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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 4, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather Cloudy and slightly cooler with Chance of Light rain today or tonight. High near 70, Law 60. Details on Page 2-a. Reader s tip animal quarantine declared by county in Candy s Mill after several persons bitten by animals suspected of rabies. Story Page 2-a. Vol. 195 Florence s. C., Friday morning october 4, 1957 daily 5c sunday Loe pole students rally protest to paper ban Warsaw oct. 3 of polish riot police and armed factory militia men attacked demonstrating Stu dents tonight three times with tear . Several students were arrested. The students rallied to protest a government Bah on their weekly anti stalinist paper to the name Means straight on riot police first dispersed a group of about with tear grenades after using rubber truncheons. About 500 students who re grouped on the Steps of a Studen Hostel near the Warsaw polytechnic school were routed an hour another tear attack set off after they shouted Ges Tapo. Gestapo at the police. The students managed to get in Side the Hostel. Factory militia from the Zeran Auto works then came to reinforce the police. New fights broke out and another attack followed. Before Midnight the students were bottled up in the Hostel and quiet was restored. Tear victims were taken to hospitals. It was Warsaw s first hostile demonstration against Poland s leaders since Wladyslaw Gomulka took Over the communist Leader ship just 12 months ago. Warsaw itself except for the area around Narutowicz Square was unusually quiet. Traffic kept moving the Square despite billowing Brown Clouds of tear . The first group of students met outside uie school about 7 . Police surrounded the group and began wielding truncheons after some jeering and trading of blows. The students then chanted. We want the police threw tear grenades and sent them running. The paper was held up twice student pullout ends in a failure ardent Hoffa fan one of the most ardent fans of James a Hoffa at the teamsters Union convention in Miami Beach is his wife shown with a Hoffa hat Sash and Banner. Hoffa forces predict overwhelming Victory today. A photo lax guard Breaks up demonstrations Little Rock., Ark., oct 3 nation Al guardsmen rifles across their chests today broke up a menacing throng of 75 White students who walked out of integrated Central High school. The demonstrators had hoped to pull out with them most of the shouted in anger near hysteria school s White students in a Trey milled about seemingly in forceful protest against negroes search of leadership that we a in their classrooms. But ringleaders admitted the demonstration was a Flop. Come on you the youngsters shouted at students who stayed inside. Dirty Chick for an ugly split second it appeared a new riot might be build ing up on the Street before the school where blood was shed in adult riots and demonstrations last week. A negro was Hung in effigy and the Straw filled Dummy set Aii e. The demonstrators shrieked and shrines to take Over Gity in ceremonial today the streets of Florence will be Given Over to the traditional display and merriment criticism of stalinism. Govern ment and communist party Lead ers said the paper had Gune too fan yesterday the party served official notice on the editors that the paper was closed Down. It gave no reason. Today posters in All Warsaw schools summoned the students to tonight s protest meeting. The Rector of the polytechnic school refused to allow the students to. Enter a school Hostel. He said the meeting was banned pocketed the keys and went Home. The students clustered outside in what began As a Good Humoured the rally. Shortly afterwards six police trucks and four radio cars sped into the Square sirens screaming. The youngsters jeered and moved away but grouped again with whistles of derision for the Blue uniformed police who lined up along the Square tear a nearby All Warsaw grenades in hand. A Loudspeaker in building said the committee of the youth Union was conferring with communist party officials about the ban and called on the students to go Home. Ceremonial Here in three years with a the Cremona Ere n ree year Parade of some 75 units. The Parade including Oriental bands Western bands dignitaries and a plethora of Beautiful Young women from the area will begin at 12 noon Sharp. Earlier in the Day candidates leading the Parade in a con for admission to the shrine will be out Selling peanuts and other useful items for a worthy cause shrine hospitals for Crip pled children. This afternoon these gentle Verible will be mayor David h. Mcleod a Noble and mayor pro Tern l. 0. Yarborough. Alone in a second open car will ride the Omar Temple s potentate. John 0. Edwards. Parade director John f. Flesse men will become Nobles As they said yesterday that among the Are inducted into the Omar tem ple of Charleston which serves this part of South Carolina. In their More serious moments shrines Call themselves the ancient and arabic order of t h e Nobles of the Mystic shrine. From noon until about 1 ., beauties Riding in the Parade will be miss Florence atop the Cham Ber of Commerce float and miss Camden miss Bennettsville miss Kingstree. Miss Dillon miss an Drews. Miss Rembert and miss Johnsonville Riding in automobiles. Visiting potentate of the Hejaz the citizens of Florence and thous i Temple of Greenville j. Leonard ands of visitors will witness a Smith will be in the Parade As succession of automobiles floats and marching units. The March ers will be wearing such exotic costumes As zouave Type pants and bedouin Robes. Some prosperous red Fez wearing Nobles of Omar will be in or watching the Parade. Named after one of the Early caliphs of islam. Will All the members of the divan of Omar Temple. The reviewing stand will be at Cheves streets. Police chief Melvin Adams announced last night that no Park ing regulations would be in effect on Evans and Dargan streets starting at 11 . The route of 301 remain open the Parade route is As Fol said last night. Throughout Adams said. Moving traffic will be allowed on Coil Evans and Dargan How Ever Adams said until just be fore the Parade turns into them. Policemen will be stationed at All intersections along the line of March. The Parade will include floats of the Chambers of Commerce of Florence Lake City and Man Ning the Eastern Carolina agricultural fair and Many others Besse lows North on Irby Street from Cherokee Road to Palmetto Street. West on Palmetto to Coil Street North on Coit to Evans Street East on Evans to Dargan Street Omar Temple incidentally is and South on Dargan to Cheves Street where the Parade will break up. Brilliant action in world series gov. Hodges asks for Faubus Ike to give ground Raleigh oct. 3 in a course of action. Sixty National guardsmen quickly formed solid ranks. With rifles slant across their chests Ibey moved Sil Cully Inetor on the demonstrators. For a emment. The Siu dems deemed St aired to then they Giu singly give Way. A frets deserted within 30 minutes the Street in fion-1 of the school were and quiet. Barricades were re stored in the area for the i s Ime since Las week. The during Dummy was removed by the negro students were Noi visible inside the schoo1 from the Sheet. But presumably like of the students Thoy knew the demonstration was planned. Only two persons Weie taken in to custody by. The soldiers. One was an adult White Man. The other was Annette Harper a Peppery Little blonde of 15, a Sophomore. She was the unnamed girl of Toni gov. Orval Faubus spotlighted in a speech last week As having been held Inco Mun Cado of the Fri she told newsmen they que Stone her for four a half hours not abuse her but broke their Promise to notify her parents o her whereabouts. Fri director j Edgar Hoover has denied that his men held any one in commune. Cado. Annette was taken to the Prin Cipal s office. She la Lei told new men she had been suspended from classes. Joseph j. Casper agent in charge of the local Fri. Said Annette and another student. Bev Erly Wei a questioned by the Fri because their s were among 10 names furnished by gov. Faubus Legal department As having possible information of value in the Central High school situation. Casper said the two girls voluntarily accompanied a men to the local office sept. 7. Were questioned for about an hour and twice declined opportunities to Call their Homes. Guardsmen had no trouble Safe georgian discusses private school plan Columbus ga., oct. 3 w Charles ,1. Bloch of Macon nationally known constitutional lawyer said Here tonight that Georgia s private school plan would be held valid if the courts should follow the Law of the land As established by decisions founded on Laws As they were prior to 1954." he commented on the private school plan in an interview after Reader la a Story from Atlanta quoting a Well known attorney As saying the plan would not be upheld by Rne courts. Bloch was Here to address the Columbus lawyers club on the gov. Luther h. Hudges declared today that the National interest Jaa is greater than either president Eisenhower or Arkansas gov. I Orval Faubus. Hodges urged both to give round so that an Grcen ent May guarding the negro children As they left Central after classes to Day most of the White students an the disturbance it was less than two weeks ago the same National guard that be reached for removal of federa l 1 although troops from Little Rock Ark. The Slakes at Little Rock Are too High for men of Good will and 1 patriotism to lose Hodges told newsmen. Hodges led a group of Southern governors who at Temple to bring about a Settle meat under which the Federal forces in Little Rock would be re moved. "1 devoutly Hodges said that the two distinguished americans and Public ii not the same guards the school to keep the negro children out by orders of gov. Faubus. He said it was done to forestall violence. Violence did occur with the withdrawal of the guard sept. 20 and last week president Eisen Hower Federated the guard and sent in regular army paratroop ers to open Central High school to its first negro students. Today As soldiers the guardsmen played the oppo it. Rev. Brown conciliation Hope conciliation plan offered by clergymen Little Rock Ark., oct. 3 w episcopal Bishop at the suggestion of president Eisenhower today for the prayerful organization of Little Rock s rank and file for resistance against unthinking the president in a letter to the it. Rev. Robert r. Brown said All of us realize that not through legislation alone can prejudice and hatred be eliminated from the hearts of men. Leadership including religious leadership must Plaj its Bishop Brown said he consulted with clergymen of other faiths be fore proposing City vide services oct. 12, Columbus Day in individual churches with fhe sole mis Sion of he said there were no plans to take sides in the integration Issue. There Are Christian people who feel segregation is right and there Are Christian people who feel integration is the Clergyman said adding it was the Hope of participating Church men that the citywide services might Lead to a meeting ground for the solution of Little Rock s racial crisis now swirling around Central High school where nine negroes were integrated through the backing of Federal troops or dered out by Eisenhower. Bishop Brown a tall husky Man of 47 who was born in Kan Sas and grew up in Texas said that he had lunched with Eisen Hower several times when the attended St. Paul s episcopal Church at Richmond va., when Brown was its Rector. Eisenhower s letter to the Bishop was written on sept. 27 but it Ivas not made Public until today. The Bishop said that gov. Orvai Faubus had endorsed the idea writing. Your attitude of seeking reconciliation rather than at tempting to place the blame is 1 believe the proper approach at this Bishop Brown said negro ministers had not been consulted but they might be asked later to participate. A of the in my Bloch said Dur-1 importance and significance no his talk with a reporter a president of the United states is not authorized either under the Constitution or any Law enacted j y the Congress to Call out the Federal in oops for the purpose of enforcing a judicial decree or for he prevention of interference with he carrying out of a indicia de i understand that attorney Gen eral Brownell has advised the resident that he has that a Hority under Section 332 and 33 of title 10, u. S. Code As revised in 1956. Court decisions and the legislative history of. Those sections indicate quite clearly that no such Powers Are conferred by Black said that it in deciding on the private school plan which he took an Active part in Dormu lating the course follows the trend established on May 17, 1954 no one can foretell what Wil As Long ago As after the a. Tonal democratic convention of 1944, i Public ally said he people of the South ought to say to the Republican and democratic a plague on both your inside deals funerals.2-a Heaters to 9-a weather facls.2-a Flat on his Back Milwaukee braves shortstop Johnny Logan has Boon described us one of the most versatile infield cars. In major league Ball. He proved it yesterday. Here to throws toward Rod Schoon Dinst at second after making a diving Stop of a ground single by Yankees Elston Howard behind second in the ninth inning yesterday. Yankees Tony Kubick u races safely into second advancing from first on play. The braves won 4-2 o oven tha series at 1 and 1. Ser aunt details. Page a Phoi tax United fund s total Breaks past another report meeting or United fund solicitors will be held ill 8 a. In. Today Al the Garden Gale cafeteria and Tyree Moose executive director expects the local to push toward last night s tabulations showed hint in contributions and pledges had been made toward the big goal of Community service firm awards in the w Campaign wore won by Schofield hard Ware co. Stein s men s shop Pepsi cola mottling co. Liro oks Mcmon insurance Agency and. Pepper mar Len insurance Agency. Moose pointed out hint this morning s solicitor report meet Rambone s meditations by Alley in feature n prize of Worth of dry Denning to he Given by Campaign chairman Sidney Smith injuries. The deadlock Between president Eisenhower and gov. Faubus continued through another Day. In Washington Eisenhower de scribed Faubus on a press Confer ence As a mistaken Man doing Dis service to his City and his slate in his stand in Little Rock. Faubus. In ills own press con Ference Here maintained Hal the assurances Eisenhower rejected were the Gover nor added i m always willing to negotiate but on a basis of Mutual Trust and respect. They want Complete and unconditional the of White Cen trial High students was widely advertised in Advance. Some of the students said their parents fully supported the plan. In inn past two Days negro sin dolls in pc Boon Heok cd inside the school and a Lens two n the boys kicked and abused is pension Rose. Well Donre of Ihli the military Wui out in Force loony. Pet polks dom1 Ca it tired us de its too much us it and our representatives in con he said noting that in the past legislators have shied away from a third party move ment fearing what might Hap pen to their committee chairman in a government under a Mili tary he added com Mittee chairmanships lose their nothing since 1944 that has has happen caused me to change my mind. On the contrary everything that has happened has strengthened my to get a th1kd parly started. Bloch suggested a revision of primary rules so As to confine voting in state democratic party primaries to those who believe n the fundamental principles of Stales but i Don t believe it can succeed without fundamental support in senators aided by Many of the governors of the Southern states area deaths Julius p. Leviner Bennetts Ville. Robbie Elmore Coward. Bradford o Neil Browder Kingstree. Z. Mcl radon Liberty Hill Martin Caulder Marion. Lizzie Nora Johnson Lundy it. Herman. Grady l. Wade sr., Tummons Villa Samuel t. Hicks Pamplico. Details Page 2-a facts on Litile Rock Chicago oct. 3 Theo Dore Mckeldin of Maryland criticized the governor of Arkansas Oday and said the time has Oine when the Federal govern ment should reveal All that it knows about the integration roubles in Little Rock. Mckeldin a Republican said gov. Orval Faubus calling out the Arkansas National guard and up setting the integration plan of the Little Rock Board of. Education were particularly asked by a newsman whether this information referred to an Fri report Mckeldin declined to elaborate. Mckeldin posed a series of questions which he indicated could answered by such a release of information. These were who started the rumours of prospective violence Afler the troops were withdrawn who provided its Mckeldin then said let All the facts be known to All the people of Arkansas and All the people of America. Then let gov. Faubus Issue his threatened Call for a ses Sion of the Arkansas Mckeldin read his statement to in women when he arrived for a session of the joint Federal state action committee. He was one of four Southern governors who formed a special committee to work out a Compro Mise plan under which Federal rooms would be removed from Little Rock. Mckeldin said Faubus a demo crat completely rewrote the agreement reached with president Eisenhower under which the rooms would be withdrawn and to nabs would guarantee protect Ion for nine negro students at ending Central High. The joint committee was set up o make recommendations under which certain federally aided pro Grams would be returned to Eon Rol of the individual states. News Roundup asian flu epidemic listed in 5 states Washington . Court of appeals has upheld a Post office department denial of the mails to issues of two nudist magazines on the grounds of obscenity. Paris sex Premier Paul Reynaud said president Rene Coty wants socialist sex Premier Guy Mollet. To be Premier again. Rollel holds the record for longevity among the 23 French Post War governments. He lasted 15 months prior to defend last june. Tunis president Habib Bourguiba declared it is not possible. In maintain Friendly re lations with France and ordered Tunisia s ambassador to Paris Home at once. Washington a Public health spokesman said asian i is regarded As inv inc reached epidemic proportions currently in i be slaves new York Louisiana. Texas. Mississippi and Utah Washington Lair no arc Wells sold by military serv u cd in Seel Irv Nimonso Wil son with the sound of guns and the Roar of Jet planes. The de sense chief is bowing out after bossing the Pentagon for nearly five years. United nations has called for a Cooling off period on the Middle East Issue but served notice it would not tolerate that a hair of Syria be ruffled by any new York a jury of nine men and three women has been chosen in the Federal court Mai of Rudolf Abel allegedly t i e highest russian spy Ever caught in the United states. Hong Kont Hungary s premiere Janos Kadar told welcoming throng in piping Ilia Force must be used to put Down he. Heads a Hun Garian government Dele tinn Lewris led China. Kikut Lebanon a plane of the lebanese International airways exploded and crashed into Lii Mediterranean thurs Day. Thirty one passengers and Crew were killed. An american piloted the Plain. Two Lher americans were among it s7 pcs seniors

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