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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 8, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaOctober 8, 1973 Florrnce morning a tips newsprint shortage forces press self examination tic sum v round 2111 a Civ Hayti in associate i kiss the newsprint shortage Lii is forced Ilir million s in Xiii rim no with the kind Luxl him Mil of news they offer. Some editors see Linn fits in the nil picks they have i inn pc. Tic i Irik Kil tors mailed the newsprint Sli Orl Imp incl ils to ils Nice Lions the a my Survey showed of the which replied nil some news from the others Cut id. Contributions by unions under examination Washington the Waltri at Hrib Nonnon investigating presi Ric Lial trim Paikin Emit rolled by the Milan a larg est ichor unions. Tile panel s s have sent in lop Ollir gals of More Ihan to unions those claim Nikii or More Merlh to. The questionnaires ask. Ai Nozik Oiler Lynnus. Ulic Lucr any kinds were illegally in baled Giuin Union treasuries. Federal allows individual Union members to donate to a Centra fund controlled Union officers but prohibits use of Union dues in political campaigns. All poisons having claims or demands against the estate of if Limey h rant icy Mcdaniel. Deceased arc. Requested to present the same and verified to the undersigned duly qualified of said is Lac within be Lime prescribed by Law. Live months and nil persons indebted to the Siirid estate arc asked to make prompt payment to the Umler site Nurt. Marshall Ray Sullivan drive Columbia. South Carolina . I. 22 Verti Sini Ion. Almost 100 of the papers re polled Hiil Here was a Nood Side h Itie sliortiirl1. I fifty two of Hie newspapers said i hey would reinstate All of Llie material they Cut because they discovered some was outmoded or nine coded. Thirty three a piers said the Cru sprint Short age caused tinier a Rimini and editing and six said they received valuable rest Muse Iron readers As a result of inc crunch. We realised hat Many sacred cows were not so revered when heir excommunication provoked Lille. If any. Adverse read said a Lor the Herald dispatch of . . The review times of i of . Said in eliminated tie also said they Learned More annul what Loread. We Lea Neil thai Bridge column fanfare the Minneapolis Star. We be found whal we can drop and whal we can agreed the of . Ind. Dropped Hall i the i comics one Day Mut Ucic deluded with protest. He Sunse to Oiler deletions has t Heen some said they had made plans in Case i lu1 by is Rikes at Mills and railroads in Canada gets worse. Deu ill h. Scott executive editor of the i press of Kast on. I a. Said he Lead a detailed plan of Art inn in Case Lurcher Sli Orl As an excuse in make cutbacks Are necessary. A number of changes we be i think newspapers should Lioen unable to make in the Ashry i Ark. N a. Press said the to Jill paper situation was a a great excuse to Cut out irad Lional the t Nion. In crass calif., said in cleaned up by a Len it or Oiler Enier sell said. Alive All i think we should in with our readers lolling Lilieni in stories whal we Are Why. I ail of our planning for instance involves asking the readers to advise us on whal they consider most the c Lear Waler. A. Sun. However said Reader is a bad guide for Elmini Natilu most types of material. Per haps we have Becnel Illch from a More in Lens self examination most papers said the leaders really did t read to Giitl Junks. Only editors reported overwhelmingly negative reaction Ironi readers the readers weren t Liappa. But Acee plod the situation Willi binders Landvik. Tilings like i Fie crossword inc comics he Horo scope and the Bridge column Drew the most pro less. Editors Siirid. The Minneapolis Tribune said it Gol culls the first Day after it dropped Lite crossword 1 was restored. The morning it ecord of Meriden. Conn., reinstated tie Horoscope after protests from readers. The Type and Eul backs varied Willi location of the newspaper. One of the Survey questions asked news paix is which they would Cut first into rna Lional news National news features Ami women s Nous. Or local news. Of the papers which that hey had Cul some news. They Cut International news said National news ij7 reported features and women s news. Ii said a Perls and ii said local news. The remainder Cul Slock lists or to schedules or other tabular material. Another question asked Llie which lies had Cut. Two Hundred Wenly tic papers said they Cut Al least some syndicated feature material tilings like opinion columns. The cuts ranged from an aver age of three columns of space Day in the smaller loan average of Neaily five columns of space in Willi Ciruela 111 other findings said they nil some wire service features. Reported culling some hard news from news services Al cml the Day s events. Klufi papers Cut. Hack the comics. Some my of i lie 170 included in the local said the paper shortage caused them to change i Fieira Basic design. Kight papers Cut the size of photos la reduced the of headlines 211 Cul Back on the amount of Blank space around news oi1 advertising ii made Jor changes in their Edi Lurial paces to or papers us id Al news sum general news Manes some or All of the Lime. The summaries of whirl a. inn news were Inarik n ated Al to help Eon serve space Dur Iii the in is print Pine. Al l parties interested will please Lake notice thai Kleierl a. Lira. Administrator Olifice Eulale of Juanila p. Dray deceased has this Day made1 applied lion unto the court of probable of hnrenn.1 Sci Only Lor Linal discharge As such administrator and Ihal the Lily Day of love incr iii73. Al if o clix k . Is Llie Lime appointed Lor i hearing on the jux Ilion. I ii sys. Slone Lud Geol i i Abate. Horence county papers to specify the categories Type smaller and 10 made a All persons having claims or demands against the estate of Kivin Miller deceased Are to present the same and verified Lollie Only Qualia de administrator of said Eulale within i be Lime press need in Law. Live and All per sons indebted to the said estate Are asked to make prompt payment to the undersigned. in Reginald c. Urmon. In. Isikli a Lorentz. South Carolina h. Is.22 All parties inner sled will please Lake notice thai Al Hail a. Iray. Administrator of the estate of Juanila p. Deceased has Day made applied lion unto the Connol probate of Florence county for final discharge As such administrator and hint tie Lily Day of Al i o clock . Ted fora hearing on the Petit palsy s Slone judge of probable. Klo Rekiec comity iocl.8. 15. 22.29 Sauci All parties inner sled will please Lake notice that Maxine .1. Wright. Ken irix of the estate of pic1 tie Judson. Flee eased if is Day made App Calion unto the Coart of i in half of Florence for dual discharge As such exec Lurix and thai he 2blh Day of october at 10 o clock is the Lime Apex Jan Leri for a hearing on i lie Pel i lion. Palsy s. Slone judge of probate. A loj sept. I. . Ii Ray s novel shop 1350s. Irby tapes Fly Florence airlines to Charlotte Green leave Florence . Arrive . . Arrivo . .Airivc . Call 662-7593 for reservations or charter flights not Stock editors All persons having claims or demands against the Emale of John Wesley Lee. Itch Easedale requested to present the same Ile mixed and Lollie undersigned duly qualified administer matrix of said estate Uil Hin Llie time press Rill d by Law. Live months and All per sons indebted to inc said Eulale Are asked to make prompt payment to inc undersigned c. . . I notic1- to Chi Stoks All persons having claims or demands against the estate of Aubrey Turner Are requested to present i Fie same and verified to the undersigned duly qualified exec Lurix of said Estale within inc Lime prescribed by Law. Live months and All persons indebted to the said estate Are asked to make prompt payment to inc under signed. Doit Why avers Turner t. K in 101 a . C. . I. 221 Ca Mph . 7. Ciapi Kril h. . Ski Bias cot Neil no. S. M. of 1c k. To. A regular business meeting will he held 7.311 . Monday Cloher Bill. All Inellie surged Loal lend. By Rotfer 11 Aig ulcers 0.1.co Johnson. Secy recorder shop at Tot n teen boutique Southwark pm. 665-8063 notice i All persons having claims or demands against the Eulale of w. I. Kirk had. Deceased Are to pres Cal Llie same and pc lied to like Undi signed duly qualified exec Nicias cil said Eulale Wilhm the Lime prescribed by . Live Manili. Al led to the Sai l arc a Kerf to make prompt payment to undersigned. William Thomas Sloan Kirk and p. O. A Torince. incl k. . 2ji not i All n1 in do Marls Ai Amsl estate a Cir by Mininson. Deceased Are Ruqia Sluti to Pri Scal Pijie same and Ira the ill Lucil no said Emale within Llic Lime Prescan had c a Nouis. And All per so it aide blvd in the Are to make porn rep to maj Rin Nilli is . C. Oct. 8. Questions about Loans Well answer them. No no sales pitches Belfort you borrow there May be questions weighing on your mind about payments rates anything. For Quick courteous answers Call us today. We won l ask your name or talk shop unless you want us to. Dial finance Don l want you to like us just Lor our Money. 130 s. Irby Street 669-3162 Loans to Wood accessories 48" wide 1 2" deep 30" traditional. Bookcase sliding Glass doors and one decorated Wood door. J Beautiful warm Oak Vinyl Fin ish. With decorative Mold Ings and Simu lated Wood. 24" wide 12" deep 72" High wide 12" deep 72" High 27" x 27" x 20" Square table co Klaif table 58" x 20" x 15" 569. 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