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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 7, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaNow Why wow he surf get interested in her Jack Anderson John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor wednesday morning october 7, 1970 the Case for court Reform it becomes More obvious All the time that one of the surest ways to arrest the mounting crime rate is to modernize the nation s judicial system. Study after study reveals the con sequences of overcrowded court dockets inefficiencies in the Workings of the judicial machinery and the Lack of even handedness in administering Justice. The prison riots of the past week in new York City re emphasize the necessity for speeding up the judicial process to make the Promise of a speedy trial More than Mere words in the Constitution. Several of the prisoners involved in the riots have been in custody for nearly a year awaiting trial. It is not uncommon to find cases of much longer Waits. Such a state of affairs not Only infringes on the rights of a defendant but it is costly to tax payers who must maintain extensive jail facilities for prisoners awaiting trial. Another result of overcrowded dockets is plea bargaining which is a daily ritual in criminal courts across nation. Instead of bringing a defendant to trial As charged lawyers and prosecutors strike a a e a 1" the defendant is allowed to plead guilty to a lesser offence and get off with a lesser sentence. For instance a defendant charged with armed robbery May plead guilty to attempted robbery and be sentenced to a few months instead of several years. Judicial authorities have deep reservations about such courtroom on the one hand an innocent defendant May choose to plead guilty to a lesser offence rather than risk a conviction on the More serious one. On the other hand a guilty defendant May get off with a fraction of the punishment he deserves. There seems to be no Lack of awareness of the need for court Reform Only a Lack of will to bring it about. Supreme court chief Justice Warren Burger has offered three major proposals for helping the courts dig out of the mass of work that now overwhelms them. These include the appointment of More judges establishment of a system of court administrators or executives to handle management problems and reduction of the number of issues which Are turned Over to the courts to decide. Court Reform like almost everything else has its Price but Given the Cost of crime in the United states which increases annually it could be a bargain. Nixon engineers pension increase Washington while he was preaching Economy to the nation president Nixon used his prestige behind the scenes to have the presidential pension in creased from to a year. Normally White House re quests for legislation Are sent to Capitol Hill in writing. But for the discreet Mission the presi Dent sent his chief lobbyist Bryce Harlow to pass the word in person. Harlow contacted House speaker John Mccormack who fathered presidential pensions. Harlow told Mccormack the present pension does t provide adequately for Harry Truman who is not a wealthy Man. Mccormack agreed t h e pension should be revised. He suggested the increase could be slipped into the postal Reform legislation then consideration by the House Post of fice and civil service com Mittee. Mccormack summoned the committee chairman Thaddeus Dulski in. Y. To the speaker s byzantine office in the Capitol for a closed door conference. Harlow was also present. Dulski nervous about the postal Reform Bill in the aftermath of the nation s first postal strike walked at the speaker s proposal. Potentially Dulski argued it was a con Roscoe and Geoffrey Drummond what will Humphrey be up to a wasted vote is not profitable when South Carolina moved away from a one party state the objective was to establish a two party system with two Strong parties contesting for leadership. Not even the strongest advocates of a two party state wished for More or even desired it. Nonetheless we have not two parties but four and the two major contending parties Are troubled by it. Republicans Are troubled by the segregationist Independent party with its Appeal to the segregation vote. Democrats arc troubled by the United citizens party a Black oriented party with its own candidate for governor. Both the Independent party and the United citizens party Are expected to Drain off Voles which otherwise could be counted on As Minneapolis what will Hubert Humphrey be up to in Washington if Minnesota voters return him 1o the u. S. Senate they show every sign of doing will he run for president again what will be his role in the Senate and in the democratic party either Republican or democratic. The real complicating Factor is that As in a general election it s a plurality of votes that counts not a majority. This Means that no provision is made for a run off in Case no candidate gets a majority. The answers can be Given without qualifications Humphrey is not now seeking a second presidential nomination. He on ,1 i i m r i i to is not going to seek it. He will other than establishing the fact of the not enc5ourage it existence of these parties even the most sanguine opinion must recognize that to vote other than Republican or presidential primaries and democratic is an exercise in futility when he can prevent it will not and adds up to so Many wasted votes. It would therefore seem far Wiser for voters to choose Between the candidates of parties haying Chance of winning. No realistic View of the general election gives the Independent or the up candidates a Chance for Victory. Some for him. He is not going to enter any allow his name to be entered in them. He does not expect to be nominated without it and the evidence is Clear he in t going after it. He believes he can utilize his intimate and wide experience with government and with the whole nation including the cities to develop workable pro Grams for National growth policies for better living. We suspect that Humphrey will feel himself the most rewarded person in the land to become a senator of prestige a creative legislator and a Force above narrow partisanship in the country. This is Why he is running for office again and As strenuously As we have Ever seen him. The polls show him Well ahead. Hell have a hard time losing. But the Minnesota voters Are Well favored in this year s Senate race. However it comes out they can hardly lose. Humphrey s opponent is an Able five term Modem minded Republican con Gressman rep. Clark Macgregor whose voting record and Campaign show h i m somewhat to the left of Richard Nixon and somewhat to the right of Humphrey. He strongly supported crucial civil rights Laws in the Early six ties alien it was less popular to do so and did much to shape the voting rights legislation which has done so much for negroes. He was a major author of the immigration Reform act. He was an Early advocate of a Council on environmental Quality. He is an ardent advocate of congressional Reform and is ahead of the leaders of both parties. He would scrap the seniority system for choose a committee chairmen. He favors direct popular election of the president. When he talks on Campus Young people listen. We do not deem it the role of this column to advocate anybody s election but when two Good men Are running for the same office it is a pleasure to say so. We wish it happened More often. Negativism holds to Good Promise a great Deal that is said along the state Campaign Trail these Days can be written off As simple partisan a peal to win votes. It s part of the political game for the political outs to downgrade South Carolina pro Gress to criticize state policies As shortsighted and inadequate to a peal to fears and prejudice to discredit opponents Narf if it serves a political purpose to polarize voting groups and ethnic blocs into opposite forces. Still some candidates voice sentiments that Appeal to the Good sense and intelligence of the voting Public. Like for instance sen. Earle mor Ris in addressing a Beaufort audience monday. It s Only through being for he declared rather than taking a negative approach to issues and problems that South Carolina and the South can continue to Progress. How easy it is to be against everything. But Progress comes Only when we place personal and political considerations aside and stand up for those measures that Are Best for the common the True measure of a Leader is not what he is against but what he is for How capable he is of leading Forward rather than backward and How concerned he is for appealing to the Best graces in Man. As voters consider their Choice of candidates in the november election let them seek positive qualities of Nave sea leadership that keep Pace with history. Let them not be deluded into thinking that history can be turned Back or that negativism is adequate for the big opportunities that Are opening wide for South Carolina and the larger South. The Best evidence that Humphrey is putting it on the line candidly and conclusively when he says these things is 1 he in t trying to pretend that he would t like to run for president again or would t accept the nomination if it unexpectedly came to him. He would and says so quite openly. If he said otherwise then there would be reason to figure he was putting you on. Of course he d like a second try but he in t fooling himself or others into believing he has More than a Kitten s whisker of a Chance. 2 second he knows very Well that if he rocketed himself into a controversial and divisive contest for the presidential nomination lie not Only would of winning Billy Graham says i have few friends and my relatives have no respect for me As i am deceitful vindictive and self entered. Is there any Way i can change j. R. You sound to me like a Good candidate for Christian con version. Jesus said if any Man would come after me let him deny himself and take up his Cross and follow your life according to your letter has been self entered it needs to be god entered and other people entered. This change of attitude is a Complete reversal of what you have been. It is up to you to shift the Center of your life form self to Christ and others. Then the lord said you must take up your the christan life is one of Cross bearing and it Means that you Are willing to Bear the reproach of Christ s Cross to accept his deed upon Calvary As atonement for your sins and to walk in gratitude to god to live for the one who died for you. And then last to follow him this Means that Christ becomes your Model of Christian service and love that you love As he loved and walk As he walked. The Bible says he that say eth he Arideth in him ought himself also so to walk even As he walked. I John How to do this repent of your selfish life and accept Christ s new life for you. English lessons by in. L. Gordon words often misused do not say please go into the House and fetch a since fetch in itself Means to go into a particular place and bring to the speaker it is better to say please Fatch a Broom from the often m i s p r 0 bounced exigency. Accent first syllable not these cond. Often misspelled forbear to forebear an observe the a following the first synonyms liveliness Vic City vivacious Ness alacrity animation brisk Ness activity. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word embryonic undeveloped. His idea is still in the embryonic most Senate. Wants to do in the a bad trip to a false Paradise the Story of Janis Joplin s bad trip which turned out to be her last sadly to say is not a rare thing. Others who have basked in the warm glow of the entertainment world s Bright lights have made their exit from life in similar fashion. An overdose of sleeping pills ended it for Marilyn Monroe and some of her emotionally strained con temporaries. Janis Joplin t h e writhing wailing Queen of acid Rock music engineered her demise with an overdose of drugs. It could be said she packed a lot of living in her 27 years. She left Home port Arthur Tex at 17, a drifter and an admirer of the beatnik life style. She came to embrace the philosophy that life is one big party and that anything that makes it sensually exciting alcohol sex and drugs should be hungrily grasped. If these Are the things Humphrey is wisely going to pass up what does he really want to do if he is re elected senator after an enforced two year sabbatical he Aims to work co operatively with president Nixon in a new Effort to keep defense and foreign policy out. Of partisan politics. He wants to see defense costs significantly reduced but not to a level to endanger National Security. He wants to see the democrats stand As decisively the president himself is letters to the editor movie filth can infect minds As a performer she was a Tough talker and often profane qualities which Are not exactly liabilities in Apas pealing to certain elements of today s against a Wishful Iso society. Lao Mem but in the final analysis Janis Joplin was lonely and insecure a searcher for personal fulfilment that she never found. Like so Many of the Flower children who reject the values of the older generation she reached out to a false Paradise. She apparently never Learned that the Demi world of alcohol sex and drugs is no real escape from the perplexities of life that human character is folded and strengthened by weathering the storms of life not running away from them. To the editor being a very Broad minded person and after having gone to see anomalies an a rated movie now playing in Darlington i feel that it is my duty As a citizen of this area to pass my opinion on this picture. When i entered the theater the first thing i noticed was a teen aged girl behind the con cession stand. I know she was a very Young girl because she was studying her books. A very Don t Call me editorial draws commendation to the editor i wish to commend your Fine editorial concerning Jim Henderson published last week. A True two party system aids in the debate of vital issues and Jim Henderson is a concerned citizen of South Carolina wan Ting to help is state and Otier South Carolina citizens. If elected i feel Lim Hen Derson will make an excellent lieutenant governor for South Carolina and its citizens. Richard m. Brown us Columbia Home address Florence Young looking boy was also Stan Ding in the lobby and i later found out he was t h e cameraman. Being very interested i n seeing this much talked about movie i went in Ami took a seat. Believe you me Titis is the most startling picture i have Ever seen. I am a Man with natural feeling just like any Normal person and this Type of filth could easily affect some people s minds causing them to maybe do something they would have to pay for the rest of their life. The Public better Wake up and realize that rape is becoming More and More common in our area today. Check the statistics compared to ten years ago. It s True that the theater manager docs not Force anyone to go but i think that we As parents and adults should not allow anything As vulgar As this to be so convenient. I cannot prove it but i know some of the kids in the show were not of age and they certainly did not have anyone checking to see How old they were. Somewhere along the Way we have failed and therefore our Law has failed., a Good clean society cannot exist if we permit things like this to be shown to our Young people. It s time to Wake up or close our eyes forever to the con sequences it brings. Bobby d. Winstead Florence exceptions7 need mentioning to the editor sunday s tricentennial Section of the Florence morning news covered Timmonsville and its growth Well except for a few exceptions which i feel should be mentioned. These include Timmonsville s very capable and Fine Rescue squad a Fine clinic Daven a unitary Public school system private schools and a nine Hole Golf course in addition to the previously mentioned 18-Hole course. The nine Hole course is at the Holly Hill country club in Sally Hill Community. The club open to Low income families who can t afford recreational facilities of other clubs of this Type also has a swimming Pool and two fish Ponds. John r. Turner Timmonsville. Trover Sial amendment which might Send the vital postal reforms Bill Down to defeat. He refused to go along. But later when the Senate passed and sent to the House a Bill to increase benefits for the second spouses of Federal employees the White House saw another opening. Again Mccormack s help was enlisted and he obtained Dulski s agree ment to consider the pension in crease As a rider on the second spouse Bill. In addition to raising presiden tial pensions the measure also would increase the pensions of the widows of past presidents. Some of the members of Dulski s committee were at first worried that the amendment might enrich Jacqueline Ken Nedy Onassis and thus prove an embarrassment in an election year. However it was so written that mrs. Onassis would not be eligible. The chief beneficiary would be Mamie Eisenhower. The Bill sailed through the com Mittee. Now it must pass the full House and survive a Senate House conference. Nixon took a personal interest in upping presidential pensions after meeting last summer with former president Lyndon Johnson. Both men agreed what a shame it was that former president Harry Truman was Only receiving a year. Since Truman is 86 years old however it will be Johnson and Nixon who will Benefit the most from an increase. Nixon also was concerned that mrs. Dwight Eisenhower should receive a More generous pension. If the amendment passes her yearly pension would Rise from to the real reason for presi Dent Nixon s concern Over the construction of soviet naval facilities at Cienfuegos Cuba is that they might be used to bring missiles Back into the carib bean. Eight years ago president Kennedy forced the soviets to withdraw their missiles from Cuba in a nuclear showdown that had the world holding its breath. Now Polaris style soviet subs armed with "16 missiles each have been spotted in the Caribbean. The naval facilities at Cien Fuegos would permit these deadly submarines to operate in the Caribbean without returning Home for service and supplies. Indeed Aerial photos taken by the same u-2 spy planes that photographed the missiles in Cuba in october 1962 show that a soviet submarine tender has already docked at Cien Fuegos. Privately president Nixon has expressed Frank admiration for Kennedy s handling of the 1962 cuban missile crisis. Therefore say insiders the president feels he must be equally Tough about keeping soviet missiles from returning to the Caribbean. He has also suggested to aides that the soviet naval construction in Cuba is a violation of the Monroe doctrine which has kept european Powers out of the Western hemisphere since 1823. It looks unhappily As if another cuban missile crisis is building up. Footnote the soviet Union has More than a dozen Polaris style submarines whose Hydrogen headed missiles could reach any Point in the u. S. From the Caribbean. This column has examined internal government documents which raise alarming new questions about the safety of the Boeing 747 jumbo jetliner. The documents prepared in Side the National transportation safety Board suggest in technical language that the giant 747 engine builds up too much compression during take off. This produces Over heating which allegedly has caused Inte rior rivets to pop out and rip like shrapnel into the fuselage and fuel tanks. 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