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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 5, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 278 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. A. Monday morning october 5, 1970 daily lot sunday report says intolerable Kent state blame to guard students struggle for Nasser s Power got started quickly Washington a Stu Dent violence and National guard gunfire alike at Kent state University were condemned As intolerable and Inex monday at the students or any thing else. J guardsmen under sniper fire. Nothing was Lent Anwar Sadat. By Roy Essayan associated press writer Beirut Lebanon a the backstage Power struggle to succeed president Gamal Ablel Nasser in Egypt began ally the Dav of Nasser s funeral. Minister who once was picked by Nasser to succeed to Sadat stepped provisionally ii he presidency into Nasser s shoes As the Constitution provides for a 60-Day Wiander in chief Gen. Mohammed Fawzi Corn Egypt s Iii in oct 111 a Jjck i ecu i in c i. I i woj r the drawing room of his suburb Pend following Nasser death is believed to ban Cairo a Lla less than 28 Sadat health after his doctors pronounced him dead. Highly informed sources said the tension Between potential successors came to the Date not regarded As have no personal ambition for a i the presidency but his views Strong candidate for Long term May de decisive in the succession. Choice final than a year was absent. It. Lined up m opposition to Sabry s it was considered significant that Fawzi sided with ing Sabry. Appeared to have the majority oppose front rank of possible Succes Heikal himself h Ime Rous enemies through his the Long special relationship with proposals dealing with funeral the open the morning after Nas 1 Nasser. He is not a candidate arrangements. He is said to j ser s death. Information minis j for the presidency but clearly have expressed concern that j Ter Hassanein Heikal one of the j is trying to play a key role in Egypt s first line of j dead Leader s closest friends be j the secret juggling for Power. The Suez would be weak elected Muhieddin to write Nas the sources said the immedi there Are Severa dark Toli surface at a i emergency meet i essentially Between air marshal a m of Klimt non of Nonty katto horses. Usable sunday by tial a presiden were not z called by then vice pros Ali Sabr a one of members j Fawzi and Sabry were present i no old lieu of Inen vice Rebi it in Conn in of the higher executive the found to indicate that anyone other than a guardsman Dis commission which probed charged a during Tufi in. The May 4 killing of Jour the report said. People in the dents and the wounding of nine i intolerable was the word crowd were not closer than 20 the presidents commission on Campus unrest assigned to Thep Ards to Tlle guardsmen never actions of some students. Bayonet Point As one said necessary warranted and i and the main body was some 75 inexcusable was the commis-1 Yards away when the firing of Sion s judgment on guard gun curved the danger m g re i danger which called for lethal the Kent state tragedy must surely Mark the last time that the student Assem. Loaded rifles Are issued As a by a Stamatel by Cam. Matter of course to guardsmen area who h confronting student Adion f at tors the commission said the outset further the commission used thai a became the Kent state experience to in transcendent Issue and it never of Egypt s ruling party three Days later soviet pre and Zakaria Muhieddin the Rel Jency session m Nasser s Villa. Muhieddin who had been in Semi disgrace and Roger Alexei n. Kosygin person actively moderate former Interi-1 virtual House arrest for More ened if too Many troops were ser s main obituary for the gov brought in for funeral crowd j eminent daily Al ashram. Control duty. At the Start of the funeral on oct. 1. Sadat was overcome with fatigue. He collapsed and several other leaders wrote was carried to his reap Sabry s objections were Over j Sabry and i Pear later in the Day at Nasser s ruled by the other seven Mem Al ashram merely re j grave. The official Middle East Bers of the higher executive Jerred to them in passing. Expe-1 news Agency promptly an committee of the Arab socialist or fenced Cairo watchers immedi i bounced that Sadat had had a Union. Egypt s Only part. Lately placed Muhieddin in the heart attack. Derline the recommendations of its main report last week which called for a Cooling of rhetoric on All sides moral leadership was by the president himself and Fri to suggest an end to undue leniency by some College administrators and unwarranted harshness by did disperse the crowd As it set out to do. Found by the ads students for a democratic society ele ments had a hand in the disturb ances. However Fri inform crime Bill votes face Congress Washington a con some Law enforcement lion indicates the burning of the the Kent stale tragedy j Al a Machete my drawn from hundreds of inter k customarily views three Days of hearings to Ful rashes and pages of Fri Muesli a proportion gation the commission found my of those at hate not part i Kent stale students. The weight of evidence Thwe we no evidence Tel shows no order was Given to a d d Moln. Tonal guardsmen to tire pm i i cigarette was a pocket of someone else s jacket used to cover a shooting victim. 61 shots were fired from my 30-caliber High velocity rifles a Shotgun and two 45 Caliper pistols in 13 seconds at about p.m., hitting the 13 students. Nearest student wounded two of them were 20 Yards press leaders want votes on two from the guardsmen. The near major crime Bills women s. Est Jett Amer. Was 85 to rights and a near billion de sense Bill in the next two weeks they can keep re elec he. Conscious members in town that Long. With elections for the entire House and a third of the semite u. S., Viets turn Back red attack 77 enemy soldiers Are slain reds orioles take league playoff games president Nixon Young Irish Colleen share joke president had Small but enthusiastic Welcome at Limerick Ireland a Only four weeks off there is talk House members at least recess Friday and go Home to their campaigns. Even so the ouse might be Able to get out its two Bills a Tough measure against j 90 Yards away. All told 11 of the 13 were from 75 to 250 Yards away. Dean Kahler 100 Yards away was prone when he was hit in the left Side of the Small of his Back. Kahler was Para lazed from the Waist Down. Both organized crime and Home had bullets in the Chambers of their weapons loaded and locked from the moment they stepped on Cam pus saturday night. All that was needed to fire was a Finger flick i of a switch near the trigger before in the 35 hours be fore the shooting guard detach ments had Knelt and levelled their rifles without firing. Throwers and the huge defense appropriation. The defense Bill reportedly j the commission headed by Bitin from pres a former Pennsylvania gov. Wil Dent Nixon s billion request i Jam Scranton had this to is scheduled for House action next week but there is pressure to get it out Friday. Both Bills Are important to the campaigns Many Mceben want to Register Law and order votes for the crime Bill and Economy votes on the defense pus say of students violence by students on or off the Campus can never be justified by any grievance philosophy or political idea. There can be no Sanctuary or immunity from prosecution on the Cam Nixon discusses talks deadlock spending Bill. But Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield has schedule More work in tha next two weeks than the Senate could normally handle in a month third attempt tuesday to invoke cloture and halt debate for a vote on sen. Birch Bayh s constitutional amendment for direct popular election of the president. If closure fails again the Bill is expected to be put off or less time consuming alternatives taken up. On the legislative reorganization Bill which emphasizes reduced secrecy in Congress procedures. Vote on the House passed million authorization to More than double Federal Aid i state City and local Law enforcement agencies. On a measure prohibiting sex Bias which passed the House with Little opposition but which has run into arguments in the Senate that it is too far reaching and would overturn More american traditions than intended. I those who wreaked havoc on the town of Kent Siose who burned the both building those who attacked and stoned National guardsmen and All those who urged them on and applauded their deeds share the responsibility for the deaths and injuries of May 4." Limerick Ireland a presiden Nixon spent sunday morning with his Vietnam peace envoys seeking ways to break the deadlock in the Paris talks then later turned his attention to the Middle East and the role of he 6th Fleet there As a Force for peace. The Middle East came up during a talk with newsmen at an evening reception. He said., the United states is prepared to boost the 6th Fleet s abilities Are threatened by other Powers. He did not mention the soviet Union by name although it has been in creasing its own naval Power in the Mediterranean since the 1967 Arab israeli War. I am convinced that the 6th Fleet is Able to meet its Mission of d e the r r i n g irresponsible elements in the Mediterranean Nixon said in discussing his visit to the Fleet during his nine Day Lour. I m convinced that essential that the 6th continues to have then speaking of possibility that other it is Fleet this the naval forces might belong to a Power that takes a different position from the one we take on keeping peace the presi Dent said of the Fleet we shall be prepared to increase its strength if that strength is threatened by other he portrayed Jordan s civil War As the Type of conflict in the Middle East which because of actions by irresponsible Radical might set in motion events leading to a confrontation Between the major Powers. This situation of possible danger May continue for some time the president added and that is Why there must be military stability. He con tended that the 6th Fleet con tributes to stability. The president s Day began with the Vietnam War and the Paris peace talks As the top subject. Nixon who plans to report to congressional leaders t h i s Eek after returning to Washingotn on monday night from his nine Day Europea tour spent two hours at a Lux urious Irish estate with his new chief negotiator at the Paris talks David . Bruce and Bruce s Deputy Philip Habib. 1st lady s relatives plentiful Ballin Robe Ireland. A Nixon found More cousins than i knew about on a six hour sunday morn no tour of the Irish Homeland of her grandparents. She was greeted with tears of excitement gifts of Crystal vases a cup of Irish Tea and homemade Raisin bread. Her helicopter frightened the cattle sheep and chickens into a stampeding run in the peaceful Grey Stone fenced Green pastures As she flew on a Rainy morning to visit the ryans and Mchughs descent Saigon a . And South vietnamese troops re a filled a company sized North vietnamese attack on an out j Post South 6f Danang before Date sunday killing-11 soldiers. The . Command said three americans were killed and four wounded in the clash which highlighted a Day of intensified Battle action in South Vietnam. The Allied commands in Sai gon claimed a total of 108 ene my slain in the fighting concen rated mostly in the Northern Ive provinces and the Central Highlands. Enemy gunners fired about in 122mm rockets into the . 4th infantry division s base Camp at an in the Central Highlands and also fired recoil Ess Rifle shells into one of the division s Landing zones to the Northwest the . Command Aid monday. No americans vere killed a spokesman said and the number of wounded was the mortar shelling of a . Army Post at qui Nhon inflicted Light casualties and no deaths also he said. The reds and orioles sunday won their second games in the major league baseball playoff series. Each team now needs one Morel playoff Victory to move into the series. Page 1-b. Index classified 4b i the bolivian army is sit on which Way to go in a governmental dispute. Page 7-a. The huge statue of Abraham tin Coin in the Lincoln memorial is get Ting a thorough cleaning to remove insects pests. Page 8-b. Comics Farni service men sports Heaters women 7b 5a 8a in 4b 6a wants of Ter grandparents she has t a mind on her either she s and modest that said a woman in the welcoming crowd As mrs. Nixon stepped from the helicopter to the Village Green. A big Banner in Gael c read read Mille faille a Hundred thousand a ban d played it s grand to see then swung into the Irish National Anthem the soldiers and the . Marine corps hymn. John Coll ran a local school principal welcomed mrs. Nix on to the Home of your East of an near the Mast a crewman was wounded when a . Helicopter was shot Down while supporting ground the . Spokesman Gaid american infantrymen killed five Viet Cong and suffered no casualties in the action . Marines operating South of Danang reported killing nine enemy soldiers without taking any casualties. Terrorists in two incidents North of Saigon killed 15 Viet namese and wounded seven. South vietnamese Headquarters reported. It said six civilians three sol Diers and a policeman were killed and five persons were wounded when an explosive charge went off in a restaurant eight Miles North of the capital. Weather generally fair through monday night. Tuesday partly Cloudy and warm. High upper 70s. Low mid. 50s. Detail Page 2-a. Gives warning Jordan minister eyes guerillas Amman Jordan a information minister maj1. Adnan Abu Odeh accused the two main leftist guerrilla groups sunday of plotting against King Hussein s he warned that the government will use Force if the guerrillas resume political activity in Amman. At a news conference he identified the alleged plotters As or. George Habash s marxist popular front for the liberation of Palestine and Nayef Hawatmeh s m a o is t palestinian democratic front. Front. Each has a Price of on his head. Odeh claimed Habash is now in Beirut and Hawatmeh in Amman. In Beirut a spokesman of the pulp denied Habash was there but refused to disclose his whereabouts. Odeh said the army had agreed to release guerrillas taken prisoner during the 11-Day civil War. He urged All guerrillas to join Al Fatah the largest of the groups. We were not fighting guerrilla organizations but political parties which were banned before the 1967 War with he said. He charged that these parties used the guerrilla movement to resume marxist activity. He said the government did not intend to demand the withdrawal of the militia forces in Amman. These Are palestinians who had part time militia training. But he declared they would be expected to hand Over their arms to their Parent guerrilla groups. The arms would be stored outside the capital to be used in Amman again Only if it was exposed to attack by Israel. Three Southern districts involved in High court cases by Jeffrey d. Alderman three Southern school districts All of which have offered comparatively Little resistance to past desegregation orders Are involved in six appeals to be heard by the . Supreme court starting oct. 12. The appeals cover a Broad Range of school desegregation issues and one May decide whether Southern districts need to use busing or other Means to achieve racial balance in schools. None of the three Mobile ala., Charlotte n.c., and Clarke county Tain All Black or All White schools by Law hut some such schools exist in the districts be cause of neighbourhood living patterns. The most pressing questions Are contained in the Mobile ala., Case. It involves an Appeal by negro parents of a ruling by the . 5th circuit court of an peals which said Mobile had satisfied the supreme court s 1954 desegregation order. Mobile had adopted a neighbourhood school plan along lines suggested by the department of health Edu cation and welfare. Might All Black schools were left intact. Black parents appealed saying the plan docs not live up to the 1954 ruling. Four of the appeals the supreme court will consider Stem from the Complex Charlotte Case. A Federal District judge or dered an extensive busing plan to achieve racial balance in Chr Charlotte system. The order came after the school Hoard failed to come up with an acceptable desegregation plan. The High court will determine if the judge misused his discretion in tic ruling. The Case involves two appeals. After the judge s ruling school officials tried to Block it by invoking the state s Antibus ing Law. A three judge Federal District court panel held the an Tib using Law unconstitutional. This is the basis for two More appeals. Things arc the Oiler Way around in the Clarke county ga., Appeal. The school system came up with a busing plan of its own but the state supreme court unanimously barred the plan. Lawyers for Black Stu dents appealed the ruling to the . Supreme court. Mobile has had comparatively few racial problems in the past. It was the first cily in the stale where the City commission named a biracial advisory com Mission and among the first to appoint a negro to a major policy making Board the housing Board Normal Public school enrol ment in the District largest in Alabama should be about pupils have entered private schools during the past several officials say but Many years. Officials expected about to enrol this year in the Public schools. Mobile first began desegregation under court order in 1963 when two negro seniors were assigned to All White Murphy High school. School officials say of the system s then Stu about fill per cent were assigned to schools with biracial student bodies during the 1968-Fiil school year. This went up to about than 95 per cent of the enrolment last year. Sec school pane 5-a

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