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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 8, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaCircus Blondie Florence morning news monday october a boy pm Don l you have All the flavor sucked out of your thumb by peanuts a stain climbing Papatch. ?.rt-Blke report. Back Packer s 6lfldc.horseman 5 having a a Here Chuck Andy Capp i was a fool t1 walk out on twice bless i better feel s better 1 at ont by it does me Eart Good Mary Worth i has ma3b a Frank just As Hugh from so. Or. Harwood it is my unpuca5ant duty to Ift we must Post poke All talk of indefinitely i i m 5uri ecu to1 perhaps i doubt if the. Situation change. Cole Good i Dick Tracy the mock up in Tuc ac15ou but i know nothing about Gunpowder. And can you imagine my ought eng the stuff would Static electricity in the Broom v have done it Beetle Bailey a a iffy Flintstones me make this trip Luck a Fred a the budget you had on your last he s let the just that four alias amp to lit octopus four refuse one Settle. Mow mama guv6 he account Hap to be Cut to 3.ooo e to u part i e t Camilot Var cock i clean sport be 1 i regarded As i f he s Gotlobe one1 got kid of Righter s from the Carroll Rigour Imti Tun North j q2 a k q j 5 j 87 West East 7 3 46 vj1098653v71 7 3 10 9 8 43 q 9 South k 10 9 5 2 a 0 10642 Hie bidding West pass pass pass North pass pass Smith Lead seven of opening diamonds. This Deal occurred in the Cji-n1-Kaj. To Ink Nyilis an unusually productive Day ill evening if you put your Effort into my use he Energy now released to Ecil Linin Willi basically sound avenues of dealer expression already san red or planned. However if you gel both sides vulnerable involved in any Lisky Van Lois or enc crises or try to hoodwink anyone you have ical troubles. Fakilis mar. 21 to apr. In experts can give advice tint will Kielp make family and business life More successful. Avoid new activities you know practically nothing about. Study further. Taurus apr. To May 20 talk Over wild allies ways to improve business Home recreation lion bib travel. Do not try to Jet Oul of any responsibility Ilia is yours lie conscientious. Rimini May 21 to june 21 steer Clear of an ally with a Crackpot ii Lii that could Inin him and you Jet advice from experts. Keep Harmony at Home tonight. Moon june 22 to july 21 one with experience different Fiorin a cars has a Fine plan to with you could lie just what you want. Avoid a co worker with poor ideas july 22 to aug 21 let surroundings in order while listening to Good ideas from one who Speaks slowly hut clearly. He Crisc care where rear Calion is concerned or it could be costly. Virco aug. 22 to sell 22 i no Ilia Good plan across Early Tien swirl on the Road to Success he patient at Home Weic conditions could be slightly difficult but will improve Lilika sell. 23 to ocl 22 some Letler May confuse you so wait Anil gel Busy with duties. Please Lily her ups Netherlands Italy match in the thusly later you understand missive and can do the right 1dgc world championship. Thing about in with Garm North and Scorpio ocl. 23 to nov 2 i i Imi modern methods by l or quit South for Italy the which to Progress by competing tight persons Early Lei data bidding went As shown Llic you need at various sources. Do that special work carefully. Italians were playing the Sagittarius s of 22 to dec. 21 use More Lack at neapolitan club system and in Home for More Harmony and constructive activity i least Kin accordance with in bid More and Don t Milci anything to us male. Study reports Well a club indicating 17 or More c Apic on dec ?2 to Jan .10 driving carefully is Points. Most important now do not upset present business two clubs by to Rquel was Airai cements which Are Good. A letter May have an idea for also an artificial bid. It showed greater Success. Slody Ilvo aces and a King and had aquarius Jan 21 lol cd. Study assets and nothing whatever to do Willi liabilities Foi ways to. Adil appreciably to present income clubs As a suit. Listen to what i Clever business person has to suggest. Follow Best ideas. I is is Pel 20 to mar 20 try to be More objective and Yon get better results with everyone. Show appreciation to friends and add to present Goodwill 1 us that big Deal across. If your child is today he or she will be one Young people who will say everything that comes to mind 50 Leach Early the Impo Ilance of Tad and diplomacy when dealing with others and to think carefully before committing himself or herself to anything. The Field of geology would be Fine Here or Ilia Lovei else has to do with land soil the like whether male or female. Spiritual mining Eaily is important Here. A Fine studious mind and Good at sports As Well. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you in age Carroll i Glicr s individual forecast for your sign Tor i a twin november is now ready a or your copy Send your Birl Date 17. Subject and is Carroll Hiebler forecast Florence morning n cos hox 19. Irani 62 a Hollywood Calif 20 Cobaj 1913, Mcnaugh Syndicate inc famous hand Kroin Ibon on the bidding was natural Parozzo showed his diamonds and Forquet jumped Loikrec Spades indicating a Long and Strong Spade suit. Raised to four and or Mecl passed realizing that partner could not have the Ace of clubs he would have bid four clubs in thai Case and that North s clubs might indeed be of poor Quality. Wisl led his Singleton Diamond and Forquet made eleven lacks to score a seemingly Normal 050 Points. At he second table with North and Blitz Blum South for Holland the bidding was less scientific Bill More successful ii went Wisl North South pass 1 pass i pass 2 it pass 3 pass 3 it pass 6 West led he Jack of hearts and Blitz hum had no trouble taking 13 tricks. Three clubs was probably meant to inhibit Wesl from leading that suit though in the actual hand Wisl would hardly have led a club even if theuil had not been bid. Strangely enough had West led a Diamond he would have stopped the slam hut in fact West chose the far from a. Normal heart Lead. So Holland gained 810 Points on the Deal and in that Way punished Garozzo and Forquet for being too scientific it arcs Syndicate crossword Puzzle across 1. T i i. Sci Lei ask Wale it on a Post of sati and mail in to the Florence Andy Andy sends a Complete ill volume set of Hie Kuit stud Kwh Kydia Anthony Davis age 10. Us Muoc Hull Ahi Haina. For his question 1 hiring Llic Yucai the Sun Sheds Lair same of Daylight on inc Art lic1 and the . In lad. When you local up All hip hours no Daylight and darkness you find that every spol nil Earth six Mouths Day Ami six mint sol Durini like year. Their Pic gel their la l share u warmth irn Iii tin1 Sun. Bui several Ili bugs a Pix ii in Socal lie warmth i my inc Sunshine that the i Elf gets a Linig Winter i Neil Ilia lasts six nine . Then a Long summer Day that lasts six in Niles. In nestles under the arctic1 sea. Inthe Middlen Tecari Lii i Egin. Inside the Arctic i ircle. Oloc a places in Lens have inn dark Winters when i i Sun does nut Rise for several clays or weeks or main the. Since the Earth gels ils warmth of Jim Llic. Sun. Gri Iund gels very cold during the Art lie u inter. Mill you would think thai it Lime to warm up during Llic relic summer the shines 21 hours a Day. Actually things get warm enough in Inch most no the ire train Ilie Jpilar the ground thaws a few niches Dorp and the Arctic Tun lira land sprouts i a Little Phauls. Deek ii masses Piel in i infers the Sun shines and shines in ins inc Rel ivs Shire re Ilie pc ill stir in world with the dinosaurs. The Rhino s in Only in med Iii Dino Saitis exl incl Limul it million years agn. In irk the Hugi Kinmg no history find the Lime that pipe or coi v. s0. Ill not Mcjoy weigh i rr.ol-31 mop it 29.m3lpr.iv-, Seldom 3s Fjoy a 3s Charity grape j5. Pc. I0 8 is observe i everyday i Counselor by or. Herbert Spaugh Many things we Lake for Gran Ted a or example we Lake the Hilo for most of us have copies of Ilie Loihle in Mir Homes Lull i hey Are Seldom used. To lest your Cion knowledge look up the Inion of Lake Lor granted our Pulitic Uli lilies. Electricity. Another Hung ulna i vie Lake Lor granted which you very rarely Sec in lie nation s Railroad system have allowed the air planes and the trucks in our thinking. The Railroad is still the Backbone of Nur spin Lalion. Hel Lehem Sec cd rec Nelly Pul out an and is hich is Del in Lely North reprint Ling. It is entitled. 1 Iomini a track Tod Sasler if the railroads should Ceas discs scr. Tic railroads need our help. And we All need railroads Strong healthy and rec to retain their Villa place in Din free Enli Tori a system so. Let us All do something about in Uhitil to yol i san atolls and Condruk Ssmon. Tell them How you Leel Alx iut the import since of keeping our railroads alive while not Manv of us ride in iraqis. Iii noun in fre Klit carried by the trains is tremendous. I rain loads i Are delivered All Uver Fie Hon Auvil r ams. Thele is a Neu Sei i e in a Nelv Loiti i Nijail ii and Midi Oil in loaded to Ilie station in Maryland. Here his ear is to t isl. The i Lii cd suites of loaded into a special inc America As you know in would grind ton Golf would soon have very of . Hilr to and his family Koop to ride in passenger or Pullman service is Trenk n Light Vona House. 01 in or Ili Nisly popular. Into it your Joli although this is Sonio Newt out of my Field. Cd we Linic Ghoul you d have not Levis uni. No Roii Chad a Salin Ilion Wilh radio no Clephone. In . Len Imelli Ilii air new Piiper i Tell you what is my the i Cui Memed Ini Lii with going try is they Ringtail. Most i year old girls and the Inu is. The pipelines. The Hoys Heing provided with cars. Iii Pines. The Harges would not no wonder or have the pollution ix1 ahle to fill ii gaping demand and Ning Calion and no wonder chaos. Evon Rule by panic. The gasoline is pro Irving might erupt fanciful no in the least if inc railroads Are allowed lodic1. Railroads an on a fast track to Short Supply. In is Lime in take an Hinesl look Al our own driving habits As Well As t n c y 0 i a . Mankind Learned to read and write this was Only it Siul Sears ago and Iho Long Ngos of prehistory Dale Hack through Many hundreds of millions of years

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