East pot which has simmered constantly and occasionally boiled Over since the birth of the state of Israel in 1948 has boiled Over again. Fighting along the Suez canal and in the Golan Heights on the syrian Border is the most intense since the six Day War in 1967. No one can predict precisely How it will turn out but the history of the Long standing jewish Arab conflict leads to the inevitable conclusion that the latest fighting will solve nothing. Blood will be spilled on both sides. A tremendous amount of armaments deployed in Bat the will be destroyed. And the ancient and deep seated hatreds Between the combatants will be intensified. But when the dust of Battle is settled As it eventually must be things Are Likely to be pretty much As they Are. The imperative for both sides to make the concessions necessary for an enduring settlement will remain. It will still be necessary for the arabs to recognize the legitimacy of Israel and the right of the israelis to secure Borders and the right to use a hinder edly All International water ways and air space. It will still be necessary to find a satisfactory formula for returning the bulk of the land seized in the six Day War to the arabs and to find a solution to the prob Lem of the palestinian refugees. Solving of the refugee prob Lem is the first step in removing the chief catalysts in the conflict. The two and one half million Arab palestinians that Are either refugees outside pal Estine or within under alien Rule Are the seedbed of fanatical terror As Well As ceaseless agitation for the extermination of the jewish nation. The danger that the world superpowers namely the United states and Russia will be drawn into a confrontation by the mid dle East crisis seems far less Likely than it once did. With the Vietnam experience fresh in mind americans Are anxious o avoid any entangle ment that could Lead to an other Vietnam Type situation. The russians who have been having their own problems with their Arab friends Are in the midst of trying to establish a More favourable Trade relation ship with the United states and of late have behaved As if they would go to considerable lengths not to Rock the boat. The issues in the Middle East being As Complex and tightly drawn As they Are perhaps the Best that can be expected for the foreseeable future is a state of More or less stabilized conflict of the kind hat the world has become accustomed to in that part of the world Over the past 25 years. If the United states and rus Sia can utilize their Power leverages along with whatever positive Force can be marshalled through the United nations perhaps in time tensions will Wear Down and a More Favora ble atmosphere for a solution will evolve. The immediate imperative of course is to secure a cease fire so that additional human suffering can be avoided. To Ward that end the United states has placed the Issue before the United nations Security coun cil although there is Small reas on for optimism that the coun cil will play an effective role in bringing the fighting to a halt. The initial u. S. Cease fire proposal was flatly rejected by rus Sia and China. But the u. N. At least pro Vides a forum for debate and the Hope thin As it is that the world organization can yet play a positive role in throttling Down the War. Shades of Solomon in Detroit dispensing Justice As might be supposed can sometimes get complicated. Consider the problem that came up the other Day in Detroit circuit court judge Horace Gilmore s court. Anthony and Danuta Mlynarek were divorced earlier this year. As part of the settlement mrs. Mlynarek was granted use of the family car on Friday nights from 6 to 9 . To do her grocery shopping and other errands. Mrs. Mlynarek returned to judge Gilmore s court to re quest use of the car two additional nights each week so she could attend English and citizenship classes at night school. The Mlynarek Are natives of Poland. Mrs. Mlynarczk s husband to her Surprise has signed up for the same class and would also be needing the car. As the judge grappled for a solution the husband s lawyer hit upon the idea that Mlynarek provide transportation As Long getting there the popularity of patched threadbare jeans and ragged shirts and jackets among so Many Young people these Days leaves one to conclude they Are striving to make in from riches to rags. And judging by the fancy cars they re driving they want to make the journey in style. As mrs. Mlynarek agreed to sit in the Back seat. Both parties agreed. The United press International Story on the Compromise concluded appropriately mrs. Mlynarek made no Promise not to be a Back seat postage hike a few. Months ago postmas Ter general Elmer t. Klassen said postal rates May have to go up before the end of the year. That apparently was his Way of breaking the news now the machinery for Mak ing the Rale increase a reality has been set in motion. A petition has been filed with the postal hate commission to raise he Cost of mailing a first class setter from eight to ten cents and airmail letters from 1 to 13 cents. Increases ranging from 6 to 40 per cent have been asked for Oiler classes of mail. All increases would become effective Jan. I. Apparently the postmaster general is confident mail serv ice during fhe upcoming Christ Mas season will be quite an improvement Over last year when slow deliveries lost packages and the like brought quite a howl from mail users. Otherwise he would t dare ask for a postage increase that will lit Lii Milci Mizii Al Hie height of the Christmas mailing Rush. Would he Middle East Enigma explained by fable Congress backs Nixon on defense spending Washington in a wide Range of crucial defense votes things Are looking up for president Nixon. It is evident that what the Nixon administration most feared for the nation is not happening. By Roscoe Drummond the president is not losing with Congress on defense he is winning. The Senate has just authorized billion for military procurement nearly equal to what the White House had requested. Congress is approving All. The major weapons the White House sought and there is to be no slowdown in their development. Congress is authorizing the Mili tary manpower needed to maintain a credible deterrent and to be in a position to negotiate with the soviet Union for Mutual Liis is an unexpected development and a Welcome one. It shows that the president is not wallowing in watergate and More importantly that Congress in t either. What is More significant is Llinat the latest votes in the Senate did not result from presidential pressure or. N Ixon has not reacquired that degree of influence since watergate. The votes come from congressional conviction and therefore constitute an especially impressive endorse ment of the administration s defense policy and defense programs. Die Senate votes Are a tribute to the nonpartisan responsibility of the majority of democrats. The votes were close but if the senators had not been voting heir convictions the lingering Impact of watergate would almost certainly have carried the administration to defeat. Kven sen. Hubert Humphrey s id Minn last ditch Man Euver to tempt the Senate to slash s50fl million from military procurement As a kind of symbolic gesture was Defeated 51 to 47. In vote after vote other floor amendments went Down one Afler another. One news report described the sen ate s vote to Cut total manpower by beyond planned reductions As a major defeat for administration opponents it in t. This Cut will be substantially reduced when in goes to the scale House conference. There has been a lot of obfuscation about the defense budget by its political critics. It is asserted that the defense budget cannot be sacrosanct any More than other parts of the budget. The fact is in has t been sacrosanct. Ii has been Cul radically Over the pre Vietnam period and Cut Stead ily during the past four years. Pentagon critics claim that spend ing for defense has been draining off Large sums which should go into other programs. The fact is that in recent years the defense percentage of the total budget has been going steadily Down while no defense spending has been going steadily up. Defense is now Down to 28 per cent of the budget while in the fifties and sixties it was More than 50 per cent of the budget. Expenditures for defense in 1970 were s78 billion and no defense expenditures were s120 billion a billion increase on the no defense Side. In terms of constant dollars there has been a reduction in defense of More than one third. The endorsement of the administration s defense budget by both the Senate and House rested on three valid factors that american defense spending has been declining steadily. That soviet defense spending has been mounting steadily. That reductions in he . Defense budget have reached a Point where they cannot proceed further i Hout Imp riling the National safely. Let me cite part of the evidence. Gen. Andrew .1. Goodpaster supreme Allied commander of nato reports that Europe faces growing soviet forces the strongest Mili tary Power the world has Ever answer by Billy Graham in Miliny Christian leaders keep grading i hair audience in Ever higher and better living. New All can t be an Sale Pauls then Nii isl be Sunc place for lie Juiel. Reserved conservative. Chris Lam. . Ii. To be sure in Ifil s kingdom. I Here is place fur everyone. An examination of the Chansl reveals Stark difference.-. I place Lor lie most Essie the impressive hut now. Soiu line s under the must conservative exteriors exists Hie must aggressive spiritual person Lily. I think of Iii Iii. Fri example. Ilie inn her of is Augustine. Her Persi Lenl and Earnest prayer was used of curl bring her son s Nuiver sinn sri it s the philosophy in re in isl Ollile Hiril no inns. I in Grid. However. Christians ire being Erk Niu i enter Rojin Ini Lmh no of life while Ilmi an entirely different no Virk cd Christopher Columbus the discontent of Lalus Hal helps to discover new worlds. The encyclopedia lie a person of mini logic today a e need christians who have such an in Lilande. World events Are moving Loo to permit any conservatism fails to confront people Wilh the Miu a of Cio Sitf a if aul s Loo aggressive. Try Peter s suggestions i about two Miles from the israeli syrian cease fire line is Al a none tra. Prior to the 1967 six Day War in was military Headquarters for the syrian army in the Golan Heights Region its population about by James a. Rogers in a lightning stroke of overwhelm ing firepower israeli Armor swept up those Heights from the Hulen Val Ley in Northern Galilee then drove deep into the Brown syrian Steppe lands under the cover of israeli planes controlling the air above them. Quintra was emptied of its civilian population when they fled toward Damascus. 45 Miles to the East. Israeli troops and air Power made Quick work of syrian defenders at Quinera reduced it to shambles and pushed on two Miles beyond where the cease fire line was established. Along this cease fire rim of israeli occupied Syria the syrians attacked or the israelis depending upon whose version is accepted last saturday. In 1963 and again in 1972, i followed the line of the israeli army s smashing drive from the Hulen Val Ley up the Golan Heights and on across the Steppe lands to Quinera. The Road went past former syrian army Barracks riddled by Rifle and artillery fire. Smashed syrian Armor Lay along the Roadside. With but Little imagination one could hear the noise and picture the scene of an army smashing Forward Over a land ancient with memories of other armies in this Region of volatile emotions bitter hatred and Little logic. Quintra itself was depressing. Where syrians had lived and worked Only the litter of War was visible sombre and sad in its silence. Mos Lem minarets stood Ghostlike to Call the faithful to prayer but the faithful were not there to respond. A Short distance away from the ruined City we stopped at an israeli communal Village it was t like the ones we had seen in Israel. Buttressing the buildings were Large Stone boulders piled High to form both fortress and living quarters within. Inside he communal dining Hall we were behind protected Walls too Strong to be penetrated by syrian artillery shells that could be lobbed in from beyond the cease fire lines. A Lone Kibbutz occupant walked with us during our Brief stay. A Young girl slipped furtively past and disappeared into a Bunker. In nearby Fields armoured tractors were Busy turn the Rocky soil for planting. I could Only wonder about the special Breed of people who had chosen this and Vance Post so near the enemy lines to serve As Shock troops in the event of an attack and As tillers o the soil when All was quiet we write this some Miles Dis Tance from Quinera. The name has t yet appeared to our knowledge in news accounts of the War on the syrian front. But we can imagine it in for n worser Fate than befell it in 1967. Even if recaptured and held by syrians its remains will not escape the shambles of Ballac. And a fit of the Kibbutz and those who live there the menfolk Are not farming now. They Are mobilized and embattled All those still alive As is All of Israel. The women folks and children Are in bunkers or behind the Stone Walls carefully Woven into a fortress that is unless syrians have overrun the Kibbutz or it became evacuated of women and children to get hem out of the Ballac zone. The probing question at this Dis Tance is Why the issues in the Middle East cannot be resolved on a live and Lel live basis. Are the Brown Golan spaces and the Sands and rocks of the Sinai wilderness More import ant than syrians and egyptians and israelis themselves would it not be much better and Promise a far Bright or future for arabs and israelis to commit their human and material resources to full regional development of the Middle Kasl and ils enormous resources than to waste them in the bitter hatreds that can Lead Only to multiplied Quine Ras must countries again be reduced to rubble As they have during Many centuries past leaving it to archaeologists in some future centuries to uncover the ruins have the lessons of history and of the three great religions born in these ancient lands gone unlearned Nunci Unap plied the question to the mind of con science is. Why Why Why when there is so much to be gained by link ing modern technology to moral and spirit dial postulates. I a National broadcasting company commentator related a fable. A scor Pion in the Middle East asked a Frog s permission to Lake him across the Nile on his Back. To which the Frog replied Why should i once in the River you would Sling me and i would but i. Loo would the scorpion said. Do you think i would Sling you if it meant he taking of my own the Frog thought a moment and then agreed to ferry the scorpion half Way the scorpion did Sling the Frog. As both floundered in the water the Frog asked frantically while they were drowning Why did you do the scorpion replied i Isis he Middle because agribusiness Barons fleece Grain Farmers Washington a confidential congressional memo accuses the giant Grain companies of using their Power Over transportation to squeeze Small Farmers Oul of their profits. By Jack Anderson Hie memo prepared for the House agriculture committee by Hep John Melcher d-monl., charges that farm ers arc being fleeced by big Grain companies gouging them for use of Hopper cars needed to gel their Grain to Here s How the squeeze play works the agribusiness Barons have gained a stranglehold on boxcars. The Grain Elc Valois arc full so he farm ers can t store i hair Grain. The Only boxcars available Are controlled by the Grain companies which offer the Farmers As Lille for heir Grain As a Bushel less than he Market Price. The spread Between prices paid Farmers for Grain at in Lenor Points in America and value at port of final Deslin Alion has increased two and three fold the memo. Only a very fortunate few Farmers whose marketing Organ Wilion is Able to move Grain arc really gelling the prices we see in the Hie difference is going into the Fol Bank accounts of the agribusiness Barnns who Are profiling by controlling Hie mils like the robber Barons of old. Secret sacking at secret . Insistence the South vietnamese government has sacked its corrupt Cus Toms personnel director. A message classified secret sensitive from . Customs service s Saigon Field office to Washington urged american pres sure to fire Nguyen Huy Xuong. Message warned thin Xuong was involved in the narcotics traffic and worse that his sensitive Posi Tion pc milled him to place corrupt underlings in key Smith vietnamese seaports and airports. We ask thai you request your sources to obtain the removal of this individual appealed the secret dispatch to Washington. If we can place an honest decent Man in this position be legally can keep the cliques or groups of persons in sep Arate areas so they cannot band to Gether. This would assist the United states in the seizure of Large Quanti ties of . Pressure was applied and resulted in Xuong s dismissal. Hut our Federal narcotics sources Lell us gloom ily Hal his departure did t have the desired result. South Vietnam s Cus loss service remains riddled with corruption. Globe Nice Mohini Iii news duly and win Lar of , Srul Librn i Amin Cuik. To in it to in mis tit riot if or Ninn r a lmltpemer.1 Dir Tail paper boys it .70 t.10 ii 70 it m circulation in Ltd Hoff Iii ii circuit at Oij manage l Llor jct. ,

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