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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 29, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaThe Gallup poll More than 15 million have seen a ufos by George Gallup Princeton n. J. One i night a 1-os-Angeles housewife was sitting on her porch when strange glowing Light attracted her attention. What the saw she recently told a Gallup poll interviewer was a illuminated disk which Rose from behind a clump of Trees and hovered Over her House for a minute or two and then suddenly Digap from that moment she said "1 was a be compared with those recorded in 1966 latest per yes 46 34 no 38 4fi no opinion 16 20 most inclined to believe there is human life on other planets background. A majority of this group 57 per cent hold this belief. A Gallup Survey in 1971 of in 72 53 per cent expressing a belief in the existence of human1 life on other planets while 47 per cent filled out the possibility. The of leaders in science Medicine education politics business and other Fields selected by careful Sam pling methods from the inter National who s among those in the current Survey of the u. S. Public who say they have seen a ufos is the 55-year-old wife of a real estate attorney from Tacorda Wash my son just received a new Telescope and we were on the front porch my husband and i. It was Dur ing the smelter strike arid All the factories were closed. Kirst my son spotted some thing through he Telescope then see it with the naked Eye. There were two humming disks hovering Over one of the smoke sucks. They were there for a minute then disappeared. Shortly after Chase planes came from the nearby air in Hazleton pa., reports a Gallup interviewer a father and daughter watched five to seven ufos every night for three weeks. They always appeared Between 7 arid 8 . Coming from the Southeast. Kach Ombert had one Light of no color which grew brighter and brighter As it pulsate. Florence morning news thursday november 7-b Richardson details differences Washington Elliot l. Richardson said tuesday night that he threatened to resign twice As attorney general before actually doing so. And that he suggested Back in August that president to detailed questioning about watergate. On two different occasions before or. Cox s firing i made it Clear that if he were fired i would be forced to Richardson said. He resigned from the Cabinet oct. 20 after the president fired Archibald Cox is special watergate prosecutor. Richardson said he proposed to the White mouse in August that Nixon undergo questioning by persons familiar with the watergate scandal specifically Cox and Sens. Sam a Krvin jr., . And Howard ii. Baker jr., the chairman and vice chairman of the Senate Wale Gale committee. He said he suggested a Neutral Moderator perhaps sen. John c. Plennis a miss. Richardson made the comments on the Nick caveat television show taped in Washington about three hours before ils airing Over the Abc network. In reply to questions after the program. He told newsmen he never made the suggestion to Nixon directly but rather to Gen. Alexander m. Haig or. White i Louse chief of staff counsel j. Red and i Orcsi Clial aide Melvin it. . Lic vef. An astonishing ii per cent of population or More than 15 million americans have seen a Uko unidentified lying object double the Jerk enlarge recorded in the per viols Survey on the subject in if fifi. The figure Ihnn was 5 per cent. In addition he latest sur vey shows approximately of persons interviewed 51 per cent believing that these flying objects sometimes called flying saucers Are real and not just a figment of the imagination or cases of hallucination. The same Survey shows nearly half of All persons inter viewed 46 per cent believing that there is intelligent life on other planets. This represents a Sharp increase in the percentage with this belief since the is fifi Survey when the figure was 34 per cent. 11 is interesting to note that persons who believe in the existence of life Raj other Ola nets Trp. Far More Likely to that ufos Are real and not something imaginary. In fad. Seven in 10. Of those who think Shore is life on other planets think Uko s Are real. analysis of the Survey data shows that ufos sightings Are Mil confined to any particular population group. Kor exam ple College educated persons Tirc As Likely to have seen a i a o lire persons with less Lor Mal education. However a considerably higher proportion of sightings is reported in the Midwest and South than in the cast and Karl Cal. In addition persons living in Small towns or in Rural areas Are More Likely to report hav ing seen a Uko than Are per sons living in Hie larger cities of the nation. Merc is the first asked in the Survey have you Ever heard or read about unidentified flying almost everyone 95. Per cent i has at least heard or read something about Ukos. For Somo Lhing so highly publicized this finding May. At first not i com unusual. However in terms of he history of the pub lie s awareness of other Inci dents or events this figure is extraordinarily High. In fact this awareness score is one of the highest in the 37-year his tory of the tial Lup poll. This question was then asked of Hose who said they have heard or read about i of have you. Yourself Ever seen anything you thought was i i i i arc Are he key findings i nationwide College background High school Trade school Kasl Midwest South million Over 50fl.000-09fl.mm under 2.500 the aware group was then asked this in your opinion arc they something real or just people s Here arc the latest National results compared with those recorded in 1966, showing a slight increase in the percent age saying real entries close saturday december 2 one of 368 valuable Inzeo to be Given away during Moores going Hunting sweepstakes Register today 2nd 25 Winchester trailblazer to Lii finn 57 pairs of Wolverine 8" Hunting boots ister at any Moore s store no obligation nothing to buy Complete rules available in the store close out on steel storage buildings embossed textured panelling Beauty now Only. Reg. 7.39 Alt yours in Evans a Tucket series select from the Champagne tones of misty Ashe Caramel tones of Monterey Oak or warm Chocolatey Brown shades of mocha. 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