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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 28, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaTo mtg Fewa Congress takes charge in Domestic matters John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager wednesday. November y turnover in Greece for the second time in six years Greece s military chiefs who seem to devote much More time to political matters than to military affairs have Over thrown the National government to save the the latest coup came eight Days after anti government Stu Dent uprisings sent Ripples of unrest across Greece. Workers and others dared to sympathize with the students who first demonstrated for academic free Dom then for overthrow of the military regime headed Fay George Papadopoulos. The military men naturally enough responded by sending out tanks to subdue the. Stu dents and when it was Over at least 13 were dead and Over 100 injured. The timing of the coup suggests the military chiefs were primarily interested in reasserting their firm control Over the greek government. Papadopoulos himself an sex colonel was placed under House arrest. Last june papa Dopoulos presumably figured his government had gained enough control or popular tolerance to head Back to civilian status. He pronounced Greece a Republic and himself presi Dent for eight years and arranged approval of a Constitution which gave Broad pow ers to the president. He also promised parliamentary elections next year. But the generals apparently were unhappy with the direction of Papadopoulos leadership. He has been replaced by it Gen. Phaedon a Zikis commander of army. The big gun in the new re Gime however is Brig. Gen. Dimitrios Joannides. He engineered the coup apparently be cause he disapproved of papa Dopoulos . That suggests More of the same for Greece the Only change be ing that a different military strongman is calling the tune. It s too Early to say whether the government turnover amounts to jumping from the frying pan into the fire or vice versa. But it was not encouraging to read that newspaper pub Lishers had been told by the new rulers they Are free to comment critically on ousted president Papadopoulos but not on the new military regime. The installation of yet an other military dictatorship in the Cradle of Western democracy is particularly disappointing to americans who were brought up to believe that democracy is something we defend with our lives and our treasure. Yet through the nato Al Liance the United states finds itself a partner with the generals and the supplier of the military hardware used by them to keep under control factions like the students who protested for a restoration of civil Liber ties. It is an Alli Ance justified on the basis that the u. S. Needs strategically located bases in Greece to main Tain the military balance in the world. The latest mid East War in which the american sixth Fleet was deployed out of its Athens offers a fresh reminder of Greece s strategic importance. Still it seems incredible that the u. S. Has found it Neces sary to be so cozy with a Mili tary government that for six years has shown so Little inclination for edging Back to Ward parliamentary govern ment and the practice of the democratic ideals Greece bequeathed to the world. Fuel and fools Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield in a slip of the Tongue the other Day referred to the fuel shortage As the fool Short his counterpart on the re publican Side of the Senate later referred Good Nat redly to the slip saying there never has been a fool shortage in this country or. President and there is not now. Fuel is transitory and evanescent and May be burned away but i know of no burning process which would eliminate the. Fools. Those we always have with us and that tendency we have to some sex tent within each of enough said. Elusive Nessie wins again Nessie it appears has won again and remains among the champions of Earth s unsolved natural mysteries or myths. A team of. Japanese divers that set out two months ago to sight and photograph Nessie in the deep Waters of Scotland s Ness have Given up the Chase. During two months of searching the Lake aboard sub Maries the divers found an unidentified pile of Bones which they deem adequate cause for renewing fhe search later and heard some weird noises. The Loch news monster called Nessie by Down to Earth scots who firmly believe she or he or it exists supposedly is a biological leftover from some Long ago age. Over the years there have been Many reported eyewitness sightings of Nessie and considerable disagreement As to what shape of creature different eyes saw but As yet no con Crete evidence acceptable to science that the monster Actu ally exists. The monster s history dates from the sixth Century when it was reported in the biography of Saint Columba. In 1934, a touring surgeon got a famous but fuzzy photograph of a Long necked creature making Waves in the Lake. In 1968, scientists using sonar equipment reported detecting an object several meters Long moving through Loch Ness at speeds As High As 17 Miles per hour. After that the first efforts to find Nessie with a submarine were undertaken but the sub developed recur ring leaks and other problems misfortunes interpreted by local scots As a manifestation Nessie s Well known Jinx. Those of us who have been on Nessie s Side All along Are not disappointed that japanese ingenuity and technology has failed at least on the first expedition to sneak up on the elusive Nessie. In an age when Man has walked on the Moon and at this moment is making scientific readings of the Earth and stars from an orbiting space Labora tory it is somehow comforting that some age old mysteries tight Here on Earth still defy scientific explanation. Nessie the abominable snowman of the High Himalayas and big foot of our own West still live in mystery or whet our curiosity. Washington the most significant political event in Washington to Day is that a new division of Power Between Congress and the. President is taking place. By Roscoe Drummond whatever the appearance the reality is for some time perhaps to the end of the Nixon administration Gress Wilt dominate Domestic policy and the president will remain substantially free of determine foreign policy. Such a division of political Power is new in american government. But it is evident in the initiative which Congress took in shaping an Energy conservation Bill stronger than the one sought by or. Nixon in the War Powers act and in the determination of Congress to recover the Power of the purse through a sweep ing budget Reform Bill now before the Senate there Are three factors which Are bringing about this unprecedented division of Power 1. The Impact of watergate on both Congress arid the president. Congress is strengthened by the watergate scan dals because it had no part in them. The president is weakened because High officials of the administration perpetrated the scandals and then tried to cover them up. 2. This weakening of the presidency comes at the very moment when con Gress is already intent upon recover ing the prestige and Power which have slipped from its hands through Dis use. These two forces fortify each other and give double impetus to the Ascendancy of Congress. 1 3. Add to these factors the Power Ful grip which the democratic party has on the Power centers of Congress. There is a special incentive for the democratically controlled Congress to retrieve its eroded authority be actually a Little cutting Down would t Hurt forum inherited problems to the editor people seem to forget that in 1968 when president Nixon took office this country was in the worst and Long est War Ever. The two previous administrations had us in this War and did t know How to get us out. This truly was a crucial time in history. There had been talk at the Confer ence table but no peace. When in december 1972, the communist backslide on the peace agree ment Nixon ordered Hanoi to be bombed. Millions wanted him out be cause of this. But As a result our tows came Home and expressed their thankfulness for the bombs. Proof lacking for impeachment to the editor this letter is in response to one by Fred Millar printed in your paper in november 23. 1 have never in All of my life read an account of one so completely convinced of the guilt of another person. Whether president Nixon is guilty of an act or acts which justifies impeachment proceedings remains to be seen. Before impeachment there must be hard evidence against him. So far there has been no evidence that president Nixon had prior knowledge of the watergate breaking. There is no proof he was involved in the cover up or that he destroyed evidence which could link him to matter. In judging this Mauer one must take into account procedures which Are sometimes put into effect to protect the National Security which is in essence the lives of men women and children. Or. Millar says that the president should be brought to rial. He has been on trial for several months and the news Media and Many letters to the editor have just about convinced the populace that he is guilty we must not forget too that the Nixon administration has brought us agreements with China and Russia. And while we Are making a list let s add that every Man woman and child in America is living better and have More than Ever before. Nixon s administration with Alt of its tragedies cannot be blamed for everything. He s trying to work out Many problems that started Long be fore he came to the White House. What the mistakes were in water Kate who was to blame 1 do not know. But the people of his coun try must have had a Tot of Confidence in him to reeled him by such a wide margin. King free Ralph Gray Florence Lawrence Davis Bell Myca Turkey rot help appreciated to the editor i would like to publicly Hank All who supported and participated in what we Hope will be an annual kiwanis Voca Turkey Trot Cross country event. The two mile even was held nov. 21 at the Florence country Chi during threatening Wea ther Condi Lions and still 72 runners participated ranging in age from 9 to 59. On behalf of the family Myca. R would like to say thanks to Wynn radio Albert Welch s red while the noon Day kiwanis club the fran Cis Marion College athletic depart ment the Florence Rescue squad and to the others who assisted in sponsor ing and conducting the event it is this kind of Community sup port that makes our family Myca programming exciting and challenging Bob Mullings. Director of health . Florence family Myca cause the democratic party has been primarily responsible for this erosion. Bear in mind that the democrats have controlled Congress for 38 of me past 42 years and it was during this period that the Power of the presidency has steadily mounted and the Power of Congress steadily diminished. J there is no reason to expect that the As a whole will do other than accept perhaps even Welcome new division of Power which May last for a considerable period. The reason there will be no Likely resistance is that the american peo ple deliberately and decisively chose a democratic Congress Over a re publican one in the 1972 elections. In the voting last year the Ameri can people produced a divided Victory with a United voice. No party has Ever Tost the presidency so massively and simultaneously won Congress so decisively As the democrats did in the fall of 1972. Apparently the Vot ers knew what they wanted. By that very act they put the president in charge of foreign policy and Congress in charge of Domestic policy and now Congress is beginning to act accordingly. Even in erf foreign policy there will be More co operation be tween Congress and the White House than has prevailed during the pad five Nixon is talk ing about with con Gress and Secretary of state Henry Kissinger is beginning to practice it nearly the last thing be did before his recent trip to the Arab countries China and Japan was to consult Wilh sen. J. William Fufla right and the first thing he did when he got Back was to meet with the Senate foreign relations committee. Secretary Kissinger has met More often with this Senate committee in one month than former Secretary of. State William Rogers met with it in a year. This kind of consultation was very productive when Republican chairman sen. Arthur Vandenberg was working in close Contact with Dean Acheson and George and when democratic chairman sen. Waller George worked cordially with John Foster Dulles. Fulbright and Kissinger Are begin Ning to rebuild the Bridge of co operation destroyed by Vietnam. President Nixon refers to a con Gressional and he is wisely helping to bring it about. Poor paying most for Butz s bungles Washington Many factors have combined to Send prices sky rocketing in the supermarkets. But the biggest blame Falls upon Agri culture Secretary Earl Butz who has handled the delicate farm controls like the operator of an erratic trac Tor crashing through a Cornfield. By Jack Anderson this is the whispered View of Agri culture department economists who speak privately of his farm fail ures As Butz s these Range from the russian wheat Deal to faulty crop estimates which have had disastrous results. The tragedy is that the poor Are paying the most for Ruiz s follies. Buried in his files Are grim Statis tics which show supermarket inflation has affected Basic necessities far More than the luxury items Only the i affluent can now afford. Many poor families face the Prospect of meat less Holiday tables during the Christ Mas season. Hamburger prices for example my answer a b Illy or mum f recently read a Book written by a minister entitled Man s right to be i read Many religious conversions Are prompted by an impending or actual mental have i really been reborn or is my Faith the result of i men Tal disorder . While it is True i hat some menial illnesses take on a religious aspect to link the two As cause and effect would he is unfounded As claiming that because a cat likes the warmth of a fire she could ignite one of her own. It May Well be that some emotional upset sets the Slage for a surrender to Hod. I assure you. However the attic new life of the spirit is a Miracle not a malady. The scripture presents Jesus As the physician 32 who heals inc sick soul. Christian conversion is a phenomenon which has been Well documented by such eminent psychologists As William James and Carl Jung. In his study of religious William James says to be converted to be regenerated to inc Cave Grace o experience religion to gain Assurance Are so Many phrases which denote the process gradual or Sud Den by consciously wrong inferior and unhappy becomes unified and consciously right Superior and Happy in consequence of its firmer hold on religious Par. A key word there is i believe so strongly in the Power of Christian conversion to change lives for the better that i have devoted my Limo lha task. Imal a Devotion shot up 41 per cent while sirloin Steak Rose Only 18 per cent. The Tow budget meats and poultry jumped a dramatic 50 per cent during the past year. A year ago Chicken Cost about 42 cents a Pound. Now the Price is closer to 72 cents a Pound a staggering 71 per cent increase. Hot dogs have gone up 49 per cent Bologna 38 per cent. Bacon once a common item is now a luxury on Many breakfast tables. It has shot up 67 per cent. Substitutes like fish have also been priced beyond the pocketbooks of the poor. Perch fillet has gone up 36 percent. In startling contrast the meats favored by the affluent have risen Only an average 25 per cent in Price fancy cheeses have drifted up 11 per cent. Porterhouse Steak has risen 17 per cent. Lobster Tail prices have gone up Only slightly. Other Staples have registered Sharp Price increases. Flour is up 3fi per cent potatoes 32 per cent Rice 30 per cent. A comparison of 13 items reveal.1 that Economy foods jumped an aver age of 31 per cent from september 1972 to september 1973, As compared to an average gain of Only 21 per cent for their luxury counterparts. While mar Garine increased 24 per cent for example the Mark up for the High priced spread was Only 15 per cent. The reasons for the Price rocket ing of course Are Complex. But economists who for Butz Lay the heaviest blame on his inept hand Ling of the agricultural Economy. All year Long for example Ricu lure department has put out inflated crop estimates. The economists suspect the faulty estimates have been influenced by the administration s eagerness for Good news. But the eventual result has been bad news. The High estimates caused prices to drop briefly. Then he Low prices increased the. Demand. By the time the agriculture department got around to straightening out the figures prices would zoom Back up to even greater Heights. This happened with cattle Corn and pigs. Butz predicted a six per cent increase in pig production. Instead there was a two per cent decline. 5 similarly a staggering five million cattle which Butz had mistakenly counted never made it id Market. An anticipated increase if Dairy production also never materialized. All these miscalculations helped o drive up prices Bulz s biggest bungle of course1, was he russian wheat Deal. His poor appraisal of the world demand for wheat led him to sell one Quarter of the . Crop to Russia for i Bushel. By the time the last bushels had squeezed through the clogged transportation system the Price had soared to nearly four dollars a Bushel su8scmptkxi rates by my. Meta

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