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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - October 1, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaJames a. Rogers Jour mtg John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogon editor thursday morning october 1, 1970 bailing out the railroads nothing did More to reveal and dramatize the shaky financial footing of the nation s Railroad Industry than the news that the huge Penn Central had been overtaken by bankruptcy. Hardly any of the nation s railroads Are considered to be in top notch financial health and several Are reported in imminent danger of Tak ing the route of Penn Central. Thomas m. Goodfellow president of the american association o f railroads declared in Atlanta tues Flay that unless Money to operate the nation s railroads under private i Enterprise can be found they will have to be nationalized. Nationalization would mean that the government would assume ownership and control of this vital transportation Industry a Solu Tion that would Cut across the american Grain. Americans generally Are Strong for private Enterprise and balk at the idea of government doing anything that can be done by private Industry. The problems of the railroads however have reached the Point that even the rail Industry admits that i government must be involved in find ing solutions. An Industry study recommends that Loans guaranteed by the Federal government be made for rail improvements and equipment that a single transportation fund b e established to be used by All modes of transportation in furthering a balanced transportation system and that government create a nonprofit corporation to acquire a free running Fleet of general purpose unassigned cars. The Industry study also recommends that railroads be exempt from state and local property taxes on Railroad rights of Way and that funds already available be used to eliminate Highway railway Grade crossing hazards. There is suspicion that Loans to some railroads would turn out to be a subsidy since chances of recovering the Money would be slim. In fact it has been suggested that temporary direct subsidies be provided for financially troubled rail companies to help them recover their financial balance. The trouble with temporary government subsidies is that they have a Way of becoming permanent. Another suggestion is that the Federal government Purchase All tracks and rights of Way then charge a user s fee to the railroads. Government ownership presumably would snip away local and state taxes now levied on tracks and rights of Way something that would t make local tax assessors very Happy. But it might go a Long Way toward reme dying Railroad Industry ills and doing it Short of nationalization. There has always seemed to be something inherently unfair about a system which requires railroads to taxes on and maintain their track system and stations while its competitors the airlines truckers and Jordan s Mold an ancient one David Lawrence role of Fri on Campus will be investigative Washington contrary to bus companies Are provided with some published reports the airports air terminals and highways Federal Bureau of investigation will not under legislation now by the government. Congress of g t a t 0 government ownership of tracks agents on the campuses of the 111., universities and colleges of the and rights of Way would leave the the agents wih make Railroad Industry in the private in investigations Only when there Temprise sector and government Are bombings or terrorist in funds used to Purchase these facilities a dents and their inquiries will could provide the railroads with the working capital they desperately need to modernize and become More competitive in marketplace. The and the Fri does t have enough staying tuned in politically sen. Earle Morris democratic candidate for lieutenant governor says he will use the office As a Centra feed listening Post for citizens with problems and complaints about state government if he is elected in november. In his Campaign travels Over the state he says he has found that Many people feel they Are unable to communicate with their elected officials. To help allay this feeling he says he plans to be something of a circuit Riding lieutenant governor periodically locating in every Section of the state to listen to the people and receive their transportation agents to maintain a police Force on nations campuses nor does it desire to do so. It has its hands full merely conducting investigations in cases that develops As a result of the acts of terror which not Only baffle local police but appear to have Good plan. The health o f been by persons who v Are not connected with the col democratic government depends in eyes Large measure on Active com the extent of the terrorism Mun cation Between the elected generated by influences outside representatives of the people the he Campus has never been electorate. If the channels of com but j. Edgar Hoover j director of the Fri m irs open Mun cation become clogged a threat Etter to College s t u d e n t s is posed to the democratic system. Written recently for United _ press International said there is another aspect to sen. Morris plan to travel the s a t e chatting with the electorate and listening to their problems which the senator did t mention but which he probably has t overlooked. It s an excellent Way to Lay the groundwork for a gubernatorial Campaign four years hence. Members who have lost Faith in America. They ridicule the Flag poke fun at american institutions seek to destroy our there is real ground for concern about the extremism which led to violence lawlessness and disrespect for the rights of others on Many col lege campuses during the past year. The extremists Are a Small learning to recognize and understand the mentality of extremism which believes in violence and in order to investigate the elements that Are in Contact with the militants it i s necessary for detectives to work on information Given them by students concerning outside persons who have come to the campuses and helped to organize the disturbances. The local police or College officials do not have the time or resources for such wide in quiries. The Fri on the other hand is adept at carrying on in Tensive studies which May re quire visits to other localities. This is one of the reasons Why Congress now appears ready to authorize Fri agents to Aid in the close examination of Campus disorders especially bombings and arson. A favorite device of the extremists is to denounce the Fri and try to prejudice the students against the Federal government itself. As or. Hoover says in his letter they la encourage you to disrespect the Law and hate the Law enforcement officer. Most College students have Good friends who Are police officers. You know that when extremists Call the police pigs they Are wrong. The officer protects your rights lives and property. He is your Friend and he needs your president Nixon was so impressed with the letter that or. Hoover wrote for the up that he ordered a copy sent to 900 College presidents to be distributed to students wherever possible. It has been apparent for a Long time that outside elements have often been responsible for the destruction of property belonging to the Federal government such As Federal research centers and the premises of the Reserve officers training corps. Radical students have had enough influence on various campuses to persuade the governing bodies to detach the colleges from any connection with Federal research work and particularly with the Roth. It is believed in Many quarters Here that this has been the result of a Campaign by the extremists who have concentrated on these efforts. The kingdom of Jordan now limping Back from a civil War As self destructive As any in modern histor. Is More than a desert country baking in the Middle East Sun. It is a country with a history dating Back years most of which has been As troubled As its present. A National geographic feature service give the follow ing summary of those years. Though nearly 75 per cent of the hash emite kingdom s Square Miles Are desert today the entire Region was Fertile in the Bronze age. Later it was a major granary for the roman Empire. As King Hussein once wrote about his country in National geographic under nearly every acre of ground almost anywhere in Jordan lie treasures of the Amman the capital where the jordanian army has been exchanging machine gun and mortar fire with palestinian guerrillas stands on the ruins of the ancient greek City of Philadelphia built by Ptolemy ii philadelphus in the third Century b. C. Ptolemy in turn had erected his City on the site of the old testament City of Rabbath the ammonite capital that had existed almost from the Days of lot. The Highway linking Amman with the red sea port of Aqaba 175 Miles away follows the old roman Road that was Laid Over the still older Highway built by King Solomon. Located on major caravan routes Jordan enjoyed Prosperity As the roman province of Arabia Petra a. Its capital was the Rock carved Mountain fastness of Petra conduits and cisterns kept its terraced Fields Green and productive. Its collapse followed Rome s the irrigation system that had checked erosion crumbled from disuse. By the seventh Century nomadic bands of arabs roamed the land. Crusaders briefly extended their Rule from Jerusa Lem in the Lith and 12th centuries and the Region later came under turkish Rule. Known As trans Jordan it was part of the ottoman Empire when Lawrence of Arabia helped Arab rebels oust the turks Dur ing world War i. Britain administered trans Jordan and Palestine West of the Jordan River under a league of nations mandate after the War. The British recognized the Amir Abdullah As ruler in Amman and in 1946 he was crowned King Abdullah i of Jordan. As a member of the Arab league Jordan fought As an ally of Egypt Iraq Syria and Lebanon in the Arab israeli War that broke out when the British mandate in Palestine ended in May 1948. Jordan annexed part of Palestine adding some Square Miles to its territory. With the new land came More than a million palestinians doubling the nation s population. In Jerusalem in 1951, Abdullah was assassinated by extremists who considered him too Friendly with Britain and too disposed to seek peace with Israel. In we travelled through that part of Jordan known As the West Bank. A Road leading South from the sea of Galilee overlooks the Broad Jordan River Valley to the Hills of Gilead beyond. South of the Gilead country the mountains of Moab Range bar Renly and ruggedly to the lower Jordan and stand eastward Over the dead sea. In them Moses stood on Nebo and viewed the promised land and from them Joshua led his army against Jericho and into Canaan the Gilead and Moab country Are filled with place names associated with old testament history As Well As with those of the secular history which has swirled through this desert country Ever since a recognizable culture took shape there and formed the beginnings of Western civilization. The tragedy of the modern Middle East lies in More than what it inflicts upon lands and people in the 20th Century More tragically it is that after years of history the sons of Ishmael have not Learned a better Way. English by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say he spends the major portion of his time in his say he spends the greater part of his often mispronounced error and err. Pronounce the noun to rhyme with and the verb to rhyme with often misspelled lovable observe the moveable synonyms yield furnish produce afford Bear Render give in relinquish let go forego accede acquiesce resign surrender concede allow Grant submit succumb comply consent agree. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s corrosive caustic capable of eating or wearing away gradually. Accent second How can we Cope with the corrosive in fluence this one Man exercises in our Jack Anderson Florida prison conditions shocking rejoice Mars still has mystery advancing space science and technology with its capacity for mercilessly robbing life of its Romance has just about ruled decisively that no Little Green men in habit Mars. In fact the consensus of the scientific Community after last year s Mariner flybys of the red planet seemed to be that it is highly improbable that life of any sort exists on Mars. The Mariner space probes photographed 20 per cent of the mar Itan surface and relayed other data Back to Earth which led scientists to conclude that the Martian environment was too hostile for life at least Earth Type life. They concluded that much of the Martian surface is ired desert that there is Little if any water and atmospheric oxygen and that the planet is bombarded by radiation because the atmosphere is too thin to filter or deflect it As happens on Earth. But alas a pair of space Agency biologists who have delved deeply in to the data collected by the mariners now raise a Flicker of Hope that there May be life on Mars after All. No Little Green men but the biologists say it is possible certain types of organisms could survive on Mars though harsh the environment be. So fellow romantics take heart. Much of the inspiration for june Moon versification has seeped away since the astronauts walked on the lunar surface and found it Barren and desolate. But still there is enough mystery to Mars to keep Romance alive. It could be that we have mis coloured the martians. Perhaps Little red men inhabit the planet which would explain Why no one has been Able to spot them roaming River their red deserts. Long overdue founders of the roof of the Republic Bell Tower in Valley forge pa., expected in 1921 when they placed the seals of the 48 states in place that each would its share about All but Arkansas came through. A Sirn throw pro the years has been a reminder of the debt. Now residents of Osceola ark., have paid the Bill and the sign has been changed to give hem credit. There s More than one Way to collect an old Bill. Charleston evening Post society. They take advantage of the tensions strife and often legitimate frustrations of students to promote Campus chaos. They have no rational intelligent plan of the future for the University or the nation. The extremists Are of wide variety adherents of the students for democratic society ads including the Weatherman members of the Young socialist Alliance the trotskyist youth group the communist party s Young workers liberation league or they May be associated with the student mobilization committee to end the War in Vietnam a Trouc Skeist dominated anti War group. Many Are not associated with any National group. The key Point is not so much the identification of extremists but 26 years with no elections Tito and they Call me Washngton Florida has opened the Gates of its notorious state prison at Raiford to this column. My associate Les Whitten was taken on an unprecedented backroom tour by an sex con vict who dared to come Back and Point out the horrors. They found shocking conditions that according to the evidence in our files Aren t unique to Florida but exist in prisons throughout the country. As Florida s prison Czar or. James Bax had promised the authorities allowed Whitten to speak privately with prisoners and to dig deeply into prison records. Bax also gave his word there would be no retribution against prisoners. This May be a More difficult Promise for him to keep from his Distant office in Tallahassee. Several inmates whispered out their woes or pressed written accounts of their experiences in to Whitten s hands. Already reports have reached us of ugly retaliation against those whom the guards suspected of giving information. Flint faced guards also glowered at Whitten s guide John Ricardo a handsome 34 year old sex burglar whose former cellmate hissed a warn ing through bars that in reprisal he might be set up and arrested on a phony charge by friends of prison officers. Tiiu most depressing place was the Hospital where Whitten saw patients lying in the Halls like beggars in bedlam trying to get a doctor s attention. Cockroaches skittered up the Walls and ants filed busily to food spots on the floor. In an earlier column based upon affidavits and smuggled documents we told of a Man who lost his hand through negligence and another with Roaches in his head wound. Prison officials scoffed at the stories. Whitten searched out Milt Frank a convict with half his hand gone who Sivore that a medical technician j. J. Murphy had refused him Ade quate treatment. Murphy in a Long interview denied it. The prison records show Murphy diagnosed the swollen gangrenous hand As a fracture and sent Frank to the University of Florida Hospital for treat ment. There the records show it was 40 hours after a fall caused his hand to swell before ire reached the University Hospital Only 35 Miles away. Whitten also talked to Tony Antone who despite fear of retribution said Roaches had crawled Down his face twice after his head bandages were unwound. On one occasion he swore Hospital personnel had to pick the insects out of the wound. As Whitten threaded his Way through the Hospital hallway a Sallo faced patient his eyes like tiny gasoline flames reached from his wheelchair and tugged Whitten s sleeve. Gradually i m losing the use of my whispered Daniel Benitez 32, hoarsely. It s driving me paralysed from the Waist Down Billy Graham says i try to live a Christian life and have taken a stand against certain things but this Bas subjected me to disapproval by Many people. At times i feel like giving up. J. P. Since you Are human with human limitations you feel like giving but of course you cannot and will not. Chris s Reward is to the faithful thou Hast been faithful in a few tilings i will make thee ruler Over just make sure that Yorr convictions Are not All negative but that they arc balanced out with positive convictions. I note that you used the term against certain it is sometimes m6re important what we Are for than what we Are against. When Lincoln was one Day severely criticized he said i do the Best i know How the very Best i can and i mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out All right what is said against me won t amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong ten Angels swearing i was right would make no remember virtue has its own Reward. If you could be turned by uie opinion of compromising people you would t have had your convictions in the first place. Popularity and convictions Don t always go together As you have Frimd out. By a Bullet Benitez has needed physical therapy and braces for a year. But the Hospital has t found Money even to buy him a urine bag that does t leak. Another paraplegic l e r o y Toombs 21, wheeled up air pleaded i could walk if i had some the once husky negro now Down to 95 pounds lifted his Panama pants to show a pair of Pipestem legs. S till another fragile William Morgan 51, bedridden for 11 years exposed an Abdomen which was a mass of surgical scars. He is liners 1- held together by a ramshackle Brace which has broken Down 5 times and should have been replaced Long ago. It is also wearing a Hole in his Back. Ricardo had to fend off prisoners trying to Tell my associate their stories but one with compelling eyes hissed go in they entered a crowded Ward just As the Hospital s medical director or. D. G. Limcangco bustled out. Flu were Ibn Rattan Frum Florence morning news published Dally Ana sunday 141 s. Dirty St. Florence . Member of lie Assoc noted press audit Bureau of circulation Southern news paper publishers association. The Asso press is entitled exclusively to Trie use for publication of All local news in this newspaper. The Florence morning news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of its reports. 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