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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 7, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur47th year no. 280 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Caroline Florence s. C., wednesday morning october 7, 1970 daily Loc sunday staff photo by Johnny a. P. Skinner c keeps tally As votes Are counted Skinner named to City Council in tuesday s election Council Victory goes of Skinner a. P. Skinner a radio station owner was elected tuesday to an unexpired term on Florence City Council margin of 451 votes. By a Florence mayor David Mcleod called it the largest turnout for a special election in the City s history noting that the vote represents about 25 per cent of the around persons Skinner was the decisive ranic4arart Leader from unofficial returns of a record number of voters for a special municipal election in Florence. He is to fill a seat left vacant by the death of Maitland Chase several months ago. Eight months remain to be served on the term which expires in May. The president of the downtown Florence association and owner of radio station Wols polled votes while negro attorney m o r d e c a i Johnson gathered votes and attorney Steve Moore received 482 Voles according to unofficial returns. The returns showed that persons went to the 13 precincts to cast ballots. A total of 16 of them were thrown out for being incorrectly marked and three Florence citizens received write in votes. Cooper Tedder received one write in or. Eric Heiden Drew two write ins and Carter Byrd one. Registered. Balancing of schools questioned Washington a the Nixon administration told the supreme court tuesday the Constitution does not give Black children an absolute right to at tend integrated Public schools. Southern school districts can meet their Legal obligations to these children without racially balancing All schools in the District and without integrating All of them the administration said in a Friend of court Brief. Moreover the administration argued school boards Are free to take into account the Bene fits to be derived from preserving the traditional neighbourhood method of school at the same time the administration accused the school boards in Charlotte Mecklen Burg county n.c., and in to bile county Ala. Of trying to maintain segregated school sys tems. The government said de segregation could be accomplished in a variety of ways without racial next week the court hears Oral argument on school de segregation methods in these districts and in Clarke county a. The administration s Brief signed by solicitor general Erwin n. Griswold and by Jerris Loenard an assistant attorney general represents the executive Branch s position. Griswold and Loenard said the Charlotte Mecklenburg and in the predominantly White wards while Johnson Wor the Large vote in the predominantly Black precincts. The heaviest vote was record Jed in Ward no. 8 Briggs certification of the election j school where 440 persons voted giving Skinner 347, Johnson nine and Moore 84. By wards the vote shaped up As follows no. 1 Myca Skinner 10, Johnson 195, Moore 4 Ward no. 2 Harllee Skinner 57, Johnson 201. Moore 11 Ward no. 3 guard returns is scheduled for . Thursday at City Hall and Skinner s term will begin officially when he is sworn in Dur ing a special Council meeting Friday. The vote did not represent a majority for Skinner but officials note that during a general election a majority is not needed. Skinner a Democrat based his candidacy on experience of working with City officials on projects like the City county Complex and downtown renewal. Moore the Republican nominee in the race campaigned on better police Protection Shorter hours and better pay for policemen in addition to charging that some City funds Are spent unwisely in various areas. Johnson a candidate of the United citizens party also campaigned on the police items in addition to offering to work for the election of councilmen by wards. All candidates received at least one vote in every precinct with Skinner taking the majority Skinner 178, Moore 11. 41 Johnson Ward 4 Mckenzie Skinner 188, Johnson 10, Moore 52 Ward no. 5 Florence county health Skinner 151, Johnson 7, Moore 62 Ward no. 6 Royall Skinner 167, Johnson 4, Moore 47. No. 7 Moore Skinner 188, Johnson 7, Moore 44 Ward no. 9 Marlboro fire Skinner 2, Johnson 274, Moore 5 Ward no. 10 Lester Skinner 1, Johnson 209, Moore 2. President to make full Vietnam report Center shelled by reds Saigon a a fresh surge of enemy mortar and rocket attacks carried through a third Day tuesday and Allied officers said More bombardments could be expected. The worst shelling hit a Refu gee resettlement Center near Phu my on lame Duck session slated Congress of recess oct. 14 Washington a Mansfield described the oct. South Vietnam s Central coast and claimed the lives of 7 civilians and wounded 52 More. The barrage of 17 mor tar rounds also destroyed 40 houses government spokesmen reported. In the past three Days the Viet Cong and North Viet namese have carried out at East 84 rocket and mortar at Acks in what military sources describe As one of the periodic highpoint in enemy activity. Of the total the 32 shillings Mon Day marked the highest number since aug. 31, was Allied bases and population centers were hit with 47 bombardments. The shellings took Over from ground fighting which Cost leu used at a Low level throughout the country and was All but washed out by Monsoon Rains in the North. South vietnamese military Headquarters announced the end of a three month operation in Southeastern Cambodia and withdrawal of the task Force involved. The pullback Cut South vietnamese troop strength in congressional leaders Date for recessing As a up she equal rights Amend tuesday to recess on oct. 14 saying he would in the Senate beginning he november elections and to stay in session until wednesday and have the urn for a Post election 23 in Hopes of avoiding on a basis m nov. The proposed amendment Senate democratic will be the first time in he daytime and other Meas like Mansfield of Montana that Congress has held at night. Newsmen after a conference in he office of House speaker Lohn Mccormack of Massa Ehu etts that the agreement was tentative but added i think it vill be Duck one convened by the outgoing Congress after its successors have been elected. The last was during the korean recess decision followed a Strong Effort by republicans to reach agreement on pressing ahead to clean up remaining legislation and adjourn by oct. Said he Hopes to Republican Senate and House readers met with the Democrat a leaders in the speaker s of ice after senators of both paries held caucuses to the Bill on which the Senate will try to act by oct. 14 and those that will be brought up after Congress returns on nov. House Republican Leader Gerald of Michigan said that in the end All agreed this would be a Gamble lending legislation and How probably would t mate Landle elections Are nov. Plans peace offer Washington a presi Dent Nixon will give the nation wednesday night what he called a comprehensive statement on the Vietnam War. He said it will include a major new proposal in an Effort to break the deadlock at the Paris peace talks. In a Short unscheduled meet ing with newsmen tuesday Only 5 hours after returning Ohio National guardsmen ask nonlethal weapons Columbus Ohio a the Ohio National guard criticized by a presidential commis Isbin in connection with the j shooting deaths of four Kent state University students has Cambodia to men the lowest since the South Viet namese expeditionary Force reached a Peak of nearly ast summer. In the three month operation according to a Saigon comm i Nique the South vietnamese ask Force killed 453 North Viet namese and Viet Cong and Cap use in future disorders. But the guard plans to continue to carry rifles and Load them on com Mand. Ohio adj. Gen. Sylvester t. Del Corso commander of the Ohio guard said tuesday guardsmen will continue the policy to have ammunition with them when called out and will Load them weapons on command of an we do not want to kill any one or even injure anyone. But the trouble is there when we Are called out Ana we have to x prepared to do our Del Corso has noted he is under court order not to comment on the shooting deaths last Spring of four students and wounding of nine others at Kent state pending conclusion of a arc issued As a matter of course to guardsmen confronting Stu Dent Del Corso said that his office last week asked the department that incident. Because of that he said he would not comment on a report released this week by the presi Dent s commission on Campus unrest. The report condemned the violent actions of some Stu dents at Kent state terming them intolerable. It also criticized the Ohio guard for using loaded weapons on the Campus and denounced the shootings As unnecessary unwarranted and the tragedy must surely Mark the last said toe commission that loaded rifles of the army units across equip guard nation with Short Range nonlethal weapons and protective clothing for use in riot situations. If the request is granted he said the Ohio guard would use weapons. But we will not have a Dou ble he said. We plan to use these new weapons f we Are called into the streets Ward no. 11 Maple red 71 while losing 93 killed Skinner 238, Johnson 6, Moore and 642 wounded. 36 Ward no. 12 Moore s Skinner 92, Johnson 4, Moore 55 and Ward no. 14 Friendship Skinner 91, Johnson 4, Moore 55. The City does not have a Ward no. 13. Fighting continued in cambo Dia however and was entered 48 Miles North of phenom penh at the government held Village of Taing Kauk. County observes Railroad Day he same As on the campuses 39 far As we re concerned Here is no difference Between a disturbance on Campus and on n the City streets. And we will still have some rifles. We re going to be pre pared in ease someone starts shooting at us Europe Nixon said he will make a radio television address at 9 . Not wednesday that will be the most comprehensive statement Ever made on his subject since the beginning of this very difficult he declined to give details of Inhat he intends to say but told newsmen it will not be limited to Vietnam and will cover All of Southeast Asia. The president also said his statement will not be limited to any of the particular subjects that had been speculated on in the news Media but will cover All of the major issues that Are involved1 in the Southeast asian among the topics speculated upon recently have been an in crease in the number of . Troops that will be withdrawn and a possible cease fire in Viet demos gop score a tie in Scranton s election Scranton republicans and democrats went right Down to the wire tuesday in a special election for a mayor and when the votes were tallied it was a tie. Running for mayor of Scran ton were John Singletary a Democrat and Ray Dubose a Republican and each received 86 votes according to Henry j. Cooper Secretary of the Florence county election commission. Cooper asked by the town Council for advice said there were two ballots which were improperly marked and they were thrown out. No one hav ing a majority Cooper said he recommended to the Council that unless there is a protest by thursday when the Council meets that they Call another election. The commission Secretary said that both candidates agreed at the conclusion of counting the votes that there would not be a protest count. Strom Thurman is await first child in Spring Washington a sen. Strom Thurmond 67-year-old South Carolina announced tuesday he and his wife Nancy a former Beauty Queen Are expecting their first child next Spring. The announcement amounted to a confirmation of rumours which circulated among news Mobile school boards have con Jmon in Washington and consciously selected building Sites Lumbia s.c., social circles for and constructed schools in past two Days. Thurmond manner designed to perpetuate separate schools for Whites and and his wife had sent written notices to close friends in the two cities monday. Mrs. Thurmond 23, the for Mer Nancy Moore of Aiken s.c., is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. She won the miss Aiken title in 1965 and went on to win the state Beauty Crown. She represented South Carolina in the miss America pageant in Atlan tic City in 1966 where she placed in the top ten. She will to 24 november 1st. Thurmond s first wife Jean died of cancer in Early 1960. They had no children. Puerto rican Rains leave heavy loss san Juan puerto Rico a two persons drowned an estimated 200 Homes were destroyed and More than persons evacuated As wide spread flooding occurred Over most of puerto Rico on tuesday in the Wake of three Days of torrential Rains. Gov. Luis a. Ferre asked the Federal government to declare the Island a disaster area. More rain was forecast Over a wide area of the Caribbean from the . Virgin islands to Haiti As a tropical depression remained stationary South of he dominican Republic. The same depression earlier had dumped up to 12 inches of rain in Barbados causing five deaths and millions of dollars in damage. As much As nine inches of rain fell Over a 24-hour period in puerto Rico. Civil defense director Ramon f. Calderon estimated losses at about million. One of the hardest hit areas was the Juaha Matos sector of Catano across the Bay from san Juan. The sector was under six feet of water from the flood ing Bayamon River and Resi dents were being evacuated local Offish is said. Wednesday is Railroad Day As Florence county continues to Cele brate the state s tricentennial. See Page 2a. California s no. 2 Law officer claims that a National conspiracy threatens the lives of policemen. See Page 6b Index ask Andy 9b classified 6b comics deaths editorials 4a markets so sports in 5a 9b 2a women the Groom s Mother Elizabeth Tay Lor captured most of the attention at a wedding in London. See Page 12a. Weather partly Cloudy and not quite As Cool today tonight and thursday. Highs in 80s Low around 60. Details Page 3a. Insurgents bomb bolivian Palace la Paz Bolivia a civil War broke out Between leftist and rightist military forces tuesday in Bolivia where latin America s m a s Ter in surjection is Ernesto Che Guevara was slain three years ago leftists bombed the presiden tial Palace and raked armed forces Headquarters with machine gun fire. The Battle was triggered by the resignation of leftist president Alfredo Ovando Candia. Early Story Page 6a that s where it lilt bystanders and Rescue workers Mill about tuesday after a Tornado hit Shawnee okla., a City of Auto Agency at left of picture was heavily damaged Ond two persons were killed in its falling rubble. A i would like to indicate that we do not consider this to be a propaganda Nixon said. We Are not saying it Sim ply for the As an indication of the . Attitude Nixon said he has instructed the chief . Negotiator at Paris ambassador David k. E. Bruce to Lay this propos Al on the at the next meeting thursday morning with representatives of North Viet Nam and the Viet Cong. Nixon said the statement had been prepared Only after very thorough consideration of All the issues that Are involved in our negotiating he said it has been discussed with the governments of South Vietnam Cambodia and Laos and has the approval of those governments As Well of course As the approval of the govern ment of the United among those in the adminis ration who have been involved n the discussions he said Are Illsworth Bunker ambassador o Vietnam with whom he met n California and ambassador Ruce and Philip Habib Bruce s Deputy whom he saw in Ireland and received their assessment f the situation and their recon Nixon said he will outline his speech to Cabinet members at 5 a. Wednesday and Brief a bipartisan group of congressional readers an hour later. Secretary of state William p. Ogers will Brief foreign governments who have expressed an interest or have an interest the area during the course if the Day he said. Ronald l. Ziegler White Louse press Secretary declined o expand on Nixon s Brief an Lounce enl other than to say hat a re examination of the . Negotiating position has icon going on since the cambo Dian operation was completed. Asked if the statement would include an announcement on Roop withdrawals Ziegler declined to comment further on that the president s message Ivou old contain. Nixon has pledged to have Roro troops but of Viet Nam by next Spring. Only of those arc scheduled now to be out by oct. 15

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