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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 29, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur47th year no. 333 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., sunday morning november 29, 1970 sunday is rumours offer the Why for Nickel s firing Washington a i find John Ehrlichman a very open minded person a very Strong person a very challenging Walter j. Hick Al said last May. And Icompetitive. And so i Challenge Back Ehrlichman is president Nix on s chief Domestic affairs adviser and the aide to whom Hickel As Interior Secretary reported. He was the Only other person present when Nixon fired Hickel last wednesday. But Hickel said he could not reach Ehrlichman in May when he became concerned about the Domestic effect of the Vietnam War and cambodian invasion. Before Erlichman Hickel tried unsuccessfully to get through directly to Nixon. So Hickel wrote a letter May 6 to Nixon about what he Felt was the growing division in the nation a Gap particularly notable Between youth and the administration. The letter reached the press before it reached Nixon and marked Hickel s first Public joust with the White House. Six months after the letter and his statement about Ehr Lichman Hickel who had resisted hints he resign quietly was fired. The White House said it was a matter of a Lack of Mutual Confidence Between Nixon and his Interior Secretary. Hickel was still saying just before the a fell that he did t know who was seeking to Force him out or Why. The Washington Rumor Mill offers two theories about the one is that Hickel s Strong actions against polluters angered powerful segments of Industry particularly Oil producers. But even Hickel s own aides say they have found no evidence industrialists or Oil men tried to have him fired. The other theory supported by comments from insiders at the White House and in the Inte rior department is that Hickel simply found it impossible to take the bold direct action he prefers when he had to Deal with presidential aides rather than with the president him self. The conflict in approach to action As Hickel seemed to admit May have existed from the Day he was sworn into the Nixon Cabinet but it broke into the open with the letter. Hickel As he explained later developed a growing concern Over what he considered the widening division in the nation. Hickel thought the president should be cautioned about the nation s ugly mood. Had i talked to John Ehr Lichman for five or 10 minutes on the phone i would have Felt that i had communicated Hickel explained. Since he could not reach Nix on or Ehrlichman he wrote the letter. The letter urged Nixon to Lis ten to the Young to quiet what Hickel considered the divisive rhetoric of vice president Spiro t. Agnew and in a closing paragraph to become More acres see Hickel Page 8 a Walter j. Hickel the first to go air crash kills 46 bound for Vietnam staff photo by Johnny Ellis tricentennial Queen Vickie Chesser crowns miss Florence county Usa from left Are Miniet Rogers Chener Yarborough and Schaefer soviet missile Advance cited Washington a the launch their first test in the ser soviet Union registered fresh Progress in missiles with its first Long Range test of an improved ss13 weapon into the Pacific the Pentagon saturday. Friedheim refused to com ment i whether the improved ss13 was carrying a multiple disclosed i warned but Oiher Pentagon sources said there was no Indi cation the Middle had More Jerry w. Friedheim a top de than a single warhead. Sense department spokesman announced that a modified ss13. Similar to the . Minuteman intercontinental ballistic mis Sile was fired wednesday about Miles from South Central Russia. . Observers watched the ss13 As it streaked the Pacific about Down into Miles sources said the ss13 improvements apparently involve greater accuracy and reliability but they did not Rule out the eventuality that Russia would mount multiple warheads on this weapon As it is moving to do with two other major icbms the huge ss9 and the smaller ss11. According to recent Intelli gence the russians have Only about 100 ss13s in their Arsenal. The bulk of the soviet land based missile Force of about weapons is made up of More than 300 ss9s, capable of hurling a single 25-megaton warhead or three five megaton warheads and about 800 Sells which carry about one megaton single warhead or three smaller warheads. The remainder of the Force comprises some 200 old liquid fuel missiles. Earlier this year the. Bus asians tested both ss9s and Sells i with triple warheads. We regard this test As another example of the continuing Philadelphia Apai momentum of the soviets Stra pickup truck filled with letters urging humane or ss13 test lease of american prisoners of War circled the track saturday at halftime in Mammoth John f. Kennedy stadium during the army Navy football game. Northwest of Midway Island to area where Russia has aimed other test missiles in the past. American experts have been on Alert in the area since Lussia announced a month ago it would conduct a missile test writs into the Pacific and warned shipping to stay Clear. There was no explanation As to Why the russians waited so Long to letters for Hanoi Circle stadium during halftime county s miss Usa crowned Sandra Ann Yarborough 20, a former miss Timmonsville and a Junior at Columbia College was Uduc Lucu l crowned the first miss Florence i speakers. Panther charter presented Washington the Black Panther party presented j an anticapitalist world charter to the revolutionary people s constitutional convention sat urday night after a Day of poor y organized activity in which Little of what was scheduled actually came off. The Constitution presented at a session attended by representatives of a wide Range of new left groups was read to an overflow audience of about 400 persons at St. Stephen s Episco pal Church. More than other persons gathered outside the Church and listened to the activity via loud civic Ballet readies Nutcracker suite7 Florence s civic Ballet company presents its second concert the nut Cracker beginning dec. 11. See Page 1-d. American science is facing questioning of its goals and challenges to prove that Basic research pays off. See Page 5-a. Index arts 11-c business i a deaths 2-a editorials 4-a features 1-d Gallup 5-a big Jet spills on icy runway Anchorage Alaska a the Pilot of a chartered jetliner ferrying servicemen to Viet Nam apparently was trying to halt his Takeoff when the pcs nosed Back onto the icy runway was jolted by explosions then crashed and burned investigators said saturday. County Usa in a pageant Satur Day night at Florence s West Florence High school. Miss Yarborough a daughter of or. And mrs. Worth Williamson of Florence was crowned by Vickie Lynn Chesser the reigning miss South Carolina Usa and the state s tricentennial Queen. First runner up in a Field of 11 contestants was Melinda Rogers 19, daughter of or. And mrs. M. G. Rogers of Florence and second runner up was Dianne Schaefer 19, Daugher of or. And mrs. Peter. R. Schaefer of Florence. Miss Rogers and miss Schaefer Are sophomores at Francis Marion College. Lynn Daniel 18, daughter of or. And mrs. Davis Daniel of Scranton was picked by the contestants to receive the Friendship award. Judges for the pagent tended by approximately 250 spectators were or. And mrs. William Lahr of Harrisburg n. C., and William Durant of Columbia. Contestants appeared in swimsuits and evening gowns. The pageant was sponsored y the Florence Certoma club. Proceeds will be used for the pee Dee speech and hearing clinic according to Jack Humphries pageant director. The panthers held he Conven Tion in the Church after they were barred from heavily negro Howard University for failure to pass an Advance payment dead line. The Constitution was not a governmental charter in the usual sense but was a Declara Tion of ideological principles aimed at cementing what were termed oppressed commune Blacks puerto Picans orientals women and homosexuals. As outlined by party member Michael c. Tabor of new York City these were the main Points in the Constitution communities of the world have the Power to deter mine their own including Power to draw up their own forms of government and culture values. Racial elements of oppression would be swept away. Foresee a system of True communism where All peo ple produce according to their abilities. Communities of the world have the Power to deter mine their own in Sce panthers Page 8-a Raquel Welch forsakes her formed to eably tilled Bikini Tor a peasant dress f in her a women 1-b weather Clear to partly Cloudy with warm Days and Cool nights through monday. High today and monday mid-70s. Tow tonight mid-40s. Details Page 3-a. Prosecute or retract priests reply to Hoover the alaskan command said 46 of the 229 persons aboard were killed in the crash which by visits new York a two imprisoned roman Catholic priests accused by Fri director j. Edgar Hoover of heading a conspiracy to bomb under ground Supply lines and Kidnap a High government official said saturday that he should either prosecute them or retract the allegation. They said the conspiracy was one of conscience and they called on Hoover for a Chance to answer his charges. In a statement released through two of their lawyers in Lew York the revs. Daniel and Berrigan said on Friday or. Hoover sin ged us out As leaders of an East coast conspiracy to save lives. We Are Happy to agree hat such a conspiracy of con science does exist in a far Nore extensive form than or. Lover recognizes. There is also West coast conspiracy to save lives a Middle Western conspiracy to save lives a Middle Atlantic and a Southern conspiracy to save lives. There a in fact a worldwide conspiracy to save lives and to de nand an end to . Bombing operations in Southeast Asia the Brothers serving sentences at a Federal prison in Danbury conn., for destroying draft records continued or. Hoover however is of Erge Nerous. At Danbury we have neither the facilities nor personnel to conduct such an Enterprise. Nor do we have Access of government funds. We have already been tried and condemned by or. Hoover s re Marks and we should have an equal Opportunity to answer his charges. He ought in View of he seriousness of the Allega ions he has made either to prosecute us or publicly retract the charges he has Friday during an appearance before a. Senate appropriations subcommittee Hoover said the Berrigan Brothers were the principal leaders of. A conspiracy whose members planned to underground Power lines taking freezing drizzle from the an chorale Airport. Larry Campbell National transportation safety in Anchor age said a series of explosions followed an attempted abort As the fuel Laden aircraft strained to become airborne. Ii was piloted by William g. Eric of Napa Calif. Witnesses said the plane slithered Over the Slippery runway up a Small Mound and across a depression in the Earth crack ing into pieces As it came to rest nearly three quarters of a mile rom the runway s end. Survivors and witnesses de scribed a variety of Small explosions they said occurred As the plane s nose lifted then turned downward. At least two explosions of larger size erupted a new minutes after the stricken plane skidded to a Stop one wit Ness said. Another said a blast hurled a Ball of fire skyward. Others told j if seeing bluish flames of fire and Kidnap a High government official. Two other roman Catholic priests members of the East Joast conspiracy denied that a bombing or a kidnapping was p Annex and said the Berrigan did not belong to the group. One of the priest the Rev. Sec priests Page 8-a the letters were collected or written by army cadets or Navy midshipmen. They will be mailed to Hanoi. The letters were presented to mrs. Bobby Gene Vinson National coordinator of the nation Al league of families of Ameri can prisoners of War and miss ing in Southeast Asia. Mrs. Vinson was escorted to the Center of the Field by mid Shipman Mike Hecomovich of Denver colo., brigade com Mander and Cadet Thomas Pyrz of Argo 111., first Captain of the Cadet corps. They said their respective Stu Dent bodies joined them in Pray ing for the Safe return of our armed forces and in calling for the Protection of War prisoners cheering throng greets Pope in Manila Manila a hundreds of thousands of filipinos greeted Pope Paul i with cheers Sun Day moaning As he stood at the altar to celebrate an outdoor mass on the final Day of his tur Bulent visit to Manila. The adulation of the worship ers and of throngs who applauded the pontiff s motorcade in route to the mass were in Stark contrast to his first Day in the Philippines Friday when a bolivian artist tried to kill him. Security guards mingled with the crowds anticipating demonstrations by groups protesting against the local Church Hier Archy. The frail 73 year old Pope was scheduled to. Meet later with Church officials at the Resi Dence of Manila s archbishop Unnic Kirori .-.i. I. Under the pc Nova convention a Lumo Cardinal Santos who is a favorite target of Reform Mili hands. They accuse the Cardinal of supporting the nation s Rich elite and being an arc Conser native. The crowd in the Park near Manila Bay for the sunday mass had began gathering since the Early morning hours from this asian Metropolis and out lying provinces. A million filipinos had Wor with the Pope at an Ordi nation mass saturday evenings after he had won the roaring approval of students at the univer sity of Santo Tomas in the morning the students some of whom had been hostile applauded when the pontiff advised them to balance criticism with generous stood it the Garden of his apostolic Nuncio and urged a negotiated end to the War in Viet Nam As a Means of working for peace in the world and the Well being of All speaking to 200 vietnamese clerics and laymen Pope Paul said their embattled Homeland would know better he urged world leaders to avoid any action that could harm the climate of understand ing so necessary for the current talks in Paris. Everywhere his motorcade went on this Stop of his mile tour of Asia and the Pacific Pope Paul was greeted by cheering crowds. At a meeting with roman Catholic Bishops from 15 asian nations the Pope mingled with the prelates and in a speech urged them to offer the Catholic Faith without distinction of condition without any privileged link with one race continent or the Bishops unanimously adopted a Resolution condemn ing the attempt on the Pope s life and expressing admiration for the courage and serenity which characterized his holi perhaps the most spectacular moment of the Day came at the ordination to the Priesthood of 189 Young asians in Rizal part near the sea. The Sun came out from behind Gray Clouds in the Middle o the Pope s ordination mass and formed a fiery Orange Ball on the horizon of the South China sea. The soothing Melody of hymns Sung in English filled the temperate evening air As a million infants in mothers arms to pretty dark haired girls to toothless wrinkled old the Pope move around an elevated altar. For Many of them he was just a Small White Dot but most of a million pairs of eyes stayed Riv eted on him. The Only jarring note was a report that Church militants including an outspoken Jesuit priest planned a demonstration when the Pope Calls sunday on Rifino Cardinal Santos. The philippine prelate has been the target of militants who say the wealthy local Church has failed the common Man. N an engine on the plane s right Ide prior to the crash and of Inhat could have been a pres sure stall or backfire. Federal and local authorities As Well As spokesmen for Capi of International airways which owned the plane and chartered it to the military generally declined comment As to a Syible cause of the crash or other related matters. We won t be Able to release any technical data until the v1tsb completes its i Vestiga Cecil Edmonds Capitol ice president said in Wilming on Del. Campbell declined to say Why e believed the Pilot was trying o abort the take off or what caused the action. The plane left Mcchord air orce base at Tacoma wash., Friday stopping at Anchorage or refuelling and a change of Crew. It carried 219 passengers which military spokesmen said vere military personnel and heir dependents including a number of children. It was leaded for a Stop in Yakota a an in route to its Cam Ranh Jay Vietnam destination. Military spokesmen said there were 174 known survivors among defense personnel and their dependents. The survivors including several children and More than 100 injured persons he spokesmen said. A stewardess Birgila eke Lund of Stockholm Sweden was the Only crewman killed a spokesman for the airline said. Sec Alaska Page 8-a at ranch Stonewall Tex. A vice president Nguyen Cao by of South Vietnam spent four wars with former president Lyndon b. Johnson at the lbs state Park and visited a cattle Lanch saturday toured the lbs state Park and visited a cattle auction. By s visit was about an hour Onger than previously an ounces. He departed for Washington d.c., shortly after 4 .m., flying by Way of bergs rom air Force base at Austin ex., 65 Miles away. This was the South Vietnam oficial s second visit to Texas be toured four of the state s military bases about a week go. Newsmen were barred from 10 by activities and there were news briefings on his meet no with the former president. Shortly after he arrived at lbs ranch Johnson drove the South vietnamese official through the lbs Park where longhorn cattle Deer and Buffalo Graze. Johnson and by surprised a group of tourists standing be Side ranch Road 1, which runs in front of lbs ranch. They stopped briefly and chatted with the tourists. By and Johnson flew by Heli copter to a cattle auction barn about 20 Miles from the ranch for a Brief visit to let the South vietnamese official see the activity during an auction of live Stock. A Large crowd inside the big modern auction barn took Little notice of the entourage. Yippie hurls self at Wilson London a a youll who said he was a member of Yippie youth International threw himself at former prime minister Harold Wilson at a Lun Cheon saturday Yelling Yip pie Yippie you Are one of the Wilson s pipe was knocked out of his Mouth his drinking Glass mattered and his Linch plate Ell to the floor. The youth identified himself s Tom Ludd and said he was protesting Wilson and others latin and col ice Ninfi their shillings while millions of people arc the demonstrator was Hau de away by officials but was not arrested

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