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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 29, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaSunday Novemb 29, 1970 Piatt Tutt Fhima Tell of oui the trend in toys is toward the new York ap1 the duplicate the successes of the Earth the stars and a bit of the unknown Are Likely to be found among the gaily wrapped pre sents excited youngsters open on Christmas morning 1970. A number of to makers in search of a gimmick that might last big toy and this year into astrology ecology sociology and demonology. In other words re levance is the name of the game. For instance dirty water a Board game by Urban systems inc., demonstrates the evils of water pollution the benefits of pollution control and things that can be done to clean up the situation. The object of the game is for each player to Stock his Stream with fish and wildlife and for smog control. Leave Industrial wastes Back in his neighbor s Stream which in t exactly the approach conservationists have in mind. Smog is another Board game by Urban systems which gives each player a town and the re indoor plants can play a part in the current pollution Battle by Vivian Brown a new features writer plants can help beat pollution in the Home and it May be a Good time to prepare the in doors for our be spending More time therein he future says George Milstein a retired dentist who is involved in the study of environmental sounds and plants. We forget that plants need the Carbon dioxide that we exhale and that we need the oxygen plants exude he Points out. This natural combination assists the psychological emotional and physiological Well being of humans and the continuing processes of Plant life. But there won t be much Plant life left outdoors if we continue to pour Concrete Over it Mil Stein explains. Forest fires Are wiping out plants and even in the great Redwood forests giant Sequoia thousands of years old killed by automobile pollution he says. The environment we make indoors for humid Ity ventilation proper tempera an Ideal environment for or. Milstein s interest in plants began As a Hobby when he tried to Trace the origin of a j tropical Plant Given him by a patient. It led him to botanists at botanical gardens and to the smithsonian institution and to the study of the effects of sonic sounds on Plant growth. At the University of Ottawa one of first to conduct such experiments a faster growth of Corn and wheat has been made possible when vibratory effects were applied to seeds Milstein explains. And in India a Bota nist has been conducting experiments concerning effective sound vibrations on Flowers claiming a 60 per cent increase in Plant growth. Research is being conducted in Many areas of the United states. The Range used in such experiments is almost Ultra sonic about cycles slightly above human hearing. Sound need not be heard. It May be Felt As when a Jet plane Breaks the sound and that is one Snag in trying to interest Farmers and others in the Plant growth experiments they can t see it or touch it. Milstein and his environmental sound control introduced a recording of sonic vibrations trying to interest homemakers to use it As an adjunct of Light to encourage the growth of House plants. In one Experiment with identical plants one exposed to sound grew a two year growth in five months he says. The ultimate idea is not to make Flowers grow but to in crease the food crops of the world. The Pickwick International recording music to grow plants by is available to florists and department stores. If homemakers Are persuaded it works it May be easier to inter est Farmers and research foundations he says. The record begins with the whining vibration of sonics but tone is added so people May end Joy it. We do not endorse Micky theories that certain music can help the growth of plants As some people would have us believe or that Rock and Roll my j sic will Wither a Plant. There Are other strange theories j praying and singing to j plants will help them grow. Tel Aviv a Israel has granted its first civil divorce in Cler a 1969 Law to a jewish Hus band and Christian wife. They asked that the rabbinical court not be allowed to judge the Case because it would annul the marriage and their son would be considered born out of Wedlock. These things work it May be be cause the Plant caretaker is spending a great Deal of time the Plant As he observes the of the 400 plants in his Home some Are outdoor plants. The Challenge was inspired by the thought that Many outdoor plants will need to be rescued before they perish. People can be affected by sounds. Divorces sickness fights Are said to be More usual in noisy areas than in tranquil atmosphere he explains. In my dental work Many patients preferred the pain of a tooth being drilled rather than the noise of the pain deadening How the various players clean up the air is the Point of the game. Also Likely to Benefit from the ecology awareness of 1970 Are items such As International learning corp s mini Garden i growth kit which contains peat pellets Flower seeds Plant tags and instructions and rap co s Cactus Garden starter set with a plastic terrarium. Moving from Earth to the stars. Donje Cal themes inc. Of fers Astro mate a pocket sized computer which forecasts what May be expected from new romances by Matching his and her for astrological cards. The More sophisticated serious student of the stars there s aquarius a me science at charts futures. Merry manufacturing is into the trend with Zodiac Iii an astrologically themed variant of Canasta. Games and toys frequently reflect what s happening in the adult world. Creative communications and research has marketed a game confrontation based on student protests. There also Are games called Blacks and Whites group therapy sensitivity and the cities game. World affairs dictated the final form of Sta Craft s new Odyssey race game in a differ ent Way. The playing Board is a representation of the Aegean sea As it would have looked to sailors of the Homeric age. Originally the company had planned to set the action in Egypt but ancient Greece was selected because Middle East tensions might have had a negative effect on sales Industry sources said. Parker Brothers apparently deciding that children should also see the brighter Side of life has marketed the tiny Tim game of Beautiful things a combination card and Dice game named after the enter Tainer. Players pile up Points j with cards marked a Mother s i a faithful a Well tuned ukulele and other j tiny Tim isms. Art oriented toys also Are a heavy entry this year. In byzantium by rolling front game co., one player tries to make an interesting or unusual design with pieces of different colors and shapes while his opponent tries to sabotage the design. Ideal s or. Rembrandt is programmed to Pirouette across paper while pens in his base Trace Pinwheel designs. Rainbow Craft has a color machine for preschool children which Cre ates colourful spatter designs when water soluble paint is squeezed into the machine. She explains Johannesburg South of Irica a the Standard hos i Pital form which must be filled j in by every patient including expectant mothers demands a Short description of How the Accident took one wrote our car was broken Down so we Coli Len t go to the Cinema As rat prices up Durban South Africa a a firm that buys live rodents for research purposes said inflation has hit the rat Trade with prices rising from 70 cents to each in the past year. 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