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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 29, 1970, Florence, South Carolina4-f sunday nov Wber 29, 1970 the sizzlers new hot wheels sizzlers race sets provide playroom comp tuition for a pair of rapt youngsters. The tiny cars run on lifetime rechargeable Bat teries with enough Power in one charge for a Long race. Recharging is done by the ingenious juice machine. Speed is governed through the Speed Brake by hand controls and the boys keep track of the Progress of the race by Means of the Lap fastest electric cars race what the car of tomorrow will look like is something Well have to wait until tomorrow to find out but the Odds Are Good that we know what will Power it electricity. But even knowing that and despite the fact that some experimental models of electric cars Are on the Road today Well still have to wait until tomorrow to drive one. Say the scientists. Well not am. Of us. Exactly. Millions of boys will be Able to race their smog free electric racing cars hot wheels sizzlers. The world s fastest electric cars. The hot wheels sizzlers Are miniature racing cars powered by lifetime rechargeable batteries made in the image of such muscle cars As the Mustang Boss 302. The firebird trans am racer and the Ford Mark in. Sizzlers sets Are available to race minded youngsters in a Vari Ety of track configurations rang ing from a simple Oval to a deluxe grand prix Road course. Sizzlers race sets include an ingenious juice a re charging device that looks like a gasoline pump used for energizing the sizzlers cars Power cells when needed. Also available Are the Power pit another recharging unit which provides Power stops Lor the miniature racers with a timing dial that measures the re charge and Speed brakes that provide a Means of controlling the cars Speed to prevent Spinous. Also available Are such adjuncts to Young racing enthusiasts com petition As Lap counters and speedometers. Gift of music children Are shown what a Quarter note is then later perform one on their desk organs. Whether or not these Young students go on to instrument training is of Small importance. The chief Benefit is music appreciation which can last a lifetime. Varieties of poinsettias the Christmas Flower Pom set Tia has been undergoing a big change in recent years. Varie Lei which have been appearing in the Paul Mikkelsen. Which holds up longer than the older kinds. This Poinsettia is a Cross Between a red seedling and a White variety which has Long been known to retain its freshness better than the reds. But growing conditions have also improved. There is no longer a headache for the grower to bring them into Bloom at the proper time. Growers have Learned that the plants must have 11 hours of Complete darkness daily starting in october to Bloom on schedule. Most growers use a sterile pot Ting mixture which prevents Dis ease and also lessens the danger of Over watering. Like other plants it will not tolerate wet soggy soil. It also thrives in sunny spots better than in Shade or Semi Shade. Open d Ati f 10-10 monday tuesday a fit s.5. Or sgt company you re Safe when you save at k Mart Santa s Imide a Bike fight smog c. 73.77 North pole Santa Claus was always a fashion Leader. Was t he the first in his Block to grow his Beard Long and full he had rein Deer to pull his Sleigh while others were struggling with the com Bustion engine. And those red velvet trousers Rumor has it from the folks up North that St. Kick might be hauling his Christmas goodies this j year in a bicycle Basket what with All this talk about pollution and ecology albeit True that rein Deer Are quiet and generate some body beat in the Polar climates what is quieter and less polluting than a Bike. Well if Santa docs leave Bonner and Blitzen in the Hayloft this Vear. The fact still remains that hell be delivering More bicycles to starry eyed kids this year than Ever before probably a million or so. According to the bicycle Institute of America that keeps Tab on kids and bikes and the in group. One Nice thing about bikes too. They come in a wide Range of prices and colors and sizes and styles. It must have been mind b owing to a Claus handling the variety of requests for bikes this year. What an inventory some bikes have Little wheels some Are close to the ground there Are lightweight bikes that carry kids Over the roads with Little Effort or on 100-mile Bike hikes. There Are sophisticated Multi geared open daily 10-10 phone 669-2461 bikes Lor those members of the old High school gang. There s even a Pink Bike for grandma with a Wicker Basket entwined with roses. By the Way. If you want to see dad and mom up like the Christmas tree think about a Bike for them. It s one Way of saying they be stayed Young. Think about that. The Institute says to prospective Christmas buyers that there is nothing less Safe about one Bike style Over another. The important thing to remember when shopping for a bicycle is to get one that fits. Don t expect a youngster to grow into his Bike. If that Christmas Bike is to be a Surprise ask dealers to agree to have you bring the Bike Back alter Christmas for the proper fitting and personal adjustment Neces sary Lor safety and Comfort. After that a Semi annual inspection and adjustment can help keep the bicycle in tip top condition. And if you be not been on a bicycle yourself for 20 christmases Check out the new ease of pedalling on the new geared bikes. You can stake out new territory when you re tree on two wheels. You la meet some groovy people too especially if you join a Bike club in an Urban area. New gadgets for bicycles have helped make cycling a great sport for kids of All Ages. Imagine cycling Down quiet roads with a stereo radio secured to the handle bars. Yes cycling like Romance should not be wasted on the Young. When the ribbons Are off and the wrappings undone there Are bound to be a lot of overjoyed kids around the Christmas tree this year. And they won t All be under 20. Flashgun for provides Light for snaps. Color self timer 4.44 puts you into the picture. A division of Ihl s. S. Kresge company official s. C. State approved inspection station monday. Tuesday wednesday heavy duty Over Load Auto shocks i Reg. T2.88 3 Days available 9.88 portrait kit 8.88 makes portraits 19" away. Spring assisted variable rate deluxe. Battery guarantee free sept Cement within 90 Days of Purchase if eat try proves defective. After 90 Days we replace the cattery if defective and charge you Onty for the period of owned. Ship. 1aseo on the regu1ar seeing Price at the time of return pro. Sated Over the number of months guaranteed. Great going for Young Man on a Bike bicycles come with Many extras enjoy a festive Holiday Fondue us filter b. 144.88 color Parks a. Camera 22" b. Super 360 camera Reg. 23.96 2 Days Only color pictures in a minute Black and White in seconds easy loading electric Eye. 3-Cle mint Lens built in Flashgun 5-ft. Range finder cold clip for cold weather developing. J44" Reg. 166.44 2 Days Only lets you take super action pictures at about of a second. Electronic timer tells when photo is ready. Electronic Flash eliminates Flash cubs. Easy and fun to use a color 340 camera d. Exceptional 350 deluxe Auto Battery ourktj.27.94 Only deluxe "300" automotive Battery in sizes to fit most cars with moderate accessory demands. One Low Price on All 36 month guaranteed batteries. Designed or most american ears. Installation 2011 Hoffmeyer read Fondue parties arc a charming Swiss custom which is proving popular Here As a Friendly informal Way of entertaining. Easily adapted to Large or Small groups a festive Fondue at the holidays makes Small demand on the Busy hostess. Guests Spear a piece of crusty French bread and dip it into a Fondue sauce kept hot in a pot Over a warmer. Here s a Holiday Fondue from the Lipton kitchens that s a Savory mixture of Swiss cheese onion soup mix and Apple juice. The onion soup mix has All the necessary seasonings needed for that Zesty taste a Fondue should have. Lipton onion soup mix is featured. Holiday Fonsec 1 envelope on Oij Soun mix 2 cups Apple juice 1 Pound Swiss cheese shredded 4 cups 2 Tablespoons flour French bread Cut into bite size pieces in medium Saucepan Combine the onion soup mix and Apple juice heat slowly. In medium howl Combine cheese with flour. When juice be gins to simmer add a Small por Tion of the floured cheese and stir constantly until melted. Continue to add cheese gradually stirring constantly making sure each addition is melted. Kumove to Fon due pot chafing dish or heated casserole. Development camera timer 5.47 for proper development. 73" Reg. 79.88 2 Days Only has the electronic shutter of deluxe cameras. Features Sharp Triplet Lens sensitive electric Eye Bright line View finder with Range finder system. Accepts All Polaroid accessories. Reg. 779.88 2 Days Only 107" handsomely crafted Metal body and shutter housing. Features electronic timer two exposure ranges for color and two for Black and White. Accepts All Polaroid Saccs sories. Polaroid camera Case our 7.97 2 Days Only 5.96 sturdy attractively designed Case for All 300 series cameras. Case will accommodate film Flash bulbs and accessory items. Charge it and save. Mart 2011 Hoffmeyer Road

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