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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 7, 1973, Florence, South Carolina John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager sunday 1973 _ _ a foxy1 Man Euver hopefully the re apportion in enl Issue is Al As hopeless As it appeared on the surface when the general As Kom Ziy ended the 1 ourth week of a special legislative session called by the governor to re apportion the House of representatives. At week s end the Senate has approved tentatively a sin Gle Mem her distracting plan which would completely destroy House passed plan providing Lor 28 Multi member districts find establishing numbered in each District. The Senate plan would Divide the slate into 124 districts and necessarily Cut across county lines something a majority in the. House has studiously avoided. On the surface the. Poles apart plan sets the stage for a Battle Royal Between the two legislative Chambers but the word tentative is the clue in what s really going on. Or at least what seems to be going on. Collumn county sen. Mar Ion Gresselle. Who did l be come known As the senile s Gray Kox for nothing was part of the puzzling coalition which won conditional approval of the Senate amendment sub dividing the slate into single member 1 Louse districts. He also old his colleagues hat the legislative Council had been instructed to draft a pure single member plan which would not Ciller to the advice of legislators in drawing District lines. The of Gray Kox obviously has up his sleeve and is mane vering behind the scenes to bring it off. Bui precisely what that something is apparently will not emerge in lil the legislators return this week. Whatever it is hopefully in will be. Adequate to pass mus or with the courts and the u. S. Justice department and at the same time be palatable to both houses of the legislature. The special legislative session is already nearly a month old and he Prospect of a prolonged Wrangle with the House and Senate at appealing in the least. One of the things that makes it particularly Unap pealing is that for every Day the full Assembly is in session il1 costs taxpayers More than s21 000. Anna Huntington sculptress in the 1020s and if Jos. Niiori herders with Money Gener ated a minor land Rush in coastal South Carolina and other parts of the South. Many of the Large Plantation estates had come upon hard times particularly during the period of the great depression. The Price was right and the old plantations were bought for Winter residences and As Pri vate Hunting preserves. Kill a Lew were bought will other goals in mind. Poet philanthropist Archer m. Huntington and his sculptress wife. Anna Hyatt Blun Ringlon. Bought acres stretching from the acc maw Kiver to the sea in upper Georgetown county in 1d30. The picturesque lands consisting of five former plantations were to be a wildlife preserve and provide an outdoor Selling for exhibiting mrs. I inn Lington s sculpture. The vision broadened How Over and in 1931. The Llu fing Lons began developing a mus Eum Garden urn which became known As Brookgreen gardens the slum place for what is now the largest collection of Ameri can sculpture in the world i an outdoor setting. Much of the planning and most of the Early sculpture in the gardens was the work of mrs. Blun Ringlon. Her speciality was sculpting animals and her skill is reflected in some. To of her works on permanent exhibit at Brookgreen. Her knowledge of Anatomy and sense of composition enabled her to impart into her subjects an air of vitality and movement. One of the finer examples of ibis at Brookgreen is her fighting the statue of two battling horses at the Entrance to the gardens. Mrs. In Islington s More than 70 years of sculpturing produced an Art legacy thai is shared by wore than 200 museums throughout the world. She donated Art to hundreds of educational institutions including several Polilli Carolina colleges. She was an Art collector As Well As an artist in her own right. Nearly All of the ibo sculptures in Llic Brookgreen collection were Given by the Huntin Glons. Mrs. Jhm Ringlon s death thursday at her Home in Helcl conn., ended the career of one of America s most prolific and Tal cled artists. She was and continued to practice her Craft until she was Well into her 90s. Mrs. To Fullington and her Hus band who died in left to Soulli carolinians and others who May pass this Way a gift of incalculable Worth. Brookgreen gardens along with he sur rounding properly was Given to the state in the so were three and one half Miles of unspoiled Beach which is part of Beach state Park and the Seaside Spanish style Castle Alalayan where mrs. Llantin Goa did some of her sculpturing. The gift will be shared and enjoyed by untold generations to come. Washington worried . Strategists who have been studying the chutes a Huss inn confrontation expect a soviet attack upon China after the venerable Mao tse Lintig and Choit in Lai die. By Jack Anderson liven Hie geriatric Odds Elliis should occur before Llic chinese can develop i in capability to bombard Russia Villi nuclear missiles. Hie Chi Nese masses would also he left Sud Denly by Refl of their charismatic Lead ers. Ii would be the right moment suggests a secret intelligence Analy Sis for the Kremlin to eliminate China As a nuclear threat. Not Only would a soviet strike against China give the world s balance of Power a perilous till but the prevailing winds would carry die nuclear fall out across the Pacific in rain upon America. Ii is an urgent . Objective therefore to prevent a War be Iween the two communist lilacs. Intelligence reports warn that the soviet general staff has been taken Over by More aggressive Mars mis who Are calling for Mili Lary action against China. One Intelli gence official perhaps Nevi wrought has referred to the Youmg marshals As their military objective he believes would be to neutralize Manchuria Sinkiang and a Northern strip of China. He is convinced they would use nuclear perhaps even biological accomplish this Goat. Meanwhile the Border which separates the chinese and russian armies has become the world s most dangerous Frontier. On the soviet Side a million armed men backed up by linens of Mobile scale Board nuclear missiles Are poised for attack. On the chinese Side close to 50 Sli Orl Range nuclear weapons Are targeted against Vladivostok Irkutsk and other siberian cities. The soviets have crack armoured columns trained for Swift assault. The chinese have self con aimed divisions ready to fan into the soviet maritime provinces where they would conduct Mas Sive guerrilla warfare behind soviet lines. Political pornography forum an unknown aids clean up to the editor this is to express appreciation to an unknown Reader of i Public forum who performed an acl of Good citizenship Ihal has aided Dunlin icing efforts to make Florence More Beautiful. Soon Affet our Leller of apr cola lion for operation clean cily to which apr Caral in this column on sept. B. We received an unsigned letter from a Reader who requested assistance in gelling a suction along Corn hand Avenue cleaned up where an unusual am met of trash had been accumulating. Oar inquiries indicate Ihal the major problem was nut Llic responsibility of the cily for iwo reasons one the accumulation of tree limbs was from a private Limber culling operation for which the contractor should have been secondly where such limbs were the responsibility of the properly owner such limbs were not Cut to length of four feet or less As is required for the cily to be responsible for removal. We Are pleased to report that the department of Public works has been instrumental in gelling this situation corrected. Here is How ibis awesome Confron tation developed october i. The explosion of China s first nuclear device sent a chill through the Kremlin previously the soviets had regarded the Chi Nese dragon As an oversize some limes troubling Kremlin House Pel. Hut with the appearance of its first nuclear tooth the Pel began to look disturbingly like a monster. There after he soviets began a military build up slowly at first along the desolate siberian Border. November 12. I m Soviel Leader Leonid proclaimed the astonishing doctrine that communist countries possessed Only limited sovereignty Ami thai the soviet communist parly had the right to inter Vene with arms it any fraternal this provided the ideological justification for an alack upon communist China. Learly i960 intelligence reports began to Tell of Border incidents along the chinese Kussi Aii Frontier. Some of the incidents were quite hilarious. Chinese soldiers for instance would Advance across the ice toward a disputed Island in the Middle of Hie ussury Hiver Ilien Hall abruptly and Slick out their tongues in Masse at the soviet Border troops. Sometimes. The chinese would also drop their trousers and turn their Bare Bottoms toward the russians. A chinese gesture of contempt. The soviets countered by hastily throwing up portraits of Mao tse lung to receive the full Impact of the Colloms up Man Euver. Hul inevitably these bloodless demonstrations flared in to serious fighting. June 12 is i j we published secret intelligence remits warning thai May stage Hil Siml run so rakes us China s nuclear laboratories and armament centers in order Nale China As a nuclear in real. Fins was the first Public mention of Hie ominous debate inside the Kremlin Over n preventive alack upon China. Air Story was confirmed by Ihen Cia director Richard Helms in a gust Iota. Summer of 1963 the russians be Gan dropping Hills a whispered word at a diplomatic reception a hypothetical question loan american Aiache about a surgical strike in eliminate China s nuclear potential. The soviet feelers finally reached the level of . Disarmament negotiator Gerard Smith. Would the . Hold still for a snivel preventive alack upon Chi Nathe question was relayed to the while House president Nixon sent Back an unequivocal answer no cautious old marshal m. V. Oak Litrov. The soviet chief of Slaff. Re porn idly discouraged military action. Hul the snivel build up continued Inlo the lh70s. December. 11171 the russians made a secret offer in new Delhi during the India Ladislan conflict Ihal. If China entered the War on pakis Ian s Side the Soviel Union would Mii unt a diversionary action in sin this is the Bleak province where nor the chinese nuclear testing ground is located. Lobbyists join hands to fight Nixon budget this incident has revealed a need for some changes in the cily ordinances in More clearly set out the Legal for private con tractors and property owners in sit nations of tree removal building demolition Elc. And can report thai recommendations Are being made i m such clarification in the code. We Are also pleased to Veport Ihal cily. Officials will be glad to receive and act upon responsible reports from any cilia in who gives specific Rafii Malion about traffic hazards overdue uncollected iras ii and Gar Bage badly Liu cred areas Huth Public and private habitual parking or turn ing across medians and health Haz Ards. Such should be made in willing in the Public works department or the ily department of Parks and and emergency situation May be called in by pluming gtb-3170 or Gtw-3130. And. In order thai property owners and tenants who Are responsible for it will know that we know thanks for cleaning up overgrown properties along Liby Street. is catching .1. In pain crates co chairman sea unification committee realer Florence chamber of Commerce Liy Congress Kicmal quarterly Washington one common enemy the i resident s fiscal budget by might them together labor unions women s groups youth organisation elected officials Cili lobbyists civil rights activists and Church groups. Disturbed by the Nixon administration s proposals to dismantle various Domestic programs Anil pm Back funds Fiir others. 100 diverse organisations have gathered together As Llic coalition for human needs and budget i Iii relies to press for a fed eral budget which assures social and economic Justice for All Ameri " Hie i resident s budget is an irresponsible asserts Lleini re m. Maier mayor of Milwaukee and chairman of the coalition. It suffers nol Only from a Lack of compassion but a Lack of to achieve its goal. The coalition Lias staked Mil four major objectives none of hem modest restoring Domestic program funds sliced from ibis year s budget culling military funds developing a congressional process Lor budget making and re forming the tax system. A the moment. The coalition is focusing most of ils attention on an appropriations Lull for labor health education and welfare programs. Thai or. Kissinger s top priority a Middle East settlement Washington Kissinger s priority assignment. In comes from the president. It is embedded in i he. Diplomacy of Oil. In the making is a new initiative to turn the uneasy truce 1 Inlo a Solt lemme in the Middle fast. By Roscoe Drummond the clue to new moves came from words of president Nixon at a a cd Cal press conference we arc nol pro Israel and we arc nol pro Arab we Are la the first Day he look up his of fice in the stale department. Secre tary of slate Henry Kissinger conferred with Senate foreign Kel Lions t Oman Ilter chairman William fut Bright on the Middle Kasl. This was a significant sign of the administration s partnership with Congress is Arab israeli sell Cuenl possible Kissinger believes so and is convinced the Lime is Ripe to act. U will be private nol Public diplomacy. King Faisal does t want to Cut Down the flow of saudi arabian Oil to the United states. Instead he wants to Sec a movement Loward a peace settlement which i will reduce he pres sure on him to do so. President Sadat belligerent rhetoric. Curbing syrian soviet relations Are deteriorating and soviet military advisers May be withdrawn or expelled As they were from of Gyp. King Hussein of Gordnn is re emerging As a Leader of Good stand ing in he Arab world and he is the outspoken advocate of peace with Israel. The United Stales is not deserting Israel but the israelis know Ihal the need for Arab Oil is pushing the United Stales to press for settlement. Asserting their civil Ling has. They Are becoming determined about in and winning some big Bailies. They want Access muted air and Are getting it. All airlines have now fallen Inlo line with nonsmoking sections. Hotels restaurants and Beauty Parlours arc beginning to do Hie same and icy Are finding in helps business. The movement is gaining Momen Tum and i he theme is nonsmokers of the world unite you have not ing to lose but your crime dropping in America s ill cities. Serious crime went Down 1 per cent in cities during the first six months of this year. This follows a similar decline Over Llic some period last year. Nationwide major crime declined 1 per cent and would have dropped More if in had not increased some what in suburban and Rural communities. The Rale of violent crime s against people was per Hie rate of properly crimes was per Lalus of .-Suvlcl Trade la s i Iii Iii to the United slates. We Are now at the Point of becoming he soviet Union s Large a Western Trad ing partner. . Exports to Russia will exceed billion this year while soviet sales will local about Mil lion. Measure was singled nut by the Al Liance i cause in culs across All groups in the coalition and he Caust it is a symbolic Issue Lor a spokes Man explained. Although the Bill has Yello hear Congress the coalition is gearing up to override the president s veto of the measure. House floor and Sei Piile Commilles increases above him budget requests for such pro Grams As Hospital construction and Job i raining. As Well As recent Nie iils by the president make a veto appear inevitable. Since taking office Llic president has vetoed three Bills finding them All Loo extravagant. If Bills cume to my desk which arc irresponsible and would break open Iho Federal budget. Forcing More in Fla lion Ilie american people. Will veto Xix a said june 13. On Lune 2b, the House added billion to the president s 1h7-i request for Domestic social programs. The. Outcome of the appropriations fight. The first for the coalition should provide an Evalu Alion of Llic group s strength and Lac tics. Unlike Oiler organic Atins which rely heavily on Washington based lobbying during legislative Bailies and then disband. The coalition for human needs is stressing Long run local grass tools action. The coalition s Washington had As the scenario goes will serve primarily As a strategy and in formation Clearing House for the 100 affix title members and. In Lurn their local organizations. Shortly Aller president Nixon pre sen cd his 11174 budget representatives from 12 organizations. The nucleus of whal would later mushroom Inlo the Loo member coalition Mcl on Capitol Hill to develop a strategy for countering the Nixon budget. Attend ing Ihal meeting was Barbara Wil mams now executive director of the Eoa Lilion. Then the administrative assistant to he p. Donald v. Helium i Calif you have to remember that during this period a lol of were re Ferring to Nixon As King she said in an interview. Hul people is ill were willing to organize in the face of Strong opposition. That made us realize the potential for a Coal in Ion Type on March a representatives from the 100 groups met a Washington in formalize plans for a coalition. Liere was much agonizing Wil Liams recalled. To knew thai Wash Ringlon based lobbying was an empty gesture Wilhour local and Hiil a Eoa Lilion could t be All things to All Florehce morning Nevi Amdi itched Milr i s. Irby is. Wimber of Crew. Audit 0 pull of Eri aug Iloilo i 10 be Nolif Crl pin Molly of error in of i t me for nuance Rve Wilater Cal trim or Durri Hulbrt unveil Ine Jlko of shh shews. We. My. I to. It it 11 m us Cinqui Atiqi rein no in clan l Star tit l. C. I

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