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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 6, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s saturday october our Soth year no. 279 Florence s. C. Daily sunday 15 Gray Fox engineering behind the scenes coup Assik a Tittl Ress wrist a Columbia api thereat of All 121 seals in in1 soul i Carolina House of inti single was Len Lalive by in Ilu Senate Lri a Lily a pulling coalition Liml included son. Mitrion cries Meltc. An amendment which would completely destroy a Blouse passed plan. Won conditional approval on Sei Ond Reading Afler a million lol Alcil was de foiled 22-11. Gresselle he powerful senior senator a end easily have in. Instead he greased inc skids fur u Halive passage. This led to educated .spccidalior.1 dial i he Gray Lux from i Illimani was Irving to Engineer another behind Crossell denied thai in com Mienl to newsmen after Iheson Alo session. He said la Iii from the standpoint of his own Eal position to would favor the semite As Well As inc House into single member disc rids. The amendment approved by hic Senate would allow in Kisia live delegations from about 21 proposed i Louse districts to recommend How their districts should be subdivided into in cities from which one House member would in elected. However. Arcs Scollo Coplein de to fellow s e n a i o is thai the Council had been asked pure plan which would not Cater to Ibe advice of the legislative delegations in drawing District lines. The Senate agreed to Euirn in session when the legislative1 comic in has Siuch plan either next tuesday or wednesday. Blacks. Republicans and democratic1 legislators have favored single member districts. Several such propos als were Defeated in inc House before the lower chamber passed a Hill grouping the counties into 2ft House districts. There was speculation by some House members that Cress Etle is backing Senate p a s s a g e of i Jillo lever the legislature Inlo passing i plan that he really prefers. A Lillini Hie House info 121 single Rem let Dis i its would mean ignoring county lines and Gressle heretofore Lias irn Elam ally opposed to that. There is no Way the stale s if counties ran to spill into 121 districts of approximately 21.mm residents and keep mainly lines in Rirl. Tresselle Renceh eff a rare Sel Back thursday when the Lull Senate Voled against a a captor Lio Niciu approved by a majority of judiciary Onmi Willce. In would have re lamed the grouping no counties into 28 House districts asap proved by the House. Hut. I he Lour most populous comics of Greenville Jiveh had Anil Sparlan Birg would to Subil Virled into Eluee or Loar House disc Ricks. Instead of elec Ling representatives by c no Law Jefe vote. Gressette. 71. I he Senate s president pro Lei pore and the Ingi Lalure s so Rongina on reap Poi Unn men. Is sure to be named chairman of the i Louse Senlac conference co Mintlee Oillie Bill. As Ibe Gibreal of single member districts As a club like Calhoun in univ de Mucial would in1 in a com manding position to Hammer out a Compromise on subdivision of the Lour Large to undies and retention of the grouping of Oiler counties. Food costs rising at High rate stil seeing double Terry Gettys plunges up the Middle for the st. John s Blue devils in their game against Southside Friday night. Bradford Calculi 60 makes the Stop for the Falcons with Jack Zeigler 62 coming to his Aid. Zeigler does t really have two Heads or four legs but is being shadowed by an unidentified Blue Devil. The game ended in a 6-6 lie. See Story Page 1c. Photo by Johnny Ellis Washington aim american Consumers should expect Lurler Sharp rises in food prices Over Ibe next six months. President a inn s chief economist said Friday. Fler Burl Stein chairman of Nixon s Council of icon Mic advisers told newsmen that a per cell annual Rale of in crease in fund prices is in he Ballpark of what the administration expects. Kven at that. Stein said the rapid increases will in1 slower than the More than 2m per cell jump in nod prices in the Lisl half of this year. We have passed die worst of i lie economic lever of he said. Hul Slein said i will be to Ward the end of before there is a Chance that Looe prices might decline alter a la. A Cringoli in a Mil the Middle of next year. The Price Cir Krasl was much gloomier than bad anticipated. The administration has been predicting a slowdown in food prices but had never put i figure on it. Shortly heroic s Ein s news Ronli Tiseo. The labor depart ment reported that tin Nalion s unemployment picture was essentially unchanged in septem Ber. The National jobless rate remained at -1 k per cent of tile Witryk Force. remained Strong dropping tar Ess than usual Lor september As More Een agers remained i the Job rather than return to school. N Cilber the work Force nor like number of people at work dropped As much As Normal Lor september. Slein was Erie Nur Igod by the jobs picture lint he said the nation appears to have reached Ibe Point when in is Dill cull to col the tale by pumping up the Economy. Lie said to was not sure whether the jobless rate will Bill to per cent by the end of year As Ibe administration has . A jobless Rale of it cell is considered virtually Lull employment. Slein did not restrict his Price i to Lood Industrial commodity prices probably will up sharply too. He said be inn Lapori Ngoi next year. The record drop in wholesale prices in september will he reflected Al the retail level. Slein said but not nearly to the same decree lie said both the wholesale and con Sumer Price reports will begin to show rapid increases again. The september wholesale Price report should not interpreted As meaning that we have come to the end of the m Fla lion retail Lood pric Csare heading up again because Hie administration s dim is to go to full agricultural production will Lake some time be said. And incomes will be Lisma in the meantime he said. Stein said be. Isu l sine what workers will do. Lie said he impede they would continue to seek moderate increases and understand that Large Settle i iils would Only make a bad i ice is nation worse. Tin i Niimd workers served Nolice bal would seek wage increases in cosh race talks reporters called to reveal sources Washington Iai 1 Law yers Lor vice pics Ideal Spiro t. Agni w subpoenaed a number of newsmen t riday in an attempt in make Ibern reveal the source of news leaks Alvill Ibe Agnew investigation. Lip orders Lor the new York tunes. New York daily news. Washington Tost. Washington slain news. Chs. Abc. And time and Newsweek Maga were1 ordered to appear ill the Federal court House in next thursday Wilh their notes of conversations . There1 was an unconfirmed Rop Orl Ibbil a was served on the Justice depart ment Ordoni appearance for Deji Osil Ion taking i Dpi Day. Tin1 had com ment. I a. Cronl Indue Walter in Holfman. Specially assigned to handle1 the Agnew probe has Given aging s vers aut Lufi ily to Issue such subpoenas. Depositions Are to lie scaled Anil nol to 1 r made part of any Public Ide. Sneler Hoffman s order. Agnew has Dino Luerd news leaks ii ont the investigation which inc Ludis allegations of Kie Kaeks. And singled out asst ally Gen Henry i Eti Tsen As the source of damaging leaks. I Elerson Anil like Justice department Dinic d he1 vice presidents charges 1 resident Nixon defended i Elersic ii. Div ing in i did not approve or. Peterson s handling no the in inti be la re moved of this a spokesman Lor Ibe new York times whose re port Nie violas Cage was those said we will vigorously on Hise this Slep ill the courts All the in a chs of Kiesman said re Firle a. F red Ciaram. Not Nowc Al ins sources. Ide Bard conc ii of the1 Washington Post was another subpoenaed and Hie Post s exec live Edi Teir i ii Jarniac. Hraillec1 sail we arc going to Liebl Ilas an invasion of the Kirsly Oll ers who received Subj Pik ii is Are. William Lierman Ollie new York daily news Liobel Wallet s and Lio Kalcl Sarro of inc Washington Star news Anil Stephan Leslier new the to time issued 1o All persons who wrote or Conli Ibn cd to articles i Mililli a the vie o presi . Free milk program tied up in Congress i a ree milk Lor some of the Nalion s s Iassc. Arising i my gov item clean Iii rules until the Oil Sti Orlage crisis is passed is holding up Linal ongers Isimal action on Ibe billion appropriations Bill Deparl Zient and null consumer agencies. Tie milk program is designed in make i Roe milk available Loas Many children As possible. An Coli Rnald million gel in nou. The figure would go to k million under Ilic Bill tin1 Nixon " in Back earlier ibis Vear to like Anil of free milk. I West Florence i defeats Camden i Post office to observe Holiday All mail it vat. Wilh hie1 exec Pilini of the it livery of perishable1 items Anil special deliver mail Pinsl nffiix1 i hives. Will lie sushi Iii to Mcm Dav in id Colimbus Day. Ai lording to c. S. I Solal sen ice officials. The Susie vision of mail include House Dilim Riis. Rural Nii Ili a and Nimlou Sale s Al the main psf of fact and Ilic Wasll lure acc station. Fleglar Cli i if sum dunes us facials said. Federal attorneys deny Agnew can t be indicted Al i the govt in men Argive re a riday Hal vice i a Zsidi in spun t Agnew cannot see k const Mil ional Protection irom Anil the in slip c Sug go Slid thai if Agne w is by a grand jury gives Ligating possible of expo lion Coo san Rich. Lui Wirry Anil lax Laws. I rial a Mel be delayed Al Agnew s to allow con Gressional in Peai Hoenl air Rex i dogs the Ili Pailin enl flatly of e Fioros to Ball till1 Federal Gram lorx1 investigation continuing Here Bill in an said. Tile Despai inn ill believes Hal this deference in the i Louse of s Al Ilic Post Siage. Though nut required is an Ai e Ion of file Respet Iive Llila rests ill vol cd the Iii Iel. Signed by sobe Tor Gen. Hob cil ii. Lork. A Iknou cd eel Ilia inc e motion to enjoin he jury now receiving Bun. Poses a give Anil unrest keel issih1." Hal in re Sci lid Agnew s run in lion Tinl i with the i resided under inc cons Tulion Hie same lights Protection a Ici Untim ill the can mint said no in Mii Nily exist. For uce Siresi Lien Noi a is men the Ziwei said inc i Lesi Deni dvrs have i Iuie i office Moisling land the Sli Lulion lesser. Ollices air ick. Wesl Florence Defeated Cam 20-3, Friday night while Defeated Mcclenaghan and souls Ido lied st. John s 6-6. Page 1c. Crackdown on gambling games i iat Eastern Carolina fair is prom ii ipod. Pago2a. Boston police arrest two in in cloning stabbing death of fish orman. Page 3c. 78 2a Index g churches 5a comics deaths doctor 6c editorials 4a markets 1c sports in Jim Stato area 1b it s mostly beef but not always j i weather sunny and warm saturday sunday Wilh no showers expo cod. Highs mid Jim 80s. Lows mid 50s. In tails Pogo 3a, mkt i in. N .1. Aim the Center Lor Medicine Here usually cond Hicls less of human Lissue for Hospi Las. Bal lately in s also been Leslie Lei beef for i spacious buy ers. A Velerina Iati phoned us a while Back with in quests from several Olio Wanold hamburger Lesley to if it was says or. Hugo prior. Pres Iilene of i he private film we Pride ourselves soil being Able in provide any lest we re asked for. So be test eco inc meal i Houglin Llilas Mil of our usual lie said we did in mostly As a cd mostly bal some Lxi if Woid spread and Pelly soon a Lanai in Ditlef in asking for i beef Icsis. Anil then a Imus store i Bain called.1 he said. We be done Aboul two i Xref less in All Lull iwo cases. Ilu meal turned Mil to he pure in of. I n Bor said one housewife s All i beef Haiti niger was four per cent pork Ami a Lesla Franl s beef Lille was . I Vilior would t name the restaurant. I Hiir says the lest Lor run mat Lissue Idelli Licarion involves the same Rea Clinn Hal occurs win a Singroy patient i feels a origin. Antibodies in a tissue react measurably in they Aie combined w ill Suhs Laners from an other kind of Issue he said. Pribor said the Center Sites not seek business by Way testing meal for individuals but does so Lor Ainone willing to Pat i r Afu a e Siai h ii gelling Ibe re . 1 a Oor Jil in seme Speaks i rum own s Inbur. In West Field "1 Loii nil Oil we 1 Iii i honest Bulcher who s been sell ing us Rei a beef one of the lug Hamburg r Pinoos Hal ils Itah Nicis arc him per eel bed. And an cmplom1 of oms got some of hint Ine Al Anil in Slid he sail ii Mically was per Lent mrs. Anna Hyatt Huntington great Bene actress of South Carolinas mrs. Huntington Dies in Connecticut it Tiki cd Llva l ii plan s and cd i Hinler no Gedrge Lonn com v s Ngai Lens. Did Al he i Home in Meli Iel. Conn thursday. F Ujiki ral Sci macs he . Bin a a ice will he held i i he Hel choir ii a native of Camj Miloc. Mas i s. 1 Juke Nylon s c e i in Ulp Luie i Oil Hun i Llu ars animal was Iii i bul in Lillo Shi a ii i l j i. In p d four Lorna i i pc in South and by 1 ii bad air indy begun developing Lien museum Amei sculpt Iii. Near i v All of i lie did Piee is in he Coll Cdon were Given by the Hun Miglons the can Lens have Alsoc in a wildlife Sand nary since i heir to Riding after tier husband s death. Mis Lynnl Melon remained inc acini lius lec gardens eventually Donaline in and surrounding Laud to Ibe stale1 of sooth Carolina the Aili Oming a Tea is now Blun Ringlon hear h slide f Ark

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