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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 29, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood thursday november our both year no. 333 Florence s. C. Daily sunday More Blank spots in tapes revealed by Nixon lawyer i if tit phone on a Bike Paul indianer 43, of Miami fla., got rid of his car last week and in a portable Telephone and garage door opener on his bicycle s handlebars As his to helping save fuel. A recession coming Washington a Novern Mcnol Index thav fore fists future economic look it s i Wor 1.1 cars in september Lien increased slightly Hie Fol in inn Marilli. Lire Commerce department reported wednes Day. Kill i government Econn Mojsl warned thai Ilie september decline of 1.6 per Mil in the so called composite Index of loading indicators Horn Lii cd i business recession. The Index is no he said. The sen Lemerer decline was revised Frum preliminary figures last month was since a .7 per cent drop in the Index in Archon i960. The Commerce. Department said die business indicators in creased two tenths of one per cent in october on he basis of preliminary figures. Although Sec indicators i age Sivi Washington a a White House lawyer testified wednesday that there Are sub Stantial periods where no identifiable sound can be heard on some of the watergate tapes turned Over to a Federal judge. But he said those spots represent no new gaps or erasures. Lawyer j. Fred Buzhardt also said that president Nixon was old on nov. 15 that an id min Ute tone with no conversation on one of the tapes was on part of a conversation that had been subpoenaed. That conflicted with White House statements that the president was not certain until nov. 20 that the id minute Sci ment was included m the subpoena. There s no change in what we be been saying our position is still the White House Deputy press Secretary Gerald Warren said later. There was still confusion in the presi Dent s mind and he still had doubts that this was a subpoenaed tape and to maintained that doubt until he came Back from Bis trip Oil the 20th." .11 was on thai trip that the president assured the Republican governors conference in Memphis that therefore no More bombshells he was aware if in the continuing watergate Story. The while House Contention reiterated in court by buy Hardt has that he sub i Bemi for the Lapes was so ambiguous that it was not Clear that the conversation of ii. R. A Haldeman on june 20. 1972 was subpoenaed. The conversation was part of a tape thai also included the Lalk Nixon had with John Ehrlichman just before Haldeman entered the Oval of fice. Buzhardt said he did not real until nov. 14 that the Halde Man portion was sought in the subpoena. He said the new Blank spots were discovered by technicians looking at instruments but not listening on nov. 13-14 As they were making copies of the ape for the court. The report i had was that there were periods where on the screen there was no signal periods where Here appear to but it Ichard Ben a Nisie. An assistant watergate prosecutor said. Disagree on the extent of the period or whether there there was any sound at All.11 asked about he disclosure. Warren said. There question that the conversations hat the subpoena covers Are intact. There Are no Blanks in the seven subpoenaed Conversa. Tons except for the in minute Burthardt said that when the in minute segment was Dis covered the first thing we did was o go through All the other Lapes to determine if Here were any other he said none were found. He said he told Alexander chief of staff about the a minute Bua. That conversation on the morning of nov. 15. He said in was an Light y Lale Date finding nut that this was a subpoenaed Conversa Buzhardt said. That eve Ning they met with he presi Dent and i informed him of see tapes Page 5a Rose Mary stretches Here s a copy of a White House picture introduced As evidence wednesday in . District court in Washington. It shows president Nixon s Secretary Rose Mary Woods answering the phone in her White. House office. Tape recorder is at left beside typewriter. Miss Woods testified she oct. 1 in her of big stick wielding arabs j Hope to Force Israel out Algiers a Arab Kings and presidents decided wednesday to use every at heir disposal including the Oil squeeze to win their confrontation with the leaders said there will peace in the Middle Kasl until two Basic conditions met israeli withdrawal from All Arab territory. Especially Jerusalem and restoration of the ice Ilimae rights of the palestinian Israel has consistently Rejc Clad both As hey Are understood by he arabs. 1 the demands were included in a statement ending he three Day Summit the first such Parley since be end of the october Middle Lias War. The Summit was meant to lighten Arab ranks before a peace conference tentatively scheduled dec. In in gun Oya. But Iraq and Libya boycotted he Meeyung because they oppose peace with Israel and King Hussein of Jordan Only sent envoys because tie wanted to avoid fact to face Dis m Gree mint with the palestinian guerrilla leaders. The leaders kept i hair resolutions secret but gave maximum Ixia Sicily to their resolve to continue holding Back Oil from countries they consider unfriendly and to open the taps for pro Arab nations. The Arab Oil producing nations have Cut Back production 25-30 per cent raising fears of a fuel crisis his Winter in the United states Japan and Kurop. Moreover they have slapped a total embargo on the United Stales and Holland because of policies considered particularly pro israeli. In a move designed to put additional pres sure on those who support Israel they decide to Cul production at least 5 per cent More each month. Hut lie Oil sheiks have granted a one month suspension of his measure for Japan the Philippines and the common Markel countries except Holland in recognition for pro Arab statements. It should be Clear hat Here is a Dirac link Between exemption from Export cutbacks and any country s support for our just said Arab league Secretary general Mah Moud had. Every time countries act in our favor there will be Arab decisions to re cipro two h arts i lie men charged in slaying two Hartville men Are charge indexed with the slaying of a Kef Ley comics i town merchant. Page 1b. Grier Jones and Harry Wise doctor tied in Walt Disney world open Geff tournament Page 1d. Florence City Council begins Stock Market rallies strongly new York a the Slock Markel. Mired month in one of its steepest slides in recent years rallied suddenly and strongly wednes Day. The Dow Jones average of 30 8 industrials Rose 22.05 Points to monday the widely 10a j watched indicator had recorded its fifth biggest drop in history 4a 8 29.05 Points. 30-Day weather Good news and bad news Washington api impending upon where you live the National weather service issued both Good and bad news about he upcoming Winter s weather for a Nalion facing major fuel restrictions. In an unprecedented Public forecast admittedly motivated by the nationwide Energy shortage the Agency said wednesday the far West. Northern Rockies and Northern great Plains Are estimated to have a fio percent Chance of suffering a colder Winter than Normal. The Midwest much of the South and parts of the Northeast Are estimated to have a 60 percent Chance of enjoying a Milder Winter than Normal. Temperatures along he coast in the Central great Plains and in he of the great Lias in arc rated a toss up with an equal likelihood of going either by scientists of the Commerce department Agency an Arm of the National oceanic and atmospheric administration told a reporter hey could t say How much colder or Milder the Winter might be in the areas listed. They said extended Bullocks of this Type for an entire season of he year arc still weather Page 5a Tice transcribing the tape of a conversation be tween Nixon and h. R. Haldeman when her phone rang. She said she thinks she pushed the wrong the recorder when she turned to reach Back to answer the phone. At the same time she said she placed her foot on a pedal beneath the typewriter table activating the recorder. A court tap experts ready for testing Salt Lake City a a University of Lilah professor said wednesday he and other experts selected to verify Ter Gal a re Latch presidential apes will begin Pilot tests on he recordings soon. Hut or. Thomas or. Whose specially is use of computers to process images and sounds indicated there has been no word on whether or when a final analysis of he apes will begin. The six Man team answers directly to . District court judge John , who presides Over the Case. In the sense of communicating the group is already at work talking to each other working with each Stockham said. We Are going to make some Pilot to cols. Involving physical and electrical measurements As Well As several sophisticated analysis of certain he said. We want to have a Short period of Ime perhaps six weeks or so to make an in depth proposal if it s appropriate As to what should be done in the final analysis to scrutinize and verify the authenticity and integrity of these Stockham said. He said the Pilot less should in completed in january. He said there was no word on when the work would begin or where it would be done. Others in the group Are or. Richard h. Boll of Cambridge. Mass., an acoustics Bolt. Beranek and Man inc. Acoustics and speech analysis firm or. Franklin Cooper president of Haskins laboratories in Hartford. Conn., a speech perception production and synthesis expert and or. James l. Flanagan head of the acoustics research Depar Lenl for Bell laboratories at Murray Hill . Also John g. Jay Mcknight a consultant on magnetic receding who was in the professional audio research division of Ampex corp. From 1953-72. And Mark Weiss of new York City vice president of acoustics research Al the Federal science corp. Fuel shortage or misallocation 4d of Curte to waste collection. Page 2a. Weather fair and Low Delaire Page 3a. Id state area 1b women 6a mid advancing issues out numbered declines by better than a 2-1 margin wednesday in relatively Active trading on the new York Stock Exchange. Brokers have warned the re cent declines on investor fears that the nation s Energy prob lems might nomic growth in the months and . Ahead. Washington 1ap a Senate Interior subcommittee was wednesday that last Winter s Healing fuel shortage May have been conjured up by the major Oil companies. It is even possible that there was no actual physical shortage at. All. Only misallocation and misdirection of refined prod said sen. Frank Moss. A Utah. Moss the first Wilness As the Interior subcommittee chaired by sen. Floyd k. Has Kell d-colo., opened hearings into whether Oil companies Are competitive. Moss said Commerce com Mittee information is in Complete because some companies failed to provide information but one is forced to con clude that there was a plan conjured up by the major Oil company suppliers which resulted in the shortages in the upper Plains Stales last win Ter. He said his leaves the implication that the companies May have violated antitrust Laws and said this Point should be examined by Congress and the Justice department. Moss said he based his conclusions on Commerce subcommittee hearings which be chaired Carlic this year. Charles 10. Spahr chairman of Standard Oil company Ohio and of the american Petroleum Institute testified that those who attempt to por Iray government and business As implacable foes do his a lion a great disservice and those who portray he Industry As co conspirators against con Sumers arc also doing a Dis he denied that the Industry is not competitive. Some members of Congress have asserted that Oil and Gas companies have deliberately withheld fuel supplies As an Effort to push up prices. Moss said his Commerce sub committee found Strong Evi Dence of mass withholding of a incr fuels diversions of stip ply from one area of the country to another

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