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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 4, 1973, Florence, South Carolina Dowd iss7-1970 James a. Rogers a filor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general Manater thursday october the maturing South when Southern governors met a few years ago the Bill of fare was pretty much pro Dick Noble. There would be a lol of Hof. Rhetoric condemning heavy handed Washington and in sup port of states some Choice invectives would be hurled at the supreme court and whoever happened to be in key positions of National leadership at the time. Whatever the fed eral government was doing or attempting in the Field of civil rights and desegregation would be soundly flogged. Compared to some of those Stormy sessions of years past the recently concluded gather ing of the Southern governors conference at Point Clear ala., was a staid affair. Stales rights was t mentioned except briefly in connection with discussion of intrastate freight rates and National Energy policies. There were no flaming racist speeches. The 18 governors focussed their attention on matters of More Trade Indus trial development tourism regional cooperation Energy exploration health care social services deep water seaports and planned growth policies. Gov. Luelvin ii. Evans of the Virgin islands was elected the conference s first Black chair Man. The routine manner of his election gov. Evans said reflects the racial Progress thai has occurred in the South. The Tenor of he conference was progressive. North Caro Lina s Youthful gov. James k. Holshouser or. Expressed the Hope that the South could be come a Model for the nation leading the Way in such important areas As land use and growth policies. Similar senti ments were expressed by Sev eral of his counterparts that old spirit of isolation from the rest of the country that permeated past gatherings of Southern governors was hardly detectable at Point Clear. A spirit of belonging being part of mainstream America was on the other hand Central to deliberations of the Gover nors. All this bodes Well for the South. It bespeaks a maturity in regional politics economics and Outlook which indeed can make a Region once considered nation s stepchild into a Leader and Model for the coun try. 1 thirty for William b. King one of the newspaper by lines during world War. I that meant More to florentine than readers elsewhere perhaps was that of William r. King. He was a Hometown boy covering the big King grew up in Florence and graduated from Mcclenaghan High school. After graduating from the University of South Carolina he joined the associated press in Columbia be came Bureau chief there and went on to new York to work in the wire service s Cable department. When the War heated up in Europe in 1940, he was sent overseas to cover developments for the a in several european capitals and North Africa and the Middle Kast. He accompanied the american forces thai began their drive across North Africa in late 1942. After the War ended King served for a time As european Public relations director for Unic if with Headquarters in Paris and in 1951 he joined tic u. S. Information Agency. His career with the Usia an eventful one included Tours of duty in Yugoslavia Iraq India Pakistan London and finally at Usia Headquarters in washing ton. At the height of the cold War in 1953, King was attacked by noting yugoslavs while he was serving As Usia chief in Bel Grade. He was on assignment in Baghdad in 1958 when the King of Iraq was overthrown and the american embassy was invaded by angry mobs. He was credited with preserving the safety of Usia employees and their families during the internal unrest and was subsequently awarded the Usia s Superior service award for Protection of the interests of the United states at personal risk and under arduous King s retirement last year closed out a 20-year career with the Usia. He was assistant to the Agency s director in Washington at the time of his retire ment. Since then he had lived in Charleston where he died monday at age 62. King frequently returned to his Hometown for visits with family and friends. His sister is or. Mary King longtime psychologist with Florence District 1 schools. His brother Rives King is a Well known Florence businessman. His Mother mrs. Margaret Rives King also lives in Florence. King s death ends the career of a Man who distinguished him self both As a journalist and a foreign service information officer. Campaign spy reports cow Moke o Book u. Detente seems to Hove slowed Roderick Al news analysis Tokyo a months after on american Liaison office opened in peking and despite continued people to people exchanges. The improvement in relations appears to have slowed. The reason seems to be growing chinese anxiety Over moves by the United states and the soviet Union to draw closer together particularly Over Western Europe. This theme was first sounded by 1 Scmier Chou in Lai on aug. 24 in his report to the 10th communist parly Congress in which he saw a Western plot to free he russians in Europe for adventures against China. Thai line of dunking Lias been repeated in a series of editorials and was raised again in the speech tuesday of Deputy foreign minister Chiao Kuanghua before the . Leneral Assembly in new York. Peking s references to relations. Which formerly were described in warm terms have muted since the parly Congress. Chou dismissed them in a single sentence Sav ing they have been improved Chiao used the past tense in his Long address observing thai China started to improve her relations with the United states on lie basis of peaceful coexistence. Allaying chinese fears presumably will be one of the major objectives of . Secretary of slate Henry a. Kissinger when tie goes to peking later this month. Chou saw the two superpowers As contending for domination of the world with Europe As the focus. The declaration of this year As the year of Europe and the convocation of the in Roopan Security conference indicate that strategically the key Point of their Contention is Chou said. The West always wants to he soviet revisionists eastward to divert the toward China and it would be Fine so Long As All is quiet in be West. China is an attractive piece of meat Cove cd by All. Hut this piece of meat is very Tough and for years no Otic has been Able to bite Chiao asserted at us United nations thai there is Only a travesty of peaceful coexistence Between the russian and chinese. The substance is coexistence in he added. Bui whether such coexistence can last is of course another Washington Tim two correspondents who doubled As Nixon spies provided the White House last year with a fascinating running account of sen. George Mcgovern s presiden tial Campaign. Their confidential re purls would make o Ixion which might be called " Hie making of a by Jock Anderson under the code name Chapman s Seymour fret Lin and Anne Goldberg Click Alcott reports some times twice a Day in Nixon aide Mur Ray Chotiner. He distributed copies to while House chief of staff ii. H. In Aktiv Nian Ami Campaign direeloi1 Clark Macc Rygor. Freidin followed the Mcgovern Campaign until sell. 5, 1972, when cold Berg took Over As the new Chapman s Friend. We have obtained their re ports and checked them with sources close to tic Campaign. Some say the spy reports Are accurate others claim they arc distorted. Bui the secret pair gave the while i Louse an account of a Harum scrum Campaign which Freidin called Mcgovern s flying circus Cuil Goldberg described As a disorganized discs Here Are typical excerpts aug. 23 by the end of the mid West tour Mcgovern was saying privately that tic operation Musl he lightened up some of the strategy sessions were almost comic in a Knol of twos and throes in the Fairgrounds at Springfield was an example. Spot decisions were being made on walk hours h was something of a reminder of the 1968 Early swings of Hubert Humphrey bad sched uling poor crowds and lion the Liaison Between run Ning male Sarge no Shriver and Mcgovern was Gossamer at Best non existent in worst the entourage is too Busy with its own delicious thoughts and wisecracks. Ii should be carefully noted that jealousies keep growing and some i Naramura upheavals should nol be Public forum. Army band concert lauded to the editor i am a newcomer to Florence from Ohio. Through the Ever thoughtful Ness of my husband s daughter mrs. Conner my husband and. 1 How authentic Are those to the editor the answer to a lot of Icse hundreds of shortages the news Media has been telling us about Ever since Early last Spring when the Oil companies scared Heck out of the nation with a series of false reports is for us to realize thai ibis wealthy nation could hardly come up so Short of so Many commodities in so Short a Lime. It is very apparent to most people that most shortages Are fakes tricks to hide to Hind by the Middle men of America while raising prices. Of course the wheat Sale in Russia and our monetary devaluation has contributed to the prices increases. To need to continue selective buy ing and resisting. Were privileged to attend Hie Flor ence concert of the United slates army Field hand Washington inc. 1 say thank you to the chamber of Commerce for sponsoring ibis great band Al the Beautiful West Florence High school. Truly it was Awe inspiring. Tribute and Praise Are due the conductors and band for a magnificent performance it will remain a wondrous night of music to me. Florence Mina k. Ferguson Arl Richards Florence Beem reassi6ued from Bauk holdups to Don t remove Laird s name from the presidential hat by Llonas Smith congressional quarterly Washington add this name to the list Washington figures who have taken a careful look at the political permutations thai might should vice president Agnew resign Mclvin f Laird. . President Nixon s chief Domestic Counselor and former Secre Lary of defense has been the target of charges from the Agnew Camp that he was part of a White mouse at tempt to pressure Agnew Inlo resign ing. He has consistently denied these however told congressional quarterly in an interview that Sev eral Republican members of con Gress including rep. John .1. Rhodes chairman of the House re publican policy con Imilce have urged him to run for the presidency in 197g. Laird said emphatically that he has ruled himself out of the race because of the number of other Strong con tenders As Well As his own wish to retire from politics after he leaves the n Ixon staff. He also said will equal Fervour he would nol he inter ested in the vice presidential Nomi nation in the event that Agnew should me Down. I mean i be talked that Over with my wife and we be decided that we re not he said leaving the 1 nought uncompleted. Maybe if i d been in some other business for the last three decades maybe i d have the desire to Laird said Fiul i have not that de sire now. And you be got people with great desire for licked off the names of Sev eral leading contenders for the re publican nomination new York gov. Nelson a. Sen. Charles ii. Percy of Illinois California gov. Ronald Reagan and former Texas gov. Lohn i Connally. Why the Republican parly win in 76, because it has the Strong candidates and the Strong candidates with the he said. So Why does the Republican parly have to look for somebody else dial s what John Rhodes and some of these people keep giving me Well you be got o do in for the parly Vou Don t have to do it for the parly when you be got people who desire Rhodes tracked Down by Telephone in Nairobi Kenya where he was at tending an annual meeting of the International monetary fund acknowledged that he had talked with about running but Hal in was sort of in lie added that he had discussed the possibility of a Laird candidacy with other members of Congress on his own initiative and without Laird s knowledge or consent. In Many ways lies a Little like Harry Gol Donler was in Rhodes said. Karry had Arizona As n Home base but in s a Small slate and his main constituency really was in the Congress. And i think Mclvin Laird has even greater and wider respect in tin Congress than Gold Alcor was a representative from wis Consin for 16 years. Rhodes added i think he s touched All the bases that would be Neces sary for a person to be a candidate for the presidency. If lie decided to become a candidate i would certainly do what i could to help one of Laird s aides later explained that Laird had not Means to single out Rhodes from a number of congressmen who had suggested he plan to enter the race. The aide decline to say who the Oiler con Gressmen were or to provide any fur flier details. I be got some ideas but i Don t think he d want to name names lie was just using Rhodes As an word of a missive Laird Hwu Nicl came As Little Surprise to several re publican leaders on Capaloi Hill where Agnew s Curry no have set the political atmosphere with rumours and speculation. Lie s very Young and aggressive and a Bilous. And he May very Well entertain Minnini for the presidency in said Lorp. Lohn ii. Ander son chairman of the House Republican conference. He would have a respectable following in con Gress and elsewhere in the country and i would t disco nil the possibility that he would he n credible rep. Albert Ilir Mimi said if were to become a can diddle lie would Summit him aug. 29 the Mcgovern Tor presi Dent in Washington is a worse Firel nip than when u was a Citadel fur sen. Icel Muskie. It s eight floors of a ramshackle building fit to condemned has iwo elevators signs urging people to walk Down if descending and floors dial Are carved into dozens of Liny aug. When the Media shows in does increasingly Hal it does nol Lake Mcgovern Loo seriously his lop people get furious. Thus it would seem that scoffing Al Mcgovern s suggestions rather limn treat ing them by Point Wilh Gravity is a useful sell. 1 the operations May be summed up in the observations of or. Henry Meyers a scientist who Lias been asked to prepare National so a airily ideas from the top foreign affairs disarmament brain Insl of Mcgovern. Meyers told me Hal he received a paper the collective brainpower of this Opas Meyers put it. Ii was 30 pages single spaced. Ii was impossible. Everybody and his brother put his ideas into in and this was Given to me to whip into shape. Then some of the Guys who appealed to me to gel involved went Homo Al logo swimming " sell. I after the speech tin dal Chapman s Friend asked some businessmen Why Micro weren t any big democrats present. One answered not even a dog Catcher would be out there because he would nol be a dog Catcher after the next dec sept. 8, . The news papers Tell Aboul Mcgovern s Visil to Nasa in Houston. It should be noted that astronauts always say sir every other sentence Bill hey did l say sir to Mcgovern Shriver Gol hell from Mcgovern for missing a dinner Wilh the Ohio labor Leader. It seems he was taking a slower when he was supposed to be eating Wilh the labor sell. 8. . Chapman s Friend was standing in the Hall when someone said hint Gordon Weil had resigned press aide Kichard Dougherty forgot himself momentarily and replied you know what the senator said this morning very Lime he hears of another resignation he feels like lie s an Asl Ronal up in a spacecraft and he Guy below in charge of oxygen keeps pulling the Ping someone said is this go ing to keep Dougherty of hell if this keeps up the. Next one to re sign will he George Mcgovern in direct contrast to the press plane where a Good Lime is had on trips Mcgovern s plane is reported to he like a flying coffin. Occasionally he gels up and walks Aboul half Way Back to talk to the press but loses his nerve and goes Back and sits my answer Ariam recently i read a Smik Selling Forth the theory thai the original Garden of Kilen was located near Hris lol Flor Ida on the Apalachicola River. What Ilo you think . I think lha. The chamber of Commerce there has some very aggressive Leader ship. Ii makes a Story and now in the fall of be year when North winds blow it would ix1 just the time to Check seriously a scholar like or. Al. Ii. Lalley. Author of the i la Kkt us Milf. Says that the traditional location of the Garden of Kdan has been fixed As a group of Mounds 12 Miles South of or known As . Ancient babylonian inscription says near Pridu was a Garden in which was a mysterious sacred tree a tree no life. Whose tools were deep while its bran Ches reached in this May in legendary but the Bible account in genesis 2 locales the Garden of Al the june Lton of four Rivers two of them Are the Kuji rates and the Tigris which Rise in the Mountain Region of s. W. Asia. Thus Man May be said to have been Crea cd Al Alio it the Center no the Earth s surface in the Middle if the Kas Lorn hemisphere. The word Kdan has become a synonym for Paradise. Ii almost seems As if Lohn if heaven As a restored Ken. Certainly Itie Garden of is n w it Ness Iliili Gud wanted Man to have the in both the physical and spiritual worlds the Lantei me has provided Christ Nial a div lion w9-3273 Florence morning a Laws f us med rally Ami sunday la Hytla. A r run. Aulii no null Ken a in of Tell Tel Llwis , Liim pull Callon of in my wow intr. Hurko warning Newl Rel in fun Molly of 1 in any in in in r own Pmj nil Jar mar turn mails to Nivolo cell Kiy in Omen a Imi Illel i Niovi i is we. To. To. 101 to ii m u m t in my hic ii Aikui Macao will re Ami Cit Nam Ai . S. R

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