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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 6, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaThe family circus a Lonois Florence morning news saturday october 7-b Dolly con Cook belter than boys cause she s a natural born peanuts Why pier it you let me in when i rang the doorbell.? Nuj a Bumstead knew you tronsor you key she j. Asked me to _ a w i 1 i didst he climbs the stairs to the 6koko floor of the porm. My from the bocks once in awhile a Icke s Joe Cool to the after a a Orff out the 5w5. Andy Capp please Mou lot get what s so special about Imp familiarity f3reeps exempt Mary Worth f mr5 hard cd a lick or i d a fwd put j usually the bottle i Peck kit your a Jav miss i had known you it rec Petcka Kiili Wolf n guess the bust course 5 to you everything Dick Tracy coming Iki for Quick Check on we re just on our Way to but we will stand Nix Sara. If it is what we think Well. Need the Beetle Bailey ju5t tkchjp1ep you Cam Call on yeah but Pok be that s a toll Cal fl1ntstones the 6taluep car on his 1-1 was 20 has been removed amp to attic is i l. Abner amp he s kicking to Vito top disown nose. V Yvo taww.-ti-. 10-c, j Carroll Righter s contract n i n i b. Jay from Carroll Righter Institute Ali Liral Tonni Ingilis closely in opinions expressed by Host in Power is the Best Couise of action today. Then inter you can gain your objectives by a forceful attitude Good for delightful entertaining avoid criticism of others. Aiu is mar. 21 to apr. I j you arc Able to make new and interesting friends today but sidestep the Boring and die troublesome. Read Good books that could be educational As Well As pleasurable. Relax tonight. Taurus apr. 10 to May 20 a forceful Alinde toward of liars especially higher ups could in trouble today or tonight. Don t forget to pay an important Bill on time. Show that you arc a Fine ii mini May 21 to june Don t give up a new interest simply because you have not studied the details carefully. Id Finisy with obtaining inc data doing off on a Tangent now could Lead to real trouble. Moon civil Drin june 22 to july 21 lie sure to Complete any jobs you have left undone and make Good use of your Bunches. Listen to male More and you increase lie Harmony at Home. Avoid one who Bickers. Limo july 22 to aug. 21 if you first listen to what associates have to say you can come to a Leal understanding with them now so that conditions Are improved in the future. Stop being so demanding. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 do your share of any work connected with agreements you have made but make Suic you arc not stepping on the toes of others. I Tealla treatments can help you become a More vital person. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 if you show Good pals you like being with them you can have a wonderful Lime today. Don t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Show others that you Are Loyal lie cheerful. Scout to oct. 23 to nov. 21 if you listen carefully to what others have to say at Home you can improve conditions there appreciably. Help them to gain heir cherished arms. Don t be forceful with others. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 keep a vital appointment but make sure you Don t become Loo demanding. Much care in travel is necessary if you want to be sure to avoid an Accident line certain tonight. Capricorn Dee. 22 to Jan. 20 a More conservative Altitude is necessary rather than a dramatic one today for the Best results. Cut Down on present expenses and Liu ild up a Cash reverse likening is Fine for fun. Aquarius Ian. 21 to Leb. 19 instead of fretting gel Busy and do whatever will make conditions belter for you and cars at Home. Don t Force anyone to do things your Way. Use the More gentle approach. 1mscls feb. 20 to mar. 20 i engage in confidential activities now that will help put your affairs in better shape. Listen to the troubles of others but Don l become too involved. Take it easy tonight. Your child is born today be or she will he one of those delightful Young people who will be so involved with the troubles of others that it would be Well to i incl the education along lines of humanitarian work Medicine and the like. Getting into government or police work is also Fine Here. Tench not to give advice to others unless asked. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to Youl Carroll High scr s individual forecast for your sign for november is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and 51 to Carroll High apr forecast Florence morning news. I. Calif. 90028. 1973, Mcnaught Syndicate inc unusual play North dealer. North South vulnerable. Nowith 10 97 5 3 a 94 a85 West 4 2 v8 5 2 433 k 9 7 4 2 Soetji 8 a j 3 7 4 j 4q106 the bidding North East pass pass West s nine to win bul West played another club forcing out the Ace and soon got in with the Ace of Spades to put the contract Down one. Actually South should have made the hand. He should have allowed East to win the opening Kast Cal with be pack had he g ducked he would have finished v q 10 6 3 i h in tricks. 10 7 0 5 2 Cou d Hen do no better 4 j 3 than return a club and South s q-10 would have trapped West s King. Assuming that West covered the Queen Declarer would win with the Ace ploy a Diamond to the King and finesse the Jack of Spades. East would Lake the Queen but would be helpless. Whatever he returned West Declarer would dislodge the Ace i ass of Spades and score the rest of the tricks. There is a sound basis for ducking the Jack of clubs. West is marked with the King by East s failure to play it at trick one and the retention of the q 10 maintains two solid tricks for South. The advantage of refusing the Jack is that it cuts communication Between the defenders in clubs in Case the Suil is divided 5-2. If the clubs Are divided 4-3, the contract is equally secure for at most the defense will score two Spades and two clubs. To Duck is therefore perfectly sound even though it is unusual. South z v 3 it opening Lead four of clubs. There Are not Many hands where a play is truly difficult. Usually when a play is overlooked it is because the play is contrary to Normal procedure. Consider this Deal where West led a club and Declarer won East s Jack with the Queen. Spades were obviously the suit to attack so South led the Jack and finessed losing to the Queen Back Earne a club and South was in trouble. He permitted 1973 Kins features by crossword Puzzle inc across 1. Pieces 5. Siouan 9. Arsenic Symbol 11. Melville tale 12. Naph Tia 14. F Ovir 16. Trivial brr " 17. Pain Lily Iee in Bra .20. Cereal seed debates 23. Legal 50. Fat Pullet document 52. Giant 25. There 53. Hebrew Leler 26. Helot 54 colors 28. Deromie nation 5b. Finest n a intr 33. Goals 3i. Three toed sloth 36 Mosler. Priest 33. To c ii one in Golf 40 timeline .2 Davenport boy s Niculia Resolution of Lizzie 45. It air voices Down Dickens 2 copy 3. 4. So on 5 Glic Al Noges g toward Andy ask Gid a iof Ardy wild ii on a Posl card and a i Illo the fluence morning p. O. Box 911, Florence s. C. 75531. Studs i Cinns Lilc 20 volume we n the a Kilt in Curtis ii. Of Friuli Isiu Slin i Ulm this is Lului Tinnil until llu1 lit ills. Wincn Llic lir st Sjirk Niles loll in of hit Chr of pc ii d to Fiji re i tic sinc c in Yii ild Imp is in Cin pts vacuum. Tjin a iuk1 tint1 of Tho fir st of space surprises. To fisc Hiitt is Mil much material out Ali div hot worn llu1 panels. Hul Hutc is a Nim arum that s none. All it u m 28 agr exploration i Valeri Llinat vast Ivai i conf space Lieym eau the pm Nils is listed with Ain Airik Nui Crial called . So far1 we have not explored the solar system lint astrophysicists Ilia .sinitlai1 material also fills 1 he oceans of outer space Between the stars. On Earlh. We arc1 used in Hie three slates a Mailer that come in solids liquids Ami gases. I plasma has Bee i i Elined As a fourth Sale no Mailer. In is somewhat like the latin gaseous material we Light bulb is an almost vacuum a very skimpy mixture of particles. U Lien with an electric Nirry no. Ibey glow with Lik lil. The far Fhugh stars in outer space Are Seel Lizun nuclear . Likel. Radio Ami other dynamic elec energies. These energies Stream out from Star to Star crossing the vast oceans of outer space. In addition the stars and panels. The Moons and every Speek of Mailer in the universe also exec i the forces of Gravity in All directions. All these teeming streaming energies extend throughout our entire Galaxy in the spacious or eans in Lworn the stars and planets. I hey Enro Linlor thinly Scalier cil Par tides no mat Ter. Some of this material was emitted by Slars. Uvas and of her dramatic nuclear upheavals in i he Galaxy. A Tir example. Our Sun is but a medium mar. Al it constantly emits a so called solar wind of charged panicles solar flares and activities Emit is reams of particles Ilia cause Aiu oras in ours Wiesand disrupt i Adin Coli in our upper almost Here. The Hundred billion Slars of our Galaxy have been emiling garlic los of Mailer for Hill inns of years. This May account Lor much and perhaps must of the gaseous material Hal one spies outer space. And Likely the energies that charge the gaseous plasma also arc Emil cd in the stars. A vacuum of course is completely devoid us any pail Eles of Mailer whatever. We now know that 1 lie space in la Centre Earth the Moon amour neighbor ing panels is nut acne Pele vacuum la never. in the plasma Winch ills in is not very substantial. If inc Earth were hollow and filled with average space plasma in would hardly contain enough solid material . Andy sends a sex in a line set if Tiik s of Nahma to Michele Krisin. Ago 10. Of iary. In Liana. For her now can Yoi i Witik a 7. A jul a s poll 0. Handle 10 Pri Ihirg i Ion 13. Alicr song la. Cal 19. Earlola 21 s Niovi Anie 22 pipe 24.cavlier 21. 29. 30. J2. Lasic for lire 31. Darling 37r High Gold 39. Test 40. Cartoonist 41. Duj Plant hobbies 10 worn scan an 51. About Here s to your Good health by Peter j. Steincrohn. . Yourself Don t wasted the greatest murder machine in run. If Mill hold a Large coiled seashell to ear. You hear som Elbing Hal sounds ski Iho sea there is a soft surging swoosh Smoos i thai sounds just like the Waves washing up and Down on a faraway Beach. This seems especially if mites from the nearest each hut then you rom cml r that i be world of nature is full of miracles. Some Miracle i he Shell carries a secret record of the sea sound inside it. In would Ben ceif in a Shell hut Lens i Facie does Mil what we hear Are soft echoes from our own bodies. Hie coils in Sirle Lill Leei hoi Ham bars thai catch and copy is hands. When you hold the Shell to your ear in Call lies and Eelke s the soft sound of the blood surging or. Stein Jerohn Eileen lev i came across the Lerner iatrogenic i can t find the definition. Will you explain1 mrs it. not until the past few years could you find in in a medical exit Wmk. Either. What in Means is disease caused by you will agree ibis lakes some explaining. Doctors Don t go around purposely spreading contagion or Inu lion ally har Ming heir patients nevertheless unless they re extremely careful and tactful. 1 Bey can scare the Devil Ual of i hem. You go into a doctor s Ellice. You Wall in the Nuler mom. Apparently unconcerned Alx iut in the1 gradually anxiety mounts. In some More than in others you re Al last admitted to the inner Sanctum. You sit in a cubicle for More minutes. I begin to worry my inc mor e is the ii Lac Lump cancer Are the skips due to heart disease is All that Gas and pain due loan nicer perhaps the i no Ilc is High blink a pressure or serious blood disease now comes the Dix Tor himself. In he leaves tar. Behind if he roles not have Grid empathy for his patient he May. In he is not careful induce iatrogenic disease. Here is a patient with a functional head t murmur. Ii does t even deserve inc Linn. Hill i lie doctor Ali Nam you be got a heal t murmur doctor a heart murmur that s news to me. Is in do 1 have a weak the doctor Carl Sld pull such a patient tint of the deep pit Tif anxiety lie can say a functional minium1 t mean a tiling. You can play work Bard and forget in. Your heart s in most cases the patient will Cave reassured every Tai Hugh be May think of ins murmur from Lime to time hut suppose tin1 doctor in answer i the patient s evident anxiety s. Well Vou d Heller slow up a hit lust in Plav suppose while Laking a patient s blood pressure. The Dix Lar. Shakes his or Bunches Bis shoulders or lifts an Eyebrow As lie lets the air out of the machine. The pal enl asks. Is in All and the doctor is Runcorn initial. Or does to answer Al ail such Are i be i beginnings of some cases of iatrogenic disease. A per Felly Happy Pierson milks in and a Terri Lily anxious person Wal soul. Don t misunderstand. When the doctor finds organic disease the pal enl should know. A Lilber be gels frightened or not. What i be Lien saying is that needless anxiety should not lie instilled into n healthy patient tactless Ness or thoughtlessness. Tin1 other Day i heard a Man say. My Ilia Lor jus Given me a clean Bill of health. Hut he scares i be Ell out of Nie perhaps the fellow is suffering from Ial Ragonie perhaps he Lias in Chi Irmild lit Lijin l gel angina or an ulcer or crime tiling else that it s just

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