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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 8, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaIng surprises diplomats . Misc ukr Cairo the key plan fikh Liilo Foj Rukhl Diplomat s Siul i Lher in i ii sorry is in i Iii a Prisi. They Ikic of Upreti d it lust june by Diryl now. News analysis ii Dunlin i he islamic.1 holy in Civilli of Liaina Ilan when inc i Iii Hiil from Sunrise id Sunset and every Chinu slows Down. Ill in the Ian of predictions Liy Viii rally cry Ono. Except. Lii Kiiji Picans Thill have the. Caphil ily. Tile occurred Al a Lime when president avar Sibidal Hall dropped Liis War Rhi uric and was talking calmly of in Tullier 20 or More years to solve he Middle Iii impasse. Bill in May Insl before the . Security Council met at key pm s request for a Lull re View of ii Middle stale mate. Sandal Bis views in a . He said will in duo. This stalemate Tho very moment we find ourselves ready the stagnation birr Cully imposed on us cannot possibly la expected Lias none As As we can go to prove mean v igl Iling was expo Clad by i or c Iii observers last june tin Auni Orsary of the while Ibe see Rily 1. The Council was in a position to ask quickly to briny a ease lire. Tie idea some said at i he time was to seize land and hold it until a cease fire. Riving the arabs a stronger bargaining position for eventual peace talks and a renewed image of self respect alter their admittedly disastrous Delcul in hiii7. N o one Here is saying lint Hie latest lighting May have the same Limilo objective. Crown last 3 Days shows at 7 and 9 Burt Reynolds Pai Davisio of rg-.1 shows at 7 and 9 . Walking tall Carolina shows 1-3-5-7-9 . World capitals food prices off Ai Washington a retail in Rel prices in m world capitals generally wen1 Down last m i n t b from i Iii a Ninmer peaks including substantial declines for sirloin Steak in Hoan and London the . Agriculture department said sunday. Meat Dairy and poultry products remain Al High Levels however Alli Tough a slight drop in beef prices May give a Hial of future Price the foreign agricultural service said. Price comparisons collected by . Agricultural attaches abroad showed sirloin Steak one of the major indicators said Al a median Price of per Pound in mid september. That Means prices in half the cities were above that level. The Price reports Are issued by the Agency. Sunday s was the first in two months. In a previous analysis compiled in july he median Price of sirloin Sleak was ?2 of per Iii jul. Shoppers in Washin Igloo. ., paid for a Pound of sirloin in september up from in july. As usual. Japan s sirloin prices were highest per Pound in Tokyo up from in july. Buenos Aires sirloin Steak was Llie lowest Al lift cents per Pound but that was up sharply from 55 cents reported in july. Shoppers in lion saw sirloin decline to per Pound by mid september from the Midsummer of per Pound according to Llie surveys. Londoners saw it dip from Pound. The department in Gan compiling retail food prices abroad earlier this year to help illustrate Conle Ilion by the n Ixon Dinini stration Ilia american Consumers in relation to incomes pay less for food than any in Hie world. Siul foreign specialists admit i Fiat housewives in Many eos Mories use a oils. Particularly i Xref differently than i hair american counter Ai is. A Lainily in suburban Washington. May Barbecue a Long Pound sirloin Sleak costing per while in Tokyo Only a few ounces of lice May be used As an ingredient Lor a dinner dish. The Price of sirloin Sleak in Home jail month was up four cells from july to per Pound the t showed. Mom less Chuck roast however was Down to per from in july. Oiler median world prices shown in the for september compared with Washington. Prices included Mode less Chuck Mast per Pound median and in Washington pork chops per Pound and canned hams per Pound and sliced Bacon and cheese is m and si.2-1 per Pound Butler per and a i cells broiler Chicken whole 87 cents and 71 cells eggs cells per dozen and us cents to matzies in cents per Pound and cells onions 21 cents per Pound and cells apples in cells per a Riund and cents oranges is in per dozen and and bread 25 cents per Pound and 25 cents. Ted Baxter role to grow Liy ski try Buck associated press writer los a Ted Knight cocked his Lead and in that Ted Haxter doomsday voice asked. Dues it still say in my Bio that i love Mountain told that Liis biography for the Mary Tyler Moore show did indeed say that. He cackled. That goes Back Lollie Days when you said you did every thing Logel a said. If a part called for ii Seljack Riding Yon said you Exlea in Bose Days Knight was just eking Mil a living. He had abandoned a ptosjx1 Ous career As a television Host "1 was everything Ironi i Uncle Ted to Jungle Ted to Teddy the milk Man to move in Angeles to try his Luck at acting. He moved his Lanai la in with his of Lumetto drive in Thiart i double feature 1st area showing first show starts new different revealing rated color plus hit no. "2" color Mother and watched his savings disappear. Finally the parts began to come in. He hit it big in commercials and by the time lie was offered Llie role of Llie dumb but vain to Anchorman on the Mary Tyler show Fie was in the chips again. The show is in ils fourth year on cams and the character no Ted lax scr is changing. The role is Wing beefed up. Quite possible in anticipation of the Depa Ilure of Valerie for her own series Al the end of the year. Have More to do said Llie Silver haired. Golden Tang god Knight. Who was Horn Tad Ewurs. Konupka Luj years ago in Tonyville. Conn. Ted s Bubble has in in broken into. I be has Mol Ivalinn now and we see his vulnerability. We like him More because to can see his weaknesses and frailties and Bis line Aniess. He s no longer just pompous he has Allan Burns co creator and producer Wilh Oil Home Heater Sove mow pre swoon pres the circus Allag healer available Amo suit a mull Lindley appliance cd pancakes All you can eat 56 breakfast special for breakfast a cot foe phone 669 Ted Knight to s Ted Baxter Innis i. Knoks. Sail. We re Ilic jokes ii Siul Ted. We Seniw Why he s in Rou Jill Siml to re ii to said he is Happy in Iho Roll Lull it Wisn t so. " the Lisl it Iii i Uris very inv Tiuis of nol in Iii inuit Vail Ami to inn Iho it i fee i Lonnon soc rail Many mimes have Lioen men Lioi cd As the Nilet Lur the no Tho six o clock news not by Tod. All he ill say is Hal he is a Conni Fjosilen no Many . Whenever Knight noes in a porn Niolion inin1 he is asked by to Slali mis Sil in Cillie Lik in Nous and read a of inv items. Al everyslaticiti.sdiuiei1 Tir idler. Simienne c nines no to me and says. Fey. To have a Hizy hero Insl like he said. Knight fit int is Ilia Ted fax Ier was him a Yin Niu mail luring his seven years Wilh radio ail television Stalions in new York. Hoile Island Anil North Carolina. Congress forcing showdown Adams associated press writer Washington i api Tore ing a showdown with i Orcsi Donl Nixon. Congress is expected to approve landmark restraints on a presidential War making pow i s by the end of the w c cd. The Hill worked Oul by House. Scale conferees last week contains i to restraints that Nixon has called dangerous and in Coslit Linnal rest i id i ruts which to unalterably opposes and would veto. The Senate is to pass it monthly or tuesday and Liliu House is to approve it by i riday. The presi Dent has ii Days Lovolo in alter congressional approval or let it become Law. The War Powers Bill Domi nates a congressional Calendar that includes Senate action on strip mining and action on a Bill also under threat of veto to Force emergency allo cations of fuels. The War Powers Bill would prohibit presidents Ironi Coin milling . Troops abroad for More than we Days without con Gress approval. Anytime during to fit Days Congress under Lorms of the Bill could Hall a president s War in Milmont by approving a simple House Senate Oon current presidential Velo. Nixon Lold the House in a Telegram july it he would Velo any Bill Wilh such features. Whether Congress could Over ride Velo of the Bill is in Deubl. Tin Senate passed its original War Powers legislation with a Vole Well Over the two thirds needed to override a Velo. But the House was t2 Voles Shyrl. The strip mining Bill Belore the Senate would Reslo ration of Mintel Oul excavations in the original contours of the and where possible and set up a Sion million Lund to reclaim abandoned is rip mines. Senate deliberation begins monday and a Vole is expected about wednesday. The mandatory fuel Alloca Tion Bill in inc House would Force the president to implement within a sweeping program to allocate fuels including Home Healing Oil. Across the country to prevent shortages. President Nixon has imposed government controls on pro pane Gas Bill the House Bill would require him also to allo Cate Home beating Oil. Gasoline kerosene butane diesel Luef. Lubricating Oil and crude Oil. The i Louse Bill is an expanded version of a mandatory fuel allocation Bill already passed by the Senate. I j in the animal Kcjr girls Ollie Aiken knt Dalion for ih71 and Are my available for inspect Ion by any u to so Iho Days from the Dale of the publication of this notice. Sincli inspection la made Al Llie Crua Ranly Hank and Trust . Smith c my Street. A irn Onee. Sulli Carolina dining Noi Nial banking Houis. .1. His ii Aikin foundation manager oct. I. Florence morning news monday october 8, Fri. Austin marinas provided for mini limousine service chauffeur Mary Mccullough opens door or Boss Gerald Peters Here mini limousine service promoter is optimistic Tkv Kohly Hills. Calif. A soaring prices concern Over women s rights air pollution and fuel supplies Are Ibe reasons Gerald Peters thinks his lady chaff lined mini limousine service will pros Jet in ibis bastion of jills Hoyce and lincolns. The new service offered by inc Peters Fea Tures Economy Austin marinas and uniformed lady for an hour or i5 cells a Niile. Whichever is greater. The lab includes Ibe chauffeur sprint ing i open the car door Ami performing ail the other services traditionally associated Wilh a limousine Driver. Peters who came to the i nil cd is ales As a a wealthy Jersey Rouse a Lorn he served in years. Combines acting now Wilh occasional stints a Driver for such stars As Elvis Presley. I be always followed Hie limousine business because in s n Way to live while one is res Ling As we say in lie film Industry. In other words while you re out of said Peters whose venture is named London Towne livery service Ltd. He said fac business is aimed ill providing a Middle ground Balw ecu the traditional Cadillac and i Fie Check ered taxicab. The people we Hope to at miracl arc the businessmen housewives and visitors who want to be driven around but who can t afford the 12 an hour 01 More charged by he luxury limousine services. Peters Austin marinas Lack the Hack seat bar Hal Are de Rigour in the larger and Bis customers won t lx.1 Able to loll Back in leather padded Comfort a Glass of ice cold Champagne or a Cooling Gin and topic in hand. Lint his cars do come equipped Wilh air conditioning and telephones. Peters says in s too soon to Tell if his London to no has a promising future. Hut. When doubts arise he consoles Liim sell with the though Hal when to left his native England nine years ago. Filliman mines had established them selves successfully As popular limousines Here. By u. S. Jews pro israeli rallies planned new government is recognized Al r India announced sunday ils Recagni lion of Ruzica Bissau. Llie newly proclaimed rebel regime in the in Lerland of la Guise Iii Inea. Prime minister Indira Ian Dan conveyed India s hirelings to Ibe Republic and cabled ils president. Cabral your sacrifices and Success in Llie is niggle have Sel an inspiring example to the Peoples ill Al Rica still struggling under colonialism racialism and Hyt lir associated a kiss jews in scattered areas in the i filed Stales planned rallies and other demonstrations sunday in of israeli forces engaged in Ihling in the Middle Kasl. Labbi Alvin Kleine Maii president of the Chicago rabbi Nical Council urged jewish people in die fit communities served by if c Oiin ii to. Hold rallies tuesday night. The Richmond. A. Jewish conium icily Center also scheduled a tuesday night rally. In ill As a show of for Israel aed As a fund raising a Forl. Neil november pies Ideal of the jewish conic Unity of Richmond said the rally was Lor people who led i hey really want to do Ami Sfung Ilienko Hariu Lor the leaders of inc Norfolk. A. Jew ish censer. Gathered sunday at Lermon to map plans. Now we re in a Sale of said or. 7.vi one of the leaders. Of Tong said Many s of the let ters to t a. Oleic a urging sup port of Israel and plans for a rally. I mid raising event or blood Rhc. Were in ing consid ered. Saul Cio Stein. President of Iho. Hallimore Xion isl federation predicted Hal 1.000 persons would turn out for a sunday evening rally in suburban Handal Slown another rally is planned for tuesday night in Pikesville. A similar Pikesville rally during Llie Mideast War Drew persons. Whole infamous Silivi action has gotten to a Point where we re Tiglini for our very asked Almog. Who said his son was a student in Jerusalem. How can he world Sil hero and tolerate a situation Hal is similar to what took place Al Pearl har Jorv several demonstrations were planned in the area of roiled Angelo s rur Gerlantz open 6 Days a week a i ill 1 co f special 4 pc. Chicken i your business always . Flor Crof. S. T. Phone is 413? nations Headquarters in new i Ork City. Temple Israel of or Clit neck a Mih Urban c of Niu Nily. Scheduled a rally Al the Isaiah Wall opposite Llie to nil Eil Iva Lions to demonstrate so Harily Wilh the people of Israel and he american Xton is Voulis Koun Dalion announced plans for a similar Demon is ration nearby. The conference of presidents of major jewish organisation held an emergency my mag sunday ally Rihani. Israeli a or sign m Ulster ban addressed he group which Mel in closed so Shioo. Help us help a boy become a of ocular contributor. They need you All yearlong. Tara Hall Send contributions to Joe commander. Or. . Box 344, Fin. . The Golden Angus your family Steakhouse pc thurs. Fri sat 11 . Til 10p.m. _ Al i of round in Lac Cirri Jou country Cousin is Juji a Craven. . All you can fresh from the Ocean filet of 159 fresh seafood. Calabash style Mon. Tue. Wed. To boy phone 66s-0761 2020 w pal Mollo is across from mall now with new arrangements we Are pleased to announce that we Are prepared to serve you even better at popular prices we serve Only u. S. Choice Premium aged beef and All our beef is naturally tender. Without the use of any artificial Tenderizer. Also our Large selection of seafood is the freshest available. Listed below Are a few items from our Large variety sirloin Sleak sirloin tips rib Eye combination seafood Steak n lobster shrimp All served with baked potato or French Fries entrees daily nil . To 2pm w for Only 99 private parties for up to 130 people at regular menu prices. Golden Angus Steak House Highway 76 or Rosiu Florence mall Florehce. S. Fix open 11 . To 11 .

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