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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Oct 3 1973, Page 4

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 3, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaMine has lightning in does Dowd 1s87-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Kickenbacker a Miliny editor Dew James As social a editor Richard g. Moisio inc my Aniio wednesday october 1973 signs of Temperance Kolember i he great mini in talc Cle Hiil supporters of the legislation to License Reslau nuts. Lounges and other qualifying establishments in South Carolina to sell liquor in bottles containing two ounces or less depicted it As a Temperance measure. Opponents argued just the reverse. Well the first hard evidence is in and As inconclusive As it is it docs indeed show that hard liquor consumption in South Carolina had declined during the first six months of the mini bottle system. Since the system went into effect March 2s. The contents of More than four million mini hot the have been consumed in South Carolina and the state a collected approximately is million in mini Botlic taxes. But that s Only about half of what was anticipated. Mini hot tie revenues Are fail ing to make up the 11 per cent drop in liquor store sales even though min bottles Are taxed five limes As heavily Accord ing to the state tax commis Sion. At this Point state officials Are unable to measure the drop in liquor consumption in Gal Lons and quarts but they Are certain based on Revenue receipts that South carolinians Are drinking less. Two other indications thai the mini Boule is having a mod craving wheel on to Viking Hab ils in South Carolina Are reflected in traffic statistics. I Runk driving arrests de creased slightly during the firs i. Half of 1973 from the comparable period in 1972 from to the mini Bollte system was in Force Dur ing Only half of this statistical period however. During the period traffic deaths declined 14 per cent and according to gov. West breathalyzer tests Over All showed lower consumption Levels. This of course does not add up to conclusive proof that the mini Boulle is All thai proponents promised. Hut clearly South Carolina has a More sen sible and realistic system of liquor management than it did during the abominable Brown bagging Experiment. The Early signs Are hat drink ers Are drinking less for two reasons 1 the Cost of mini is sufficiently High to discourage heavy drinking and i2 the mini Ollie permits drink ers to have a drink without buy ing a Large bottle and succumb ing to the temptation to drink it All. The revamped liquor Laws have also created an Atmos phere in which it is much less tempting to Wink at the Law in the fashion hat has been More or less traditional in Charleston and some other areas. The penalties for violating liquor Laws Are much stiffer and enforce ment of the Law is much simplified. More Lime and statistics will required to develop a re liable measure of the Tom per Unce Impact of the in if Oculi system. But the Early readings strongly suggest hat the peo ple were not misled they were urged to vote for lie mini bottle for thai reason. W. H. Auden s peaceful death death came to poet w. H. A clan Over the weekend the Way he said he would prefer in. The nicest Way i think would he a a curl he said. It s cheap and it s Quick when life is becoming a Bur Den you should let it he had said the Only thing he dreaded was to die an old Man from a lingering illness. Auden died of an apparent heart attack in a hotel in Vienna. Austria. It was the swill death he had hoped for. Only hours before he had Given a Lee lure to the austrian society for literature lie was Ufi and widely regarded As the Foremost Liv ing English language poet. Last year the British born poet returned to England to be at Oxford University where lie himself was schooled after being More or less settled permanently in the United Stales for years. It was a return to Mother England for a self styled exile. Auden came to the United slates As an expatriate in id id be cause of disaffection Wilh Brit ish policies toward nazi Ger Many. As a Young Man who made his Mark Early As a poet he was possessed of a school boy s High spirits. In the he seemed to make a deliberate cult of obscurity writing for a Small group of specialists and maintaining an air of distinct superiority toward the general Public. He travelled broadly exploring inc human condition beyond the comfortable upper Middle class English background from which he sprang during the 1926 British labor strike he drove a hits for the labor unionists cause. He was briefly a passionate marxist. In 1937, he went to Spain and served As an ambulance Driver on the Side of the Spanish loyalists which had been toppled by Gen. Francisco Franco. By the time Auden had made up his mind to abandon King land just before world War ii Bis to cry had undergone a transition lie had become More of a Public Man and was deliberately writing poetry for the general Public nol just for a handful of specialists. His a years in he i filed slates were productive ones. He was on the faculties of Sev eral colleges and universities and lectured widely. In Laler years Auden affected a cult of . His hair seems permanently Well mussed. His face became superbly lined Wilh wrinkles. A baggy Suil that looked overslept in be came the familiar uniform he wore As he lectured. Of him self the Pool said the. Way he dresses reveals an angry baby howling to be except for those passionate Youthful years Auden never seemed to be very angry How Ever. By his own account he had a childhood full of love and goo i things to of his return to England he said Why should t i spend my Sec Ond childhood in the country where i spent a first child almost to his own astonish ment Auden came to he was a Happy Man. Whal More can a moral ask than to come to Hal realization to have a productive and eventful life and to die peacefully in bed-4gnew unfair and unethical Washin Tux let s go the facts nut on the table in the Agnew affair before rampaging la Quick conclusions. He has not been found guilty of anything. New branded these allegations As lies and added by Roscoe Drummond the Public accusations have been Many the Public has been Zero. Lie has been subjected to unfair trial by unfair leaks and has Al ready been smeared by unsupported charges Uncil ideally leaked by prosecutors and Unel Liichi y publicized by lie Media. Lie already been penalized in Advance of evidence in Advance of indictment in Advance of conviction so that because of All this pure disc Ful publicity Bis future in National politics has been stunted if nut entirely wiped out. Fine a Iii Agnew editorial in Washington contends Ilia die unproved allegations have already Dune so much damage to Agnew Oliai in is ins duly i in mus the obligation s imposed upon a vice i resident de Mand More of him than simply Lii Al he be Innoce til of crime be must noun appear in be guilty no since no Man in Public Lile can prevent his opponents from peddling and and in proved allegations against him allegations which make him appear to lie guilty if i outdoing this is Range thesis makes guilty by leak and allegation an aulos Nazic killer. This shows the unfairness Wilh which the Agnew affair has already been handled. I am not assuming to judge the the vice president is innocent or Guilly. I Don l know and probably Inie but Spiro Agnew innit of knows whether he is Gully or innocent. H should go Inlo the record How Ever Thiol some of the Vic presi Dent s Legal Maneu vers and those of his counsel raise serious questions which will cause Many to wonder Lial Agnew is living to accomplish. When Ilii was for Mally notified by the All Iuey Gen eral Hal be or ing investigated by Ibel Mcd Stales allot Uey in Lial Limore for possible bribery conspiracy extortion Ami lax evasion a i have Confidence in the Crin Justice system of the l filed Stales .1 am equally confident my inno Cence will lie thai Cerli Finly suggested indeed in was unequivocal hat Agnew believed thai lie was subject to the judicial process and thai lie could properly and safely seek his vindication through the judicial process. His lawyers have either snarled Agnew or Agnew has persuaded his lawyers Thiol be can t Trust trial by jury and Hal. Anyway. In is to indict a vice president. Instead the vice president asks the House of to Lake Over from the courts and be investigator judge and jury. Thus the vice turns in the political rather than the judicial process and the democratic Leader ship no the House of has already taken a substantially political decision. In does no want any part of Siart Rug impeachment proceedings. It does nol accept at Point. The theory thai a vice presi Dent can be indicted Only Afler in peach Mon. Anil in also affirms Hal in dues nol wish to intervene in Mai lers before the the vice president gave As his stated reason for nol wanting to Irusle his Case to the grand jury that so much Adverse publicity would make in impossible in gel i fair verdict. This undoubtedly Agnew s honest worry but is there any reason in As sume that the members of the House of have nol read pondered resisted or. Perhaps relished the same Adverse publicity and even talked in Over even More Ihan any potential Maryland jury answer the Billy Graham we have Hail an elderly minister Al our Church fur More than whirly years. Now that we have Nola incl a Uminger Pistor the leadership has asked the older one to leave. I along with Many others feel this is Verv unfair. I in you . Turbulence in the Church is a Vays i egret table certainly Over i he change of ministers. Us difficult to make a judgement though without hearing All Iho in Cion glances. I have observed however Hal Many churches become divided when a Init ser who has served Many years is replaced. If your previous minister has served whirly years. This. Of course is a commendable retold not Likely to he ice Calvd. Those wow love Bun Sii old thank Lod Ibey were privileged to have him that Long. They should also Aci Cpl the fact the Church has installed a new pastor and they ought to sup jul him fully Bilhl Lilii prayers love anal loyally. Nil two men air the same. Certainly the Apps Les Church Bislow v Al less the fact that uses a nil Dif Ferent men in diff real periods of Church life to accomplish 1 Lis divine . The witness of lie Christian Church is adversely affected when a congregation sets an example of pettiness inflexibility my Lack of Broiher Mylove. The question of Hal famous Hook is still a Good guide for Amr Luck. What do the Hughes donation a gift or a bribe i Linton a Roll Osi Irin live it a Liard Hughes. Hich i inn a i ill Senate Waler Gale invest la Iii Lio Nola Iund i waiver in 1b7d from Ihen attorney dem rail John Mitchell. This coincided closely. Hauler Piilini Lloil Wilh his delivery if shhi.ihh1 in Gamb Ling Tuo Tipy to president Nitim s Friend Hebe by Jock Anderson manner insisted however Ihal Mil i Liell was unaware of the con Ribu Linn Ami. Therefore that Ibe Favora ble antitrust Irlam was Mil a quid pro quo for Hie Money. Manner said tic had three can Var Spilions with Miu Lidl Alx iut mushes desire in Purchase the mimes hotel Basiao in vegas. On the last occasion Danner called ii Nii Mil Choll at Ibe Lesliee Separ Lenl and was Given clearance logo ahead Wilh the dunes acquisition. This us cited. To die Best tilt s recollection in August tember if a few weeks earlier on july i. Iu70. According to manner s records lie handed in is i Bills to ill 1 resilient Nixon s Han Clemelle estate. Manner had no record of the i line lie delivered the additional Iii i instal Linen. He originally old the internal Revenue service thai lie had turned Over the Cash in Al Hie i re Side no s key Biscayne estate in August. Ital Panner explained to Ibe watergate investigators thai lie Laler gave the iks an Anie idled . Suggesting ii was ble i lie Deli cry could live occurred in August. 1070. Lief re the s10u.ikji changed lands. The i slice department had blocked Hughes from another vegas Lionel Casio in. The stardust on antitrust grounds. Hut the Justice me Par Lincul changed its at Ildrie in 1070 when Mitchell promised according to manner not to Obs Trucl the expansion us Hughes gambling Empire. The Senate sleuths questioned Dan Ner this August so in his offices at the Sands Koloj Casino in be thru Ghoul the secret in Mew he insisted thai the i i pay ments were Isle Iii d As Campaign . President Nixon of course want campaigning fur office Al the Lime the Money was delivered hut Milliner said the i resident was expected in use the Money in help his a virile. Candidates in the id70 congressional races. I Dauner Lulu the Hal the question of a Campaign Contri Buliung was first brought up with lie in a shift. Broke Iff the discussion however when he Learned thai the i reside ii s brother. Don Ald Nixon was involved in arranging a Hughes contribution. When Don Nixus s name came up. Recounted Danner. Said to drop in. Furgel a while House spokesman denied Hal the resident had Ever received the s1ho.oou offering and friends of urho ii Ink us that no Campaign Money had been diverted Inlo per Sonal channels. Hill the transaction underlies How difficult in is becoming to distinguish Between a Campaign contribution and an of Leighl Brilke Roosevell investigation an Indig Nant kill Roll Lio Sevell. Son of the late president has flown in from Perl goal to answer charges before the Senate Laler his week dial he has lil in consorting will rack leers. One of hem Louis alas Riana. Les lifted that Hoosoc Volt and a mobster me in kill. In whack Hahamian prime minister o. I ind Lingi. They expected me to kill another convicted Stock swindler. Patsy a. , has Lold Senate in Veseli Galnor that lie used Kon Sevill to pass stolen securities on Al least three different occasions lurking on Story. The have Slali listed Hal Roosevell and Irav cled in new York and Canada to gel her. The investigators have also inter. Viewed witnesses who swear Llinat Lio Sevell has associated with a num Ber of other Slock swindlers including he notorious Xoe Broth cars. Clif Ford and Paul who Are now in imison., forum a personal protest if Lel vision s Maude and Cosmo ii Lilian s Helen Curley Crown Are rep of a omens lib then my willingness to try and understand has been completely shattered and 1 now revert Back Lopre lib when women wore women and men were men. Tin Hunters excluded. me say. Right now. Hal i am not a prude. I enjoy Lile. Wilh All its . And am willing in accept change bid. Nol Al the expense of decency. Heal Freedom for either sex is dignity and self respect. Be Ihei Are included in vulgar Miggels ivaness. Profanity Brul Lily and nudity. Does liberation mean taking liberties Hal insult the finer qualities laxity versus chastity1. I believe in the emane Ipa lion of All individually and collectively. I believe in Unity of the sexes. I Don t believe Hal and in a Man denotes femininity or business ethics or professionalism makes for masculinity in a woman. I do believe in the blend Here s How to make cancer memorials Many recent requests for in Lorna lion Ghoul the memorial program of the american cancer society prompts me to Send you this Teller. When cancer takes the he of some one close to us. A relative or a Friend the loss is painful. In the sorrow Hal follows such a loss. There is the wish the person. There is also the deep need to in something Hal will help others to be spared. There is no belter Way to Honor the loved one and Striko Back Al the Dis ease than a Renej Norial gift to american cancel Kuc july. This Pella Les the memory of the life that has been loss and will be used wisely in rough research education arid service to Pul an end to this disease. The procedure is Send the name of the deceased name and address of Hie members of he family to be notified of the contribution the amount is nol included on ibis Cardi and the contribution the Llorence county i nil the american cancer society p. O. Hox milk. Rin rence. S. C. Aft fill. Memorial Are Dudi Ichele for income lax purposes ing of masculine and feminine Char acc Ristics. If a woman is physically Able to do manual labor and wants to line if a Man likes children and wants to baby sit. Hal Loo is Fine. Let each be his or her self. Thai which i deplore is the deviant indecency. The Atli Ludo thai seems to say. There Are no limitations. I m do 1 want even Llin ngh i make a fool of myself and May die res i be there is much to like in today s open minded Ness and frankness. Is pleas ant and instructive to talk openly and freely about issues bin. I Lor am weary of bathroom 1 sexual re being he subjects most Dis cussed and Marie jokes of. These Are natural functions com Mon 10 All. So Why Musl Procci Denilin my humor is certainly Soni Elling to be and indulged in and there arc those in All the professions who Are masters in their Field hut. Many there Are who Are writing perform. Ing. And simply exploding Vul Ganv i or a laugh Anil cheap popularity. Their excuse. Demand seems to me Hal i have heard Hal excuse before a bread them if Oiler fare is Avail he Public has to is Given or go . Wilb Nul is not their my Coliori so the exploiters Are having a yield Day and John and Mary Doc. Like it become immune n us offence. always Luru Erl in will again. Some Lime masses will s of Liberty out of chaos and fill will i lord acc Melba Sprague

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