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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 2, 1973, Florence, South Carolina2-b tuesday october Florence morning news massive american Grain exports key to today s High food prices by Don Mcleod associated press writer Washington api mis Sive american Grain exports the today s High foot prices were it Factor in Inacy which cased world ten Sions and helped get to United slates out of the Vietnam War according to administration sex Perls. The russians got the wheat Al bargain prices. . Subsidies on inc sales and devaluation of the Dollar meant he russians paid an effective i ice of a Bushel or whoa which was costing american buyers ?2.10 by the fall of 1972. And unit meant High prices for the . Consumer. As the of tie soviet purchases be came known last year the Price of Grain soared reaching Over s3 a Bushel for wheat by the summer of 1973. So did lie cast of everything produced from wheat Anil feed grains from bread to Beefsteak. The White Lioti Saxays Ameri can food was an important part of president Nixon s negotiations with the soviet Union and China last year and thus contributed indirectly to the War settlement. Agriculture Secretary Karl said in an interview hint a desire for american food exports led the russians and Chi Nese to use their influence on this country s behalf and show restraint in such delicate areas As Southeast Asia and the open thurs. Sat 11 . Til 10 . _ All year round Bugle catering take country column bar-b4ue Hwy. 52 389 4s4s Scranton s. C. Middle Kasl. I can t get said Bill they needed this. We. Had it. And they paid a Price to gel it. Ami the Price was a move toward world the russians bought Bil lion in . Grain last year including one Quarter of the wheat crop. Resulting Short Ages drove up Itic prices in this country of flour meat. Milk butter and eggs and ultimately most other of mils. Shipping the Grain also snarled the . Transportation system creating shortages and raising prices on items not re lated to agriculture. Just what the United slates got in return for ibis russian Windfall has been something of a mystery until government officials began suggesting that More than a Grain Sale was involved. That is said. A few weeks ago the res ident told me were talking Aboul the need for agriculture logo All out in production he said. I want you Tokyo that american food played a Large role in my discussions in China and in Russia a year ago Ruiz quoted the president As saying that american food played a Large role in our discussions and has been a major Factor in bringing the far East Ern War to a close and main Taining stability in the near a White i Louse official said of interview statement i feel sure he was reflecting Whai the president however the White House added hat food was Only one part of he picture. You must consider the con Angelo s Burgenland open 6 Days a week 10.ma.m til . Special 4 pc. Chicken served Vilh French Salid rots Kcjr by Lafew always appreciated dirt. Kury., Florence. . Phone uj4i31 text in which these statements were the official said. There was a very broadly based development of a relationship with Russia. There were various elements involved. Certainly one could con Sider the Sale of wheat As one of however went further relating the leverage of . Food exports to specific developments. This was a major Factor in the soviets for example stay ing tight in Iho Arab Palestine Deal Over there and a major Factor in the chinese who had influence Are bound to have in fluence in said. Why do you think they All stayed Light Over there when the United slates mined Haiphong Harbor a year asked. Any other time they d have turned to retaliations. It was part of the whole mul said. Yum Don t think russian communist party chief Leonid i Vrezh nov would have met with Nixon after the mining and blockading of Haiphong if he had t needed that wheat do one state department official said. The 1972 russian wheat sales originated in a trip by then Commerce Secretary Maurice Slans to Moscow in late 1971. He returned with word that the soviets were interested in Cre Dit arrangements to buy u. S. Grain. In april 1972 and asst. Secretary of agriculture Clar ence Palm by went to Moscow to talk Trade. On May 9. The United Stales mined Haiphong Harbor. North Vietnam s chief Supply route ii rid bombed Oiler sensitive tar gels. Despite widespread speculation of soviet or chinese retaliation nothing happened. Nixon left in schedule for the Moscow Summit meeting two weeks later. No Deal on Grain was announced from the Summit Al though while House officials confirm it was one of Llie items discussed lint the russians obviously came away with an understanding because on july 5 they began buying 5.5 million ions of wheat and 4.5 million ions of Corn from Continental Drain co. Three Days later the agriculture department announced a credit agreement to finance russian Grain purchases. Ultimately the soviets bought 11.3 million tons of Lieal. Plus soy Beans and feed grains from six . Firms. The russians obviously car Ted off one of history s great bargains with nothing visibly crossing the bargaining table in return. The Only benefits claimed heretofore by . Officials had been inc effects of unloading a Grain surplus lint to play i Here is a shortage nol a surplus. The quid pro quo Over which the United Stales and the soviet Union bad been bickering was for Exchange of american food for russian Eji Ergy particularly natural Gas. Although a credit agreement for Grain sales was announced a month after Nixon s return from Moscow the Only agree ment on Gas was to begin talks., which Are still going on without any Pael insight. What did we gel out of asked a Lormer government cd nothing that i can see. But it is inconceivable that we could have Given away such a bargaining Point without get Ling something in return. Maybe explanation is the Only congressional investigators say they have come to the conclusion that a favourable Price for the wheat was pegged for see massive Page 815 5 to 6 and no worry pass Book savings received by october 10 earn full interest from october 1st. Payable quarterly. Certificates earn from Day of Deposit. The savings building considered one of the finest structures in the South. Where thousands save and borrow millions the old reliable pass Book savings account at Peoples Federal savings and loan association has stood the test for Over 6 decades. 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Comment there Are Many theories hut no substantial scientific proof hat either too frequent or infrequent inter course is i he cause of prostate enlargement. Don t stay fat if your corollaries Are under Strain advises or. Steincrohn in his Booklet. "22 ways to prevent and treat Cora Narv disease for a copy write him at this paper enclosing 35 a cols in Coin and a stamped. Self and _ dress Kdan statement of ownership. Management am circulation of August 12, 1970 Section 3685. Title 38. United states code 1. Title of publication Florence 2. Date of filing Orl. 2.1973 .1. Frequency of Issue daily and sunday location of known office of publication Street City county slate zip Codei not i Street. Florence. . 29501 5. Location of the Headquarters or general rus iries offices if the publishers 141 South Irby Streel. Florence. S. C. 29501. 6. In Anie and addresses of publisher. Editor. And managing editor publisher name and address mrs. A. O Dowd. Florence. S. C. Zdilor name and address Lames a. Rogers. Florence. S. C. Managing Zdilor name and address Joe Rickenbaker. Florenco. S. A 7. Owner i if owned by a corporation its name and address must in.1 stated and also immediately thereunder he names and addresses of stockholders owning or holding i per cent or More of total amount of Stock. If not owned by a corporation the names and addresses of the individual owners must be Given. If owned by a partnership or other unincorporated firm its name and address As Well As that of each individual must be Given Florence morning news. Inc. Florence. S. C. The John m. O Dowd marital deduction Trust guaranty Bank Trust co. Mrs. Elizabeth a. O Dowd and Jack Wriggl trustees. Florence. S. C. The John m. O Dowd residuary Trust Cua Ranly Hank Trust co. Mrs. Elizabeth Odowd and Jack Wright. Trustees. Florence. S. C. Elizabelh a. O dowry. Florence. S. A. Edilh b. Clarke. Florence. S. A. Jack h. O Dowd. Chicago. 111. 8. Know bondholders. Mortgagees and other Security Mulders owning or holding i per cent or More of Tola i amount of Bonds. Mortgages or other securities i if the rare none so slate i none. For optional completion Liy publishers mailing at the regi ilor Rales Section 132.121. I Solal service manual .c Tob provides in pertinent part no person who would have been entitled to mail Mailer under former Section -1359 of this Lille shall mail such matter a the Rales provided under this subsection unless he files annually with Llie postal ser vice a written request for permission in mail matter Al such in accordance with the provisions of this statute. I hereby request permission to mail the publication named in hem i Al the reduced postage rates press Nelly authorized Liy .c. 3g2fi. Signature and title of editor publisher business manager or owner Richard i. Moisio. General manager. 10 for completion us nonprofit organization Aulhorn cd to mail at special hates Section 132.122. Postal manual ii. Kit Cut and nature of circulation a total no. Copies printed net press run average no. Copies each Issue during preceding 12 months 2k.g15. Actual number of copies of single Issue published nearest to filing Dale.28.820 b. Paid circulation 1. Sales through dealers and carriers so ret vendors and counter sales. Average no. Copies each Issue during preceding 12 months 2i5.974. Actual number of copies of single Issue published nearest to filing Dale 27.07 2. Mail subscriptions average no. Copies each Issue during preceding 12 months 7 19 actual number of copies of single Issue published rear Cal to filing Dale w3. C. Total paid circulation average no. Copies each Issue during preceding 12 months 27.723 actual number of copies of single Issue published nearest to filing Dale. _ free distribution by mail. Carrier or Oiler Means i samples complimentary and of her free copies average no. Copies each Issue during preceding 12 months 178 actual number of copies of single Issue published nearest to filing Dale 173. 2 copies distributed to news agents. Dul nol sold k. Tola distribution sum of c Anil average no. Copies each Issue during preceding 12 months. 27.001. Actual number of copies of single Issue published nearest to filing Date 20.240. V. Office use. Left Over unaccounted. Spoiled after Ting average no. Copies each Issue during preceding the. 7 i actual number of copies of single Issue published nearest to filing Date i. Tola sum of e f should equal be press run shown in a average no. Copies each Issue during preceding 12 Mon this actual number of copies of single Issue published nearest to filing Dale. 2fl.fi20. I certify Hal Hiesl Alemenos made by me above a re Correct and Complete. Rich Cukr. Moisio. F Leneral manager oct. 4 . Commanded no. Ill will con Fer illustrious Ordo of the red Cross am order of Malta . Tuesday Ontoh cr.2nd. Slipper . All urged Loal lend. Ladies1 night thursday october nth at shrine club tickets available from any York Kite member. By order of commander. 0. To Johnson. Recorder i. For Sou notice of sealed bid Sale the Hoard of trustees of Florence county school District no. 2 is advertising for Sale by sealed bid one Frame building located on the Hannah Klempn Lory school grounds behind the gymnasium. The scaled bids for this properly will be received at he office of he school District superintendent in Pamplico. South Carolina and must to in the office by . On october 18. 1371 his will to opened in the superintendent s office at . On this Date. The Hoard reserves the right to reject any and All bids. If the highest bid is accept cd by the Hoard payment in full must he made within two Days and inc building and debris must be Rei Povod from be school grounds by november 23. Ifl73. G. Manna chairman of the Hoard of trustees Florence county school District no. 2 sept. 28.29.30 oct. Notice the undersigned will on the Ifill Day of october. 1973 apply to the guaranty corporation at guaranty Hank and Trust company. Florence. . For a duplicate Curli Fichte for its certificate no. I. Dated january 1, 1958 for 25 shares of the com Mon capital Stock of the guaranty corporation and two 21 duplicate k per cent registered Bonds of the guaranty corporation dated january 1. 1958. No. 183 Forslow Flandro. 184 for so Holh lie said Slock certificates and debenture Bonds have been lost or destroyed and after a diligent search cannot be found. Both the above certificate and Bonds were issued to j Tom Hunter. 1 Carolyn str Man i Lunter. Kex caul Rix of inc estate of j. J. If melt. Deceased september 24, 1973 sept. 25 oct. Summons for Relief complaint served the Sla Leof Soulli Carolina county of Florence Shirley r plaintiff against Olis Gilnick Dele Danl to Wmk Dkl Jdant Ahova named you Ark i Ikrkus summoned and required to in scr Llie complaint in this action of which a copy is hereby served you. And in serve a copy of your answer la i he said complaint on the sub scribers Al their office in finn lire. South Carolina within i wanly Days after the service Hereof exclusive of the Day of such service and if you fail to answer he complaint within inc Lime Alori said. The Plain life in this action will apply to the court Lor Tho relict demanded in the complaint. S Stephen r Moore Plain ill s Allie my dated notice to the above named you will please take notice Hal i lie summons in this action of which inc Tor going is a copy and inc complaint inc rain. Was Lilc in the office of the clerk of court Lor Florence county. South Carolina on inc 13 Day a s Plogher and arc now lie therein. Is. attorney Lor i lain life Florence. South Carolina so plumber 13. Mi73 sell. Dailey associates new on the Market 1104 Cher a drive 3 bedroom i 1 Bali porch fenced Baek cud. Fully carpeted lorm win Efobi Oil heat Lut late unit double own end dishwasher. Extra Nice. Or and of sume pay menu of including taxes and Init dance. New on the Market 2439 Robeirta venust 3 Bedio orm in Den with Laige Mica cd neral Oil heal. Extra Large lot. Real Nice and Mume. No Down payment to veterans new 3 bedrooms t Bali Folly carpeted Carport stove furnished. Nice lot. Out kit. Pondi Iosa. Call now. Nothing like it in Florence if you arc in the Market Foi u name we if Florence 7700 i quark feet loaded with cd liar in custom Drappi cowered Patio with Barb quo Kitchen Folly Fuin Hhd including Lefing Erojo detached Wiki hop and much much More. Call Laday priced Kirkwood two -1 four 3 bedroom Tomti. All Hove carpet Central heat air fisc Planco including dish Walher. None than 2 Bali. Extra slice loll. Price in go s44.soo.oo financing available. Pine Forest pee Grrce Surcel 30 new 3 and 4 be h room Hornet at various. Mag of completion. All have con Lial Kef and tar. All fully carpeted on paved streets All 9 round Uril Tiei Bruch More off Pamplico Hwy. Druwe Oil Ond inspect. You will be night 669-3963 669-5050 real estate 1. Houses for Sale Don Newton co. Buy from i realtor 669-5736 by owner 1615 oilman drive. 1 bedrooms 1 huts dining room living room cent jul Nir and heal Dionet included 1 cur cur port Yard Finif Latov Gandy realty buy sell 6694451 let us sell your property. It prompt Chi far Honn kit and farm. 669-3731 will weeks professional realtors j i bsds com i iced from to Wilh that a or Fanpi Uirt Avail Oak. Eaddy co., inc. After hours 662-3141 if you Wilh to buy Witolf or Root Tolt of a property Munagle dial Tobin company realtor serving Hift pee area Lor Kan a Hall Cen Tury. By owner. Imit Kulalie 3 bedroom Story Home carpeted Rhrou Ghoul Central heat and air in Beil Lection of Florence. Con be a muted. 662 for Delili. Palmetto realer s insurance co. Resident in commercial and resort property. 4 hour Servile 669 1734. James 0. Gel legs rest estate 665-4729 or 669-7943 when it Comet to peal estate Call Frederick 0. Brown co. 665-0421 Allen 1 n1vens realty co. 1414 w. Evans St. 665-1177 for All your real Exilou need Call Middleton Agency 662-1119 less than 3 bedroom Brick Home next to la a boy. Call pc ii Allen 662-8619 or 662-6311, exl. 296, or 662-631 9 de Harrell associates nothing Iasi forever and Shii won t Hillier Seoul jul Sparsh ily Ted Over 1000 feel 4 bedrooms 3 full a flip. Fully corp fed in Cen a fun fireplace and Nany exl rav in Lac i to West Florence High Sthool and Florence mall. I wish i had Don l be one of i Host million 1 Juil Call i to How you that 2 Ivory j bedrooms on Large Jol Wirlin giant Shude Carnold 2fullbalhi. Of you Don i look you will miss the Moit Beau Fifer 3 Bedr 2 Bathi. Carpet Den Wilh fireplace separate doing room. I Iii h my n few of the Many cd Frai. Located in College Park area. Don t quit now there i Iliff a in the Eliut you Haven l seen with All the re Lungi you warm. 3 bedrooms i1 a debt Uii Liy loom. Bull my. In Roe of re Ese in to choose from one Lotc Call Ond you n buy one of a Liege. Cha a. Slowdown add Yuri id your he go suburban in i Wenlund 3 Btl room 2 a Chi Lii Tihen Den car pet. Good to Karl but pickup. Sorry Only one is probably the Moil floor space you will Ever gel for the Money priced in rhe Low Cloird in do Range pm hulks. 3 bad Ramt kit

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