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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 2, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 275 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., Friday morning october 2, 1970 daily inc sunday 1s funeral for Nasser becomes near riot hysteria grips vast crowd in streets of Cairo passer procession a Caisson Bea ring the body of the late Gamal Abdel Nasser president of the United Arab Republic thursday makes its Way slowly through the throngs that crowd Tahir liberation Square in Cairo. Military men five deep line the route. Man atop statue bears a picture of the late president. Visit Franco next Nixon Tito agree on peace efforts Belg Kadi a presi do you re Timber when you i Summit Dent Nixon wound up his Tigos were Jashed Nixon. A Geller. Nixon leaves for Spain Lavian visit in agreement with on Friday to Confer with Gen. President Tito that the unite i at another Point during the Francisco Franco. Slates its Middle Day of talks and sightseeing was the few american Hast peace efforts. Hits House Nixon cd Csc a Rose wac a president Ever to come to Yugo officials said i thursday night. Slip Fly Mon to drink and asked i i his Host whether he was having j it was his first meeting with Cairo a millions of egyptians hysterical with grief turned Gamal Abdel Nasser 1 state funeral into a near riot thursday breaking up the sol emn procession of visiting world leaders and sometimes halting the Caisson bearing the body. Nasser is not dead Nasser is not crowds screamed in unison. They followed to Nasser s grave breaking past guards As the body wrapped in a White shroud according to moslem custom was Laid to rest in a Palm shaded Garden of Man Sheet Elbakry mosque. Egyptian leaders stood with tears streaming from their faces As they listened to the sol emn words of Sheik Mohammed Tahham Egypt s religious Lead i Allah is soviet built supersonic Jet fighters flew Low overhead As Nasser s coffin was borne from the Tan Marble mosque o the i graveside. J mrs. Nasser was not present at the graveside. She remained at Arab socialist Union head quarters to watch the funeral i procession. She collapsed in i grief arid was attended by her j husband s personal physician. Sawry Habib. With her were incr two daughters Iloda 25. J and Mona 23. The Nasser s three sons were j in the procession. Abdul Hamid 21. A was in the Uja wins 19, and Khaled 22. Walker be Hind their father s body. Yards to avoid the unruly crowd. The Galaxy of foreign leaders including Premier Alexei n. Kosygin of the soviet Union pre Mier Jacques Chaban Delmas of France foreign Secretary Alex Douglas Home of Britain and . Secretary of health education and welfare Elliot Richardson were escorted Back to their residences by heavily armed military escorts. M6re than Blue and red berated commando and Para Chute troops and crack infantry men aided by scores of a Mored cars and a Squadron of mounted cavalry with swords drawn failed to bring the crowd fully under control despite hours of desperate efforts. At least one Man was killed when he fell six stories from a group of spectators clinging to a roof top. Hundreds of others were injured in Falls or when struck by armoured cars that million egyptians lined the the women were in Black irom charged into the crowds. Route. They stood up to 200 deep head to foot. At places from the building on the pandemonium reached its to nil height at the end of the three Nassom. His a hour procession As Nasser s he be a body was moved from the coffin by wit Hill and Laid to rest in the Garden of is of Homp the recently completed mosque i j moslem custom lie masses of hundreds of thousands of mourners streamed into the capital from other parts of Egypt for the funeral. When the government halted All trains ii jul bus services into the City wednesday to hold Down the moslem custom. Screaming coffin dangerously swelling crowds. Ners surged through in the Thlu egyptians still Camo in on foot wire barriers and cordons of shroud his face turned toward or Riding on trucks and carts. Troops into the Garden and Alle but seized the Plain wooden cof Shakon in police Fin. A Ham. Rector of Al Early in the Parade read verses from tin had ripped the Black White and dead from the Koran. Islam s red egyptian Flag from the cof j holy Book Fin As it moved erratically through the masses. Egypt s acting president remained behind in the mosque As prs set to Al ing the funeral route were broken before Dawn hours before the funeral was even due to Start. For three hours police infantry and armoured cars fought to Nasser Nasser. i Nasser s body was carried out Clear a Small area facing the Nile front Hilton where Many of the foreign dignitaries were screamed the crowd waving j into the swirling crowd for Buri staying Black draped portraits of their Ial in the mosque Garden. I Leader. The Roar of the crowd a Grom Roar went up As an could be heard clearly from in la on nods helicopter swooped Over Points More than four Miles or carrying s Hody to lowing gala Beth Robes of Island from Kebbeh Sci old Lluc Lily. P i i r it i i i i i i i with pieces of Black cloth Tiell i mosque where it had been lying officials estimated that three around their turbans. Most of i in slate. Jordanian troops and guerrillas agree to accept new cease fire Arab i the associated pre5sl truce teams persuaded palestinian guerrillas and Jor Danian army troops to Stop shooting at each other in i Rilla strongholds of Northern Jordan thursday a spokesman the Beirut spokesman said Oguni nation headed by Yasir Ara agreement to accept the Cairo fat. Arranged cease fire was this was reported following a i chummy Rainy Day junket scotch whisky two leaders made to Tito a you get Birthplace in the for the blood Countryside near Zagreb. J than Tito Nixon received an Cynthus As the Friend of the lat-2 egyptian president Gamal Abdel i Nasser and Nasser s death add cd importance to Nixon s sound ii nos on the Middle East Situa a communique toward the end Tiosh during his current of Nixon s two Clay trip through the Mcd Terra marked the serious Side of the Nean area. Lie reception from a crowd in Zagreb estimated by White House officials at before the two men returned to Bei. Of or. Smith Day visit. The Nixon flew in the . Marino band ensemble and american delicacies for the banquet and Nixon praised Tito As a world War ii resistance Leader who will be remembered in history As a Man of for the Al Fatah guerrilla group Egypt s acting president War ".sadat, collapsed Early in the funeral Parade and was car ried off to a waiting car. Sadat 52, reappeared three hours later at the mosque during the last n. Y. Jail rioters holding 7 educators s. Officials ceremonies prayers Over Nasser s body. The Kings presidents and government leaders from All parts of the world who were to follow the Flag draped coffin for a Quarter of the 13-mile route dropped out after the first inn new York prison noted in the Queens House of detention Branch thursday holding seven employees Host age officials said. It was the third disturbance in j a City jail in six weeks. In a gust two Days of rioting in the Manhattan jail known As the resulted in the so Liting of some prisoners to other state and City institutions to relieve overcrowding. Said. Arranged reached in a maths a. Border other guerrilla organizations town on the Damascus Amman operating in Jordan will be con Highway the guerrillas Princi Msj dared illegal. Information pal Supply route from Syria. Samtha and nearby Irbid Jordan s second largest City quiet the guerrilla spokes Man said after reports of Shell ing by jordanian troops earlier in the Day. In Amman Jordan s new government said it would recognize Only the Al Fatah guerrilla group the major palestinian or i Tell you in Lor Dan has beet Between the gov eminent and the he said full inning the new govern ment s policy. It replaced the maj. Adnani Abu Odd military government that ruled during Jordan s nine Day civil War that left according to some reports 20.0110 dead. He condemned marxist guerrilla bands such As the peking oriented popular front for the liberation of Palestine that organized the hijacking and destruction of four International jetliners last month and at one Point held More than 400 Passen Gers and Crew hostage. The death of egyptian presi Dent Gamal Abdel Nasser who lad accepted the .-spoii.surcd Middle East peace plan wought renewed pleas from International capitals for Arab is peace talks. Gui off 3 highways enemy threatening cambodian capital j South Carolina government Chain will sing the inaugural Tito responded by telling Nix Jand education officials along theme. On your visit was a educators from throughout j a formal academic procession the chaotic Middle East was the Southeast will be on hand will begin the ceremonies. This a Maior topic in the at the inauguration will include some conversations. Or. Waller d. Smith As presi 50 representatives of colleges pcs said Tito of Francis Marion College and universities professional yugoslav Sou lick is Steps must be taken to cer Conics open to the associations and societies As Well As members of the administration and faculty of Francis Marion College. Will b e tie invocation . On the veranda of Stokes talks under . Aspic is. Inlall at the College Campus cast we l House officials said of Flora acc the event Marks and Tito expressed the first inauguration of a presi j delivered by or. Marc Calvin Hope that the new egyptian i Dent at fac the first president of leadership still Uncertain Fol-jp0rted four year College in South presbyterian College and the lowing the death of president this Century. Benediction will be Given by or. Gamal Abdel Nasser. Would pursue moderate policies. James a. Rogers chairman of ithe state College Board of Nolan p. Jacobson chairman of the department of philosophy All four floors of the Century-1 phenom penh. Cambodia Kampong som 114 Miles thursday the North vietnamese Queens jail were involved North " Iel namese of the capital is the the new outbreak which started Viet Cong forces have Cut or at a country s Only deep water port As inmates on the top floor left tacked Cambodia s three most and most of Cambodia s Petrole their cells for lunch a depart important highways in a new products heavy equipment ment of corrections spokesman j drive that could strangle the some other supplies funnel said. J lion s capital. He reported damage to the in the three Supply and comm Rcd Brick building a cations routes radiate from ii error of the in Long Island City was heavy. But there was no evidence the prisoners had weapons. Through it on Highway 4 to the capital and elsewhere. And Viet Cong units struck with mortar barrages and ground As saults in a Section of route 5 about 52 Miles Northwest of phenom penh. A government spokesman said the route was technically other enemy troops hit a1 but described it As highly Nom penh to major centers pop nos on mite 5 and virtually j dangerous for civilian traffic. To the Southeast Southwest and Northwest. There arc 338 prisoners in Hie the most important of them Northwest including the a Iii Chilili in Holh 194 4 of a Norlina pm Nam Ponh i. I jail built to hold 194. Smoke poured from a second Cut the major artery third threat to the nation s highways was against i out i running Southeast from from phenom penh to the West Tito called for joint to and religion at Winthrop efforts to Deal with dangerous i trustees the governing body issues in the Middle East Marion and the College i1-" Ufa and elsewhere. I of Charleston will preside at the j greetings to the president will he said i think that the inauguration which features an be issued by Calvin Benlon time has come when during j address by gov. Robert e. Jmc student government As i hair talks statesmen coming j investiture of the presi social Ion president or. John w. From countries having different Wpm by Jamos a fac Vicc president for or. Waiter d. Smith to be inaugurated state commissioner of social systems should try to. Find j a Way for solving All questions Morns in the world in a peaceful Way higher education and also for eliminating All Elc a following Nis invest inure or. A will deliver the inaugural a we have such elements uni add ass the Middle Kast and in two groups will provide far special music for the occasion. A High Point of Nixon s final Rizic Florence symphony Day in Yugoslavia was a drive orchestra conducted by .1. Through the rain soaked Hills Wisl the the place where Tito was la a n academic affairs or. J. Howard Stokes president of the friends of Francis Marion College association and David ii. Mcleod mayor of Florence. Also a greeting from the Council of presidents will be Given by Winthrop College president or. Charles s. Davis. In the event of inclement there s my the and recessional j weather ceremonies will be year old Tilo told Nixon and Pic Francis Marion College j they arrived at Tito s birth i chorus under the direction of Church on place a Humble cottage some i fac Fine arts department 250 Miles from Belgrade. Chairman or. Adrian r. Act transferred to Calvary Baptist Cherokee Road in according to College 4 connecting phenom penh with Kampong som has been closed for two Days after Corn floor window As helmeted police i nos command troops massed . Lie prisoners of a Section o it moved one guard to a fourth floor window where he could be seen from Ahe Street to prove they were holding hostages. They also displayed a guard Captain s Cap. And other in mates stuck their arms out of windows in the Black Power Salute. Lion s second largest City at Bat penl1 a inn lambing and the beleaguered nest command forces attacked beleaguered siem leap angkor wat area j a military spokesman said pick Landing spot for Apollo 15 Lorenec officials. Gov. Robert Mcnair Speaks Here Friday Power to the people. Release Afcin shouted one in mate. Mrs. Shakur on trial with 12 other Black panthers on bomb conspiracy charges had her bail revoked wednes Day after she arrived 40 minutes late in the courtroom. She said she was delayed by an erroneous Telephone report that her Mother had been taken to a hos Pital. Correction commissioner Icorn Mcgrath said several prisoners in the mess Hall had grabbed keys from unarmed i guards opened the cells and if out All the other inmates. A rugged spot near o Mountain has been chosen for the Apollo 15 Moon Landing slated next year. See Page 12-a. Judaism Marks the holiest Days of the year the "10 Days of see Page 4-b. Delta the famed Mississippi River scr Wheeler appears to be making its last run. See Page 8-b. Index ask Andy Iii classified 81 comics 111 deaths 2a editorials a markets 71 sports women 1b Lia weather generally fair and not much change in temperatures the ouch Friday. Warmer saturday. Highs near 80 Low in 50s. 3a, a government Garrison South East of phenom penh but with Drew after two hours of fighting and the Highway remained open. Enemy troops opened fire on i South vietnamese naval flotilla just outside phenom penh thursday but were silenced by naval gunfire and cambodian forces. No peace7 pah is a intensive Al lied study of the Viet Cong s sept. 17 peace initiative 1 has failed to turn up a starting Point for serious Vietnam peace negotiations. The United Stales said thursday. . Ambassador David Bruce at the plenary peace Silks session said that after careful review of the proposal i have seen nothing which leads me to revise my opinion that your fundamental demands seem

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