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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 5, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaNin stones base Tol Tige Rhino i la Trape Vou a couple of passe to the game for that Olp Timek they weresafln1 such Kasty thing about everyone who that i won t dare come away Tea on the table she o better ave a excuse when gets from that sewing Meetin of or s. Tracy to with a Little altering Well ask them to print i know every editor in town. None would print this phony fix. J the Crooks will Send this fake photograph i to the newspapers h in one hour. So they be chanced the show window Vou can t prove ? if you d started our Juith a 5hminfant instead of an infant Uiol drab a find upon ibo i they stay Suneet and cuddly we Fjon to maj ass6styoijr naturau00rn Usfo Micson in Law Sochaw at lamp of Novi von say Vou nausea pm Sot ahhsbanp.miz0us? he certainly is making it Tough on us other great lovers famous movie Star Rich acid Burpee bought his wife another Wilson doll a Diamono what do Vou think about that Mary Worth that s the Best ne.w5 i be heard years i be seeing a Young or. 50me. J Timenow-and1-i think i m in love with him 50und5 ominous Honey there s something should have told you before a. But knew you no mama upset beatle Bailey How come no this h0nkie combat office. On no birrs about you Are All never amounted to anything wat s a a omens liberation movement women lib got you _. I Carroll Rioh Tir a flu Nina monday Octor Swo crossword Puzzle from the Carroll Righter Institute general tendencies until Mida Furnon you have a Good Opportunity to Contact one in High position of executive or official authority and to Grant you a favor that is vital to your welfare. The remainder the afternoon and evening finds you very much inclined to Force issues and to be reckless. Therefore be careful of accidents. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 visiting new places until the Middle of the afternoon is Fine. Later avoid anything that could cause you to lose your temper. Handle routine work wisely after that. Retiring Early is Fine. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 Kin give you Fine ideas in the morning. Do not argue later while in travel or postpone it altogether. Concentrate on Home and family mostly. Buy appliances that ate helpful in the Home. Gemini May 21 to june 21 making appointments Early that will mean greater Progress for you is Wise but do not Start any arguments at Home later. Handling outside obligations wisely is also important. Do some Reading tonight. Relax. Moon children june 22 to july 21 being Alert to whatever is going on around you is important today. Don t give in to some urge to spend More Money than you can afford. Show greater cooperation where some associate is concerned. Be careful in travel. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 morning is a Good time to get that new plan working with a dynamic person you like but take care later not to argue with a fellow worker. Show Economy where pleasure is concerned. Use care in motion. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 instead of running Here and there for advice and information you need listen to what associates and Kin have to suggest. Give thought to the important things in life. Put recreation aside for the time being. ,1111 Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 instead of worrying about _ something you can do Little about get Busy making appointments and handling business affairs efficiently. State your views to others in a direct positive manner. Avoid arguments. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 you find Many ways to add to present income so forget All that gossiping with friends and get Busy. Fix your budget Early. Take time for personal duties that you have been neglecting. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 you have to arrive at the right decision where a personal matter is concerned today across 1 1.squeeze 4. Box top 7 irrational number 11. Yale form of esperanto 13. Unicorn fish 14. Associate 15. Soothing potion 17. District 18. Bowling Lane 19. Bricklayer 21. Moslem tills 22. Excited 27.ct3sh 29.goilclub 30. Fun Eyjian Indian 31. Hair net 32. Clasps n. Reddish Brown 2o. On vacation 40. Enthusiasm 41. Name for. 43. Old italian family Wii i beast solution of saturday s Puzzie Down aware 2.gums 3. Firs Opal it a 4. Flax fiber 5. Impression 6. Bumble be 7. Subconscious 9.annoy 10. Size Papst 15. Cave Dweller 38. Stout 19. Man s nickname 20. Gone by 21. Daughter of zeus 23. Mountain in Asia minor 24. Household chore 25. Menagerie 26. Purpose 28. Incumbents 31.sub.base 32. Initiate 33. Has debts 34. Final 35. Depend on 37. Performed 38. Negative prefix 39. Large Bird ask got a question for Andy write it pm a Post card and mail it to tie Florence morning news p. 0. Box 911, Florence s. C. 29501. Andy a personal matter is concer Aeu ii May sends a 20-volume set of the world Book and not delay any longer. Much social activity is Wise also but encyclopedia to Brenda Morrison age 10, of Stanley North Lent in your credit rating. Steadiness is a or her question Don t make a big Dent in your credit rating. Steadiness is a for Ner question virtue. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 Analyse How Long it How do broken Bones mend might take to reach the goal you have set. Think of a Way to Speed things up. There is Opportunity to get the answers that have been eluding you. Keep Busy. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 get together with Good friends at the recreations that mutually satisfy. Be Wise with an advisor who could unwittingly get you into trouble. Forget business for the time being. Concentrate on the personal. I Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 you Are Able your talents before the right people and make big headway with them. Listen to what they have to suggest. An associate is too preoccupied and therefore cannot give you the right advice today. If your child is born today he or she will be one of those Young people who can t seem to hold the Tongue and acts impulsively. Others could be quite annoyed so be sure to give the right religious training Early. Intelligent discipline can bring balance. Above All teach never to come to a definite decision until All facts Are known. An Ideal Chart for importing or exporting Workin foreign countries Etc. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for october is now ready. For a copy Send your birthrate and s1 to Carroll Righter forecast name of Box 629, Hollywood Calif. 90028. C 1970, Mckaughn Syndicate inc contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker top record Holder in mail individual Chomio Nihil play West dealer. Neither Side. Vulnerable. North famous hand diamonds West q10 6 5 4 vakq10983 a _ 4ak654 East akj98732 South 4 j10642 vj7654 South Hope of making it and partly the purpose of jamming the bidding. He later doubled six hearts but wound up taking second Money. The dutch Declarer lost a Spade and no More scoring Points. As a matter fact South would have made an Over trick had West led a Dia mond instead of a club. The other american pair Miles and Feldesman had far better Luck. Their bidding went North the bidding West North East pass 2 s pass Dale opening of clubs. Freak hands produce Freak results As witness this Deal played during the 1962 world Bridge pair olympiad. All kinds of results were achieved at the 39 the hand was played but we ecord Here Only those obtained by the two american East West pairs. At one table Jordan and finished bid their cards As shown. The two Diamond bid by North showed game going strength but not necessarily partly in the i a broken Bone mends itself though it needs two kinds of assistance to do a proper Job of it. A doctor must set it and the i patient must practice a lung spell of patience. When you glue together a broken Saucer you make sure that the edges Arev fitted Back to together in their proper places. This is somewhat Ike Bone setting. Then the Bone is kept in place with splints or a card cast while the break cements itself together. The body repairs skin and flesh wounds in Days or weeks. But it May need everal patient months to finish cementing a broken Bone. Bones have special cells called Ost oocytes. They can produce Collagen a very Tough protein material that can be made into Ong fibres. The body uses make hair tendons and a irm web that connects All the soft cells of the flesh and skin. The Collagen made to build Bones has a special Quality though nobody knows How it works. It can attract Calcium phosphate. 1 his hard durable chemical refuses to dissolve. It is just right or stiffening the Cement to mend a broken Bone. Several things must be done before the fracture is ready to be demented. A hard Brittle Bone has a soft Center called the marrow an outer Sheath of double membrane. In the hard nourishing blood seeps through a network of pores and pockets. The marrow and the membrane Sheath Are riddled with busier blood vessels. Those special Ost oocyte cells Are present in the stiff Bone in the soft marrow and the inside layer of the Sheath. When a fracture occurs blood seeps from the broken Bone the marrow and the Sheath. It soon clots to Stop the building. But it s too late to save the starved cells on both sides of the leakage. Some of their hard minerals Are carried away and broken ends become rubbery. Meantime the blood clot forms a Lumpy wad All around the breakage. Now the Oslo bytes get Busy producing Collagen and More col been. Fresh blood flows to the wounded area bearing nourish a _ i live a West pass Dale East 54 South pass South s pass gave West the Opportunity to pile another preemptive bid on top of the one his partner had made. Over West s seven diamonds North found himself deeply frustrated since he had not yet bid either of his suits. He doubled for want of anything better to do and everyone passed. South had to make a Blind opening Lead knowing very Little about his partner s hand after great Travail he led the Jack of Spades. This permitted Declarer to make four Spade tricks thus avoiding a club loser and East West made seven diamonds doubled for a Scon of Points. This was Points better than their compatriots had done diamonds. Jordan jumped to 1 with exactly the same cards 55 1970, King features Syndicate. Inc tomorrow detective work. Fatta by or. Herbert Spaugh there is no limit to what can a striking illustration of this was related recently in Charlotte by or. Billy Graham in his Sermon at the funeral of t. W. Wilson sr., a dedicated Christian Layman of great prayer Power. Some years ago Wilson was selected As North be accomplished by prayer thousands will agree on that. The Bible tells us in the Book of James that the effectual Fer vent prayer of a righteous Man Avail eth if individual prayer righteous Man avails much the United prayer of a righteous group More. Jesus said if two of you shall agree on Earth As touching anything that they shall ask it shall be done for them of my father which is in heaven. For where two or three Are gathered together in my name there am i in the midst of Matthew 18 Carolina father of the year. There is no question about his deserving the title. Head below. According to or. Graham when he was a boy his father w. Frank Graham and close Friend t. W. Wilson met for prayer with a Small group o dedicated Christian laymen in a Dutriz. J. I con i Usu Nuevo in Tut. If uni Ivett u. Ment and minerals. The special Bone Collagen grabs All the hard Calcium Mineral it can and uses it to stiffen its Tough fibres. This calcification Job begins in the Center of the blood clot around tha ragged Bony edges. Actually it fortifies the Tough fibres of col Agen to create new Bone. This material forms a firm callus around the wadded Region. Its Fine fingers poke through the clotted blood forming a hard Lacy network. They Pierce the soft rubbery edges of broken Bone stiffen them and Cement them firmly together. The repaired Bone is As Good As new and sometimes a bit stronger. The human Skeleton is made of durable material built to last in dress of years. In the everyday world it takes More time to mild a sturdy House than a shoddy one. The body also needs lots of time to build and repair its sturdy Bones. While a broken Bone s mending it needs help to hold it together. The patient wears a cast to keep the pieces in place until the Bone grows Strong and straight again. Andy sends a world Book Atlas to Jay fold age 12, of St. Louis Missouri for his question what exactly does ethnology mean the last part of this word Means a science or Field of study As it docs in geography. It was borrowed from a greek word meaning words of Wisdom. The first part of ethnology also comes Down to us from the greek language. Originally it meant a tribe or nation. Later its meaning was modified to stress the characteristics of various Peoples. This is its meaning in the word ethnology while ethnography delves into the geographical origins of different Peoples. The major science of Mankind is anthropology. Ethnology is one of its specialized branches. Its subject is the fascinating customs cultures and heritages of All the different groups of humanity. In a Small Way you become an ethnologist when you get to know somebody of another race Creed or color. Anyway the situation provides an Opportunity to observe a few interesting ethnological differences. Quiet spot on the Wilson farm the Burden of their prayer was that the lord would Call out of Charlotte some dedicated Young men who would go out into the world to preach the gospel with Power. Or. Graham listed four men who went into the ministry As a result of that prayer meeting. Three of Wilson s sons the Rev. , the Rev. T. Wilson jr., the Rev. David Wilson. And then or Graham modestly added and i am the fourth in that three of these men Are a part of the Billy Graham team Graham himself and two of the Wilson Brothers Grady Wilson and t. W. Wilson. Add to the Graham group another member of the team the Rev. Leighton Ford who married Billy Graham s sister. Now do a Little figuring for yourself about the results of that farm prayer meeting. In the history of the Church there has been nothing Ike the Graham crusade in reaching millions of people for 3od, and Jesus Christ. It is my conviction there is no greater Blessing which can come Oman than to have been reared n a godly and Loving Christian lome. The Graham team came largely out of two godly Chris Ian Homes where they were literally prayed into the ministry. And May i add my personal testimony. It is my privilege to Lave been reared in a godly and Loving Christian Home from which i too was prayed into the ministry in spite of my reluctance prayer is not absolute. It is still a tremendous and vital Forde. The wooer learn that the sooner Wah Tad the solution to our problem amen

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