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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 8, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s monday october our 50th year 281 fourth Arab israeli War sees new scenario associated i Russ writer i Al Aviv i api scenario Tor the i mirth Middle Kasl Nul since id. Ulk ii Arab slides combined in Mel fail to sweep the newly created jewish slate into die sea. Israel been Miilu defensive in uk., initial stages of Cunt lick Wilh its Ara Blous. Analysis the israelis cd Iii syr Iii and a kept Slick first this Lime and i a ceasefire observers support israeli indicated a War was coming. Is Iii l was powerless in. Kric Rully internal Lima i also had no Lime u intercede Wanh Cairo or Damascus on is Rael s Heli Alf. So inc arabs struck and scored he israelis in the initial stages. breached Llie syrian Armor planes Slick in i lie North. A Niu Nhit of jewish and several 1 Rose aral Sollic Mcwils were.1 till hard. Only hours Priolo Llie outbreak of Israel called a major Nihil ipalion no Ilse Estives. The authoritative fans Lille Lor Serai Cejic studies claims Israel Uati held enough reservists in hours in Huysler a land Iii Anisiy no and Syria can in mind. Hum null jul i inn men. the Institute. Military observers predicted unit the israeli reservists would in Ccollam Iii Tlle Batullo. Del minister Moshe that until Llie reserves had been Nelly mobilised i lie israelis must expect lasses. Thai was Mil the Rase in Ulicny israeli jul planes struck Al syrian and Kyj Yulian labels. Destroy in hundreds of planes and hums. In he War. He israelis Wilh assists from France and Hail a in. Struck in is in tile Sinai. Since israeli us filers have Lold correspondents that Illey could not prevent a massive pkg Vifian alack across inc canal. The israeli Hiil tied bunkers Alnajj the widely spaced in sume sectors Are not designed to repulse such nil attack. The huts were prepared More Lor a holding action to give the israelis Lime of briny in Iligir air lurch. Antwand ground Iru ups. An israeli radio broadcast in arabic Lold the inv plans the binges were open across inc canal. I he Sinai desert was wide my so was the israeli trap. Come on the in Nadasi said. Israeli Village of Migdan damage sunday this was result of bombardment by syrian artillery Early in fighting truck Convoy carries loads of israeli tanks Early sunday second Day of War equipment hurried to fronts Israel claims tide turned ss Israel said its air and land inces took Lite offensive in the second Day of the new Middle War sunday throughout the Day and into the Nihil at and syrian Iii is Liat crossed into israeli held territory alone the canal and in the Dolari . The military command in Tel Aviv claimed israeli airmen de is loved nearly Allol Syria s antiaircraft missile bases in the Iulai Sci evils Iealer of actions Ion Drine Baek Llie milians in the canal sector. One Isaac h re Perl said Gyp Man armoured were in a trap. Hal the Kny plans and syr ians issued say their units continued to press convard on in ill Irons and that jets and Anli Airrall a lenses Lead knocked Doun a Mil of Kin israeli planes ill the in of Hosl lilies. Israel has a reported Ifill warplanes. The israeli military com Mand made no mention of any Iii Crall losses but said the is Rael s air Lorce had taken Manil of the skies Over the Hattle and that attacks made inside and Syria Lur the Lisl Lime in Llie renewed Cimi Ibal Israel took the Sinai and the Iolan Loireas in the War in i Lviv. I Typl s Ulli Cial Middle Kasl said sunday that foam inn Khadely. The Leader of nil i Ieli . pledged to Iii Ilici the souk and air men. Iraq announced Llie a of minor operations of i to l nil operations. The Isi ii Eli stale radio had said Early in the Day thai most placed across Llie canal by Llie on saturday were Deal roved and dial the Kun Yulian troops were Cut Oil and the israeli Juls attempted to strike our loss Iii Bridges Iii were repelled by our air de lenses and our Armor and in Lanly Are still crossing into the commo said. The canal has in cd closed sinc else Altit Middle Ivair. Isriel s stale radio said israeli Iii recall attacked inside Lime sunday and that air and ground assaults continued into the against the Kif Yulian forces thai had pushed across lie canal Inlo Llie Sii Iii desert on saturday. In flier in the Day. He Nyp lians said their troops had solidified their Hail holds on the Eastern Bank Olllie ii Rnic ii a alter Jiou rink in reinforce is Al Typl find Syria Lor the . Mesils and in routing Triick Arab leaders pledge support Kiiu t Lai i Arab Lead its sunday pledged their sep Pirl in find Syria As their Middle win1 Uilah Ishniel entered its second Day. Bill the Public pledges contained few specie is. Jordan in particular. Ulriich Tiloi inside Syria and ill inc imi17 War. Yave in indic Ilion of what lorm its sop port would Lake. Kuhik let Issei s regime reported ils Anli Airrall batteries had Rcd on israeli Juls in jordanian airspace sunday. In Tunisia. I resident Lahib said he would Dis Ziilch troops to the Arab from. Inn will some i Eais. I i uror and i Hope Victory will in on tie Arab lit1 tunisian Leader said bul i have Cecal i ears about the outcome of the car Lor All the Alido. Because i know the of another Pledy of came Salu iday irom Morocco. Mul i Reid Cal As other pledges of support have come irom Yemen. Saudi Arabia. Kuwait. Libya. Algeria. Lebanon and Sudan 11 Usan l Kiin Uii in these offers of sup Uirt included Active military in Volovei tool w Ith Oil and Lear irom ils Oil the Iii. Over the canal and of israeli a round 1 1 nips All inc no Mac Weie can led out with re the added in with Geneun aircraft. Israeli pilots had the upper wild Iii All cases nations la Heil Lollie support of and suit. Brink of Falls 10 rescued from Niagara Kalls. I Al l nine i idylls mid an info Iii were rescued from i Tiu Nitin Rii Piik near Llie lir Ink of Niak Ira tails Afler i Lielie Opler i and a boil went nver As tried i slip Indol Ninlin. Slate a juice ill i Alin Nul three i idl u Ere Siili. Some Swinni in Shore. Ill lists Uherc tossed ropes Mil Viere in Lyell Ishoi r. Roller Siirid a private i Xiii i Luce Kiln los .1 lost Pomer in Lii upper ii nil Floii Ted to tin sure Iii toward the i Lorse slain Section of i lie win Vialet Fiill. Tie Joi Slick in the rapids about Aljimi the i Ink Vildic till Lull dual Nhul. Of flyers Siirid. A Lii Lic Opler a Pill uni in policemen tried in make an Aerial Rescue Bill crashed Inlo i lie when Llie slip Tinli d persons Cha Hycil ils runners. Stale Park a in like boat Nilli Irre of fliers ii Bofird. Bul in went nver die Falls tin1 the police built Viii in in slim e ilii1 still enc ii. The third Man was Mei by lie end real Nhi Cli him will in in feel Ollie alls Lidor Wilber funded a Lieut Ian Elia in Pitilli d him in Shore. Thousands of weekend sightseers lined the River Hanks and dual Island in Walsh stir in sri ii tempt. I i Iraq seizes of holdings Hihi t Al i Idia in Imbior of two american Oil xon my Mobil sunday As a of is Ippoli Lor Kyj Typl and Syria in the Cunt no mide isl Wai. Ill a spells Linn Sketl Thi do clop Rnell is nut but admitted the Ner Walc Annj Lor tiny move by Middle Lias s Oil lick ii. Saudi Al Iliia s Kini a . Is bits were voiced that Arab Oil la Iii d weapon Iii inc the Iracki called other and ipod Ciui Arab slides to follow Llie action Liv i Mim Oil ill once lie Llo Wol my to Chr Rint ii Stales am other Conli is Suppin i Ini is Kiel in Llie end real Atli the last War in Oil producing Ai ii begun Racli counterattacks syr Iii said in broadcasts that ils ground forces Hud pushed Llie israelis Hack in the Lolan Lei Nihls Over looking Northeast Israel and the sea of Cilidee. I resident Nixon reported by aides to. Be very concerned i Ilion inc hostilities ordered Sec Elviry of stale licit in a Kissinger to ii meeting of the t a. Security Council to seek ii solution to inc incur to War Between he arabs and israelis mets Oakland win in playoffs sad said my Ocean i i oops were air cad engaged in the ing. Assad did not say Tiow Many moroccan troops were involved bul 1 s. Intelligence analysis in Washington Pul the ill Riboul my ii. The new York mets and Oak land athletics won baseball Jim playoff games sunday evening the series in each league at 1-1. If Page 2-b. Food prices Are reported de Clining in world capitals. Page 3-a. In former speaker sol Blatt is finding he is enjoying his Ess if demanding role now. Page 1-8. Index ask Andy classified comics editorials farm sports women 7bs 4b 7b 4a 5a 2b 6a weather warm and partly Cloudy Mon j Day and monday night. High mid 80s. Low near s 60. Details Page 2-a. Nixon wants in Council session Kkt his Ayuk. La _ i resident Oid ored Secretary of stale Henry a. Kissinger Sundas to meeting i the Security Council to Seal he Lorn solution Ini he Middle coast War. The while made inc Shindy Allie Nixon decided to Cut slim a Columbus Day weekend and Rel in ii tit sunday the a Vii i l Nikii and China according of san res at the i in led nations have ruled Mil a session. Nixon according to aides expressed concern us Crohe lighting. Since Mel Ore Nixon annoy mixed his Otiler to Kissinger Inlo mauls ill t a. Headquarters in new York Llie soviet t Nion find Rii Tia had blocked a proposal dial i tie Security Council Issue a cease lire Appeal. The Pentagon lit Washington declined in comment the re lords bul acknowledged cer Linin units no Llie Lili a Leel hive put in in ii shiite intent issued o the press it i . White i Louse Iii re As we have Inlo Imei you. The Sec Elviry of slate. Amoc i resident s direction Lias Hern involved in extensive diplomatic consultations yesterday Iii id today. With lighting in the Middle Kas Liliu continuing Tiluy Pilosio Enemias now instr cled the Secretary of slide to Lake the Mailer to the i Mcd nations and a meeting of be democrats Reform rules pass Dixon Uri i return i Day. It lion workers. 1 Vovou Al writer i the new Reti irm rules Lor the demo cratic party rolling Back most be Curill Conn Llu " pc Hun Ablo Levi tires Llie system were Iid opted by ii dialling com ii ally had intended Milter sunday in a Surprise Washington Mon unanimous Vole Tor All led Oriel hiring unexpected com plications be revised guide i spiny press Sec relay Cor a Lionial con id i. Warren said Only thai delegates tire Coji Eclid the presid Iii decided Lolo be accepted fur hip most part Back instead of tumor a t be commission later lids month and the Lull democratic National com aides i Iii desc i As Mitlee sometime alter next very comic cited Over tie out Ian. I. Break no hostilities in the Middle Compromise keeps an emphasis on ret i oilmen of previously but civic Lull language Ida led to the a Sposi toil of of Pruttis Hist . The afire Emend a is reached Wilh the Inmei cession of Parl t hair Man Liobel dining use Ity i Lis Soccie Liivi tier Whiee Day weekend Ine Clung Wiirret like i ice i he princ pitl Batig cover inc tile i expressed his m Conni Inisi d of Iceni Iii nit the ill n Vilh Sci Elviry kiss Itier tin the Honda while House Dkl Tinli Ivues to i opined ii Verv do Middle find us Iii Ullin Hill Icli Penni i is Singer r. In i ii requirement Hiil ills seek participation no women he and i Ninon in is is Mic Iii ims ulcer i Kesenci 10 the Hemn Cial n i acc Tojal fills Reid drives a Laue ,1111 n ii Alinio i them e in Llie Pupu Malinn. Flip rcdsonaiin1 language filid in in a Kev to ultimate application of the riles us nil the elect a i Lix cd mat Humai Icid women Voirin. is Oid i Lucr Iii of it i in Laii Deli Nat Aills in pics inc Neil Ioakhim n Iii Cambodia claims stabilization Al i if clipped by curiosity Pepper Iho dog became Overly curious about an unfriendly Skunk in a rec rellion area North of Phoenix Ariz the Skunk responded predictably and Pepper had to he shorn scrubbed and per turned no a Pel shop. Owner Carole Kalm of Scoll Sunlo look the Bosforo and Flor pictures. A r. i i i i m e Iii Lime found s timid Sukdav. In Iro Iris led Liisu Ikels to inc find South of Vil Ienir sum. I Small Pius Nicias ii piled to Midi s Multi cast of i him i end Hal has by Khmer troops since Cisily i he clashes look place ill i Rek Tameka to the Wesl andal taken i Lithe South. troops Lushing Low Aid Viloar suor rom the South ind Southwest have been balls i Ihil the inuits Ikjin Swol Len marshes find perched in the few dry is rips if in blown

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